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I have been almost finished packing since yesterday, did the rest of the assembling of stuff today, and early tomorrow morning Katheryn arrives off the ferry to pick us, and our gargantuan load of stuff up.

I tried to pack light-ish. I really did.

p.s. My main updates are still over on
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So I've been to my first event (properly) as a Laurel, and Ed asked me how I experienced it. Truthfully, I did not find it very different from any other Double Wars, except that I felt more self-confident and secure. Since I sometimes am a little lacking in that department, that was A Good Thing.

I did also bring a security blanket - my camera - and the idea that I should take lots of photos. I did do that, but not so much that I was too busy to enjoy myself in the moment. I have worked in the past to find the balance between being present and documenting the present, and I feel pretty happy with having found the right mix.

Although this is still early days and the event was much smaller than usual and with almost all people I've known for a long time. However, if this is how it will be in the future as well, I can not imagine I will ever want to stop playing in the SCA.

Speaking of the camera, I shot over a thousand photos, but after two passes of going through and throwing out bad ones I'm now down to just over 400, and there'll be even fewer left after I'm done.

I've also made plans for attending my first Cudgel War! It is Aarnimetsä's own week-long camping event in an idyllic site outside of Åbo. I'm busily working on a number of small projects right now as well, all commissions for others with various deadlines. Currently, I'm doing some blackwork on two different garments, after that I'll be doing wool applique, then making shirts shirts shirts...
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My formal title of Shirt-maker remains. Although this time not for anyone high and mighty, but instead absolutely lovely.

The last four years a very lovely lady has picked me, Helwig and our luggage up from the train station in Hässleholm and delivered us the final stretch to Double Wars. She does so selflessly and happily, and it's about time we make her something nice. So I suggested a shirt, which she can use to build her 16th century wardrobe on.

I got her measurements sometime in the fall, but was too busy with vigil and things to do anything about it. And then also working to prepare for Spring Crown. Now, there is an open vista leading up to Double Wars and I have looked through my stash and found a cut of linen (#42) which when cut up went perfectly into a shirt for this delightful lady.

The pieces were cut on Wednesday and I have already stitched the gusset to sleeves, and attached the sleeves to the body. Shoulder seams are done, and I am currently felling the second of the sleeve attachment seams. After that, it's just finishing off with collar and cuffs and making the front slit. We might embroider - it's not decided yet.

It was great fun to lay the fabric out and cut and start stitching.
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I have been very bad about updating my livejournal. Partly because writing updates on facebook is much faster, partly because I've been working on "secret" projects so couldn't update continually without spoiling things. Partly because LJ has lost some of its readership to the aforementioned fb, me included.

My 39:th project: AoAAh well, there is plenty to talk about now then. I've done scrolls, quite a few.
I did a backlog scroll for Elisabeth Gottfridsdotter. She received her AoA at Midsummer Coronation in 2009 from Franz and Willhelmina, and this spring I took over the backlog and finished it for her as number 39 (here before gilding).

My 40:th project: Vita Portens Väktare40 (to the left), 41 and 42 were all given out at Nordmark Coronet (Stigot's VPV, SvartulvR and Elizabeth's viscounty) plus a prize scroll which I forgot to number it gets to be #47. It was the prize scroll for the A&S Competition, and went to Niamh.

#43 was a Court Barony with Grant of Arms for Felicitas Schwartzenbergin that she got upon stepping down as Gotvik Baroness at St Egon. I had no time to also make Clemen's CB scroll which irks me a little, but that's reality.

#44 was filling in the calligraphy on a blank scroll, Lali Ingermarsdotter received a Ljusorden (Nordmark A&S award) also given at St Egon.

The Queen (Siobhan) went off to an event down in Frankmark on her own and two gentles down there received Award of Arms, so Franck vom Berg and Carrisma vom Berg got scrolls 45 and 46. Thankfully I only had to do calligraphy for those as the Queen had a couple of blanks ready.

At Double Wars I was roped into some stunt scribing - doing calligraphy on two scrolls. One backlog for Eira and Torbjörn given to Hroald Pai (48) and a PCS for Vitus Flavius (#49). These two I have no pictures of at all unfortunately. I didn't have the wits about me to take pictures of them.

For Double Wars I also made a shirt for Sir William of Richwood's vigil, and a table-runner with his device, initials and a Knight's chain. I also half-finished a napkin with a Dragon Rose emblem. I chose to do a slightly too large rose to be able to finish it, so I am still working on it. Stigot won it in the raffle at the end of the war, so I know where it needs to end up :)

Backing up again, I finished a black (cotton) velvet 16th C gown for Nordmark Coronet Tourney which might be my new favourite item of clothing. It's wool-lined so nice and warm, it fits just right, and has sleeves. Plus it fills the slot of 'black velvet gown' that I've needed in my wardrobe. I wore it in the pretty dismal weather conditions at the Coronet and was not even a little cold where it covered me. And it looks pretty good too.

