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My father is a handy man. Here's made me a hand-held scroll frame for embroidery. Version one is the standard kind. While version 2 is a fantastic clever idea which is pretty and currently in use to stretch my new brick stitch embroidery. The two versions use the same roll-bars and the same knobs.

ETA: The nifty L-shaped stretchers/stand was inspired by "The Doodler Frame", found on the Internet salesroom of The Fox Collection.
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Oh, yes, the good Genevieve made my GoA scroll and supplied it with documentation. Fantastic, says I.

She has also posted an image and the documentation over on the Dragon's Scriptorium, the Drachenwald scribes online forum. Please do check it out, because it's awesome. And the poem she added just to fill in the blank is lovely. I quote it here:

She is coral of godeness
She is rubie of ryghtfulnesse
She is crystal of clennesse
And baner of beute
She is lilie of largesse
She is parvenke of prowesse
She is solsecle of swetnesse
And lady of leute

I still get all goose-pimply thinking about it.
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Woohoo - Kingdom, the third series!
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So, just for fun, I checked out the link of old SCA Board Minutes posted by Mariedeblois. Checking out what they were doing around the time of my birth.

On the board of directors there is a name I recognize today: David Thewlis.

I say: what now? That's never the David Thewlis known from the big screen? Is it? But how awesome if it were.

ETA: I've been informed of who that is. Not the actor, but still an awesome name in the SCA world.
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YouTube link

..that I will not personally attempt, but wouldn't it be cool.

ETA hopefully fixed linkage.
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The Lion's Road Love Cast - a podcast about the SCA, hour long, weekly, sent from An Tir. I get a little warm glow when I listen to them talking about the SCA. Listening to the brand new episode (number 29) right now.
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Are you in the SCA? Have you been bothered by not being able to register your name because someone on the other side of the world/continent has that name already? Did you ever think it's silly of the SCA to require UNIQUENESS in all registered names? Did you ever think that nobody in the medieval world was guaranteed uniqueness - that's what bynames are for?

CENU: The Campaign to End Name Uniqueness is here for you. Vote with your signature. Send in a blanket permission to conflict. I'm going to.

Uniqueness is a little fun, I admit it, but not fun enough for me to prevent someone else to register a name just like it.


Nov. 11th, 2008 12:34 pm
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I feel I must pimp the worthy effort put forth to translate a 16th Century French "daily book" that can be found here on LJ. Mises et Receptes is again posting daily the translated entries, and it is a joy to read. Research-y goodness.


Sep. 19th, 2008 05:13 pm
liadethornegge: (scribe) is a most excellent firm.

In my triumphant hands I now hold:
1 bottle (50 ml) Minatum
1 bottle (28 ml) Iron Gall Ink
1 book, loose gold leaf (eep!)
and a set of new nibs.

Ordered, on Monday, arrived yesterday at distribution centre, I got the items from there myself today (the envelope was too large for my mail slot).



Mar. 4th, 2008 10:48 pm
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I should have progress to report on tonight. I haven't. I got sucked into a YouTube-Marathon of pottery throwing. I blame it all on Dame Eleanor, oh yes I do.

Tomorrow... I should have made plans for today. I've been doing some stunt IT consulting. I consider it more in the line of charity (wiping Vista off a laptop), but I've been promised compensation. I held out for a dinner. Future will tell.

Pictures, I want pictures. Been admiring the cool stuff shown at the Atlantian A&S Faire. The miniature Pennsic encampment was cool, but most awesome were the knitted trunk hose. Whoever made those must be a little bit crazy. (In the good way) At least they didn't recreate the canary yellow of the originals, for which one is thankful.

Also thankful for: Not having a Random Cry of Frustration for quite a long while. Except for the whole re-subscribing as a member of SKA Nordmark. But let's not go there or I shall break the streak spectacularly. I can feel my temperature rising already.

*breathes deeply and finds calmness again*

And now, to bed.
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So, the Plimoth Plantation Embroidery project? The crazy one where they're doing an entire Layton jacket covered with silk embroideries, including manufacturing their own spangles, lace and gilt twist thread? Yeah, that one.

I just want to say that seeing the huge box of threads in the background makes me go all weak in the knees. Check out the entry "The Lackey's Leaf", and click on the name Emily in the second line. That will show you the box I mean.

