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As yet with no captions, but I'll be getting on that right now.
ETA: Since tworavens is dead, I've reuploaded the photos to flickr, and changed the link.
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More photos of my latest royal shirt commission can be found in my Giftbasket album on picasa. They're all labelled with UlfR's shirt, so not hard to find.

I'm quite pleased with the collar and cuff embroideries, which is done with black silk in long-armed cross stitch filling in the background leaving a pattern of crowns behind. Appropriately SCA, looks pretty spiffy, and is not that far off period patterns.

Go see the photos here:

Later on, or possibly tomorrow morning, Civil War photos.
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I went to Civil War this weekend.

I spent it chatting with people, doing the lady-in-waiting bits for Their Highnesses of Nordmark, went in to Baroness Dorothea's knighthood vigil, stayed up too late Friday night, went to bed way too early Saturday night, got up entirely too early Sunday morning, coughed up a lung or two and witnessed Dorothea becoming Drachenwald's first native female Knight.

Yeah, that seems about it; history made, great big whoop! :)

In slightly less amazing news, I received some injuries from my clothes. The red kirtle that I have worn and loved entirely too much is currently a little bit too tight on me, and I could get it closed only with considerable effort. As I was still coughing like a consumptive, I have lingering pain around my lower ribs. Squeezing and mis-used muscles, leave me in agony when I try to cough now.

"Vill man vara fin, fÄr man lida pin" ... but I think I will try to avoid this situation in future. Clothes shouldn't leave armour bites is my firm belief!
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Hello world, my name is Lia, and I'm an oath-breaker. I did not snap a single photo at Civil War this weekend. *hangs head*

I was too busy having a good time and being a retainer.

The secret project? It was four giorneas for myself, Mistress Helwig (who is now officially my Laurel), Viscountess Filippa and Lady Iseut. We were the four contracted ladies-in-waiting for Her Majesty, and I found this fabric at a ridiculously low price this summer. Ten metres for 100 SEK. So, we made the giorneas with matching sleeves and we blinged it up with points procured through Mistress Jaelle who has stashes of many useful things.

I don't currently have a good picture of them, but I kept seeing the others across the hall and going - damn that looks good! We also got many complimentary comments on them, and most people understood what they were and what they were for. Success!

The last-minute scribal assignments was two Lindquistringe scrolls. One for Viscountess Yrla Kristersdotter, the other for her lord, Sir Cormac Lawless O'Toole. I made Yrla's from scratch using MS Digby 36 from the Bodleian Library as inspiration, and Cormac's scroll was made from a blank Lindquistringe scroll that Helwig fortunately had. All it needed was calligraphy and the capitals painted.

Fun story to go with that is what I was retaining during court, and had all the tokens to be handed out by Their Majesties, including the two OLinq pendants strung on separate loops. They were in one of my pockets until it was time to get them out and hand them out. But I couldn't separate one from the other, the strings had gotten tangled. So when His Majesty wanted the token for Cormac, who was called up first, I had to apologise and say that they could not be separated. At which point His Majesty asked Sir Cormac to go fetch his lady and it was announced she was also getting the same award. It was almost as if it was meant to be.

There was dancing, food, fabulous people - lots of people actually - and I didn't want to go to bed because I was having such a magical time. Mornings come much too hard on the heels of the evening before! Ah well, next weekend is Crown Tourney, with more wonderful friends to meet.


Oct. 2nd, 2009 01:18 am
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I made it! Two last minute scrolls done. One completely from scratch, the other just needed calligraphy and capital letter decorations.

I'm actually very pleased with mine. I adore Digby 36, and I've got a fairly good handle of the script as well.

Those, plus one indenture ready to be signed and cut in half with a text entirely too long, and not long enough all at once. I could have added more cool paragraphs, and if I had actually sat down to consider it fully before now I could have added different kinds of clauses. Anyway, I hope it will be cool. Hopefully we will get the two witnesses we want as well for extra added cool.

For tonight I have no more projects. Tomorrow I have to choose what to pack, including mundane stuff for a week, and enough clothes for two events (Civil War this weekend and Crown tourney next weekend).

For obvious reasons I can't post photos of the scrolls until after they have been announced. The indenture I could post photos of I suppose, but it will be much cooler after it's been signed and cut apart. And as for the secret sewing project, well, it's a secret and will get revealed at Civil War.

In unrelated news, I scored 4 metres of black wool at 59 kr/m this week. One plain black 16th Century kirtle is finally in my future. My plan is to make it front laced with a placard pinned across for a smooth fronted look while retaining ease of putting on. Moahaha!

