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So, at Glötagillet, the event in Gyllengran this past weekend I brought the new black tablet weaving with text, plus thread and the hood to do edgeweaving.

The plan was to do the hood first, then continue with the tabletweaving. Yeah, that didn't happen as the edge weaving was super-annoying. I managed about ten centimetres before I gave up and switched back to the new belt.

Yesterday when I got home and today I continued working on it, and I finished the entire warp now. So, at home I managed two whole repeats of my device, at the event I did one more, and I did it twice more again before reaching the end. So it's on there five entire times. It's practically impossible to make out though, as black wool on black wool doesn't cast much shade.

In other news, at Glötagillet, I had the honour and pleasure to deliver a writ of summons to Viscountess Anna Laresdotter to contemplate elevation to the Order of the Laurel at Lucia Feast/Baronial Investiture. We received the official word early Friday afternoon that Their Majesties had decided to give her the offer. I was contacted by His Majesty and called him up an hour or so before my travel-mates were due to pick me up. They thought it would be nicer for her to receive the news at an event rather than via a phonecall, and asked if I and Helwig were willing to deliver it to her. I asked if they wanted me to write up a writ to deliver and he said that would be delightful.

So, I had about an hour to do some calligraphy. That was a bit stressful, and the writing wasn't my best ever. Not helped by the fact that when I did the pencil lines (using my Ames guide) I didn't pay close enough attention and ended up using the wrong row of holes, so after two lines had to basically write by eye rather than on a nicely drawn out line. Gaah! I didn't notice that mistake until I came to the third line of calligraphy, so couldn't really start over.

I was kind of sweating and my heart was beating quite fast, with thoughts and memories of receiving my own writ (which is what I used for inspiration for the text).

It turned out decent, and I think it was the right choice to give Anna something tangible to take home.

It was also one of the most awesome things I've gotten to do in the SCA so far.

Vivat! for Anna Laresdotter, our next little Laurel :)
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I took on an assignment for a scroll for Crown Tourney, which I finished in time to get it off to Their Majesties. Except I forgot it at home on Wednesday so had to mail it on Thursday, which meant it didn't get to them in time to bring to the event. Augh! But this is a prepared Royal Couple, so I had already sent the text as I wrote it out, and on Friday I sent a cell phone picture to them so they will be able to read the scroll text in court and tell the recipient that their scroll will be in the mail.

If my count is right, that will be project #57, which considering I started doing this in the fall of 2002 means I've done an average of 5 scrolls per year, which I think is pretty decent. There are other scribes in the Kingdom who do many many more, though, and with our new policy of also publishing the name of the scribes in court reports in our newsletter they will get some well-deserved attention.

And there is still a massive backlog of things I haven't updated my webpage with.
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The scroll was a Silver Guard for Lord Karl Alrune up in Frostheim. I had fun with the miniatures in the bottom :)

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So on facebook I made a sort of throw-away comment on Meisterinne Katheryn's feed where she and Kerttu was talking about a scribal challenge, and all of a sudden when Kerttu set up a group I'm listed as one of the participants! Eep, so, I sort of had to do it then. The quote below is the formative message for the challenge:

Are you up to a challenge? Pick something you want to improve and do that for 30 days, preferably consecutively. When you start, write your challenge here. If you can take a photo of your first day effort and post it too. When you are finished with the 30 days, write a post detailing how many days it actually took, how have you improved and post a picture of the last day results if you can.

Your challenge can be anything you want: calligraphy, brocade tablet weaving, conditioning for that bear pit tourney, drawing a new but still too stiff bow... Whatever you want. But just do it.

I chose to stay with the scribal theme, as that's what Kerttu and Katheryn were going to do, and I definitely could use some regular practice. First I thought I might learn an entirely new hand, but changed my mind and decided to learn Gothic Capitals. I found a nice looking one in David Harris "Art of Illumination" on page 60 and went for that. Starting with the letter I because all straight-line letters are based on that. I always recommend starting with I.

So far I've done four consecutive days, sitting down for one hour at a time. So I've got a specified amount of time and not just endless practice. I'm updating on facebook daily, but thought I'd do it weekly here.
Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:

Day 4:

Good quality paper helps. The little notebook with orange cover is the book of Pergamenata I got from Duchess Alessandra Melusine. It's a little tricky to write on, and works better when I put it on the slope as opposed to flat on the table.

