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Right, I just went right ahead without posting the album to here. So, if you want to check out my photos taken at Drachenwald Midsummer Coronation, my flickr-set can be found through here.
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There has of late been some debate about what exactly happened at Midsummer Coronation regarding naval actions on the part of three regions of the Kingdom. As an independent witness to the proceedings this reporter can lay the facts out as they happened on the day. It all started when Cernac, sometimes called the Navigator, got it into his head to commandeer a vessel and invade Monkey Island, which sits in the placid waters of Lake Marsjö. He also managed to persuade Master Duarte Goncalves to join him in this venture and in the opinion of this reporter the Kingdom is lucky he did, for on his own Cernac surely would have found a rock and sunk his vessel.

2012-06-16_0358The two Insulae Draconis invaders, calling themselves “The First Wave”, proceeded to don life-preservers (again, fortunate) and take up positions in the canoe. Customarily both parties in a canoe sit facing the front. In the case of Cernac and Duarte, they opted to both face the centre of the canoe. When questioned, the former stated “There didn’t seem to be room for my legs the other way. Besides, we had to keep an eye out for pirates” which speaks volumes, as they were watching each other. The Admiral of the Insulae Draconis navy, also present at the beach, here showed the first signs of doubtful qualifications by allowing these two out as the first wave of invaders.

2012-06-16_0371From the shore, this reporter then observed the I.D. vessel zig-zag across the water in the general direction of Monkey Island. “Evasive action,” Master Cernac called this peculiar route, upon return to shore. Nothing at all to do with lack of skills one is to believe. Spying the invasion, one loyal Knight from Nordmark sprung into action to try to forestall an occupation, and a second canoe was launched, with Sir William of Richwood in the stern, his lady Isabetta del Verde in the prow and the newest Countess of the Realm, Siobhan Inghean Ui Liathain, as an ambassador. This crew quickly paddled the Nordmark navy in a straight line for Monkey Isle, but despite heroic efforts the Insulae Draconis navy, with an insurmountable lead, had already gone ashore and claimed to be standing on “Insulae Draconis East.”

From on-shore we could hear Master Cernac the Inspired calling for the second wave of the Insulae Draconis navy. At which point the Admiral, Alwyn de Renham was unmasked completely. “I’m afraid of the water! And I can’t paddle,” he was heard to say. Instead of taking decisive action, said Admiral then tried to purchase a second crew, in which task he failed.

2012-06-16_03762012-06-16_0400During this time, when this reporter was following the action on shore, the Nordmark navy had liberated the canoe on which the invaders had travelled, and absented themselves and the vessel from Monkey Island. At this point the Baron of Aarnimetsä decided that something ought to be done, and he launched a skiff, loaded it with an attack-dog and its handler Lady Jolanda de Meyre, his loyal subject Sir Oliver of Harjuwalcea. They, also being sea-competent, proceeded hastily to the disputed rock and negotiations were opened. A three-party talk went ahead, while on shore the Baroness of Aarnimetsä joined the throngs. Soon after Queen Aryanhwy and then also King Paul came down to shore to try to get some answers to the rumours that were spreading on the site.

2012-06-16_0405From the beach we could clearly see angry gesticulations from the invaders on the rocky isle, and previous entries in the debate clearly shows what Cernac and Duarted think of the actions of the loyal Nordmark navy and the peaceable Aarnimetsä crew. After some lengthy talks, the invaders were finally persuaded to sign a no-claims document stating that neither they nor Insulae Draconis held any claim to the rock in Lake Marsjö known as Monkey Island, at which point Countess Siobhan felt comfortable, as representing Nordmark, to return the canoe via the hands of Aarnimetsä to Cernac and Duarte. 2012-06-16_0438From the shore we could clearly observe this exchange of signed document, done very carefully with the attack-dog held back, Lady Yolanda handing over the documents for signature at the point of a knife and the return of said documents to the safekeeping of His Excellency Vilhelm.