Busy, busy

Sep. 27th, 2009 10:15 pm
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Thursday: SCA Tour Guide
Friday: Family time, Heavy Metal concert (Opeth) in Stockholm \m/ -.- \m/
Saturday: Sewing circle day - topstitching edges until I could stand it no longer
Sunday: Family time, hanging out with Helwig - topstitching more edges of nauseating neverendingness

Also today: plowing a groove through my finger with an awl. Ouch. I got a little chest of drawers to put sewing knick-knacks away in from IKEA. It came as a flat-pack, of course, and assembled with little nails. Nails that were not very cooperative. I have about a dozen bent ones. Thankfully I am a well-stocked woman, and had other nails to replace them with. I used the awl to try to pry a few of the bent ones up and managed to plow it through the side of my forefinger. At that point I swore at the entire project and left it there to think about its wickedness. (I don't know if that helped). That was also the point where Helwig called me and I went over there to do more topstitching.

I'll paint the horrible little chest at some point. At least that's the plan. And I'm considering lining the drawers with some wall-paper from the V&A. It'd prettify it, and use it for something practical rather than just hanging out in my scribal portfolio.

Also, Civil War is this coming weekend. Yikes. Double Yikes, and an EEK! Topstitching of neverendingness has a deadline and it is Civil War.

After that, I've got to get cracking on handout/preparations for blackwork class at Glötagillet two weeks after Civil War. And in between I'm going to Drachenwald Crown Tourney to cheer for my man.
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The afternoon's project turned out to be not chest painting, nor embroidering - but rather the continuation of the project we launched yesterday at sewing circle.

It's got a deadline: Nordmark Civil War. But it's no sweat - I'm nearly all finished with my part. Well, sewing at least. Just topstitching, hemming and a few cords to attach. I'm not going to talk too much about it, or describe it, or post photos until after Civil War. It's sort of a secret project.
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New and exciting things lining up. Civil War being the next big thing. Unless of course the Holmrike event Cloth of Gold happens in two weeks. . .

Anyway, Nordmark's Civil War is next, and I have a job to do, as well as plenty of ideas and projects for it. We will possibly try to finish up Drachenwald regalia for Aros to have and use at events. To help traveling royals cut down their luggage.

I also struck gold when I was in town last - red brocade 50% off of the bargain (5 metres for 100 SEK). That's insane. I couldn't walk out of there without some of the fabric. I thought I'd get another five metres at first, then I realised that for the same price (100 SEK) that I bought the gold/pink brocade at the beginning of summer, I could get twice the yardage. You all can see how I had to do it, right?

In my defence, (not that I need to defend myself here), the fabric already has a purpose, and will premiere at Civil War.
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It was awesome. Just as soon as we were on site and I was dressed in proper clothes I had a brilliant time. I didn't want to go to bed when I did on Friday (2.30 ish) but I had to be up by 8 am, so I did and went to sleep listening to choral singing at 3 am...

Saturday was busy, but fun, and I looked fabulous while running around. I put out my latest Sture shirt in the A&S display and later gave it to Aska on an impulse, which I do not regret. Now I have to make myself another one, but I discovered much to my own surprise I had three shirts. I keep forgetting that :)

1) High collar, blackworked, Sture shirt type 1. (Too short to really work)
2) Low collar, black- and whiteworked, sture shirt type 4. (Fabric a little too coarse)
3) Low collar, no decorations, sture shirt type 4 - given now to Aska. (Fabric awesome)

The gifts I arranged for HRM Fiona worked wonderfully, the nakpin embroidered with the Drachenwald arms and her initials made by Aska won prizes in the A&S display, and Queen Fiona loved it. The five little napkins with just her initials (meant as tokens for her to give away) were beautifully complementary of the big napkin.

Court started on time, and ended on time. Viscount William of Richwood finally got his well-deserved Panache.

I'm not alert enough to write anything else. Just, it was awesome.

Civil War

Oct. 3rd, 2008 12:33 pm
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Getting picked up at four.

I think I've prepared what I could. The rest is a matter of adaptation and blind trust in luck. It'll all work out in the end. Although waking up in the middle of the night thinking the event was over and went horribly, because in the dream it went horribly and was over, was less than pleasant.

Have to get myself packed now, that's the thing left. And take a shower.


Sep. 30th, 2008 09:23 pm
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I seem to have lost steam. My enthusiasm for Civil War has waned, and I don't want to do a thing.

I haven't done anything about A&S 50 session, I haven't packed. I haven't thought about packing. I haven't finalised a ride, I have no money, and I have a headache.

Thankfully the napkins are all done, my bookmarks are all done, and even the coronation cape embroidery is done for my part. Still need to sign it, but that should not take too long. I hope. But we're not installing them at Civil War. Change of plan.

The green Florentien gown will not be done. The red petticoat will probably not be done. Re-hemming of my plum GFD is also not done. I'll probably go 16th Century for the event. I don't know though.

Tomorrow I host scribal night again, and I've got an assignment to do (Queen's Order of Courtesy), so my current blank now has a purpose. Or maybe I'll start a new one. A less complicated one. Must look for inspiration.
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Also, I think I will add the yardcloth as a finished A&S 50 challenge item. It was missing in my wardrobe and it fills quite a vital spot. It deserves a mention even if it only took me four hours. Total projects done for the Challenge is now 13.