New scroll

Nov. 18th, 2012 09:50 am
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Before Kingdom University I said I'd take on one scroll assignment for the Feast of Aurora Borealis which is next weekend, if nobody else claimed it. Nobody did, so yesterday I started with the sketching and layout, wrote out the calligraphy and inked outlines for the borders.

I'll be doing a portrait-type miniature as well as the award badge in the bottom, so there's going to be some fiddly bits. I chose a style inspired by the Bedford Hours, from the tiny book of inspiration I got from Duchess Alessandra Melusine, so it's going to be mostly gilded ivy leaves for the rest.

Yesterday I managed to paint down gold size, this morning I applied transfer gold leaf. I'll be cleaning that up in a minute and then painting base layers. This will be project #53.

Tuesday I'll be inviting people over for a scribal night - so if you're in the neighbourhood, feel free to drop by!

ETA: Gilding finished, and most base coats laid down.
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... to finish or mend!
  • Red petticoat - needs the lining stitched in where, for the third time, it's ripped out after wear. Along the front and also where I had to piece the silk lining.
  • Turkish morning coat - attach the six edelweiss buttons down the front as decoration
  • Black velvet petticoat - re-finish the temporary hem
  • Nobelese Largesse project - finish  and send out (hopefully by next week)
  • Dragon Rose Embroidery - finish and deliver hopefully at Visby
  • Silk standard - hem and attach sleeve by Visby
  • Blue brocade GFD - finish
  • Front laced corset (plastic boning) - remake
  • Front lace corset (hemp rope boning) - finish binding all edges, sew shoulder straps
  • Brick stitch embroidery, pouch - finish the linen bits and make up into a bag
  • Silk veil - finish hemming it already!
  • Blackadder quote scroll - paint
  • Helwig's Laurel scroll - paint
  • Backlog PCS - write, sketch, gild and paint

Maybe I should, like someone I know, start my own Costume Finishing Month...

Of course, at Coronation last weekend I also bought home with me some barley starch with the intention of making a suit of ruffs. My black gown as well as my English fitted gown needs a suit of ruffs to be properly finished outfits.

Yeah, went to Coronation. The trip there with Sir William and Lady Isabetta was splendid. Me and Edricus were picked up at Stockholm Central station, we pretty much went straight onto the ferry, had a grand time on the boat, slept and when we arrived in Åbo we met up with Sven and Siobhan, Nattfari and Efridis and Anna, Erasmus and Jonna for breakfast in a local shopping mall. That's where I bought the starch. Then we made up a caravan and headed to the site. The schedule was perfectly roomy with lots of time to just be and hang out. The sun was out, and I hadn't really packed for that sort of weather, so I pretended to be a landsknecht and went around with just a shirt and my kirtle closed at the waist but with the bodice left off. But I did wear triple headwear (forehead cloth, coif and cap) and got approval from the local attack laurel for such unseemly un-dress.

The Coronation of Paul and Aryanhwy was a pretty much painless transition from Sven and Siobhan, and courts (there were three of them) were all fairly short and speedy. I heard complaints when Paul and Aryanhwy's first court was too short so that a member of the populace only had half a beer!  :)

I was also able to, finally!, finish the shirt I made for William's vigil. It needed some shoulder reinforcements because the fine hemp I used is a little too fine to be left to stretch indefinitely.

On the way back we stopped in Åbo again, because the evening ferry gave us plenty of time for touristing, so we visited Aboa Vetus, which is an AWESOME museum where you can actually walk through the streets and houses of medieval Åbo. Awesome stuff. This was a recommendation from several of the locals, who also recommended we find the restaurant Trattoria Romana - by reputation the best Italian place in Finland. They were not wrong. Nom nom nom. We plan on going back there on the next visit to Åbo, which might happen around Kingdom University which is also in this area this fall. Other things to see there is the Castle, and the museum in the Cathedral which houses some awesome (reputedly) embroideries.

I am working through the photos from the event and from the stop in Åbo. Never fear.

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I have been very bad about updating my livejournal. Partly because writing updates on facebook is much faster, partly because I've been working on "secret" projects so couldn't update continually without spoiling things. Partly because LJ has lost some of its readership to the aforementioned fb, me included.

