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So, at Glötagillet, the event in Gyllengran this past weekend I brought the new black tablet weaving with text, plus thread and the hood to do edgeweaving.

The plan was to do the hood first, then continue with the tabletweaving. Yeah, that didn't happen as the edge weaving was super-annoying. I managed about ten centimetres before I gave up and switched back to the new belt.

Yesterday when I got home and today I continued working on it, and I finished the entire warp now. So, at home I managed two whole repeats of my device, at the event I did one more, and I did it twice more again before reaching the end. So it's on there five entire times. It's practically impossible to make out though, as black wool on black wool doesn't cast much shade.

In other news, at Glötagillet, I had the honour and pleasure to deliver a writ of summons to Viscountess Anna Laresdotter to contemplate elevation to the Order of the Laurel at Lucia Feast/Baronial Investiture. We received the official word early Friday afternoon that Their Majesties had decided to give her the offer. I was contacted by His Majesty and called him up an hour or so before my travel-mates were due to pick me up. They thought it would be nicer for her to receive the news at an event rather than via a phonecall, and asked if I and Helwig were willing to deliver it to her. I asked if they wanted me to write up a writ to deliver and he said that would be delightful.

So, I had about an hour to do some calligraphy. That was a bit stressful, and the writing wasn't my best ever. Not helped by the fact that when I did the pencil lines (using my Ames guide) I didn't pay close enough attention and ended up using the wrong row of holes, so after two lines had to basically write by eye rather than on a nicely drawn out line. Gaah! I didn't notice that mistake until I came to the third line of calligraphy, so couldn't really start over.

I was kind of sweating and my heart was beating quite fast, with thoughts and memories of receiving my own writ (which is what I used for inspiration for the text).

It turned out decent, and I think it was the right choice to give Anna something tangible to take home.

It was also one of the most awesome things I've gotten to do in the SCA so far.

Vivat! for Anna Laresdotter, our next little Laurel :)
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My favourite expression of amazement, wonder, shock, awe etc in Swedish has lately been: Jösses Amalia!

How adorable is that?

Glötagillet, the event, is over and I drove us back home in splendid autumn weather. The landscape around us was alive with yellow, orange and red in various shades. In contrast, the drive to the event was horrible. It rained hard for four hours. The drive took almost five. It was dark, and quite a bit of traffic sent even more water sheeting over the windshield.

But we got to the site alright and had a splendidly wonderful time in the company of friends. It was quite low-key and cozy more than spectacular and flashy.

Saturday morning came too soon, of course, but it was alright, the sun was out and there were a number of classes and workshops durning the day. I held a blackwork class, which did suffer from lack of content I thought. My head was not on straight in regards to that class - and I'm not entirely sure why.

For the pot-luck banquet myself, Helwig and Filippa put on our giorneas for a photo op. And to have something to change into. I think we looked splendid. I also dressed a young lady who was at the event with a single dress. She had nothing to change into, so I looked at her, determined she looked about my size and offered my brown corduroy doublet. She protested she had nothing to wear with it; I offered my petticoat skirt. They both fit beautifully, and I topped her off with my coif and flat cap. It was a little strange seeing a body double of me walking around there, but she looked quite spiffy.

I have a bunch of pictures, but they're not yet off the camera. Maybe later, if I can work up the energy. If not, then in the coming week.
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So yesterday I arrived back at my place around ten pm after an entirely lovely weekend with relaxed small-scale event and delightful people all around.

Glötagillet started on Friday morning ... )

With Hedvig on board, we headed for the train station  )

That evening Bob made an appearance. )

Saturday started with the fire alarm going off at eight ... )

All day people were working on their own projects, patterns were created, cut out and tried out in toiles and people got to work on old projects that needed input and direction. I didn't really do much practical work myself (except attaching an apron string which burst when I went to put it on) but my plan was always to mostly help other people and that was what happened.

Filippa managed to get her new (practical!) red kirtle wearable, and it was pretty, of course. Aveline got going on her new red kirtle and had many questions on what to do next, which I did my best to answer.

The feast ... )

The journey home ... )

I brought both my cameras with me, and had them near me all weekend, but I did not really have time to sit down for very long, and I kept busy so in the end I did not take even a single photo. Elisabeth, however, took a couple of lovely ones of me in my new red kirtle, one of which can be found in my gallery. I'm going to have to rely on other people's view of this event, but I don't mind, I was having a perfectly lovely time.


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