May. 5th, 2006

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sleeve 003It's looking like something. Not sure what exactly. As you may see in the photo I had to rotate the sleeve entirely, so the seam is up the front. I'm not altogether happy about that, but it does work. Right?

I'm very happy about the length, that's just right. With a hem allowance that makes it about knuckle-long. I'll probably cut up a little more on the inside of the arm. Or rather, let the seam allowance take the inside opening up a little more.

When I sit wearing the surcote now the tippet part falls to the outside of the arm, and outside my thigh, which means it is entirely out of the way even for feast-situations. I'm very happy about that. It also means I can pull the end up and drape it over my forearms for warmth as and when needed. I'm quite happy about that too.

I'm also pleased with how the surcote looks. Doesn't shape me in any way, but shows off my shapes. Not bad at all.
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How the pattern for my sleeves look.


The project continues apace. I've got both arms stitched into the armscyes now. It was relatively painless. I've not finished any of those seams though. I topstitched the short sleeve-seam to make the top half into tubes, but that's it. I could concievably leave all edges raw, this fabric won't unravel, but I'm not sure I want to, purely on an aesthetic level.

As it is now though, I can wear the surcote. There are no gapping seams and no pins. The sleeves don't look the way I want them yet though - with the white lining showing. And, no, I've not hemmed the dress, nor done anything to the neckline. If I were using a machine that would be a small matter, but I'm not. Still, I might end up out of doors freezing my ass off at night for which I'd want something to put on. I could bring the ropa, but I'm not wearing 16th C stuff for this event. Of course, covering right up, that wouldn't be spotted.


Confusion is the word of the day.
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Today, I chopped onions.

So very tired and it's only ten pm.

It feels a bit weird to interrupt in the middle of an event to go home to sleep. Very strange. Still, I'll be back on site around nine am tomorrow if all goes according to plan. And it ought to. I'll have to make sure to eat a nice big breakfast before being picked up, and make sure to pack all the stuff I need.

I'd thought to continue working on my surcote now, but it's all I can do to keep sucking down a great big mug of tea without falling asleep.

Since most of my time will be spent in the kitchen tomorrow, I've asked Filippa to take my camera for the day tomorrow. I hope she remembers to take lots of pictures.

So, so tired. So very tired. Sleep sure sounds good.


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