Apr. 29th, 2006

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Sewing circle today was nice and restful. It was just myself and Viscountess Helwig for the first couple of hours, then Filippa and her sister Ingrid joined us.

I didn't get a massive amount done, I worked on stitching down all the seams on the inside of my surcote but didn't finish before it was time to pack up and go.

I looked a little more in the Tudor Tailor, and I see that it will be normative for Tudor and Elizabethan fashion from now on just like the Medieval Tailor's Assistant was for the 14th Century. I am expecting plenty of gowns and headwear in the styles seen in the book to appear within the next year.

I do agree with [livejournal.com profile] sarahbellem that for myself, the book offers nothing new, aside from a few very lovely and interesting portraits in the first section. Also the hat patterns should be useful. It was pointed out to me, though, that for someone not before acquainted with the period and this type of clothing it would be the perfect fit. My enormously-gusseted undertunic was mentioned in relation to this.

I was brought to heel by that comment because it is so very true. I knew nothing about anything, and when I made that undertunic I was Very Much helped by the pattern I used, even if it was meant for machine stitching and I did it by hand. I'd already forgotten what it was like to be completely clueless and was pointing out that a straight-panel skirt doesn't need a pattern. No, not for me it doesn't, but for someone who knows nothing, this is exactly what is needed.

Well, anyway, I'll do my best to finish the surcote, and see about the sausage head-roll thingy, whatever it's called.


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