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I hosted scribal night today. Good thing about people coming round your place? The place gets picked up and cleaned a little. I'd be ashamed for people to see my place on a "normal" day :P

Anyway, four people here, including me. One non-participant in scribal, but he was useful on his own sewing projects. Ulv, stitched up a second iteration of glove and it seemed to work perfectly. His wife, Ingirun, got to drool all over my books. She's already a fantastic artist, so to start creating scrolls she just needs to adopt the "right" styles and she'll be off and running. I'm excited to see what she will end up producing.

For myself I worked on the not-finished QOoC. I'm still at the gold-laying stage. Building up layers. It will be gorgeous once done, but as always at this stage it looks a long way off.
Yesterday I also embroidered one corner of the underarm gusset of my new project. Wow, that was a complicated structure. Let's start over. On Sunday, after finishing the linens I started at Saturday's sewing circle, I pulled out the very fine hemp and cut out an Italian smock, or camicia, to go with my green Florentine gown. I am basing it on Arnold, Patterns of Fashion 4 p111, pattern #71. It takes two full-width panels for body, front and back, half-width panels for sleeves, two shoulder bits and large underarm gussets.

Each piece is finished off separately and whipstitched together, this is good for me, because the embroidery thread I mean to use on this is not yet tested. I want to use the indigo dyed silk I bought from Felicitas ([ profile] bippimalin), but having tried it before it left a residue on the fabric. I washed the hanks in the sink and rinced it thoroughly and let it dry, then I stitched one of the gusset repeats. So far it does not seem to leave a residue, but my plan was to put the gusset in the washing machine and see how it holds up. That's the smallest piece in the garment and I have plenty of hemp left over should the experiment fail. This particular thread is lovely to work with, as I learned making my apron.

If the home dyed silk won't work, I have a back-up plan: Helwig brought me a gift from the states last summer, a couple of hanks of silk embroidery thread in a dark blue, almost black. It was always meant to go into a "blueworked" chemise of some kind, possibly a perugia cloth.
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