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I have been very bad about updating my livejournal. Partly because writing updates on facebook is much faster, partly because I've been working on "secret" projects so couldn't update continually without spoiling things. Partly because LJ has lost some of its readership to the aforementioned fb, me included.

My 39:th project: AoAAh well, there is plenty to talk about now then. I've done scrolls, quite a few.
I did a backlog scroll for Elisabeth Gottfridsdotter. She received her AoA at Midsummer Coronation in 2009 from Franz and Willhelmina, and this spring I took over the backlog and finished it for her as number 39 (here before gilding).

My 40:th project: Vita Portens Väktare40 (to the left), 41 and 42 were all given out at Nordmark Coronet (Stigot's VPV, SvartulvR and Elizabeth's viscounty) plus a prize scroll which I forgot to number it gets to be #47. It was the prize scroll for the A&S Competition, and went to Niamh.

#43 was a Court Barony with Grant of Arms for Felicitas Schwartzenbergin that she got upon stepping down as Gotvik Baroness at St Egon. I had no time to also make Clemen's CB scroll which irks me a little, but that's reality.

#44 was filling in the calligraphy on a blank scroll, Lali Ingermarsdotter received a Ljusorden (Nordmark A&S award) also given at St Egon.

The Queen (Siobhan) went off to an event down in Frankmark on her own and two gentles down there received Award of Arms, so Franck vom Berg and Carrisma vom Berg got scrolls 45 and 46. Thankfully I only had to do calligraphy for those as the Queen had a couple of blanks ready.

At Double Wars I was roped into some stunt scribing - doing calligraphy on two scrolls. One backlog for Eira and Torbjörn given to Hroald Pai (48) and a PCS for Vitus Flavius (#49). These two I have no pictures of at all unfortunately. I didn't have the wits about me to take pictures of them.

For Double Wars I also made a shirt for Sir William of Richwood's vigil, and a table-runner with his device, initials and a Knight's chain. I also half-finished a napkin with a Dragon Rose emblem. I chose to do a slightly too large rose to be able to finish it, so I am still working on it. Stigot won it in the raffle at the end of the war, so I know where it needs to end up :)

Backing up again, I finished a black (cotton) velvet 16th C gown for Nordmark Coronet Tourney which might be my new favourite item of clothing. It's wool-lined so nice and warm, it fits just right, and has sleeves. Plus it fills the slot of 'black velvet gown' that I've needed in my wardrobe. I wore it in the pretty dismal weather conditions at the Coronet and was not even a little cold where it covered me. And it looks pretty good too.

Silk painting: Finished flagDuring the Easter holidays we booked a little household activity: painting silk standards. Isabetta did most of the preparations and brought the paints, gutta, brushes, paper for templates and she and William purchased lumber for frames. Me and Edricus and Helwig and Johann rounded out the numbers and we worked pretty much a full day on Friday, Sunday and Monday to paint eight silk standards. We each made a personal one and me and Helwig cooperated to make two household standards with the remaining two bits of silk. Mine still needs to be hemmed and attach a sleeve to put it on a pole. William, Isabetta and Edricus' standards all flew at Double Wars, and the two household flags were set up in William's vigil tent and looked awesome.

I also made a little patchwork pouch for Kerstin of Medeltidsmode. The pincushion I made for myself was stuffed with fabric samples from her, and the remaining pieces of wool samples I made up into a little bag, lined it with more of her summer-weight wool and then I braided a silk drawstring for it. She liked it when I handed it over to her at Double Wars :) The only picture of that one though, is from a distance and not very good. Again, I finished it on site and forgot to take my camera out!

Lately I've been working on a bit of leather tooling. I took a class during Double Wars, and it de-mystified the craft for me and gave me the courage to try it. I'm going to enter my first piece in the Kingdom A&S Competition at Coronation. Just because I was already going to write documentation to go with it, and a deadline is sometimes a good thing. It's supposed to also be a "secret" project, so until it reaches the recipient I won't post photos. Also, it's not 100% finished either :)

And now, I will post the above, and go see about uploading photos to update this post with shortly.


Sep. 15th, 2011 07:56 pm
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I've updated my finished-list with picture of my red knitted cap, and my new cotton/linen shirt. The images are in my picasa-album of 16th Century accessories
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At the Aros Fencing Camp I started knitting a flat cap according to Mistress Helwig's instructions. I finished it in the last week, and the only thing missing was the felting, or fulling rather. I made one in red using six whole skeins of the yarn and it turned out rather large.

Yesterday I went over to Helwig's place to sew and hang out, and she had the right detergent to do machine fulling so we threw the red flat cap into the washing machine on 60 degrees. When it came out it was still rather larger than needful and not as fulled as I wanted it, so we returned it to the machine and it went through again and after the second cycle it came out pretty nice!

