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Double wars is coming up fairly quickly now, and I feel I ought to look over my list of projects that I said were due for DW this year. So, let's review the list from 9/4-06.

On that list three items were finished, leaving the following:
  1. Wool hose
  2. Gothic Army Dress Sleeves
  3. Brown Test Doublet
  4. Shoes
  5. 1410 Surcote
How am I doing? Well, first off, one item left off the list is the Viking outfit. I think it's finished, I marked it down as finished, but I get uncertain, so I will have to pull it out and check it over. Why do I feel like it isn't finished? Well, because it's still in the project baskets and not in my closet. But I checked with [ profile] litensessa and she seems to remember me stitching on the shoulder straps, which would mean it is all done.

Moving on then, #1, wool hose. Well, I still only have one hose finished, and nothing has moved on making a pair in thicker, fulled wool. I have loads of that kind of fabric. I could make a pair out of the left over surcote wool.

#2 - Gothic army dress. Yeah, still have the one sleeve left to do. The buttons are stitched on, just (*groan* just!) have to make 16 buttonholes and I'm good to go. (Hah!)

#3 - The doublet; not much left still. Shoulder treatment, possibly some trim. This project seems to be an on again-off again affair for me. Right now it inspires absolutely no enthusiasm. Maybe I'll bring it to sewing circle this weekend.

#4 - Shoes, I was talking about the felt shoes I was making. Well, they're stitched up, but I need to attach the thin leather that I cut out for soles and possibly do something about the raw edge of the uppers. Maybe decorative blanketstitch, maybe a bias tape.

#5 - The surcote is so close to completion at this pace I'm quite astounded myself. I've nearly completed the baglining of my tippet-sleeves. All that it needs is topstitching around the opening where I have turned the lining to the inside, and a neat finish to the top of the lining on the inside. Plus of course hemming and some sort of finish around the neckhole.

Looking over this list I think I shall give priority to the Doublet for Saturday's sewing, also bringing with me the gothic army dress so that I will have at least two options before me. I find I do much better when I can postpone something more odious than what I am currently working on. If I were to bring the surcote I would get nothing done on any other project, I'm sure of it.

In other news, I started on the 6th of the Drachenwald needlecases today at the Tuesday meeting. My detached buttonhole stitch is looking very nice. The outline of my pine trees continue to look like the drunken scribbles of a blind parkinson's patient. But it's all hand made! (*eyeroll* & *sigh*)


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