My 39:th project: AoAAh well, there is plenty to talk about now then. I've done scrolls, quite a few.
I did a backlog scroll for Elisabeth Gottfridsdotter. She received her AoA at Midsummer Coronation in 2009 from Franz and Willhelmina, and this spring I took over the backlog and finished it for her as number 39 (here before gilding).

My 40:th project: Vita Portens Väktare40 (to the left), 41 and 42 were all given out at Nordmark Coronet (Stigot's VPV, SvartulvR and Elizabeth's viscounty) plus a prize scroll which I forgot to number it gets to be #47. It was the prize scroll for the A&S Competition, and went to Niamh.

#43 was a Court Barony with Grant of Arms for Felicitas Schwartzenbergin that she got upon stepping down as Gotvik Baroness at St Egon. I had no time to also make Clemen's CB scroll which irks me a little, but that's reality.

#44 was filling in the calligraphy on a blank scroll, Lali Ingermarsdotter received a Ljusorden (Nordmark A&S award) also given at St Egon.

The Queen (Siobhan) went off to an event down in Frankmark on her own and two gentles down there received Award of Arms, so Franck vom Berg and Carrisma vom Berg got scrolls 45 and 46. Thankfully I only had to do calligraphy for those as the Queen had a couple of blanks ready.

At Double Wars I was roped into some stunt scribing - doing calligraphy on two scrolls. One backlog for Eira and Torbjörn given to Hroald Pai (48) and a PCS for Vitus Flavius (#49). These two I have no pictures of at all unfortunately. I didn't have the wits about me to take pictures of them.

For Double Wars I also made a shirt for Sir William of Richwood's vigil, and a table-runner with his device, initials and a Knight's chain. I also half-finished a napkin with a Dragon Rose emblem. I chose to do a slightly too large rose to be able to finish it, so I am still working on it. Stigot won it in the raffle at the end of the war, so I know where it needs to end up :)

Backing up again, I finished a black (cotton) velvet 16th C gown for Nordmark Coronet Tourney which might be my new favourite item of clothing. It's wool-lined so nice and warm, it fits just right, and has sleeves. Plus it fills the slot of 'black velvet gown' that I've needed in my wardrobe. I wore it in the pretty dismal weather conditions at the Coronet and was not even a little cold where it covered me. And it looks pretty good too.

Silk painting: Finished flagDuring the Easter holidays we booked a little household activity: painting silk standards. Isabetta did most of the preparations and brought the paints, gutta, brushes, paper for templates and she and William purchased lumber for frames. Me and Edricus and Helwig and Johann rounded out the numbers and we worked pretty much a full day on Friday, Sunday and Monday to paint eight silk standards. We each made a personal one and me and Helwig cooperated to make two household standards with the remaining two bits of silk. Mine still needs to be hemmed and attach a sleeve to put it on a pole. William, Isabetta and Edricus' standards all flew at Double Wars, and the two household flags were set up in William's vigil tent and looked awesome.

I also made a little patchwork pouch for Kerstin of Medeltidsmode. The pincushion I made for myself was stuffed with fabric samples from her, and the remaining pieces of wool samples I made up into a little bag, lined it with more of her summer-weight wool and then I braided a silk drawstring for it. She liked it when I handed it over to her at Double Wars :) The only picture of that one though, is from a distance and not very good. Again, I finished it on site and forgot to take my camera out!

Lately I've been working on a bit of leather tooling. I took a class during Double Wars, and it de-mystified the craft for me and gave me the courage to try it. I'm going to enter my first piece in the Kingdom A&S Competition at Coronation. Just because I was already going to write documentation to go with it, and a deadline is sometimes a good thing. It's supposed to also be a "secret" project, so until it reaches the recipient I won't post photos. Also, it's not 100% finished either :)

And now, I will post the above, and go see about uploading photos to update this post with shortly.
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Wow, what an event. So many things that were almost too awesome for words. Mistress Isobel, aka [ profile] attack_laurel was there, teaching awesome classes. The Hovdala day was awesome. So many cool people, and finally my apprentice brother, William of Richwood was made a Knight. Two of my secret projects were for him, a shirt, and an embroidered table runner. I don't know if I have photos of them though, as I finished them with very little time to spare!

Also, while at the event I finished a little bag I made from fabric samples from Medeltidsmode, lined with more of her wool and gave it to Kerstin who owns and operates Medeltidsmode. She is my go-to-gal for all of my SCA fabric needs.