Surely nobody would notice if they just closed that box up and shipped it to me? Surely?
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So this year's edition of the Nordmark University, for the fourth time roadied by the same people was as enjoyable as the previous three. I spent most of Friday going "Oooh, Aaah" over various and sundry fabulous things people showed me, and I mentioned my spiffy new embroidery book to everyone who would stand still for two seconds.

Getting to site was not a hardship, despite the many changes of transportation: city bus, inter-city commuter train, intra-city commuter train and bus. The hardest part was dragging my luggage aka The Snow Plough through the freshly fallen snow getting to the first bus, and from the last. Fortunately, the end station was only about 100 metres from the front doors of the site. It never fails, though, whenever I have to lug my enormous wheelie bag around there is fresh snow on the ground. Typical.

Anyway, Friday night was lovely, and I got to bed around three or so. Breakfast was good, although I still miss my large lovely tea mug. I seriously need to replace it, the tiny little one I use now is woefully insufficient. My fingers get burned trying to hold it and it holds nowhere near enough quantities of tea.

Saturday was classes throughout. I wore my gothic army dress with the bright red open hood, and was quite comfortable and unhindered all day. Although me and Helwig determined that we are going to set aside one sewing circle for a new GFD fitting session. We have both changed shapes slightly, and we are both not quite happy with the fit of our current patterns.

The classes were very nice, starting off with Mistress Gota's calligraphy class, which was awesome. I have a series of photos of her cutting a quill pen (to be posted later). Then there was a break for lunch, and the green pea soup was delicious.

The second class I attended was Felicitas' class on German nobility's clothing in period portraiture. It was fascinating, and the only downside to that was that she lost track of time and we were ushered out of the classroom before she had showed us everything she had wanted. Which also included me not getting the opportunity to get a copy of her images onto my USB memory stick. Ah well. After that I headed for the book binding class with Styrr, stopping in shortly with Mistress Alienor to pick up her handouts on blackwork.

The results of the book binding you have seen already, and the class itself was brilliant. With only a chopstick, needle, paper, clamps string and glue you can make a perfectly period book at home! I loved it, we got to make our own book, it de-dramatised the entire process and generally was awesome. When we left the books to let the glue dry myself and Helwig popped in to Alienor's class and embroidered a little, also picking up Tece's handout on counted embroidery, brick-stitch style.

Then it was time to change into court garb: a simple task of changing hairstyles, pinning on a veil and putting on my lilac surcoat over the gothic army dress. Torunn helped me by braiding all of my hair, half on one side, half on the other, and pinning it up. I have lots and lots of hair it turns out. Court then was amusing, and deserving awards were handed out. Viscountess Anna Laresdotter got a Lindquistringe, Frau Felicitas was entered into the Order of the Panache, and Åsa Vävare is now a Lady as well. The children present got presents; newcomers were given a bead; event stewards were thanked; presents were given to the teachers.

Feast then, was filling and tasty without going overboard in terms of quantity and number of dishes, and I took matters into my own hand and brewed a pot of coffee for desert. The entertainment was lovely, and the singers of the day had rehersed two songs that they performed. Later on, a slightly different configuration of singers enjoyed themselves by harmonising together. Both filks and period songs were heard and it was all lovely and amusing and wonderful.

Starting a list of photosites from University, which I will update as more albums get posted.


Jan. 11th, 2008 12:40 am
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Embroideries at Hardwick Hall, The: A Catalogue ( by Santina M. Levey)

I think I just experienced some kind of embroidery-gasm. And it's available for loan in one of the University libraries in town. I am so there.
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The newly elevated Pelican, Meisterine Katheryn, has taken the time today to announce to all the lists and boards of Nordmark and Drachenwald, that the special guest at this year's Double Wars, where Katheryn is A&S coordinator, will be Master Ranthulfr Asparlundr.

Item 1 on the packlist: All scribal supplies.

Addition to project agenda for the spring: Work on scribal stuff.
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Check out the eye candy. A portrait in the style of Lavinia Fontana being sold at Sotheby's of a woman in an elaborate white gown.
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I am going to go ahead and do something unusual. [ profile] fearga posted in her journal a link to a rant on [ profile] attack_laurel's lj. I feel that link is worth repeating again.

So, go ahead and read it, and its inspiration, Clay Shirky's paper entitled "A Group Is Its Own Worst Enemy". If you have not read that, and participate in online communities or e-lists, you should.


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