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Augh. I think I ought to quit with this costuming business. Making sleeves is messing with my gruntled status, it's heading toward disgruntlement.

I made my pattern, I marked where they ought to halve. As in half stop at the elbow, half continue down. Well, seems I marked it way, way off. How I managed that I don't know. Really don't know.

And now I've got the wool cut out. Fortunately I did NOT cut them off to the half mark, thinking I would mark that carefully in situ. At least I didn't screw up there. The shell should still be useable without me having to cut a new pair. And, yes, I do have enough for a new pair if it should be needed.

So now I sit here, one sleeve pinned in, the pins nibbling at my shoulder, griping and moaning.

Gotta start by rotating the sleeves a bit more I think. Bugger.

Date: 2006-05-04 08:41 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
*sigh* I hear you and feel your pain. There've been many times I want to throw my sewing machine at the wall because I just. can't. get. SOMETHING. right. AUGH!

We do this for fun, right?


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