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I didn't want to sit at my vigil and just receive stuff, and I also wanted to make sure the people who came would remember it, so I decided early on that I'd have something to give out as well. I thought about embroidering something small for everyone, or producing a length of useful braid, but quickly realized that would take too long, and a cast pewter token would be better. So I talked to Master SvartulvR up in Frostheim who had the original for the silver necklace I wear all the time. It's in the shape of an inverted seeblatt inside a circle. I thought a variation of that would be to have the seeblatt, in the ring, and my new motto inscribed on the ring.

It turned out that explaining what I was giving out to people worked as an educational point for me all through the evening. My motto, for those who have missed it is: Facio, Disco, Gaudeo which means To create, to learn and joy/to enjoy.

What SvartulvR did was create two composite moulds with two tokens in each so I could cast four at a time, since my original estimate of the maximum amount I would need was 100 tokens. I know that is a much inflated number, but I wanted to be sure not to run out. In the end I made 72 tokens out of pewter I got from Sir Johann's stash of leftovers, and I gave out more than half - I haven't counted the ones I have left.


This is what they looked right cooling off from having just been cast. I bought a very sharp pair of snips and used that to cut off the plug and clean off the outside edge.

The embroidered bag is one I finished after Visby, lined with blue silk and was what I used to carry the tokens in. The embroidery was started in May 2010, but had stalled out after the silk was done (the red and blue bits). After Visby, instead of starting my vigil gown, I picked this embroidery up and finished it with the linen thread. I stitched it up and lined it with a scrap of blue silk in my stash. The holes for the drawstring are simply pushed through with an awl and the drawstrings pulled through. There is no stitching holding them open, following period examples. The holes should be as small as possible, and letting the fabric close up around the drawstring accomplishes that.
The drawstrings are fingerloop braids, 8 loops, four white and four blue, braided in a spiral pattern. My favourite style. They are not my colours, but it's a pretty bag even so.
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I have been very bad about updating my livejournal. Partly because writing updates on facebook is much faster, partly because I've been working on "secret" projects so couldn't update continually without spoiling things. Partly because LJ has lost some of its readership to the aforementioned fb, me included.

My 39:th project: AoAAh well, there is plenty to talk about now then. I've done scrolls, quite a few.
I did a backlog scroll for Elisabeth Gottfridsdotter. She received her AoA at Midsummer Coronation in 2009 from Franz and Willhelmina, and this spring I took over the backlog and finished it for her as number 39 (here before gilding).

My 40:th project: Vita Portens Väktare40 (to the left), 41 and 42 were all given out at Nordmark Coronet (Stigot's VPV, SvartulvR and Elizabeth's viscounty) plus a prize scroll which I forgot to number it gets to be #47. It was the prize scroll for the A&S Competition, and went to Niamh.

#43 was a Court Barony with Grant of Arms for Felicitas Schwartzenbergin that she got upon stepping down as Gotvik Baroness at St Egon. I had no time to also make Clemen's CB scroll which irks me a little, but that's reality.

#44 was filling in the calligraphy on a blank scroll, Lali Ingermarsdotter received a Ljusorden (Nordmark A&S award) also given at St Egon.

The Queen (Siobhan) went off to an event down in Frankmark on her own and two gentles down there received Award of Arms, so Franck vom Berg and Carrisma vom Berg got scrolls 45 and 46. Thankfully I only had to do calligraphy for those as the Queen had a couple of blanks ready.

At Double Wars I was roped into some stunt scribing - doing calligraphy on two scrolls. One backlog for Eira and Torbjörn given to Hroald Pai (48) and a PCS for Vitus Flavius (#49). These two I have no pictures of at all unfortunately. I didn't have the wits about me to take pictures of them.

For Double Wars I also made a shirt for Sir William of Richwood's vigil, and a table-runner with his device, initials and a Knight's chain. I also half-finished a napkin with a Dragon Rose emblem. I chose to do a slightly too large rose to be able to finish it, so I am still working on it. Stigot won it in the raffle at the end of the war, so I know where it needs to end up :)

Backing up again, I finished a black (cotton) velvet 16th C gown for Nordmark Coronet Tourney which might be my new favourite item of clothing. It's wool-lined so nice and warm, it fits just right, and has sleeves. Plus it fills the slot of 'black velvet gown' that I've needed in my wardrobe. I wore it in the pretty dismal weather conditions at the Coronet and was not even a little cold where it covered me. And it looks pretty good too.

