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Surcote frontI've finished stitching up all the major seams on the surcote now, and I tried it on for the first time over my gothic army dress. If I may say so myself, I am pleased. I updated the gallery with two new pics. I can wriggle into the surcote without having to add lacing, it gives a little bit of a hint of shapeliness beneath, and it's cuddly and warm.

I've not finalized the armscyes yet, nor the sleeves, and I will have to adjust the neckline to fit over the plum wool gown most likely. As it stands now though, I'm happy about the project, and definately glad I decided on NO lining at all. It really does not need it.

I might be swearing a bit when I go to wriggle into the surcote over the wool gown (the gothic army dress is linen as you may recall) but that's another bridge in the future. I believe it'll work out.

Left to do on the surcote is:

  • Press down all seams to one side, right now the seams add a little bulk on the inside when wearing, which is why I am hopeful it'll still be manageable to get into over a wool gown.
  • Sew the shoulder seams.
  • Finalized the armscyes so I can calculate for a sleeve pattern
  • Cut down the neckline and finish it.
  • Hemming. As it is now, the dress reaches to the floor, plus a little bit extra, half an inch to an inch extra. I'm not sure I want to do anything to the length, as when I go to hem I'll fold up a bit of an allowance. Having the surcote too short so that the gown beneath is always peeking out is not something I want, and honestly, I don't think it can get too long at this point. If I find that it is a bit long I can always go back and recut the hem no problem.

Not a whole lot of work left in all.
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