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Mer sjungande: Hertiginnan Vanna Edwinsdochter Dawburn, Baronessan Havas Arna Krämplösa av Styringheim, Hertiginnan Alienor of Farryngdon & Oldfru Havas Gota KrakfotCheck it out now. Please comment, comments are fun! Not a huge amount of photos, and some are not very good. Still, better than none.

I particularily wanted the pen-cutting pictures online, for my own reference, which is why I compromised on my resolution never to post blurry photos. I hope you can forgive me.
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So this year's edition of the Nordmark University, for the fourth time roadied by the same people was as enjoyable as the previous three. I spent most of Friday going "Oooh, Aaah" over various and sundry fabulous things people showed me, and I mentioned my spiffy new embroidery book to everyone who would stand still for two seconds.

Getting to site was not a hardship, despite the many changes of transportation: city bus, inter-city commuter train, intra-city commuter train and bus. The hardest part was dragging my luggage aka The Snow Plough through the freshly fallen snow getting to the first bus, and from the last. Fortunately, the end station was only about 100 metres from the front doors of the site. It never fails, though, whenever I have to lug my enormous wheelie bag around there is fresh snow on the ground. Typical.

Anyway, Friday night was lovely, and I got to bed around three or so. Breakfast was good, although I still miss my large lovely tea mug. I seriously need to replace it, the tiny little one I use now is woefully insufficient. My fingers get burned trying to hold it and it holds nowhere near enough quantities of tea.

Saturday was classes throughout. I wore my gothic army dress with the bright red open hood, and was quite comfortable and unhindered all day. Although me and Helwig determined that we are going to set aside one sewing circle for a new GFD fitting session. We have both changed shapes slightly, and we are both not quite happy with the fit of our current patterns.

The classes were very nice, starting off with Mistress Gota's calligraphy class, which was awesome. I have a series of photos of her cutting a quill pen (to be posted later). Then there was a break for lunch, and the green pea soup was delicious.

The second class I attended was Felicitas' class on German nobility's clothing in period portraiture. It was fascinating, and the only downside to that was that she lost track of time and we were ushered out of the classroom before she had showed us everything she had wanted. Which also included me not getting the opportunity to get a copy of her images onto my USB memory stick. Ah well. After that I headed for the book binding class with Styrr, stopping in shortly with Mistress Alienor to pick up her handouts on blackwork.

The results of the book binding you have seen already, and the class itself was brilliant. With only a chopstick, needle, paper, clamps string and glue you can make a perfectly period book at home! I loved it, we got to make our own book, it de-dramatised the entire process and generally was awesome. When we left the books to let the glue dry myself and Helwig popped in to Alienor's class and embroidered a little, also picking up Tece's handout on counted embroidery, brick-stitch style.

Then it was time to change into court garb: a simple task of changing hairstyles, pinning on a veil and putting on my lilac surcoat over the gothic army dress. Torunn helped me by braiding all of my hair, half on one side, half on the other, and pinning it up. I have lots and lots of hair it turns out. Court then was amusing, and deserving awards were handed out. Viscountess Anna Laresdotter got a Lindquistringe, Frau Felicitas was entered into the Order of the Panache, and Åsa Vävare is now a Lady as well. The children present got presents; newcomers were given a bead; event stewards were thanked; presents were given to the teachers.

Feast then, was filling and tasty without going overboard in terms of quantity and number of dishes, and I took matters into my own hand and brewed a pot of coffee for desert. The entertainment was lovely, and the singers of the day had rehersed two songs that they performed. Later on, a slightly different configuration of singers enjoyed themselves by harmonising together. Both filks and period songs were heard and it was all lovely and amusing and wonderful.

Starting a list of photosites from University, which I will update as more albums get posted.
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NU4 book2

Look what I made at University this weekend. A book! Needs only the right glue, then I will cover it with leather too, probably.
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Something that upon reading struck me as immensly practical and hugely hilarious. Found in the Drachenwald Book of Laws, regarding the Privileges of the Crown:

2.03.6 The right to a clear direct line of sight between the King and/or Queen and the principal activity of the event.

Or, to translate: The best seats in the house, plskthnx.