2012-06-16_0425The immediate situation was resolved! The Nordmark canoe headed straight for shore, the Insulae Draconis marauders were allowed to re-enter their vessel, and Aarnimetsä’s proud flagship towed the boat of shame ashore. Nowhere in negotiations were paddles mentioned, so Countess Siobhan saw no reason to return them and proudly displayed them as they neared shore. The safe return of all vessels and personell and the legal claim of Monkey Island in Aarnimetsäs own Lake back in Baronial hands being their only goal.

2012-06-16_0449Upon return to the beach, His Majesty King Paul was given all information from each vessel, although Masters Cernac and Duarte tried to claim that the only thing they signed away on the isle was a pebble, secreted in Cernac’s hand. His Majesty closely examined all parties and his vexation with the two invaders from Insulae Draconis, as well as their blatantly sea-unworthy Admiral was great. In the opinion of this reporter, this is not the last we have heard of this matter.

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... to finish or mend!
  • Red petticoat - needs the lining stitched in where, for the third time, it's ripped out after wear. Along the front and also where I had to piece the silk lining.
  • Turkish morning coat - attach the six edelweiss buttons down the front as decoration
  • Black velvet petticoat - re-finish the temporary hem
  • Nobelese Largesse project - finish  and send out (hopefully by next week)
  • Dragon Rose Embroidery - finish and deliver hopefully at Visby
  • Silk standard - hem and attach sleeve by Visby
  • Blue brocade GFD - finish
  • Front laced corset (plastic boning) - remake
  • Front lace corset (hemp rope boning) - finish binding all edges, sew shoulder straps
  • Brick stitch embroidery, pouch - finish the linen bits and make up into a bag
  • Silk veil - finish hemming it already!
  • Blackadder quote scroll - paint
  • Helwig's Laurel scroll - paint
  • Backlog PCS - write, sketch, gild and paint

Maybe I should, like someone I know, start my own Costume Finishing Month...

Of course, at Coronation last weekend I also bought home with me some barley starch with the intention of making a suit of ruffs. My black gown as well as my English fitted gown needs a suit of ruffs to be properly finished outfits.

Yeah, went to Coronation. The trip there with Sir William and Lady Isabetta was splendid. Me and Edricus were picked up at Stockholm Central station, we pretty much went straight onto the ferry, had a grand time on the boat, slept and when we arrived in Åbo we met up with Sven and Siobhan, Nattfari and Efridis and Anna, Erasmus and Jonna for breakfast in a local shopping mall. That's where I bought the starch. Then we made up a caravan and headed to the site. The schedule was perfectly roomy with lots of time to just be and hang out. The sun was out, and I hadn't really packed for that sort of weather, so I pretended to be a landsknecht and went around with just a shirt and my kirtle closed at the waist but with the bodice left off. But I did wear triple headwear (forehead cloth, coif and cap) and got approval from the local attack laurel for such unseemly un-dress.

The Coronation of Paul and Aryanhwy was a pretty much painless transition from Sven and Siobhan, and courts (there were three of them) were all fairly short and speedy. I heard complaints when Paul and Aryanhwy's first court was too short so that a member of the populace only had half a beer!  :)

I was also able to, finally!, finish the shirt I made for William's vigil. It needed some shoulder reinforcements because the fine hemp I used is a little too fine to be left to stretch indefinitely.

On the way back we stopped in Åbo again, because the evening ferry gave us plenty of time for touristing, so we visited Aboa Vetus, which is an AWESOME museum where you can actually walk through the streets and houses of medieval Åbo. Awesome stuff. This was a recommendation from several of the locals, who also recommended we find the restaurant Trattoria Romana - by reputation the best Italian place in Finland. They were not wrong. Nom nom nom. We plan on going back there on the next visit to Åbo, which might happen around Kingdom University which is also in this area this fall. Other things to see there is the Castle, and the museum in the Cathedral which houses some awesome (reputedly) embroideries.