I finished a mi-parti overlapping gown for the Crown Princess' daughter. Isabetta had the idea to give said daughter some ear-mufflers, but cover them in something nice. It ended up as an entire outfit with two hats, gloves, tunic and overtunic which me, Isabetta and Viscountess Anna made and gave to Her Royal Highness at the war.
Additionally I did calligraphy on two scrolls on site. One backlog from Eira and Torbjörn (for Ld Hroald Pai), and one last-minute PCS for Titus Flavius.

I've been gathering the photo-albums. So far most of them are on facebook, which can suck. But that is one reason to join fb for sure - people tend to post their photos there.

Double wars XXV  (Valai Almgren)
Double Wars 2012  (Racaire)
Double Wars 2012, flickr (Racaire)
Knäcke 25  (Arthur McGowan)
Photos from the SCA event "Double Wars XXV"  (Aleydis van Vilwoorde)
Double Wars  (Emelyne of Twynham)
Double Wars XXV  (Katheryn Hebenstreitz)
Katheryn's Photos on Picasa
Double Wars 2012  (Whilja af Gothia)
Double Wars 2012 (Delphina Bearcat)
Knäcket 2012 (Silwa av Svaneholm)
Doubel Wars 2012 (Carola de Flintebeke)
Double Wars 2012 (Röd Grön)
Double Wars 2012 (Isabetta del Verde)
Double Wars XXIV 2012 (Izabella del Cacco)
Double Wars XXV 2012 (Wilda Frejasdotter)
Double Wars XXV (Danel Udalshou)
Double Wars 2012 (Duarte Goncalvez)
Double Wars in Drachenwald (Yara)

Yes, mine will come eventually.
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I am still a little foggy as I've been well struck-down with a cold after the Coronet Tourney my shire put on this weekend. But I have some things to report.

Firstly, the pincushion cube is completely finished and put to use already, and it's working out just as well as I had hoped. And the side with raised embroidery worked out even better, because I can store sewing needles through the raised bits, without them falling out, or disappearing into the cube. Double-score. Although my next pincushion will be a little bit shorter, and twice as wide as it is deep, and I will design the raised embroidery better to catch the tips of needles.

Secondly, I did three scrolls for this weekend, one Principality level fighting award for Lord Stigot, and the viscounty scrolls for the departing couple SvartulvR and Elizabeth. I did all three in a grant letter style, so basically all calligraphy. For Stigot's I did paint a white portal in the initial letter, though, using fake gold leaf which I just got and had to try out.

For the Viscounty scrolls I doodled in the initial letter, and added a few personal touches in the scrollwork. I also made them on real parchment. I'm pleased with the results for all three, and the recipients seemed to appreciate them :) They only lack seals, and I know SvartulvR has a kit to attach it to theirs. I might see if I can talk to someone local to add it to Stigot's.

I also finished a new dress for this weekend. I bought a black cotton velvet bedspread in Morjärv once upon a time... thinking I could turn it into a 16th Century gown, and I finally did. Most construction seams are done on the machine, and I patterned the bodice after my red kirtle which I adore. And since I wore the black gown all day Saturday with no discomfort or ill effect I now also adore this black one. I had a beige and black trim in my stash which I decorated the bodice with, also as a decoration around the hem, and down the seams in the sleeves. Ah, yes, it is long-sleeved, square necked, and has a slight dip in the front bodice where the skirt lies flat. The back panel of the skirt is gathered using knife pleats all pointing towards the centre back. For once I also remembered to have someone take nice photos of me in the new dress :)

I unfortunately do not have pictures of these items ready to post yet. But figured I should update this poorly neglected blog with some happy news.

At Nordmark Coronet Tourney and Aros Spring Sword and Buckler II our little household grew! Helwig took a fourth apprentice in Lady Isabetta del Verde. Which was awesome.

And I got to see Viscountess Filippa's gift-wrapping-paper dress of much bling and there was joy.

Also - no longer a lady-in-waiting! Yay! Although I loved serving SvartulvR and Elizabeth - they are good people.
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Scroll #38 finished and put into a fold-safe container! Now I have to find an envelope and send it off to Their Majesties. I think that will be tomorrow's little Big Quest. Today's was watching a Viscount wave on an internet camera. (Let's not go into details and then say we did).