Silk painting: Finished flagDuring the Easter holidays we booked a little household activity: painting silk standards. Isabetta did most of the preparations and brought the paints, gutta, brushes, paper for templates and she and William purchased lumber for frames. Me and Edricus and Helwig and Johann rounded out the numbers and we worked pretty much a full day on Friday, Sunday and Monday to paint eight silk standards. We each made a personal one and me and Helwig cooperated to make two household standards with the remaining two bits of silk. Mine still needs to be hemmed and attach a sleeve to put it on a pole. William, Isabetta and Edricus' standards all flew at Double Wars, and the two household flags were set up in William's vigil tent and looked awesome.

I also made a little patchwork pouch for Kerstin of Medeltidsmode. The pincushion I made for myself was stuffed with fabric samples from her, and the remaining pieces of wool samples I made up into a little bag, lined it with more of her summer-weight wool and then I braided a silk drawstring for it. She liked it when I handed it over to her at Double Wars :) The only picture of that one though, is from a distance and not very good. Again, I finished it on site and forgot to take my camera out!

Lately I've been working on a bit of leather tooling. I took a class during Double Wars, and it de-mystified the craft for me and gave me the courage to try it. I'm going to enter my first piece in the Kingdom A&S Competition at Coronation. Just because I was already going to write documentation to go with it, and a deadline is sometimes a good thing. It's supposed to also be a "secret" project, so until it reaches the recipient I won't post photos. Also, it's not 100% finished either :)

And now, I will post the above, and go see about uploading photos to update this post with shortly.
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I'm still working on captions. Maybe by the end of the week they'll all be done :)

My photos, as usual, can be found on flickr. If you want the original of any photo talk to me, if you want me to pull a photo of you down, talk to me. If you want to leave comments PLEASE DO! :)
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Wow, what an event. So many things that were almost too awesome for words. Mistress Isobel, aka [ profile] attack_laurel was there, teaching awesome classes. The Hovdala day was awesome. So many cool people, and finally my apprentice brother, William of Richwood was made a Knight. Two of my secret projects were for him, a shirt, and an embroidered table runner. I don't know if I have photos of them though, as I finished them with very little time to spare!

Also, while at the event I finished a little bag I made from fabric samples from Medeltidsmode, lined with more of her wool and gave it to Kerstin who owns and operates Medeltidsmode. She is my go-to-gal for all of my SCA fabric needs.

I finished a mi-parti overlapping gown for the Crown Princess' daughter. Isabetta had the idea to give said daughter some ear-mufflers, but cover them in something nice. It ended up as an entire outfit with two hats, gloves, tunic and overtunic which me, Isabetta and Viscountess Anna made and gave to Her Royal Highness at the war.
Additionally I did calligraphy on two scrolls on site. One backlog from Eira and Torbjörn (for Ld Hroald Pai), and one last-minute PCS for Titus Flavius.

I've been gathering the photo-albums. So far most of them are on facebook, which can suck. But that is one reason to join fb for sure - people tend to post their photos there.

Double wars XXV  (Valai Almgren)
Double Wars 2012  (Racaire)
Double Wars 2012, flickr (Racaire)
Knäcke 25  (Arthur McGowan)
Photos from the SCA event "Double Wars XXV"  (Aleydis van Vilwoorde)
Double Wars  (Emelyne of Twynham)
Double Wars XXV  (Katheryn Hebenstreitz)
Katheryn's Photos on Picasa
Double Wars 2012  (Whilja af Gothia)
Double Wars 2012 (Delphina Bearcat)
Knäcket 2012 (Silwa av Svaneholm)
Doubel Wars 2012 (Carola de Flintebeke)
Double Wars 2012 (Röd Grön)
Double Wars 2012 (Isabetta del Verde)
Double Wars XXIV 2012 (Izabella del Cacco)
Double Wars XXV 2012 (Wilda Frejasdotter)
Double Wars XXV (Danel Udalshou)
Double Wars 2012 (Duarte Goncalvez)
Double Wars in Drachenwald (Yara)

Yes, mine will come eventually.
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I've done a ton of scribing lately. For Nordmark Coronet I made Stigots VpV (Nordmark fighting award) as well as the A&S prize writ, which went to Niamh.
I also did the viscounty scrolls for SvartulvR and Elizabeth, as it was their stepping down. I've also finished and sent out a backlog AoA for Lady Elisabeth Gottfridsdotter, and did calligraphy for one scroll for last weekend, Lali's LjO (principality A/S award). As well as Felicitas Court Barony/Grant of Arms scroll, which was extra fun to do. I also did the calligraphy on two blank scrolls, a couple of AoAs to be handed out by Their Majesties next weekend.