I am working through the photos from the event and from the stop in Åbo. Never fear.

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I have been very bad about updating my livejournal. Partly because writing updates on facebook is much faster, partly because I've been working on "secret" projects so couldn't update continually without spoiling things. Partly because LJ has lost some of its readership to the aforementioned fb, me included.

My 39:th project: AoAAh well, there is plenty to talk about now then. I've done scrolls, quite a few.
I did a backlog scroll for Elisabeth Gottfridsdotter. She received her AoA at Midsummer Coronation in 2009 from Franz and Willhelmina, and this spring I took over the backlog and finished it for her as number 39 (here before gilding).

My 40:th project: Vita Portens Väktare40 (to the left), 41 and 42 were all given out at Nordmark Coronet (Stigot's VPV, SvartulvR and Elizabeth's viscounty) plus a prize scroll which I forgot to number it gets to be #47. It was the prize scroll for the A&S Competition, and went to Niamh.

#43 was a Court Barony with Grant of Arms for Felicitas Schwartzenbergin that she got upon stepping down as Gotvik Baroness at St Egon. I had no time to also make Clemen's CB scroll which irks me a little, but that's reality.

#44 was filling in the calligraphy on a blank scroll, Lali Ingermarsdotter received a Ljusorden (Nordmark A&S award) also given at St Egon.

The Queen (Siobhan) went off to an event down in Frankmark on her own and two gentles down there received Award of Arms, so Franck vom Berg and Carrisma vom Berg got scrolls 45 and 46. Thankfully I only had to do calligraphy for those as the Queen had a couple of blanks ready.

At Double Wars I was roped into some stunt scribing - doing calligraphy on two scrolls. One backlog for Eira and Torbjörn given to Hroald Pai (48) and a PCS for Vitus Flavius (#49). These two I have no pictures of at all unfortunately. I didn't have the wits about me to take pictures of them.

For Double Wars I also made a shirt for Sir William of Richwood's vigil, and a table-runner with his device, initials and a Knight's chain. I also half-finished a napkin with a Dragon Rose emblem. I chose to do a slightly too large rose to be able to finish it, so I am still working on it. Stigot won it in the raffle at the end of the war, so I know where it needs to end up :)

Backing up again, I finished a black (cotton) velvet 16th C gown for Nordmark Coronet Tourney which might be my new favourite item of clothing. It's wool-lined so nice and warm, it fits just right, and has sleeves. Plus it fills the slot of 'black velvet gown' that I've needed in my wardrobe. I wore it in the pretty dismal weather conditions at the Coronet and was not even a little cold where it covered me. And it looks pretty good too.

Silk painting: Finished flagDuring the Easter holidays we booked a little household activity: painting silk standards. Isabetta did most of the preparations and brought the paints, gutta, brushes, paper for templates and she and William purchased lumber for frames. Me and Edricus and Helwig and Johann rounded out the numbers and we worked pretty much a full day on Friday, Sunday and Monday to paint eight silk standards. We each made a personal one and me and Helwig cooperated to make two household standards with the remaining two bits of silk. Mine still needs to be hemmed and attach a sleeve to put it on a pole. William, Isabetta and Edricus' standards all flew at Double Wars, and the two household flags were set up in William's vigil tent and looked awesome.

I also made a little patchwork pouch for Kerstin of Medeltidsmode. The pincushion I made for myself was stuffed with fabric samples from her, and the remaining pieces of wool samples I made up into a little bag, lined it with more of her summer-weight wool and then I braided a silk drawstring for it. She liked it when I handed it over to her at Double Wars :) The only picture of that one though, is from a distance and not very good. Again, I finished it on site and forgot to take my camera out!