And now, a bit of lovely choral singing done at Nordmark University last night (or early this morning).

Pictures to appear at a later date.
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Third line of embroidery started (January 29, 2008)Well, who thought I would be satisfied with only two out of three lines of embroidery on my apron?

I didn't, not really, and so today I started on the last line which is a third pattern, the same height as the first one. With the speed this has gone, I am quite confident I will finish this by tomorrow evening - well in time for University.

Speaking of which (Nordmark University), travel plans have been sorted. It'll be bus, commuter train, other commuter train and bus to get to the site for me on Friday. Bus, commuter train, other commuter train and probably bus to get back again on Sunday. Hopefully, not too overloaded on the way back.
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Tomorow is another sewing circle Saturday and I plan to bring the requisite undergarments and toile fabric to make up a first pattern and fitting for my green Florentine gown. I will need help with that, but Helwig is well up to the task.

If the fitting goes smoothly, I will want to lay out and cut out the entire dress on my green brocade then, because there is more floor-space at Helwig's place, and I want to see how much of a train I can economically get from my fabric. This will involve laying out all the pattern pieces on the fabric and doing some puzzle-shuffling.

I have got acetate lining for the skirt, because it's light, and because I want to give it a whirl. The brocade should have enough body not to need any added, and the acetate works as a silk-substitute to let it flow over any underlying layers. However, for the bodice I will need something a bit more substantial, and right now I'm not sure what that something ought to be. I do believe I want to interline the bodice and then line it; so probably I will bring a bit of the cotton canvas I have in my stash.

If the fitting does not go well, I will probably sulk for a bit, and then work on my apron embroidery. It is my goal to have it finished in time for Nordmark University (which seems to be quite a bit smaller this year than previously). I might even write something up about it and put it out as a display piece.

Also, the local fabric store is being particularily evil. They have just stocked up on good wool cloth in gorgeous tones of red (2), green, yellow, blue, grey and black. I had a lucky escape this afternoon as I got off work five minutes after they closed, rather than an hour before closing time. If anyone has wondered at my recent splurges on fabric I can tell you that the reason they happened in the first place is that I now walk past the palace of temptation on the way to and from the bus in the morning and afternoon. And today was the day when paycheks appear in bank balances all across the nation, including mine. Also there was the matter of the apartment. Very lucky escape. I mean, who does not need a good red petticoat? If you are a 16th century lady, the need for such an item in your wardrobe is self-evident.
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If anyone has seen me at events lugging my things around, they have probably seen me with my horrid green/camouflage shoulder bag of lugging.

About as long as I have been using this horrid green shoulder bag of mine I have been saying I should get something else. Something prettier, or at least, not so screamingly "urban warfare". Well, gratifyingly, I am well on the way to accomplishing this switch. Last night before nodding off to sleep I stitched together a length of linen, turned it right sides out to make a long strip. Out of this long strip of now cleverly self-lined linen I folded up nearly half, leaving a short flap for a lid. Tonight, while continuing to giggle at Jeeves and Wooster(#), I stitched together the sides of the strip so that I now have a lidded pouch.

The only thing remaining to make this into a practical, stylish, pilgrim's carrying bag, aka a scrip, is a strap to sling across one's shoulders. I have such a strap, and I intend to attach said item to the aforementioned pouch and Hey Presto! I shall have a finished, period, bag of lugging my stuff around at events.

Calloh, callay! Hurray!

You can expect stylishly posed and well-lit pictures(*) within a day or so, as I intend to use it on Saturday at Aros' first Micro Event for the spring. This means that the niggle-list, last updated on September 14th of 2007 is now shorter one item, namely #8 on that list. As for the other items on the list there is *cough*nothing to report*cough*.

