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I've updated the listing of A&S 50 for AS 50 - turns out I've got 45 items listed out of 50. Also there are new handouts under Documentations. Go, check it out.

Continuing from the last post here: no new warm-weather clothes achieved.
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Blowing off some cobwebs and updating my website! There's lots of stuff I just haven't gotten around to posting there. Shameful. Anyway I am well on the way to finishing the A&S 50 Depth challenge I set myself. Also, there's a dress diary for my black velvet gown... and some links.

So check it out, eh

Will be posting a new monthly article on the shire website on Saturday as well. Unfortunately they're only going to be in Swedish. But I know I have some Swedish readers here as well who might be interested :)
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I am still a little foggy as I've been well struck-down with a cold after the Coronet Tourney my shire put on this weekend. But I have some things to report.

Firstly, the pincushion cube is completely finished and put to use already, and it's working out just as well as I had hoped. And the side with raised embroidery worked out even better, because I can store sewing needles through the raised bits, without them falling out, or disappearing into the cube. Double-score. Although my next pincushion will be a little bit shorter, and twice as wide as it is deep, and I will design the raised embroidery better to catch the tips of needles.

Secondly, I did three scrolls for this weekend, one Principality level fighting award for Lord Stigot, and the viscounty scrolls for the departing couple SvartulvR and Elizabeth. I did all three in a grant letter style, so basically all calligraphy. For Stigot's I did paint a white portal in the initial letter, though, using fake gold leaf which I just got and had to try out.

For the Viscounty scrolls I doodled in the initial letter, and added a few personal touches in the scrollwork. I also made them on real parchment. I'm pleased with the results for all three, and the recipients seemed to appreciate them :) They only lack seals, and I know SvartulvR has a kit to attach it to theirs. I might see if I can talk to someone local to add it to Stigot's.

I also finished a new dress for this weekend. I bought a black cotton velvet bedspread in Morjärv once upon a time... thinking I could turn it into a 16th Century gown, and I finally did. Most construction seams are done on the machine, and I patterned the bodice after my red kirtle which I adore. And since I wore the black gown all day Saturday with no discomfort or ill effect I now also adore this black one. I had a beige and black trim in my stash which I decorated the bodice with, also as a decoration around the hem, and down the seams in the sleeves. Ah, yes, it is long-sleeved, square necked, and has a slight dip in the front bodice where the skirt lies flat. The back panel of the skirt is gathered using knife pleats all pointing towards the centre back. For once I also remembered to have someone take nice photos of me in the new dress :)

I unfortunately do not have pictures of these items ready to post yet. But figured I should update this poorly neglected blog with some happy news.

At Nordmark Coronet Tourney and Aros Spring Sword and Buckler II our little household grew! Helwig took a fourth apprentice in Lady Isabetta del Verde. Which was awesome.

And I got to see Viscountess Filippa's gift-wrapping-paper dress of much bling and there was joy.

Also - no longer a lady-in-waiting! Yay! Although I loved serving SvartulvR and Elizabeth - they are good people.
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I have run foul of insufficient reluctance yet again, and agreed to something. This time, I agreed to take on the Kingdom MoAS office for the remainder of the current term. It is up at Twelfth Night Coronation. It is possible I may continue at that point, but since I don't know what I will be doing or where in the fall, I don't feel confident I can promise anything.

I have also found a replacement MoAS for Aros, Anna, and set her up with some old reports and information on what to do when. We'll have a good old natter at Double Wars, which she'll attend with her daughters again this year - yay.

In other news, I've updated my webpage. Not all the things that needed to be updated have been, but I've added four items to the A&S 50 challenge page, which brings my total up to over half finished! 26 items down, 24 to go!

I want to do a total re-design of my site, and also change the title, but can't really spare the time to do it at the moment. The title I have now "Lia's SCA Adventure" sounds a little silly to me. Silly can be good, but, I'm not totally in love with it anymore. I'm considering Lia's Project Repository instead. It describes the site well I think. It may be a bit too green. But I thought I might conform to my new colours. What with my arms being registered and the colours there are black white and green. But I don't know - leave a comment if you've got any suggestions or thoughts.
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If you recall, I made a simple working apron a few weeks ago. I got an off-cut from Medeltidsmode, and it was just enough for an apron. Well, I took out my tripod and took pictures just now, and here we are:

From 15th Century Accessories
Details from the apron, left to right: Smocking, ligature LT on inside of ties, initials LT at bottom right corner of apron. I felt I needed to mark it thoroughly or risk giving it away to someone in a fit of unbridled generosity. I need a rough and ready apron for my own use.

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So... GeoCities is crapping out on me and shutting down. Rather, Yahoo! is. Anyway, I must find another place to put my stuff now. I've just decided to give it a whirl over on wordpress. The only thing actually there now is my A&S 50 Challenge page. Which I've today updated with five (5) new items, bringing the total up to 23 finished items, and 27 to go to reach the target.

What are those?, you might ask.

First of all, items 15 and 16 in the Tudor style is the matching forehead cloth and coif I made for Mistress (squee!) Helwig Ulfsdotter( [ profile] helwig) to wear at her Laurel vigil. Total hit. I'm very pleased.

Secondly, items 5 and 6 in the 1410 style list and item 17 in the Tudor style, being the dresses I finished in a hurry for Hägnan Medieval Days.

There are no pictures organized yet. Sorry.

