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Family news: So I've got tickets north for Easter weekend. I plan on sewing, possibly doing some woodwork (a pair of pattens would be awesome), and plenty of walks out in the fresh air.

Surcote: I've basically decided to rip out the lining on the surcote - punishment for basting it all in no doubt - and replacing it with nothing at all. The wool is much more likely to be pliable without a linen layer to stiffen it up. If needed I will go back in and add a lining by slipstitching it in place if I feel the bodice needs it. Without the linen I stand a decent chance of being able to wriggle into the surcote. No eyelets and lacing would be good.

The open sleeves will need lining. I'm not sacrificing the look there.

The lining I shall rip out will go toward a petticoat and scraps I think. I am at least glad I did not butcher the lovely white linen I got at Himla the other weekend. Sewing in wool alone will be a treat. Going through both wool and linen when I basted the layers was a little bit of a struggle to be truthful.

Gothic Army Dress
: I've finished 14 eyelets. Two more to go on the first sleeve, then I get to do it all over again on the second sleeve. *sigh* At least the closer I get to the cuff the neater I manage to make the buttonholes. They're not by any stretch of the imagination pretty, but at least they are not utter disasters any longer.

Possible New Project: For the moment I'm glancing at my new cut of white linen with a 15th Century chemise in mind. The one I have is nice to be sure, I just re-finished all the seams and it is only one season old, but the sleeves were not my brightest idea on it. They are tight sleeves, so I can't really roll them up and out of the way if I need them to. I shouldn't have made them to the same pattern as the supportive gown, but I figured I wanted minimal amounts of fabric in my sleeves so that's what I did. With this lovely fresh white linen I can make a new chemise, one with a split BACK panel as opposed to the FRONT and with un-tapered sleeves. This would also mean I'd have two chemises to change out between which is a good thing. Would be a good thing for double wars even. I must do an update on my list of projects. Look for that in the next posting :)
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