Silk painting: Finished flagDuring the Easter holidays we booked a little household activity: painting silk standards. Isabetta did most of the preparations and brought the paints, gutta, brushes, paper for templates and she and William purchased lumber for frames. Me and Edricus and Helwig and Johann rounded out the numbers and we worked pretty much a full day on Friday, Sunday and Monday to paint eight silk standards. We each made a personal one and me and Helwig cooperated to make two household standards with the remaining two bits of silk. Mine still needs to be hemmed and attach a sleeve to put it on a pole. William, Isabetta and Edricus' standards all flew at Double Wars, and the two household flags were set up in William's vigil tent and looked awesome.

I also made a little patchwork pouch for Kerstin of Medeltidsmode. The pincushion I made for myself was stuffed with fabric samples from her, and the remaining pieces of wool samples I made up into a little bag, lined it with more of her summer-weight wool and then I braided a silk drawstring for it. She liked it when I handed it over to her at Double Wars :) The only picture of that one though, is from a distance and not very good. Again, I finished it on site and forgot to take my camera out!

Lately I've been working on a bit of leather tooling. I took a class during Double Wars, and it de-mystified the craft for me and gave me the courage to try it. I'm going to enter my first piece in the Kingdom A&S Competition at Coronation. Just because I was already going to write documentation to go with it, and a deadline is sometimes a good thing. It's supposed to also be a "secret" project, so until it reaches the recipient I won't post photos. Also, it's not 100% finished either :)

And now, I will post the above, and go see about uploading photos to update this post with shortly.
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Hmm, so it seems I might have a couple L-shaped scroll frames that I can sell.

What would interested parties be willing to pay, in such a case?
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My father is a handy man. Here's made me a hand-held scroll frame for embroidery. Version one is the standard kind. While version 2 is a fantastic clever idea which is pretty and currently in use to stretch my new brick stitch embroidery. The two versions use the same roll-bars and the same knobs.

ETA: The nifty L-shaped stretchers/stand was inspired by "The Doodler Frame", found on the Internet salesroom of The Fox Collection.
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Can I just say that having your own private carpenter is A Good Thing.

This morning before I left to catch the bus, I put in an order for  a slate frame in which to embroider the coif.

I just arrived back, and there it is. All ready for a final sanding and being put into use. SCORE!

Busy, busy

Sep. 27th, 2009 10:15 pm
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Thursday: SCA Tour Guide
Friday: Family time, Heavy Metal concert (Opeth) in Stockholm \m/ -.- \m/
Saturday: Sewing circle day - topstitching edges until I could stand it no longer
Sunday: Family time, hanging out with Helwig - topstitching more edges of nauseating neverendingness

Also today: plowing a groove through my finger with an awl. Ouch. I got a little chest of drawers to put sewing knick-knacks away in from IKEA. It came as a flat-pack, of course, and assembled with little nails. Nails that were not very cooperative. I have about a dozen bent ones. Thankfully I am a well-stocked woman, and had other nails to replace them with. I used the awl to try to pry a few of the bent ones up and managed to plow it through the side of my forefinger. At that point I swore at the entire project and left it there to think about its wickedness. (I don't know if that helped). That was also the point where Helwig called me and I went over there to do more topstitching.

I'll paint the horrible little chest at some point. At least that's the plan. And I'm considering lining the drawers with some wall-paper from the V&A. It'd prettify it, and use it for something practical rather than just hanging out in my scribal portfolio.

Also, Civil War is this coming weekend. Yikes. Double Yikes, and an EEK! Topstitching of neverendingness has a deadline and it is Civil War.

After that, I've got to get cracking on handout/preparations for blackwork class at Glötagillet two weeks after Civil War. And in between I'm going to Drachenwald Crown Tourney to cheer for my man.
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So, after the summer I returned with one break-down chest. It will be a blanket box in winter, and will come with me to events otherwise.

I've been painting it. First base-coats, because the box is pine and plywood. Different kinds of plywood, not very pretty at all. And it all had to have the same tone to start with.

It is going to be red and black with shaded detailing. I first thought to do detailing in gold, but I've got no gold paint. Instead I will fake wood-carving. The pine will be black, framing up the deep red panels. The inside I will most likely leave white, for practical purposes - you see more with white walls.

I've also been working on a small piece of embroidery which will cover a pincushion that will go inside my new sewing box. I have wanted to try brick stitch for a long time, and I found a scrap of linen that suited that purpose in a basket.


Sep. 13th, 2009 01:34 pm
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After finally waking up, and having coffee, I put on an audiobook and set about filling the holes in my chest with putty. I'll let it dry, then sand it off lightly, and then apply second coat of base colour.

THEN I might start painting it like I want it to look. It's going to be trés Italian ren.

Next project for today.... some brickstich maybe? Just have to wash my hands again. No putty knife or equivalent meant I used my fingers to apply it.