I ironed it, and then we put it on a marble-top table underneath six volumes of an encyclopedia to make it nice and even.

My very kind Laurel also finished for me a knitted flat cap in a grey tone which wishes it was black (as per my request) and threw that in the machine as well. It only needed to be washed once to achieve an even higher degree of fulling than did the red one. Our theory is that the black yarn was much less treated than the red. The dyeing process probably battered the former a bit more, and the dark grey may well be a natural color, so took less effort to full.

I ironed that one as well, and added that to the stack out on the marble-top table.

So I went to a craft day with one almost finished flat cap and came away with two entirely finished ones!

I also finished the shirt for Lord Edricus, and got a few stitches nearer on finishing my own cotton/linen blend summer shirt. *sigh* But it was so boring I nearly died, despite having True Blood to watch.

A bag

Jan. 13th, 2010 12:50 pm
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Item, one carrying bag in fine green wool twill, lined in sky blue linen; finished.

I cut it out yesterday when we had invited people to come sew (nobody came) and since it was such a simple model I nearly finished it yesterday. A long wide strip of fabric forms the front, back and a little flap on top, the sides are made up of separate panels and then the carrying strap is inserted between the layers of the sides. If I had been thinking, or had planned the project at all, I would have cut the sides and carrying strap all in one. But I wasn't thinking, and I didn't plan.

Two bags stitched up using black linen thread, basic running stitches with the occasional backstitch for security. I put the lining inside the shell, turned in all edges and topstitched around the opening to merge them into one lined bag. Before closing up the sides I also inserted the stitched and turned carrying strap which is as wide as the sides (approximately 2.5 inches). Last step was topstitching both sides of the carrying strap, which was half done before I stopped yesterday. Now I've finished that, and pressed the edges.

I'm considering some embroidery, but I have no threads, and I'm not sure if I want it to be an SCA carrying bag, or just a mundane useful item. I could add a button or some closure as well. We'll see.

Anyway, here it is. As you can see, I made it big enough to carry a binder comfortably:
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Sewing circle today was quite productive for me.

I started out by raiding Helwig's silk weaving thread supplies and made candy cane striped strings for the coif and forehead cloth set. Worked beautifully.

Then I started on setting in the sleeves in my new layton jacket, and by the time I was finishing the second one off, topstitching and all, it was twenty to midnight!

Breaking it down a little further, I started by cutting down the front half of the armscyes equally on both sides, then produced two wings.

I had not brought a pattern for the wings, so I just winged it (he he he). I measured on the armscye and decided the wings would work at a length of 40 cm, then I pulled out the scraps of cloth I had left and made up the pattern on the fabric and copied it on the lining. The shape is a circle segment, 40 cm long and about 7 cm wide in the middle, narrowing down to 2 cm at the ends.

They are made up by putting right sides together and stitching along the straight edge and up the very short sides. Then I turned them inside out and topstitched for a neat finish, which means the curved edge is left raw and open and ready to be inserted between the layers of the armscye.

Actually what I did at assembly was line up the middle of the wings with the middle of the top half of the sleeves and letting the wing curve along the top of the sleeves as far as they would go - which is about four fifths of the circumference. Before inserting this assembly between the shell and lining I turned in a seam allowance of the shell fabric and attached the sleeve and wing by topstitching from the right side through all layers (minus the jacket lining). Then to finish the inside of the jacket I smoothed down the lining and folded in a seam allowance to just hide the line of stitching.

Left to do now on the new jacket is: finish neckline, front opening and lower hem; sort out front closing mechanism, and finally stitch on decorative satin bands.
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The coif, embroidered in red, is finished. Finished! Woohoo!

I will not be posting photos until after Coronation however. You have the preview in my last post, extrapolate from that.

I might even have enough for a forehead cloth. I shall make the attempt, but in any case the scroll gets priority.


May. 10th, 2009 11:26 pm
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There was a sewing circle on Saturday, as per usual. The finishing touches before Double Wars had to be taken care of.

Since my camicia is done, done donely, done, I started off by procrastinating with old napkin projects. Did a drawn thread hemstitch all around one and cut down two more that had been discoloured.

Then I finally laid out and cut a smock to go underneath the camicia, and any other fancy outer underwear (if that makes sense). I used up the last of my hemp, and it is a very tight body garment. The Sunday was spent mostly assembling the difference pieces. Shoulderstraps, sleeves and gussets. Finally I could cut out the side gores and have started stitching them on. I have only gotten one side stitched together, and not felled any seams yet. Since this will be a wear and tear item, I'm doing the run and fell seam all over.

I also did my dishes, washing nearly every piece of cutlery I own - because I have been a slob and let it sit for ages. I was much better at dishes when I only used one plate, one set of knife/fork/spoon and one glass, instead of six of each. I washed them straight away. Now I can just put the plate in the sink and leave it and still have clean flatware for the next meal. I should padlock my cupboards. /end mundania.