Oh, right, linkage would probably be appreciated. Here:
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Allright, your comments convinced me and I went ahead and added the new stuff to my A&S 50 list. I'm up to 15 projects, 35 to go.

I've started ... and on I go ... )

Alrighty then, all that musing courtesy of me updating the A&S 50 list. Aren't you lucky.

Tomorrow I'm being picked up and we head north for Glötagillet/Wardrobe Camp - whee Event weekend! I've got my course material all set up, and I think I know what else I'm bringing. I am declaring this a work-on-my-unfinished-15th-Century-Wardrobe Wardrobe Camp.
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For the A&S 50 Challenge I've decided to do breadth. This means fifty different items to fill out my wardrobe and kit in general for my two main time periods. If I get that far, fifty for each, if not, fifty together is fine by me.

Now, I've just finished the red petticoat kirtle. Technically, this is supposed to be a middle-layer, but there are not many opportunities where I can wear another layer on top without melting. The wool, although lovely, is a little too thick. Anyway, to get to the point, already on my list for the  16th Century is my Splendor Solis kirtle, the black and blue one with slits all over the bodice. That is clearly meant to be seen and shown, and worn over my corset, but I am more likely to put something else on top of that as the fabric is much finer and lighter weight.

But comparatively: they're both kirtles, optional sleeves, square necked, modest skirts (one with straight panel, the other with trapezoids), middle-layers, one hooks, the other laces and hooks

My problem is, do I count the red petticoat as a separate, new, entry on the list of projects, or do I think it is too similar to the one already on there? I have several lines of thought on this, and they diverge slightly, so let's go through them.
  1. Count it as a new item on the list. It is another new garment that enhances the wardrobe, and that I can pull out separately.
  2. Count it as item number 5b on the Tudor style list. Update total count as "13 Official (14 Unofficial)". That would mean adding new shirt as item 2b as well, it's been left off the list thus far.
  3. Leave it off the list completely, like I did for the second Sture shirt within the timeline.
My thought to begin with was to list only different items, but how different is different? And how do they help my goal of a full kit for the time periods? Having two kirtles to choose from is nice for me, but I might be tempted to not stretch myself enough in finding new items to add to my kit and just replicate the things I already know to do. This, really, is the basic problem: Safe and repetitive (which would mean going for option #1 on the list) or challenging and varied (option #3).  Option #2 is the weaselly middle way. If I don't reach fifty different items, I might still reach fifty if I include "duplicates".


Sep. 30th, 2008 09:23 pm
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I seem to have lost steam. My enthusiasm for Civil War has waned, and I don't want to do a thing.

I haven't done anything about A&S 50 session, I haven't packed. I haven't thought about packing. I haven't finalised a ride, I have no money, and I have a headache.

Thankfully the napkins are all done, my bookmarks are all done, and even the coronation cape embroidery is done for my part. Still need to sign it, but that should not take too long. I hope. But we're not installing them at Civil War. Change of plan.

The green Florentien gown will not be done. The red petticoat will probably not be done. Re-hemming of my plum GFD is also not done. I'll probably go 16th Century for the event. I don't know though.

Tomorrow I host scribal night again, and I've got an assignment to do (Queen's Order of Courtesy), so my current blank now has a purpose. Or maybe I'll start a new one. A less complicated one. Must look for inspiration.
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Also, I think I will add the yardcloth as a finished A&S 50 challenge item. It was missing in my wardrobe and it fills quite a vital spot. It deserves a mention even if it only took me four hours. Total projects done for the Challenge is now 13.

ETA picture link.


Aug. 26th, 2008 06:58 pm
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Tada! I created a page to keep track of my A&S 50 projects.
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Yay! I finished the website update, and I feel all proud. The Green Florentine Dream now has an official dress diary up.

I just need to finish the hem and the gown itself will be finished. I also have the option of finishing the cap sleeves for extra bling on the gown.

Next thing on my internet update list is a page for the A.S. 50 A&S challenge. I've got to start a list or I won't even know how many things I've done. This involves going back in my archives here on LJ, and website updates. I'm still not sure how specific I want to make my challenge, Breadth or Depth.

ETA: I also updated my persona page, with my latest award, as well as a new heading of "Other Achievements" where I list classes taught and competitions entered and judged. It seemed fitting it should go there.

A plunge

Jun. 18th, 2008 03:17 pm
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So I decided to join the A.S. 50 A&S 50 Challenge. The Society wide challenge to complete fifty arts and science projects by Anno Societatis 50. I read up, for the fifth time, on the official webpage what the challenge is. Then I read up on a few links, the originator's LJ ([ profile] albreda) and A&S blog, then I headed on over to the Yahoo group where you sign up officially.

There are three challenges to dive into.

Depth - 50 of one kind of item.
Breadth - 50 different items.
Persona - focused breadth, 50 items for a specific persona/period.

I am thinking my focus will disappear quickly enough that the Depth is a no-go. I am considering either doing two of the Persona challenges: one for my 1410 self, and another for my 1560s (ish) self, or combine the two and just call it the breadth challenge.

I mean, I have until May 1, 2015 to finish the fifty items. Should be doable, considering that when I went back through my archives and listed the things I've done since May last year I'm up to 26 already.

That list goes: )
Although if I discount similar items (3 & 8; 9 & 15; 13, 22, 23 & 24) I am down to 21 or so.


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