I should have photos of all of these items in my camera. But with having installed Ubuntu on my own laptop I haven't tried downloading pictures from the camera yet, so I can't produce them.

I have also finished the black velvet gown which I wore at Nordmark Coronet Tourney. I even remembered to get some nice pictures taken. I just haven't uploaded them anywhere.

A lot of progress on projects, in other words, but no pictures as yet.

I am now looking forward to Double Wars where I have three projects due (sort of secret all of them, so only sewing circle people get to see them before they're done). But I am also going to be working on a Nordmark regalia project at Double Wars. I found the perfect fabric to use as a ground for a pair (possibly) of kneeling cushions for Nordmark. The linen is very coarse, and open so you can embroider it easily with woolen yarn. The fabric was donated to the project by the lovely Kerstin of Medeltidsmode, and when myself and Helwig asked Åsa vävare for advice on the yarn to use, she offered to dye and donate the yarn needed for the project. This yarn was delivered to my address yesterday and it is looking gorgeous, let met tell you. So I will be working on finishing the design for the cushions, and during Double Wars this will be my active project. The goal with this project is to have something finished by next Coronet Tourney, which should happen in November or December. That is so far only a starting goal, and if I don't finish in time I won't weep, nor will anyone else. But it's good to have some sort of deadline to work towards.
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I took loads of photos at Double Wars this year. I got it down a little bit, but there are still plenty to look at. I'm working on captions little by little, adding names and such.

But until then you can go have a look at my flickr set.

Feel free to leave comments, contact me if you want me to delete an image where you feature, or want an original.
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Aah, Double Wars. My favourite event in the Whole Knowne World!

The trip there went smoother than expected after we discovered we'd be ten scadians on the same train to Hässleholm. We managed the 3D-tetris that is luggage racks after some head-scratching.

Going by train from Aros was me, Mistress Helwig, Anna Nilsson with daughters Tove and Arina, Lady Alvhilde with two sons, Lord Styrbrjörn Bärsärk and Lady Ragnhild Leifsdotter. We're not the people with the smallest amount of luggage.

Anyway, the train ride was nice and relaxing, and I managed to snooze while I shared headphones with Helwig: we were listening to an audio book.

At Hässleholm Anna and Alvhilde had arranged the rent of a people-carrier. It had seats for nine, we were eight, and there was plenty of space even for our epic pile of luggage.

Notable happenings at Double Wars: Filippa could finally accept a green belt from Mistress Helwig. Stigot got a red belt from Sir Brendan. Magnus got awarded the White Portal. Meisterinne Katheryn Hebenstreitz, OP, was elevated to the Order of the Laurel. Viscount Arngrim Biornsson changed his name to Armand d'Alsace and was knighted. Master Måns Knutsson Kotte was also knighted - from the King's privy chamber (tent) as the King was injured and could not get up to court.  Several lovely people got Panaches, Genevieve and Robert each got a permanent heraldic title, and so much more I can't remember it all.

Other things: I finished and delivered four napkins, and sundry for Mistress Katheryn's Laurel vigil and she was mighty pleased. See image below and following images in the album.
From Giftbasket

I finished and handed over the V&A reproduction coif-set to Viscountess Filippa. The one with silver thread embroidery. I also entered it in the A&S competition and won Queen and Princess' choice. I also assembled it fully. Although it needs to be half dis-assembled again for the lining to be put in. I left that step for Filippa to do herself. We tried it on her head briefly. See image below and following images in the album.
From Embroidery

I'm still working on editing the photos I took at the event. Soo many. I will keep you posted.
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Below are two close-us of a detail on the coif I'm re-creating. I've currently not really tried to re-create this particular stitch, and if anyone has any suggestions on how to work it, I would be most appreciative! It's all tangled up and almost looks like it's worked in two directions.
I've sort of skipped doing these bits intentionally so far. And on a couple of places replaced it with my version of long-armed cross stitch, or ösenstitch as the viking version has been called.

Anyway, if anyone can decipher the below, please give me a shout!

Oh yes, I'm more than half way done with the metal thread embroidery on the coif. And if I can keep this up I will be finished by Double Wars, which is in one and a half weeks! I am looking forward to this year's Double Wars immensly. I can hardly wait.

From Embroidery

From Embroidery
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Aaah, excellent! All my double wars photos now have captions. On occasion rudimentary ones, as I do not know the names of every gentle pictured. But at least now there is context for everything. I'd appreciate help with names if you know any. And feel free to leave any comment that you might think of!
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My photos are online, but I'm still working on captions.

