Sep. 21st, 2013

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So, in the early days of the Internets, when rocks were soft and I was just starting out making 16th Century clothes there were two websites we would all go to. Festive Attyre and The Elizabethan Costuming Page. I was honoured to be a Featured Attyre with my first (and so far only) full Tudor court gown, with fur-lined turn-back sleeves and everything.

Yesterday I was even more honoured that my red petticoat was picked by Drea Leed to be the example of what a petticoat is:

I have been going Squee! like a total fangirl all morning :)
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I have in my stash plenty of fabric to make some new and awesome outfits.

I have a cut of grey wool to make a replacement grey wool layton jacket for the one I shrunk in the washing machine. It was an awesome jacket, with special button loops that I made as a 5-loop fingerloop (flat, round flat). I loved that jacket. And I shrunk it in the washine machine. But I'm totally over that now. I have the nice buttons left from the old jacket.

I have two cuts of black wool to make base kirtles. Front lacing, low square opening, some stiffening, possible pockets. Possibly with a plaquet in front to conceal the front lacing.

I have dark brown silk, and brown/bronze polyester brocade to make a high-class outfit. Maybe for a 1575 project. Which probably needs a new farthingale. Also new corset, maybe finish one of the two (2) I have started but not finished. I finally made a pinterest board for this project.

The first two are not exceptionally inspiring, but I miss a good jacket. The black kirtles would mean I would finally have a base layer that I can use with every other outer garment I already have. The third is more of a Project, more tricky bits and not entirely transparent to me right now.

All I have to do is decide which one to pick. Which one to pick..


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