Double Wars is six days away! Wooohooo!

I am bringing the following books:
The Tudor Tailor
Patterns of Fashion 4
Moda a Firenze
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I forgot to say, I made a petticoat skirt for my Florentine outfit last Saturday. I started it on Friday, finished it, hem and all on Saturday. I think it's pretty fabulous. There might be pictures, if I can be bothered to clear the space to rig up the camera.

And now the camicia is drying off on my rack. I hand washed it in my sink, let it hang to dry for a bit, then ironed it most of the way. I don't want to handle it much more again until it's all dry. It's wider in the neckhole than it's long, wierd looking.  I'm going to be stitching a gathering thread, pin it to the on-grain neckband, and then do smocking stitches to secure the pleats. I'm hoping that's going to be the best method.

To do: short sleeved smock to go under everything?
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This petticoat skirt was finished in time for Double Wars last year. I just never took a photo til now.
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Hello LJ-land, my name is Lia and I've started a project. The camicia to go with my green Florentine gown.

It is inspired in full by the latest Janet Arnold book to be published: Patterns of Fashion 4.

This is the design spec... )

And as the photos indicate, I've gotten quite a ways on the embroidery, as well as cutting out each pattern piece from the very fine hemp that Medeltidsmode sells to addi... eh paying customers.

The stand-alone twigs (bottom left) are only applied to the sleeves and underarm gussets, and the stripe (bottom right) goes only down the body of the camicia itself. I've started with a single stripe down the centre, and if I can find more embroidery floss in the same colour, will expand on that after the event.
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Yesterday, the lovely viscountess Filippa Birgersdotter visited Aros, for the express purpose of sewing with us again, and what a marvellous time we had. It was a fairly mellow sewing circle, with us each working happily on our own projects. It was myself, Helwig, Filippa and Hedvig. Plus Sir Johann, who was not at work for once.

First we provided moral support so Helwig could cut out the skirt for her Anna Meyer project. It is scarily close to being finished now.

Then we provided moral support for Hedvig to cut out a corset. And also helped her fill out name registration forms.

I worked on felling all the seams on my Mathilde GFD (it needs a name, this will do for the time being). Then I bypassed the trouble of the front closing and started with sleeve attachment.

Then we collaboratively agreed that we wanted an embroidered coif and forehead cloth. And collabroatively agreed that we must figure out how to make them, and then we started really working.

Helwig opened Patterns of Fashion 4 and started enlarging the patterns. I took the first one off the production line and cut it out in cheap cotton, then I took it to the sewing machine and threw it together very roughly, while Filippa started cutting out and assembling the second pattern.

We assembled coif #48 and #49. We all tried #48 on and agreed that that pattern would fit us all best. To try it in we also had to braid the hair up properly. It's no use trying on a coif on modern hair.

Once that was established we laid out all the patterns Helwig had scaled up, five I think, and compared them, figuring out what measurement did what, and what changing it one way or the other would do to the finished product. So, although only two patterns were cut out and sewn together, all the patterns helped us in an understanding of how coifs work. It was quite amazing.

Finally, I copied out pattern #48 for myself and Filippa, leaving Helwig with the original scaled up pattern and the test-coif.

Filippa meanwhile had brought with her the finished needle roll-up she made using instructions and material from my blackwork course! I am so proud! It's gorgeous, and she is the first one to finish the item, to my knowledge, following the course. She has also started more counted blackwork, making a new shirt collar and cuffs. Moahaha! She has seen the light. I helped by giving her a couple more candles in the shape of inch-grid paper.
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Today, I made a pair of internal dividers for my camera bag. It's a sewing project, I call it valid.

I took wool (or the approximation of it) felt, iron on interfacing, acetate lining material and a strip of hook-side velcro.

I made up two panels of wool, ironed on the interfacing in two windows on each, then covered that with the acetate, stitched dividing line in between the two windows, stitched on the velcro on the outside edge and finally quilted the windows for extra stability. All this work on my little sewing machine.

I took photos (of course). They can be found elsewhere.
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Shirt update: All seams finished. Left to do: Gather neckline into collar. Hem front opening. Gather sleeves into cuffs. Hem lower edge. Work eyelets.

I've uploaded the pics for my splendor solis kirtle (finished), but I couldn't be arsed to update my website. Bad Lia, no cookie.
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Item: one yardcloth, hemstitched all around. Pretty thing :)
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Knitting is an evil temptation )

The stocking patterns I'm sending along to my mother who has, she says, loads of a dark red pure wool yarn she would be willing to work up if I provided her with a pattern. Hurrah, says I. Red knitted stockings for me, whee!
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Tomorow is another sewing circle Saturday and I plan to bring the requisite undergarments and toile fabric to make up a first pattern and fitting for my green Florentine gown. I will need help with that, but Helwig is well up to the task.