Lately I've been working on a bit of leather tooling. I took a class during Double Wars, and it de-mystified the craft for me and gave me the courage to try it. I'm going to enter my first piece in the Kingdom A&S Competition at Coronation. Just because I was already going to write documentation to go with it, and a deadline is sometimes a good thing. It's supposed to also be a "secret" project, so until it reaches the recipient I won't post photos. Also, it's not 100% finished either :)

And now, I will post the above, and go see about uploading photos to update this post with shortly.
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And after a round of furious editing I've managed to upload and caption all 370 odd photos from Visby to my flickr.

Feel free to check them out, leave comments, tag people and share the link. If anyone wants originals, or wants me to remove an image, or have words of praise just get in touch with me and we'll get it sorted :)


Also there are photos from all previous medieval weeks I've attended and an album from the Nordmark Coronet Tourney held in Frostheim in June:


As well as Midsummer Coronation.

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Events can sometimes be about hard work, but almost always I come back from them with inspiration, and the first event of the new year, 12th Night Coronation of Vitus and Eleanora, was no exception.

On the flight back to the Frozen North I started a list of things I want to do this year, starting with a bunch of stuff that needs finishing:

First of all, the backlog:
  • Helwig's Laurel scroll
  • Filippa's Coif (forehead cloth is finished)
  • SvartulvR's scroll (commissioned, and planned for)
  • Re-do the hem on my plum wool GFD, the lining's showing

Then the new things I want to/have promised to make:
  • Award scroll for Doublewars
  • 15th C veil for my wardrobe
  • Woolen veil, I have the wool, just need to decide what shape veil
  • Wimple
  • Hemstitched Yardcloth, so I have two in use
  • Blue wool GFD, to the same pattern as my plum-coloured GFD
I also want to have the coif-set finished and documentation done for Double Wars so I can enter it in the competition. My plan was to reprise the Elizabethan metal thread workshop at Double Wars, and if I have the set finished I will have something to show people. I have actually got gold thread like the silver thread I'm using for Filippa's coif, and vague plans for making myself an embroidered coif. I have one set in plain white which I finished at Visby last August, but I think it's time I had an embroidered set for myself as well. This is of course not something I'm about to start right now. Not before the other items on the list. Maybe for next year.

This spring I have lesson-free Tuesdays - which hopefully will help me really get going on this list of projects. Next Tuesday I'm going to SvartulvR and Elizabeth's place for a bit of stitching. My plan then is to re-do the hem on the plum gown. This weekend I will attempt to set up the scribal stuff and get going on those projects.


Dec. 10th, 2010 11:56 am
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It seems to me I write here far too seldom these days. I have been working on stuff, but nothing very exciting lately.

I've started up again with the silver metal thread embroidery coif and forehead cloth set. The forehead cloth is now fully worked. Just needs ties and possibly a lining (although I haven't decided on that yet). I will soon post my hand-out for the class on Elizabethan Metal Thread Embroidery. I will probably get it finished up this weekend.

I've started two new dress projects. One 16th Century kirtle in a nice-looking but low-quality would-be-wool fabric. And one 14th Century gown from blue brocade with a blue linen lining. I started them both on the machine, but they've both transformed into hand-stitching projects. Last night I worked on the kirtle bodice, topstitching around the turned edges to neaten it up a bit. They are not terribly exciting.

I got given some yarn the other week, which I managed to knit into a pair of bed-socks for myself. My first ever pair of socks. They're not very exciting, and not particularily medieval, and suffers from first-attemptitis, so are not terribly interesting.

I made lots of cookies the other week. I've paid my fee for 12th Night Coronation. I've also said I'll attend the local shire's Christmas gathering, which is a week from Saturday. Today I looked up some recipies I might possibly be able to make as the feast is a potluck. Maybe I'll just bring bread, sausage and cheese.

