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Last night I braved my fears and cut out the lining for my surcote in the light blue linen. I pieced the body panels just above waist-height, and I also had to piece the last fifteen centimetres of one of the gores. With that cut out, I'm left with 40 cm of blue linen. Not much of a cut, but I can make pouches or something with that.

I also did the all manual kind of flat felled seam with both edges whipstitched/hemstitched (I so don't know the term for this I get confused) down. I mean to say, I overlapped the two cuts, folded one edge in toward the other fabric, pinned the very edge then turned it all over and folded the other raw edge in to create my flat felled seam with the fabric in the final position. Then I pressed and stitched up both folded edges to create the finished seam. The blue linen was being a bit uncooperative though, and my left forefinger is frazzled and sore from having the needle tear through it so much.

I'm planning on basting each piece of lining to the lilac wool individually and then assembling the pieces as if I only had one layer. The gores I can stitch into place without much thought, but the side seams will need to be pondered over a bit for fitting purposes.

I can't really start on the sleeves until I have the surcote assembled either, as the pattern I have is made to fit the GFD's armscye, and the surcote will have a larger hole. I'll probably do a toile for the sleeve once I can put the surcote on.

To note: this is going to be one large gown. The wool is quite thick, and the fabric takes up quite a bit of space. It is also not the lightest material around. I'm starting to think that perhaps the dark blue material would have made a much fancier kind of surcote, one I can wear indoors, but that's for another time. I am quite sure that I wouldn't want to make my beginner's mistakes on the blue wool cloth, and since this is the first surcote I make, I will have some mistakes to learn from.


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