Lia out.
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Second carrying bag done, and looking about three times better than the first. Now the question is if it bothers me enough to do something about it.

The first thingy never turns out as good as the second thingy. I'm starting to believe this is a universal law. The trouble with that is that if you're making things in pairs - they never match up either.
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Carrying bag for 1 scribal desk: done. Looking good :)
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How to use remnants of wool. Rolled up, stitched together, and an elastic band stitched to the bottom - perfect for fitting, or when you're sewing long seams that have been pinned, and you're sitting in a comfy chair and don't want to loose needles in said chair.
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I had my carpenter cut me out a couple of long rods to dimensions I specified. Then I proceeded to make measuring sticks out of them. They're finished, waxed and sealed, and I intend to put one to use making my sture shirt. Oh, yes, I will.

I have put out a contract for miniature versions of same. They will, doubtless, be gorgeous considering whom they're hired out to.

Then again, I'm going to have plenty of time to myself, with access to the shop, for the coming four weeks, I've got plans already. Muahahahaha!
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On my wish list:
Not quite yet, though, but eventually I will own them all.

By the way, I'm getting my very own gothic bench. Nyah, nyah :)
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NU4 book2

Look what I made at University this weekend. A book! Needs only the right glue, then I will cover it with leather too, probably.

Must Brag

Sep. 13th, 2007 06:45 pm
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During Visby I lay nearly sleeping, thinking of what it would have been like if my own pavilion had arrived on site in time. I'd be sleeping in a pretty bare space, I thought, and then I started pondering what furniture I could fill it with. Well, there's my folding x-chair of course. And I have my scribal desk, but that has the surface at a slant. What you'd really need is a table with a flat top to be useable in a camping environment.

I continued along those lines and dreamed up a new part for my stackable, portable, dismantleable scribal desk and I talked to my personal carpenter about it and before you know it, it is a dream no more.

Behold the pretty )
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Hurrah! The tent pegs are all done, with one bonus one spray painted gold *snigger*. There are also six nifty nifty spoke-hooks on which I can hang things. The hub for my spokes is very pretty and has four little dowels that works like pegs for hanging up small items along the centre pole. The pole has been waxed with teak-coloured beeswax, the spokes have been beeswaxed (needs a clean-up tomorrow) and today's big job has been to finalise the canvas.

I did that, adding the loop-grommet closure (as demonstrated by this lovely flickr set) and chopped off and finished the roof overhang with a simple double-folded seam (to be spruced up at a later date). And then my mother and I bent ourselves double applying the Impregnex brand water proofing. Which explains the loopy mood. A bit light headed, is what I am feeling. Chemically induced and from the feeling of accomplishment combined.

Now I am hoping and wishing the roof to dry quickly. Overnight. For tomorrow. Because best case scenario is to ship the tent in a number of items directly to Gotland using a bus freight service. I'd like it to be sent out tomorrow so it'll get to the island by Monday. If it arrives on Tuesday that's cool too, because I won't actually arrive until Monday evening. At which point I suspect I am going to be utterly shattered by a day of travel and packing.

Also, a new plate and a spoon. Also, do you know what two months at your mother's house does to you? It creates -more- of you, if you know what I mean...
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Yesterday, I decided to play with wood and fire. Well, ok, just heat, not actual fire. A bit of pyrography does a girl good!

Miniature game board, backgammon (3 July, 2007)I found a piece of the wax tablets my father makes that had been ruined by accident, planed it down smooth, then polished it up by hand with fine sand paper. Then I took out the burn-pen and drew out a backgammon board and a checkers board. The checkers side was a bit of a dud as I started off one way, but didn't like it and after two rows of blacking alternate squares I switched to a pattern. End result, it looks a bit lopsided. It will still work as a game board, of course, but it's not as pretty as it could have been.

Does anyone have any research saying what this technique was used for in period, if it was used at all? I mean, I can amuse myself endlessly doing miniature game boards, but if there are other things more suitable to make I wouldn't mind knowing about it. This is not a request for you to hunt down rare and strange books, just if you have something floating about at the top of your head.

I've also started the first few stitches of the blackwork embroidery I promised to make. Not sure if I want to show you photos of that project though. But I did start it!


Mar. 30th, 2007 09:44 pm
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Close-up here ), full view in the gallery. Just have to stuff the cushion back into it and it'll be done. Still a bit stark in the contrasts, but not so much like the blackface effect that the single outline created.
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The picture, in fact, makes it look like one of those dreadful negro impressions of the Al Jolson era. (Apparently known as Blackface.)

What am I talking about? )


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