I've accepted another scribal assignment, due for Double Wars (Their Royal Highnesses are organized), so officially I now have three scribal assignments I have to finish. No pressure.
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  • arrive, set up
  • rained on
  • party evening
  • talking with people, fielding questions and marshalling forces
  • fixing viking apron dress of ugliness made by pretty fabrics, ten minutes
  • sleep, wonderful sleep
  • up at eight, breakfasted til after ten
  • gathering people, setting up vigil site
  • running back and forth, back and forth
  • empty staring into the air and stress
  • first court at one o'clock with one order of business, sending Helwig to her vigil, I hide from cameras
  • vigil starts, people start lining up, and don't stop until past 6 o'clock when second court starts
  • I fetch my yardcloth to have something on my head, but do not change clothes
  • principality and kingdom courts, I get called up at both wearing glasses and viking outfit of ugliness, but for quite awesome and wonderful awards. Nordmarks Malakit from the hands of Prince Franz and Princess Willhelmina, and Queen's Order of Courtesy from the hand of Queen Cecilia, I am humbled
  • Elisabeth Gottfriedsdotter becomes a Lady, Ed gets a Lindquistringe
  • Helwig becomes Mistress Helwig Ulfsdotter, marked by medallion, cloak and laurel wreath on her head
  • I can finally relax
  • sleep, wonderful sleep
  • wake up, get pretty, spread a blanket and lounge and do nothing all day. remebering to eat and drink and hang with absent friends
  • witness coronation, queen's champion's tourney where William of Richwood is her choice
  • first court of judith and gerhardt seen from blanket in the grass
  • feast, party time
  • sleep, wonderful sleep
  • wake up, pack, stress, pack, carry, drive home, unload car
  • Shower
  • Tea
ETA: Nowhere in there does it say, took photographs. I brought my camera and all my gear. Despite this, I took exactly 0 (zero) pictures. *sigh*

To do:
  • unpack
  • stow away
  • re-pack mundanes
  • clean apartment
  • order taxi
  • fly to the frozen north.
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I started on it today, and the text is finished. Now to let it dry completely. Then go over it with a scalpel to neaten things up a bit. I should probably refer to it as project #24 (#23 was the AoA for Niamh).

My hand is a little crampy. I know I shouldn't hold the pen that hard, it should just flow over the page, but so should the ink. It's a constant struggle to get enough ink flowing, without getting too much fed at the tip. It's, like... hard.

Anyway, text is calligraphied. No major fuck-ups so far. Hurrah. I've blocked out the rest of the scroll as well. I started with that in fact, and now I just have to execute the illumination without screwing up majorly.

The event is now exactly seven days away. I expect to be on site by this time next week. Here's hoping everything comes together.
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I've been alternating calligraphy and embroidery today. Writing out the text of the first peerage scroll I'll be making. It's a long text, and a new (sort of) script to me. I've decided to write it out in full at least twice before I start on the actual scroll. First one down.

Also for the first time, I'll be working on parchment. I admit - it's a little scary.

As for the embroidery, work on the scarletwork coif is going splendidly. I chose a pattern that works up fairly quickly, and it's all stem stitch, so I'm already half-way done with the coif. Then if there's time I'm doing the forehead cloth to match.

I'm also sort of ... contemplating the idea of making something that can pass for "early" period-not exactly viking. Out of what fabric, I don't know, using what method, I don't know. I've got a kirtle I can use. The slumming-it-in-the-kitchen blue linen thingy that was supposed to be a herjolfsness dress. But, as I have previously written about, I feel like a slob in it. A comfortable slob, but anyway.
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I think I've mentioned it before, but all my event photos are now up on

Pixbox is a free photo-hosting site that does fairly nice album showings. Since event photos are best viewed in order, and/or as a slideshow I put them there.

Also of note, is that I have now uploaded my photos of 12th Night Coronation. Not as many as Edricus, not nearly as high quality, but some little gems in there. I might get to updating my website with a couple of links as well.
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It's 2009 and this past weekend Drachenwald witnessed the coronation of our new Majesties, Marcus and Cecilia. Getting to the event was quite convenient, more so than I was expecting, and we arrived on site around 5.30 pm.