I've also been busy trying to re-design my website. I always get stuck at the phase where I have so much content that would need to be restructured that I sigh, hang my head and then I leave it alone for another few months.

Anyway, scroll pics after the event it's going to - for obvious reasons.
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I went ahead and updated my website with the scribal projects I finished for Civil war - three of them. Tadaa.
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This August has been a bit busy, event wise. Starting with ten days in Visby, continued with five days at Raglan, and finally a day-trip visit to the Aros Historical Fencing camp.

At the last event, I started a knitted flat cap, with instructions and yarn from Mistress Helwig. She taught a workshop on her version of the knitted headwear of the 16th Century with myself and Druda as students. I chose the red yarn (Drops Alaska) for mine, and today, after having bought TWO extra skeins to make a total of six, I finally finished it.

It's a big circle, with an attached brim, made by starting from the centre going out to make the top, then decreasing to make a brim inward, then out to the maximum diameter and back in again to fold together to make the actual brim.

I stitched together the last two layers at the inside with the same yarn to make a solid double-layered brim. It is fairly heavy, right now, and I still have to felt it. Either in the machine, or by hand. We'll see how that goes.

But now on to another shirt. I am finally making one for Lord Edricus, who has great need of one. I bought some very fine natural linen at the market in Visby which I've finally cut out now. I think it'll be nice once it's done :)

I've also got a few projects going right now of a scribal nature. I'm re-making the Dragon's Tear scroll I made for Double Wars because it was truly not fit to be handed out. It is also for Edricus. The new version will be much better.

I've also started on a blank scroll for a Principality A&S award. I thought it was going to be for a commission for Crown, but when I got the name the style didn't match, so it's a blank to be finished at leisure, and I've already gotten going on the real commission scroll for Their Highnesses court at Crown Tourney.

Those three, plus of course the unfinished Laurel scroll for Helwig, and a commission for His Highness SvartulvR which I may have to start over on as well, are current projects. These are all good reasons for me continuing with regular scribal nights at my place :)
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Last night, I invited all interested parties to the first scribal night of the fall, and what a lovely time was had.

William and Isabetta were the first to arrive some time after six, and by that time I'd managed to cut down, lay out and start to sketch and ink in the borders of a re-make of Lord Edricus' Dragon's Tear scroll.

I modified the illuminations a little, as I re-made it at half the size of what I had. And I chose to use my own batarde hand for the calligraphy as well, because I know it, and it is pretty.

I made a little mistake with the text, which turned out to be a good thing, because the text was too short and needed to be expanded to fill the space. After a bit of brainstorming the three of us came up with new wording to work in my mistake as well :)

I finished the calligraphy and the border is inked, so I have only to gild and paint now.

We were all quite surprised when my doorbell rang after eight in the evening, though. When I opened the door it turned out to be a lady who has come to one meeting with Aros before. She had seen my notice on facebook about the scribal night and decided to come, so I got to play at being a chatelaine again, trying to figure out what sorts of things she'd like to do. She's about to move to a place not too far from William and Isabetta, and expressed an interest in sewing circle - so information was exchanged and we'll do our best to get her to come to the next sewing circle.

I also decided that I'm making Monday nights a standing invitation for Scribal Night at my place. So anyone in the vicinity between 17 and 22 are welcome to work on scribal things, or just hang out. I've got coffee and tea, and some materials for beginners.
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I'm going to attempt to get started straight away with Scribal evenings at my place.

I've sent out invitations last night for today. Maybe a bit short notice, but I figure it's better to get started ASAP or it will be forgotten.

Will report back tonight.


Jul. 9th, 2010 07:39 pm
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I've updated my scribal page with a scan of the blank I filled in at Double Wars. It was a Lindquistringe for Astridh Thorkilsdotter. The initial A was donated in the blank scroll competition by Genevieve ([ profile] bend_gules).
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#30I wanted to have this finished in time for Insulae Draconis' first Coronet Tourney, but other things got in the way, and I finally had it done in time for the Blank scroll competition at Double Wars XXIII.

It is, again, based on the manuscript called MS Digby 36, housed at the Bodleian Library. The initial is a large capital M with the Insulae Draconis arms in the centre. The background of red with yellow floral patterns was entirely fabricated by me, I don't believe any such initial is seen in the original MS, but I needed to fill it out with something, to frame up the gold a bit.

