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In the general scramble of packing my stuff up I misplaced my little padded camera bag. There was much stomping around the entire little house. I even did a trip out to the workshops. And then another round of the house.

It was, of course, hiding in the small area of the house where all the rest of my stuff was, about 3 metres by 3 metres. Bah, I say, bah! My mother tried to foist off old bottles of perfume on me, and just now, a bottle of men's aftershave!

Anyway, I'm coming down with two pairs of pattens. The second pair was much quicker to do and are destined for [ profile] frualeydis. My own pair are quite cute, and although they did take longer, it was mostly because we didn't know exactly which was the best way to proceed at every juncture. I shall give them a jolly good test-drive at the Coronet Tourney we're hosting the first weekend of May, and then again at Double Wars. We're all aware that Double Wars is coming up in a few short weeks, right?

I mostly got the surcote stitched up, there's around 30 cm of side seam left undone because I ran out of thread there and I wanted to try it on. I brought my gothic army dress but didn't do anything on it. On the car-ride south again I'll finish the very last needlebook for the giftbasket project with blanket stitch around the edges. Maybe if I'm feeling creative I can do a little design on the fronts as well, we'll see.

I expect to be back in the home Shire before it's time to grab the tea-bag and head for the tuesday meeting. But it does depend a little on my form after around ten hours in a car. I might be entirely too knackered, or I can be just knackered enough that a brisk walk will be just the ticket.
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