We could set up in our room and get changed and had plenty of time to mingle and greet friends. I took delivery of a dress on Friday evening: Helwig had gotten me the German dress made by Aleydis. I don't know what to say. With only a few minor alterations it will work very well for me I think. It has the length needed and I only have to take up the shoulderstraps, move in the hooks on the brustfleck and straighten out the waistline on the dress itself. The sleeves were on the other hand much too tight, so I will have to let them out or insert a strip of fabric in the seam depending on how much seam allowance there is.

I also received two other gifts. First a sheet of the vellum Nerissa had brought to the event was generously given to me by Mistress Jaelle. Secondly, our new Countess, Fiona Wiggins, found me in the afternoon and gifted me with a brush-rest she made herself. It's basically a shallow rectangular pool which goes from shallow to deep and you pour some water in the deep end and lay your brushes so the bristles are in water.

The Queen's Order of Courtesy scroll I made was not finished, but I told you that already. But it was there and got a signature, and Lady Trinite was completely surprised as was the plan - hee. She had given me the assignment, after all, and eventually she also gave me a name to go with the award. However, not long after I also got a message from her then Majesty Fiona that the name I was given was only a distraction for Trinite and that it was her name that was to go on the scroll instead. I have the scroll back in my care, along with Trinite's address. I shall be working on finishing the scroll as soon as I can so I can ship it out to the worthy recipient and add another tick in the finished items list.

Our new Queen looked absolutely gorgeous in her coronation gown, Åsa and Felicitas really outdid themselves, and the choker collar made by Baroness Estrid was just magnificent.

Lord Edricus has already posted his photos from the event, and they can be found on flickr as usual. There you can see for yourselves how good our new Royals look.

My photos are still in the camera, and there are not so many of them. I'll try to get them online asap.

Although there was a large contingent of Nordmarkers at the event I also got to meet many new people and put many faces to old familiar names. Amongst others I chatted happily with Katherina Mornewegh whose scroll I had made two years ago. She and her boyfriend were most beautifully dressed by her own hand.
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Because I am blessed beyond what I am worth I am going to Attemark for new years, and then on to 12th night coronation. I plan on partying like an animal on New Years Eve, sleeping away the first of January and then looking as fabulous as my wardrobe allows at coronation.

I will not, ashamed to say, be finished with my scribal assignment completely, but I will bring it for signing and showing up, then take it back with recipient's address. I will have finished one shirt - I have many hours on trains to make sure of that.
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Next summer, Drachenwald Coronation will be held by the neighbouring shire. They've started advertising it now, and it is very well done. Sir Cormac knows how to whet an apetite, however...

However, the event is Viking themed. As in site is a viking village with longhouse, the ceremonies will no doubt be viking in theme and the food no doubt will be viking inspired, served in aforementioned viking longhouse that seats 200.

This is all cool, themed events are cool in general and I know Cormac and crew will put together an awesome event, however...

However, I am not in the least interested in dressing like a viking. The teaser ad we had last week was very good. Very good indeed, and one almost wants to do it, but then again - no I don't.

Oh, I know there's no mandate to comply with the theme, but no doubt many, many will. I just feel I don't have suitably bling-y accessories to be a viking, nor do I want to invest in them (do you know how much a nice pair of tortoise brooches cost?!?!?). And I don't feel pretty in viking clothing.

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So, Summer Coronation, and Drachenwald 15 Year Celebration. I wanna go. I really, really wanna go. I want to be there. I want to attend an event in ID, and I want to hang out with lovely ID friends.

So, I'm checking SAS, flights starting a 430 SEK one way. To Heathrow and/or London City Airport. Total comes to around 1500 SEK including airport tax; that's not too bad.

