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So I downloaded Semagic again to post to LJ. Perhaps this will mean more lj updates in the future.

I wanted to start on a list of projects in a to do list:

5 Creative pay-it-forward items (PiF2014)
1) For Cristina Stolte
2) For Aryanhwy merch Catmael
3) For Catlin Woodmane
4) For Arianhwy Wen
5) For Alfhild de Foxley

I know what I'm doing for 1-4, 5 is not yet set.
I'll be working on a budget for them, so they won't be fancy, but should be a fun way for me to practice some skills.

Other things on my to-do list

6) Kneeling cushion for Nordmark that just. needs. finishing.
7) Embroider and make up second kneeling cushion
8) Second-layer supportive gown for my 1400 wardrobe
9) Third layer pretty gown for my 1400 wardrobe
10) Matching set of wimple and veil for my 1400 wardrobe
11) New silk flags
12) Finish the silk tablet-weaving
13) Finish adding studs to almost finished belt
14) Finish napkin DW raffle prize (the shame...)
15) Finish Helwig's Scroll (the shame...)
16) Finish backlog scroll on my plate

Date: 2014-01-08 12:55 pm (UTC)
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Ooooh, you got both of the twins! Make sure [ profile] badgersandjam's is sufficiently Evil. :)


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