Although it is a very little thing I am giving it the status of a project started, and when I get the photo(s) taken I shall call it a project finished. There's not been enough of that happening over here on my blog lately, so I feel I'm entitled.

Also, I paid up for Nordmark University - w00t!


(¤) - C-programmer's joke there. Ignore at will.
(#) - It's a period drama. OK, so not strictly SCA period, but it counts, damn you, it counts! Plus it's Fry&Laurie at their very best. They always count. So there.
(*) - No, not really, but pictures anyway. Or a picture at the last.
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Event photos this way. Other's photos linked to on the Event Page.
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On the checklist of things to do in the SCA, competing in an A&S event can now be crossed out.

Read more... )

Although I did enter, I hadn't prepared for it, so there is the argument that I haven't really done it yet. Maybe I'll do it properly one day, at Principality or Kingdom level, with a proper written documentation. Den som lever får se (Live and see), I suppose.

Tick tock

Jan. 26th, 2007 07:19 pm
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Counting down the minutes now. My planning is not always perfect, but I usually manage to be finished with packing etc at least half an hour before my deadline. Thankfully, this time, I had planned to be finished by seven, but called at six, just to confirm, and Sir Johann said they would be by to pick me up at eight, not seven. Splendid, as I was at that point walking back from the store and had not yet had dinner.

Now I am packed, bringing my GFD wardrobe, and the English fitted gown for showing off purposes. I am also half-way changed into my Gothic Army dress. I figured it would be easier to change at home. I can set myself up just as easily in the dress as I can in trousers and a top. So I'm packing the mundane clothes and slipping back in time already.

I have with me the wax tablets for sale (three left) and I'm bringing all of my plates to possibly sell some of them as well. I have a silly amount of them. On site, I may be picking up a book about Breughel from [ profile] tantelin depending on if it has stuff I don't already have in book form.

And now, an hour to go, I start to get butterflies in my stomach.
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Pictures of me at the University from Uma's picture archives: showing the gothic army dress on me, from behind.


Jan. 29th, 2006 08:46 pm
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gallery :: 2006 Nordmarks Universitet 2:
Testing features on the new version of Deepest Sender. This is the link to my pictures. Only 23 of them in all. Not many are riveting, but there's a series of them of the casting class. I can translate if needed. As an aside I might mention that I'm in surpsisingly good form. Maybe I'm learning how to do a weekend event without falling into a coma straight upon coming home.
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on the whole, I'm not happy with my photography at the event. We'll see how many pictures I end up posting.  
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Finally made it back home after the event. I had a fabulous time, and sold two wax tablets to new happy homes. I also learned how to do bronze casting using the cire perdue method where you start with a wax figure which you encase in clay, bake the form until all the wax melts and runs out and then fill the form with the bronze. In the case of the class we used pewter, but it's the principle that matters. I made a .. thingy... doo-hicky. Pictures will be forthcoming. It was meant to be a belt end.

The feast was plentiful and quite tasty, and my table company delightful. There was dancing, and I had my hair fussed with. I love having my hair fussed with. It was Lady Ingrid who put my hair up in four french braids running into one. Anyway, it was fab.

Besides the bronze casting class I also attended a lecture on buttons, eyelets etc focused on 1240-1450 (ie the MoL books Dress Accessories and Textiles & Clothing). I knew most of what the teacher was saying, but it was interesting none-the-less. I also came away with a template for good-sized buttons in linen.

I also listened to a lecture on SCA History which was interesting. I didn't stay up very late, but didn't end up leaving the site until the very end with the event steward team because we were offered a ride home.

*Edited for the proper term for the casting method
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Oh damn. I've got a headache starting. Eventing is no fun with a headache. I've unfortunately felt like I was dragging my ass all day today. I managed to pack my stuff, then rethought, opened my bag, pulled out another, rethought again... Bah. If we didn't have to drag bedding for events packing would be so much easier. If I just had a car, or a ride it'd be easier as well. Still, no use wishing, I can't change it now. It's going home that's going to be a bother, all exhausted and confused.