ETA picture link.
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The event will happen first weekend of October, and already the pre-reg list is nearing 150 people very rapidly. It is going to be awesome! And quite crowded in the sleeping area. Good thing I am a very solid sleeper. It doesn't bother me that people are making noise around me, it doesn't bother me that light gets in, it's all good.

I've got gifts lined up, ready. I've got a job to do, and have it mostly under control (and if I haven't, I'm sure it will resolve itself on the spot, what with the assistance I've got lined up).

Fighters will take the field and get sweaty, I'll be inside getting my geek on. Sweet!

I am very much looking forward to it.
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The next event I am planning on attending will be Nordmark's Civil War in Juneborg. It's scheduled for 3-5 October, so I have plenty of time to produce.

So, to the list:
  • Fix hem on plum GFD.
  • Make new GFD.
  • Finish embroidery on five napkins.
  • Make arrangements for HRM Fiona's comfort and coordinate ladies-in-waiting.
That should be enough. Although I'm sure I'll add small things on the way, as I always do.

Anyway, to recap a little more  from Visby, one of my favourite memories was walking into Visby late at night with the street lights throwing my shadow before me; my profile was so very, very lovely on the cobbled street.
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It seems I am going to attend Civil War in October. Sweet. Just have to arrange transportation and other minor details.


Oct. 1st, 2007 10:55 am
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Sadness abounds this morning as I mourn the ear of my good friend The Mug.

My Mug is the bestest mug in the whole wide world. It's stoneware, it's big, it's comfortable to hold, it improves any hot beverage drunk from it, it keeps my tea warm, and I've had it now for eleven years.

I am sad, however, because yesterday as I was carting all of my stuff in only one trip from the curb to my door, the basket slipped from my grasp and tipped over sending the Mug and other items flying. I think I'm glad that I was too tired to react much at the time and was focusing on getting inside my door. I just picked the stuff up that was close by into the basket and then continued down the incline where the Mug had rolled off. That's when I saw the ear had been broken off.

It's not the same to have tea from it now :( I don't know if I can replace it, because the place I got it from is no longer in business in town. *sigh*

Also, the four pictures I took at the event, all four from the embroidery guild start-up meeting, and none very good. First two are unusable and the last two are not very flattering. But they'll help me identify who was at that meeting.
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Back from the event. It was brilliant. I am le tired and was asleep within twenty minutes of getting in my door and for a further EIGHT hours. Woke up at ten pm and have now checked my email and skimmed through flist.

Civil War was brilliant. I got a little squiffy, I smooched a lot, I stitched a bit, I went out to watch a bit of fighting but came out just as they were having a break and a short field court to hand out two fighting awards (v. cool btw). I danced. Ate lots of good food at feast (too bad it started so late). I was drafted to dance as a chicka-lita (or some such spelling) in a Hohenklingen production of Swan Lake or "The Legend of Panzer-Schwan" which made Her Highness laugh until she cried.

I wore my new outfit and had many people come up to me and go "ooh, aah". Most satisfying. Some unexpected friend showed up at the event, there were some unexpected absences, and many expected friends to hang out with and enjoy. I went to bed at three in the morning both Friday and Saturday and could easily have stayed up longer for all the fun I was having.

It was awesome, brilliant, fab, faboo, and other such words of praise.

Pictures? Hah! I took four. That is (4); one, two, three, four photos. I doubt any of them will have turned out, but I am more bemused than anything about this, and am rather pleased that instead of spectating I was participating.

Now, I'm going to have another mug full of water and plonk straight back into bed.
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I think I've packed everything. And if I haven't, well, I've got my fabulous new clothes with so I shall be all right I expect. I've got my water jug, clothes, feast gear, shoes, hose (that I made myself, out of wool, sewed them up and everything!), sleeping things, blanket, camera. All sorts of embroidery. I've even done my hair up! Isn't that clever of me. Now I need money from a cash point, and a call from Sir Johann. See you on Sunday, cyberfriends.
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gallery :: 2006 Civil War:
For some reason there are not that many pictures this time. I was content to see without recording things most of the time. In any case - photos up now. Comment at will.

The site was pretty good, large enough, not too warm due to the size, plenty of sleeping space, large open fields for fighting, etc. There was fencing but I didn't see any, there was archery, but I didn't see any. There was heavy fighting but I didn't see much. I did go out to sit in the lovely weather and work a little on my partlet, but the only concerted effort to watch fighting was a couple of pick-up bouts.

I think events here would profit much from voice heralds going around the site announcing the different activities. The sites are usually not that large, and schedules inevitably change. Sending someone with a voice around to let the people know what's happening and when would be a good thing.

And again the fencing wasn't mentioned in court as far as I understood, though the archery organizer (I assume) had requested an audience and called up the winners at court so that was good.

For the banquet the cook had the splendid idea to put out munchies before the first course: Cubes of cheese, raisins, bread, apple wedges and stuff. Very nice. Best idea I've seen for a while.

ETA: Updated my website with blurb and photo links to Civil War.


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