I am always glad to receive comments so please don't hesitate to leave them!
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I remembered that I forgot to take a picture of the scroll I calligraphied at Double Wars.

I think I must write and ask the recipient to get me a shot. I'm half-way pleased with it, considering the circumstances. I think I managed to compose a nice text, and I didn't mess up the hand too badly, even if it was done on a much larger scale than I'm used to. But, I certainly didn't have the time or capacity to start re-lining the page I had, so I had to make do.

Anyway, it is officially scribal project #29. A Lindquistringe for AstridH Thorkilsdotter.
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Double Wars over. Flatside won (Yay!). Too much to write about to do it any justice.

I won competitions, I got a Grant of Arms, it rained, I didn't get enough sleep, I attended fun classes, I held a class successfully, promised to bring the doublet fitting class next year to quite a few people who were missing it when it got cancelled at the last minute, I ate well, and laughed lots.
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So, again I've been asked to hold some sort of class. I know I'm fairly competent at a lot of things, but I do not feel that I'm truly accomplished at anything in particular.

I know blackwork quite well, I've also held two classes in that. It really is the simplest technique, and what you can't learn in ten minutes about stitching blackwork, I can't work out. Of course practicing that technique takes more than ten minutes, but really, it's either straight running stitch, back stitch, and/or stem stitch for outlines. That's it. Patterns you can find in books, or published online. Perhaps I can put together a reference document for where to find patterns?

How to put up your hair to support late period headwear - I held that class last year at Double Wars.

I've had a couple of classes on 16th century shirts. Bored with that now, I think they're fairly simple and people can work it out all on their own - as shown by only three people attending that class.

Fitting - according to Helwig I'm better at fitting people than her, but I'm not sure how that translates into a class. It takes time and doing it along with someone quite a few times to get any good at it. It's taken Helwig several years of sewing circles to teach me. We are planning on doing fittings at Double Wars for gentlemen who wants doublet patterns, so that's how we're going to utilise that skill.

I can demonstrate some scribal techniques; how to learn a new ductus. I've held a class like that once, at Aros sidesword last year. It went quite well, I thought. I could do that.

Basic miniature painting, the steps to follow to build up a period looking result? It's surprisingly simple. And knowing that when you get to the stage of everything looking like a pastel nightmare, you're on the way to something fabulous and not to despair.

I did the amazing two metre kirtle layout. Laying out a 16th century kirtle using period methods on only two metres of fabric. For a smaller person like Helwig or Filippa that even leaves enough left over for sleeves, for a taller person like myself, it's a sleeveless variety. How does that translate to a class? A lecture on the value of fabric and how to not "over-spend" in an ill-concieved effort to make it look period? I don't know. I spread that gospel just by wearing the kirtle and asking people to guess how much fabric I used (everyone over-estimates).

How to put together a standard Elizabethan coif?

I don't know what else. Do you have any suggestions?
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I came away richer in things from Double Wars.

One big tea mug courtesy of Alessandra Melusine. Got long ago, but languishing in ID until now. And also a bit of bling from Richard the Rampant, who had a bag of bling he let me pick over. W00t. It's a smallish penannular bronze-coloured brooch. It's pretty.

Alrighty then, that's all.

Oh, I might thanks to the very generous offer, start uploading event photos to instead of pixbox. I like that, because at pixbox they only store the sized variants, and Eirik at Tworavens runs the gallery software, which I like and understand. Plus, more statistics, and non-member comments. Whee.
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Editing of all photos done. Am waiting on upload now. Check out pixbox in a little bit for the update. Should be 271 pictures.

I also have lots and lots of give aways. For example antonio, siubhan, gyles, melisende, matthew, franz, ludewic, george, garick and yasamine, alma, aska, astrid, arenwald, wilhelmina, william.

Lots of pepople shots that were duplicates or just not good enough - misframed for example.

If any of you want those shots just contact me with an address that can take a few megs and I'll send them on.
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Photo-editing, eight at a time, to go through 300 odd pictures.

Boh-red. Boredboredbored.

Why bored? Because by this time I've gone through all of my photos about half a dozen times. First a scan through, then rough culling, then eliminating duplicates, then quality culling, then content culling, then more quality culling and now opening them all and resizing, repositioning and recutting. Plus sorting out even more unwanteds and give aways.

I always start a folder called give aways where I put duplicates of people that they might want to see. Then I mail them and ask if they want to see the photos and then either send then trash, or just trash them. I have kind of a hard time taking photos of myself, so I generally want to see the pics of me from others, I figure it's no hardship for me to offer it to others at least.

Bored now. *sigh*

Still, I am at photo number 347. Highest number to get to: 641. Progress.
I'll be posting them on pixbox.


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