The classess looked good anyway, I'm sure I'll enjoy myself once I'm there.

Maybe I should have gotten something to transport my scroll in. I know I can take it to the event without problem, but I'm not sure the recipient has similar capabilities. Problem is that it's too late to do anything about that as well. I haven't got any stiff containers or boards to sacrifice. Well, I'm sure the lady won't let anything bad happen to the scroll.

Now I have to check if there's going to be food at the event this evening or if I have to plan on getting that myself. Until Sunday, my internet friends.


After troubleshooting the situation I realize: I have had no tea today! So now I'm having tea an cookies and the world looks brighter again.
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All large strucural seams of the H39 dress are finished. I've yet to hem it, and the sleeves are still loose. At this point I took a closer look at the pieces to the H39 original and notice that the armscyes are shaped on the body panels. This is good, as when I tried the dress on I marked on the shoulder seam where I would want the sleeves to go. This means cutting off around ten centimetres at the shoulderpoint.

Another closer look also reveals that the side seams on the body panels are shaped as well. Oh well. I've said it before and I'll repeat that I'm putting in a lot of work on this that's really overkill in any case.

I'll probably end up making the neckhole a bit larger before I'm happy, because, as it is now, I've got to take my glassess off and pull out my ponytail to comfortably get it over my head!


This evening I popped over to Filippa's place and we did some illumination together. She on her piece, me on mine. And a good thing it was too, because I needed to get alot done. I still have a fair bit left to do on the scroll which is meant to be finished by the event this weekend (Nordmark Uni II). Yes, it is a backlog scroll, but I have promised the recipient that she would get it in her hands at this event. I should be finished enough that I only have to get the signatures at the event. Getting it out now will also mean she gets the scroll during the same reign as it was awarded - which I approve of heartily - having to wait for a scroll you know is almost finished is a drag.

I got a real kick in the behind when I started doing it in any case, so now that I'm back home again I've pressed on, and I shall continue for as long as my hand remains steady and I'm feeling alert. I'll try my damdest to finish it tomorrow too, so that I won't have to worry about it on Friday when I need to pack. Pictures... not yet. I'll take some tomorrow. It's coming along though. It's coming along.

Back to the desk, have some final flowers to paint in.


Jan. 7th, 2006 11:40 pm
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While north for the holidays I started on [ profile] hobittomm's shirt, as I have reported. Today, while helping a friend with intellectual endeavours I brought with me the shirt and all that is left to do on the side seam is to fell it. I will then have the body of the shirt done with two sleeves attached. I've got under-arm gussets in and I've got little triangle strenghtening pieces in the angle at the inside of the shoulder seam as some period examples show. Annoying is also how I can't seem to keep my seam allowances the same.

Next step will be to see what to do about the neckline. I've got to finish it somehow before I pleat it into a collar, and the triangle piece makes things a bit trickier than usual. I've got to hem the shirt too.

I also got a call from home reporting that I forgot a piece of linen there - looking through my bag I discover that the piece I forgot was the one with the collar and cuffs all in one length! They would put it in an envelope and mail it to me, however, so it should be here within a couple of days.

I might start thinking about blackwork soon. Maybe take that along as an event project to Nordmark University II which I'm planning to go to at the end of this month.
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...this way. Including one full-on shot of me in the outfit, and one of the Sewing Circle Ladies of Aros. They shouldn't be hard to spot.

Sometime, today or tomorrow, I'll also compile the other shots of me in the outfit and put it up on the picture page that belongs to the dress diary.


Jan. 30th, 2005 03:47 pm
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I am back in mundane-land after a most excellent weekend University event.

It was, as I said, most excellent, and I learned some useful things, and had a fabulous time. My dress worked splendidly, the hood worked, though not splendidly - it had a tendency to slide too far back!

Anyway, I've taken a shower and am now chilling, editing the pictures and in a while will upload them somewhere for public viewing. I am a little tired, though not as much as just after we stopped at Max for lunch. (Where we also exchanged one person in the car for another one).


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