Oct. 5th, 2013

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I took on an assignment for a scroll for Crown Tourney, which I finished in time to get it off to Their Majesties. Except I forgot it at home on Wednesday so had to mail it on Thursday, which meant it didn't get to them in time to bring to the event. Augh! But this is a prepared Royal Couple, so I had already sent the text as I wrote it out, and on Friday I sent a cell phone picture to them so they will be able to read the scroll text in court and tell the recipient that their scroll will be in the mail.

If my count is right, that will be project #57, which considering I started doing this in the fall of 2002 means I've done an average of 5 scrolls per year, which I think is pretty decent. There are other scribes in the Kingdom who do many many more, though, and with our new policy of also publishing the name of the scribes in court reports in our newsletter they will get some well-deserved attention.

And there is still a massive backlog of things I haven't updated my webpage with.


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