Aug. 15th, 2006

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Some people may have observed, and been amused by, the sight of me wriggling into or out of my big lilac surcoat at MTV. Well, here it is, proof I did it the period way. Laugh all you want - I know I did it right!
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Look what I made - a miniature pavilion in 1:20 scale. It's very cute. And I drew out the design I want on my pavilion eventually. Only drew it on two panels, but you get the drift.

I was even so anal as to do everything to scale on millimetre-paper, including taping together the strips into one continuous length of paper the equivalent of nearly 35 metres. This design, with one wall-panel too many to act as door, uses up a little over 30 metres. Granted, I did not add seam allowances for the roof as I did for the wall panels, but with that it will not take over 31 metres if I do it right.

Also, ignore the two different colours on roof and wall - they're meant to be the same (dark) blue. Looking at the extant one that is standing in a museum in Basel I think the idea of adding a strip of blue fabric over all the seams would be awesome. 1) adds strength 2) adds interest. Just a matter of matching that colour with the paint I will be using to decorate the panels. Of course, I can just cut strips from the same fabric, paint it with the same blue and stitch it on - doesn't need to be another fabric or tape.

I did some experimenting with how such a strip could be attached as well, and I think I solved where to add it in the process. Of course, that particular solution won't work if it needs to be independent of the seam. My idea was that it was integrated, attached at the same time as the first seam is made.

I think I want the roof a bit steeper than this miniature, but it was great fun to do :)
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Illustrations from Tacuinum Sanitatis, 15th century (BNF Nouvelle acquisition latine 1673)

Fol. 46 (Pea-soup) A surcote with wide sleeves and much closer neckline. For Even More Practicality. I admit, not having full sleeves for the lilac one means it is pretty, but not maximally warm for the arms.

Fol. 65v (Galantine) Eating knives. Though looking through my stuff and at the pictures I think I will stick with the knife I bought in An Tir and which dad put a nice wooden handle on.

Fol. 69 (Chicken) Green drapery. I've got a green fleece blanket I could decorate with similar pattern and use as a hanging. You know, for my pavilion. When I get it in five years. Good to be prepared! Honestly, I could use it as a blanket with the applique just as well as plain. It's really green.


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