Jul. 23rd, 2013 12:11 pm
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so I downloaded the LJ app for my mobile. Maybe I'll start posting more again now. . .


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Today is Wednesday. Tomorrow, Thursday I have to make sure my bag(s) are packed for first a weekend in Aros, spending time with Helwig, and hopefully both my apprentice siblings as well. I will also be spending some quality time with my apartment. I'm travelling on the over-night train, so I can bring a fair amount of luggage.

On Monday I'm on a flight to London. My mother booked us five nights there over the winter sports week off from school. Edricus is also coming to London, so we'll have five days there. Sweet.

Monday we're travelling, Tuesday I've booked coach tickets to Cambridge for Edricus and myself. Wednesday evening Thamesreach has fighter practice which we'll be going to. Doing museums during the day.

Thursday we're doing Hampton Court Palace.

Friday we're doing more museums and stuff. Friday evening is Thamesreach Beer and Museum night at probably the National Portrait Gallery.

Saturday we're flying back home again preparing for the work-week after.

Then the next weekend is St Egon, which I'm flying to as well. My new Samsonite rolling pilot-bag is going to get a lot of mileage :)

So the plan for tonight, if I can tear myself away from the manic knitting I've been caught up in, is to plan what to bring with me on Friday. The camera is definitely on the list!

The knitting? Oh, I've finished one scarf, one wrap and am working on another scarf. This last one is fiendishly complicated. Well, not really complicated, just intricate. And since every row you just slip half of previous row's stitches it is quite compact and doesn't grow very fast. But the resulting texture is gorgeous.
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So I've started knitting. I got some thread on my birthday, and knitted a pair of socks with wierd pointy heels.

Then I cast on a scarf project with Kitten Mohair yarn, which I bought almost a month ago with the intention of making a scarf. I've come quite a ways, I think. I'm updating over on ravelry (yeah, I got a ravelry account long time ago but never used it til now).


Mar. 26th, 2010 09:22 pm
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I has a horrid horrid cold. My head is completely stuffed with disgusting snot, my nose itches, and my eyes run and I am forced to be a mouthbreather.

I has a horrid cold and the world is ROTTEN! so there.
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Hello, world.

Merry Christmas.
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I have not had a proper birthday cake this year.
That is a tragedy.
Tomorrow is sewing circle.


Sep. 24th, 2009 08:40 pm
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I've let the roast cool off a bit and just sliced it up now, and OMG! It's f-ing awesome. It was soo good. Much better result this time than the last attempt - I cooked it too long, this time, the meat was falling apart while I was cutting into it. *drool* Lunch tomorrow is going to be fabulous.
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Today was spent guiding two lovely people around the town of Uppsala, the SCAdian version. My feet are all tuckered out, as am I, but it was a genuinely nice day spent in the company of genuinely nice people.

I took some photos, but nothing much exciting (besides the Sture suits of course).

Right now, I am simmering a reindeer steak on the stove, and am contemplating picking my place up and making up the spare bed as my brother is coming to visit for the weekend. However, I am struck by a severe case of the don't-wanna's.

Maybe a bit of a lie down and a banana in a bit will stiffen my resolve?
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I iz sick.
Head full of snot.
Sneeze, snivel, snort.

Working 8 days in a row - yay... not.

Visby far too close, transportation details not yet sorted makes Lia antsy.
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Significant amounts of time spent in the sauna, and in discussing the sauna, and in figuring out the best way to lay the fire(s) to get the best possible sauna experience twice in an evening, or once in an evening.

There is much to be thought about.
In other news, my new broade kirtle has the skirt half-attached. I am still figuring out how to do the front half nicely. Tomorrow I expect to have the skirt whipstitched to bodice leaving only hemming and attaching shoulder straps together.

The long-sleeved GFD, cut using Mathilde's pattern, is wearable. Front closing is looking gorgeous (faced on the inside with red silk) and the neckline has a narrow turned in hem. I can now sew myself into the dress, fake the hemming of the sleeves, and if I just sort the lower hem I can pass for medieval.

No more progress on the green short-sleeved GFD. Maybe I'll throw it under the machine tomorrow. We'll see.


Jun. 11th, 2009 07:30 pm
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I made chocolate fudge cake using my patented move of filling the muffin tray rather than bake one large cake.

Man, that was the best idea I've had all week.

Simple chocolate bakery FTW!


May. 10th, 2009 11:26 pm
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There was a sewing circle on Saturday, as per usual. The finishing touches before Double Wars had to be taken care of.

Since my camicia is done, done donely, done, I started off by procrastinating with old napkin projects. Did a drawn thread hemstitch all around one and cut down two more that had been discoloured.

Then I finally laid out and cut a smock to go underneath the camicia, and any other fancy outer underwear (if that makes sense). I used up the last of my hemp, and it is a very tight body garment. The Sunday was spent mostly assembling the difference pieces. Shoulderstraps, sleeves and gussets. Finally I could cut out the side gores and have started stitching them on. I have only gotten one side stitched together, and not felled any seams yet. Since this will be a wear and tear item, I'm doing the run and fell seam all over.

I also did my dishes, washing nearly every piece of cutlery I own - because I have been a slob and let it sit for ages. I was much better at dishes when I only used one plate, one set of knife/fork/spoon and one glass, instead of six of each. I washed them straight away. Now I can just put the plate in the sink and leave it and still have clean flatware for the next meal. I should padlock my cupboards. /end mundania.

Double Wars is six days away! Wooohooo!

I am bringing the following books:
The Tudor Tailor
Patterns of Fashion 4
Moda a Firenze
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So, being bored earlier, I decided to re-arrange my kitchen. With new curtains and placemats from IKEA it seemed like a good idea.

For your eyes only, the photos. It's all spring-and-summer-y now.
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Ugh. I just threw up on an empty stomach. That was unpleasant.

In other news, all dress diary photos are up, and the webpage updated. Also the embroidered strips to go inside the Nordmark coronation copes are finished. The only thing missing is the list of Princess' names. About ready to mount inside the copes. Ah, I just realised that I've not yet added the attribution (i.e. mine and Helwig's names, and date of delivery).
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Today, I made a pair of internal dividers for my camera bag. It's a sewing project, I call it valid.

I took wool (or the approximation of it) felt, iron on interfacing, acetate lining material and a strip of hook-side velcro.

I made up two panels of wool, ironed on the interfacing in two windows on each, then covered that with the acetate, stitched dividing line in between the two windows, stitched on the velcro on the outside edge and finally quilted the windows for extra stability. All this work on my little sewing machine.

I took photos (of course). They can be found elsewhere.
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I won't be going to Winter Games this year after all. I'm going to be redeeming my brother's christmas present in Stockholm at Globen.

This sucks, because I was really looking forward to going to the event, and I'd promised to hold a class. But this is also awesome.
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In my hot little hands, the camera is. mmmm.

OK, it's sitting right next to me, while in my hands I hold the instruction manual. I'm going to be reading it cover to cover. ttyl.
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Merry christmas, everyone.
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This evening I should probably have packed, getting ready to go.

Instead I went shopping (found a dress to wear to a wedding), had sushi and saw "The Dark Knight". Time well spent, I think. Now, to bed, and tomorrow Visby.


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