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I will be finished with my gown by then. I will, I will, I will.

Actually, I don't have too terribly much left. I managed to stitch in the skirt entirely this week, as well as finish off the front closure with hooks and eyes over the lacing.

Still left to do, at sewing circle tomorrow, is evening up the hem, and hemming. Cutting out and making up a pair of huge sleeves and applying miles of black satin trim. The hem will go quickly, the trim will be dull but go quickly, the making of sleeves will be a pain in the behind.

So the plan for tomorrows sewing circle is

  1. put on the dress to have the hem measured out evenly

  2. invent and draft sleeve pattern

  3. For extra credit, make up toile sleeve in cotton (unsure if I'm going for extra credit)

  4. cut out actual sleeves and start making them.

I think that I will have to do boring hemming and trim application at home, during the week.

I also have some scribal things to finish for Spring Crown, special commission work. I'm writing up invitations for an invitational HF tourney at Double Wars. They've been fun to do, although doing ten identical ones is a little tedious.

At Spring Crown, when the dress will be finished, I will come turned out in an all new outfit. New red knitted stockings, new red knitted half-gloves, new black wool gown and new oxblood red leather shoes. It's going to be awesome, and I can't wait! It will be my first time in Polderslot (The Netherlands).


Apr. 4th, 2013 04:10 pm
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Spring Crown is tomorrow. I've been on the event crew, and I must say it's a great team of people that all work together very well. I've got a bunch of stuff to bring with me, and a bunch of stuff to do on site. I don't expect to be sitting down and chatting much.

I'll bring a basic wardrobe of two gowns, one plain and one fancy, plus accessories. Glad to have a car on loan for the weekend to get all the stuff there.

After the weekend we'll have new heirs in Drachenwald. Too bad I won't be able to make it to the coronation/20 years celebration. But I will be at Double Wars! Yay!


Apr. 17th, 2007 08:27 pm
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Well, I seemed to be pulling a vanishing act as far as sticking on camera at Crown. But, I did finally find one picture of me, that shows more than 15% of my figure. Although it is taken from a distance, and part of my skirt is obscured.

In any case, I need to make some new simple white linen coifs to use. The one I have is a little ratty around the edges, and the back end is not very nice. But it fits.

The picture I found on yet another new online album, this time photos taken by Astrid. I'm standing behind the consorts. Anyway, I've added that link, plus another album link to my event page.
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Clicky click.

Please add a comment if you know a name of a gentle I did not. And please add other comments as it pleases me mightily and makes for a fun viewing experience for others.

ETA: Website is now updated with blurb and photo links to other people's photos.

Also: I want a new, bigger, better, digital camera. That still takes AA batteries and SD memory cards. I will have to go out and see what there is on the market.
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Here I am, back in Aros, having already unpacked my Easter luggage.

Now I am faced with the constant packing-for-the-event-anxiety. Which dress? How many dresses? How many layers? Which feastgear? What sort of craft supplies? Any extra items? Which?

Check the little note-card tokens I made, see if I can use them or if I have to scrap the entire idea. Can I replace them with other items? Prepare only one of the brush roll-ups or do more?

Edited To Add @ 16.10:
Well, I'm packed now. My basket, two trunks and the bag of assorted sleeping things are standing by, ready to be loaded. Plus a little carrier bag of some stuff to work on on the ride and at the event. I may bring a little more craft stuff - we'll see.

Got my dark blue working class kirtle packed, as well as the light blue kirtle that goes under my green English fitted gown (also packed). That, plus various extras such as cape, sleeves, partlets, coif, cap, apron, skirt, headcloth, shoes and sundry items.

It's been so long since I wore my working class kirtle - I was thinking of wearing that tonight possibly. Since it's front laced it's fairly straight forward. I did prepare it by lacing in my one pair of loose sleeves into the armscye. So I should just have to throw it on over a chemise and I'll be ready to party :)
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So, I've paid up for Crown Tournament in Juneborg. It's only two weeks away and I'm getting excited! Mainly because I now know my dress will be ready for it, really. It's just the hem and cuff guarding that needs to be put on, and I thought I'd finish that by Sunday.

There is a bit of logistics involved. Late on Sunday I'm heading north, because there is no better place to be over Easter, and I'm coming back down to Aros on Friday the 13th. Then I have a few hours to re-pack before we're heading down to Juneborg and the event. So, if at all possible, I thought I'd finish off everything that needs finishing by Sunday, pack the event bags as far as I can and leave them waiting for me. On the other hand, I only had two hours notice to get completely packed for Medieval Week in Visby, so a weekend event shouldn't be difficult to pack for in those few hours I have on the Friday.

There is also the matter of the tokens I've committed myself to making and bringing. I did up three little notes, scanned them, and promptly lost the originals. I have no idea where they went. I've also started three new ones, but they aren't finished. I have a couple drawstring bags I could take along, and I could make up some simple wool needle books. I've not yet decided how to go about giving tokens. Leave something for every entry, or just something for my favourite entries. I guess it depends on how many there are, really. Maybe if I tidied up I'd find my missing notes.

Must also remember to write out which event the token is for, so that people won't forget. I know I'd like that information close by because I would forget.

Before any of that there is the monthly micro event tomorrow, where there will be a course on shoe-making. I'll bring the leather I bought for the purposes and ask our expert if I got the right kind of leather. Maybe work on them over Easter if it is. Which reminds me, I should find the leather and my shoe pattern.


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