Anyway, this scroll won the Queen's Choice award, and HRM Fiona presented me with a quill cut by Mistress Gota. In the album there are three more detail shots of the border. You should only have to press the back arrow (once, twice and three times) to get to them.
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Oh, yes, the good Genevieve made my GoA scroll and supplied it with documentation. Fantastic, says I.

She has also posted an image and the documentation over on the Dragon's Scriptorium, the Drachenwald scribes online forum. Please do check it out, because it's awesome. And the poem she added just to fill in the blank is lovely. I quote it here:

She is coral of godeness
She is rubie of ryghtfulnesse
She is crystal of clennesse
And baner of beute
She is lilie of largesse
She is parvenke of prowesse
She is solsecle of swetnesse
And lady of leute

I still get all goose-pimply thinking about it.
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I remembered that I forgot to take a picture of the scroll I calligraphied at Double Wars.

I think I must write and ask the recipient to get me a shot. I'm half-way pleased with it, considering the circumstances. I think I managed to compose a nice text, and I didn't mess up the hand too badly, even if it was done on a much larger scale than I'm used to. But, I certainly didn't have the time or capacity to start re-lining the page I had, so I had to make do.

Anyway, it is officially scribal project #29. A Lindquistringe for AstridH Thorkilsdotter.
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Since I went south for Easter rather than north, I had an entire day to spend at illumination, and I invited the Shire to come for a scribal day at my place today. Only one other person came, Helwig. Ermingard would have come, but she also went south for Easter and didn't make it back to Aros in time. I don't mind terribly that I don't get invaded by people for scribal days, but I know there are interested people out there. When they are able to I'm sure they will come.

Anyway, I bit the bullet and finally started sketching out the border on Helwig's Laurel scroll. Only pencil for now, since I did not bring my oak gall ink back south with me, and I want to ink the lines with that before I start painting. I'll be incorporating a portrait in the border, of Helwig in her Anna Meyer dress. It's going to be a challenge all right. Yikes.

Then when I had gotten as far as I could with that I started a brand new blank scroll for our new Principality of Insulae Draconis. It's going to be a fairly simple page, bordered on three sides by vines mostly in the style of Digby 36, my fave. I actually didn't have any original in front of me when I started the sketching, and I got so far as putting down the gold ground before we quit. I am actually feeling rather good about that. Since it means that I have taught myself that style well enough that I no longer have to copy, but rather can create freely.


In other, slightly older, news I have also been to a sewing day since I've been at home, in which I managed to finish two projects. First of all, the badge with Aros' Shire arms for the Coat of Arms Wallhanging project that Racaire has started was finished. It's mostly modern materials, since all the embroidery is done with DMC cotton floss. The ground fabric is unbleached linen though.

First of all I outlined the owl in chain stitches, then filled it in completely using split stitches. Then I outlined the entire badge in yellow chain stitches and then filled in the background with split stitches. After that was done I added the red laurel wreath on top of the yellow using stem stitch and satin stitches. That part I am least happy about, since the background worked so beautifully with the split stitches, and I had to basically eyeball the wreath and improvise each stitch for the "stalk" and the leaves.

I have pictures of the finished badge, but I don't have the cord for my camera so I can't upload anything.

Secondly, I finished the shirt I owed my Laurel as wages for the year. If anyone remembers it was made to be "the second Anna Meyer shirt". Which meant smocking the collar. That was the step that held me up the longest. I finally stitched down the collar however, and finished eight cords for neck and cuffs. I did not include any embroidery in the project, so Helwig still has that to finish on the shirt. But it is done and off my to-do list now - Hurrah!
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Here we go, the malachite scroll which I had to hurry to finish in time. I think my first attempt at it was better, but there was no help for it. Anyway, the idea was that it is mostly pink and green. Although the blue does sort of shine through as well. The pink because it was meant to be finished for the Pink Challenge event, and because Estrid likes it, and the green because the Malachite is green.

So in the initial I have pink and green, and dangling from the end of the G is one of the chokers that Estrid have made so many of lately. Not quite as gorgeous as her originals, but it's supposed to bring them to mind. The Nordmark shield in the left border is almost surmounted by a Baroness' Coronet, as Estrid is the Baroness Nordmark. And in the lower border there is a green gem (a malachite) set in gold.


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