If the fitting goes smoothly, I will want to lay out and cut out the entire dress on my green brocade then, because there is more floor-space at Helwig's place, and I want to see how much of a train I can economically get from my fabric. This will involve laying out all the pattern pieces on the fabric and doing some puzzle-shuffling.

I have got acetate lining for the skirt, because it's light, and because I want to give it a whirl. The brocade should have enough body not to need any added, and the acetate works as a silk-substitute to let it flow over any underlying layers. However, for the bodice I will need something a bit more substantial, and right now I'm not sure what that something ought to be. I do believe I want to interline the bodice and then line it; so probably I will bring a bit of the cotton canvas I have in my stash.

If the fitting does not go well, I will probably sulk for a bit, and then work on my apron embroidery. It is my goal to have it finished in time for Nordmark University (which seems to be quite a bit smaller this year than previously). I might even write something up about it and put it out as a display piece.

Also, the local fabric store is being particularily evil. They have just stocked up on good wool cloth in gorgeous tones of red (2), green, yellow, blue, grey and black. I had a lucky escape this afternoon as I got off work five minutes after they closed, rather than an hour before closing time. If anyone has wondered at my recent splurges on fabric I can tell you that the reason they happened in the first place is that I now walk past the palace of temptation on the way to and from the bus in the morning and afternoon. And today was the day when paycheks appear in bank balances all across the nation, including mine. Also there was the matter of the apartment. Very lucky escape. I mean, who does not need a good red petticoat? If you are a 16th century lady, the need for such an item in your wardrobe is self-evident.
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Lovely photos of me in my tall hat now has its own little gallery - check it out. Of course, Edricus has taken all the good photos. I'll be doing a quick write-up of how I made the hat later in the week to post to my website.

Waistcoat updates gets to wait a bit longer.
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This. As promised, the pilgrim's scrip can be found pictured here.

That. My waistcoat, finally in a state to be worn without outside assistance, can be viewed in the gallery, front and back.

The other. And, because I am sometimes good at remembering, there are pictures of the splendor solis kirtle from behind and the front (one and two), plus a bonus picture of me dressing at 12th Night, including fully feathered tall hat!

I shall do a bit of writing about it all tomorrow, updating dress diaries and the likes. But for right now - I'm heading for bed.
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If anyone has seen me at events lugging my things around, they have probably seen me with my horrid green/camouflage shoulder bag of lugging.

About as long as I have been using this horrid green shoulder bag of mine I have been saying I should get something else. Something prettier, or at least, not so screamingly "urban warfare". Well, gratifyingly, I am well on the way to accomplishing this switch. Last night before nodding off to sleep I stitched together a length of linen, turned it right sides out to make a long strip. Out of this long strip of now cleverly self-lined linen I folded up nearly half, leaving a short flap for a lid. Tonight, while continuing to giggle at Jeeves and Wooster(#), I stitched together the sides of the strip so that I now have a lidded pouch.

The only thing remaining to make this into a practical, stylish, pilgrim's carrying bag, aka a scrip, is a strap to sling across one's shoulders. I have such a strap, and I intend to attach said item to the aforementioned pouch and Hey Presto! I shall have a finished, period, bag of lugging my stuff around at events.

Calloh, callay! Hurray!

You can expect stylishly posed and well-lit pictures(*) within a day or so, as I intend to use it on Saturday at Aros' first Micro Event for the spring. This means that the niggle-list, last updated on September 14th of 2007 is now shorter one item, namely #8 on that list. As for the other items on the list there is *cough*nothing to report*cough*.

Although it is a very little thing I am giving it the status of a project started, and when I get the photo(s) taken I shall call it a project finished. There's not been enough of that happening over here on my blog lately, so I feel I'm entitled.

Also, I paid up for Nordmark University - w00t!


(¤) - C-programmer's joke there. Ignore at will.
(#) - It's a period drama. OK, so not strictly SCA period, but it counts, damn you, it counts! Plus it's Fry&Laurie at their very best. They always count. So there.
(*) - No, not really, but pictures anyway. Or a picture at the last.
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I did something productive today. I took the small scraps of green brocade I had from the petticoat skirt I made just before christmas and cut out some smaller scraps for a bodice for the same. It's a bit of an experiment, frankly, but I wanted to try it out. First it's two layers of a green linen, and the neckline is then ringed with the green brocade so that if I wear another dress on top, a pretty under-layer is visible.

Well, that's the idea anyway. The front is nearly finished, it just needs eyeleys. The sandwich of the back panel eluded me the first time so I had to do some unpicking - Doh!


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