I'm checking rail connections, which seem plentiful (but you never know). From London City Airport I figured out there are "Dockland Light Railway" trains running pretty much every ten minutes to the stop specified in the event copy (Stratfort) for £1-£2 each way as far as I can determine, but it seems odd. From the National Rail website's Journey Planner I see that currently, trains run every twenty minutes from Stratford to Hockley which is the nearest rail station to the site at just over £10 one way. They do not have the timetable for June dates up there, yet, though. Who knows if/how they change the runnings during summer.

Getting to site seems to be fairly straight forward. It's only getting from site to the airport that would start to get troubling, because then you'd -have- to be on time and to the right place and all sorts of worries. They don't hold planes for one stray Scandinavian. Maybe if locals can be persuaded to pick up/drop off at the airport it would be easier. You can't start booking for the event until the 5th through the website in any case.

It would be fairly awesome. Maybe stay longer, play tourist in London. *wistful sigh*
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Website update! I've added links and a blurb about 12th Night Coronation on my event page. Including my own photos, which now can be found online.

Please leave comments, comments are fun.

I'll see if I can update my dress diaries next.
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So, this weekend was 12th Night Coronation for Drachenwald where Alaric and Nerissa handed over the golden crowns to Sven and Jovi.

Much fun was had, and coming down on Thursday evening greatly enhanced my experience and doubled the fun! I ended up being packed several hours before deadline and decided to capitalise on the extra time by shutting down my own computer and walking across town to Helwig and Johann's place. While there I was actually productive rather than just wasting time online. Picking up the car and my Lord from the train was no problem at all, and the supposedly dangerous road was greatly exaggerated.

We got to site around ten thirty and stayed up having fun until four thirty in the morning :) Friday was spent sitting around the big table in the one crash space working on projects and helping the event steward organize the DT and Silversparre shipment for Nordmark. The main site only opened at four pm so we headed over there at that time and got set up properly in the crash space and could finally change into proper clothes.

There was a welcome ceremony and short court on Friday evening with a bit of a show when Their Royal Hignesses Sven and Jovi opened court only to be interrupted by Their Majesties Alaric and Nerissa entering. There were basically two orders of business at Friday evening's court beside welcoming speeches (kept short) and that was to present some home made candles to Their Majesties, and to put Barunin Katheryn Hebenstreitz on Vigil for the Pelican. That announcement was met with rousing applause, needless to say.

Saturday was a bit of a departure for me, personally, as I spent three hours at the A&S corner judging. It was... Well, it was interesting. Definitely a learning experience. I'm still not sure I'm entirely positive about the whole thing. I'm glad I did it, though. The feast was splendid. Courts were good, my outfit was fabulous and my tall hat was a rousing success.

Also, I seriously want a new camera. The difference is marked when I look at the shots taken from my camera as opposed to Edricus'. The colours, the depth, the detail, the crispness... I want, I want.
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So, here I am, back in Aros after an uneventful train ride south. There is about as much snow here as there was up there - that is to say, not much at all. But I have been informed that it only came enough to make new year's eve white.

I have unpacked and started cleaning, picking up, putting away and generally surveying my stuff. Now comes the hard part - deciding what to bring. I think I'll go 16th Century.

  • Splendor Solis kirtle (which now has the second line of black velvet at hem level). It's pretty and flashy enough for a court, but comfortable enough to lounge in.
  • The English Fitted Gown, and new green petticoat skirt. Flashy enough for court
  • Blue linen kirtle.
  • Possibly my black wool petticote skirt.
  • Shirts 1 & 2, slips for underwear, corset for SSKirtle.
  • All accessories; apron, partlets, cape, cap, hat, feathers, coif, shoes, sleeves etc etc etc (it always seems such a long list).

ETA: Well, it is now later. My clothes are packed, now I need to sort out feast gear and then I'm pretty much done. However, there's still a bit of sewing I could/should be doing - namely my waistcoat, and the hatband on my new hat. And figure out the best way to transport said hat. Maybe I should do a bit of logistics as well, get myself across town, fetch car, fetch tablecloths... run around being a headless chicken. Roll thumbs. You know, the usual.


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