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Visby Medieval Week - I was not overly psyched to go. It would be a lot of work getting stuff there, the car hire for ten days was expensive, my pavilion is too small for us, I would be "on-duty" as event staff the entire week, and you can never trust the weather to be good. So, I wasn't that excited about it. Except that the entire household were coming and camping together for the first time, and we had made silk banners, the market is always a great time and the weather is bound to be OK a few days at least.

I did not know, or even suspect anything was up, even when Åsa and Ludewic showed up after half the week was gone by. They had plausible explanations.

On Friday, court was set to 19.30 and I was called up to receive the Golden Ribbon, Nordmark's service award, along with Lady Ylva från Valle - who richly deserved that award!

Then we went to sit back down, and I was called up again, I thought I heard the herald say something about the autocrats, but then he only called my name. It turned out that Their Majesties had sent me a writ of summons to sit vigil at Kingdom University to contemplate joining the Order of the Laurel.

After court, there was a convenient cocktail party planned by our household. I'd helped shop and plan for it. Only it turns out everyone else in the household knew about this writ, and it was sort of a party for me.

Actually the whole day Friday was pretty awesome. I woke up warm, dry, well-rested, in a quiet, calm peaceful tent. I was convinced I was at home, in my own actual bed, on a quiet day with nothing much planned and all the time in the world. Then the alarm went and I realized I had to reach up to turn it off and I was actually in my tent, in camp outisde the medieval wall surrounding Visby. Breakfast was leisurely, then we had port and cookies in Helwig and Johann's tent for elevensies, then we went into town to check out the market again. Ate some lunch at the market, and I bought two metres of grey wool to replace the jacket I ruined in the wash. Back to camp we went past Kapitelhusgården where Mistress Helena and Lady Sahra were resting their feet, and inspired me to buy a new jug to drink out of. After the nice lazy walk back in perfectly tempered weather we had dinner and I changed into court stuff, and I recieved a lovely award for service (Golden Ribbon) and the writ, to my total surprise (both times).

I'm not completely convinced it's true, but I have a piece of paper with the Queen's signature on it, and lots of people have commented on FB so it must be. And so, there's going to be frenetic activity. One of the first questions to ask oneself is: "What am I going to wear?"...

It will take some pondering and strategic fabric purchases I think :)

Hope to see many at Kingdom University for vigil etc.
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And after a round of furious editing I've managed to upload and caption all 370 odd photos from Visby to my flickr.

Feel free to check them out, leave comments, tag people and share the link. If anyone wants originals, or wants me to remove an image, or have words of praise just get in touch with me and we'll get it sorted :)


Also there are photos from all previous medieval weeks I've attended and an album from the Nordmark Coronet Tourney held in Frostheim in June:


As well as Midsummer Coronation.

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The link to tworavens is

The blurb: I was a very bad photographer this year. I think it was just too hot and humid for me to drag the camera with me all the time. I really only took it to the Great Visby Tournament on Wednesday and took photos there. Amusingly quite few photos of any actual fighting though.

I've just finished captions, so most people are identified, with the exception of the ones I don't know the names of. Not too many but a handful.

If you'd rather not appear in any of the pictures, let me know. If you'd like originals of any of the pictures, let me know. It is OK to use my images for SCA publications, but please let me know first and make sure I am attributed as the photographer.


Visby loot

Aug. 16th, 2010 06:11 pm
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I bring home with me:
1 book (Medieval Material Culture) from Historiska Rum
1 bronze needle from Historiska Rum
1 piece of "parchment" (remains to be tested) from Historiska Rum
1 white ceramic mug from a Danish merchant at Kapitelhusgården
4 metres blue twill weave wool from Medeltidsmode
1 large-ish woven basket from Kapitelhusgården
1 bell, token of appreciation from the Nordmark Signet Scribe
2 cheap coloured-glass rings, same as I've gotten before, just different colours
One undecorated, but finished set of coif/forehead cloth for myself (finally)
Not enough photos
Even more freckles
Ideas for future encampments
Plans for future projects

Hope to share some of the photos in the near future.


Sep. 15th, 2009 02:36 pm
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200 photos from Visby uploading as I type this. I'll start on captions right away.

The album can be found on

ETA: All photos online, and all photos have captions! Enjoy.
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I apologise for the severe lack of anything interesting to read here. But there's nothing of interest to report and write about from my part of the world.

The sun hides and shines in shifts, I drive all day, sleep all night.

I have a pretty silver seeblatt inverted, which I adore. That's marginally interesting. To me it's fabulous.

Visby transportation details .... almost sorted. There was a big collision between two Gotland ferries, so all re-bookings have been suspended and I don't know when they'll be opening the phone lines again. I'm hoping before we go home.

I have also decided that I refuse to be stressed about it. It is going to suck to do the turn-arounds to go there and home, but I'll live. This year I will try to make it to Aleydis's lecture(s). I have also made sure that my shift at the gate does not coincide with court, which the newly published schedule made possible.

I plan on bringing mostly my 15th C wardrobe to Visby, now I have more than one pretty dress, and can vary. Still don't have warm-warm evening/night clothes.

I wish I could go to pennsic. One day that particular SCAdian pilgrimage will be made by me as well.
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I iz sick.
Head full of snot.
Sneeze, snivel, snort.

Working 8 days in a row - yay... not.

Visby far too close, transportation details not yet sorted makes Lia antsy.
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PSA: My event page updated with blurb and photos for this year's Visby Medieval Week event. More photos for the populace!
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The next event I am planning on attending will be Nordmark's Civil War in Juneborg. It's scheduled for 3-5 October, so I have plenty of time to produce.

So, to the list:
  • Fix hem on plum GFD.
  • Make new GFD.
  • Finish embroidery on five napkins.
  • Make arrangements for HRM Fiona's comfort and coordinate ladies-in-waiting.
That should be enough. Although I'm sure I'll add small things on the way, as I always do.

Anyway, to recap a little more  from Visby, one of my favourite memories was walking into Visby late at night with the street lights throwing my shadow before me; my profile was so very, very lovely on the cobbled street.
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Greetings again, interwebs! I've missed you a little.

I am actually quite good at ignoring the outside world when I'm at events, so I can't really say I missed it until we returned to a house with walls, eating off normal plates using modern cutlery. That's when I started feeling my typing fingers twitch a little bit.

Most gratifying result of a week of pretty bad weather: my pavilion made it without any major complaints or mishaps. It needs a lining, or an inner tent, and I need a (third) air mattress the right size to fit inside without too much of a squeeze. I have a single-person mattress which will fit in there marvellously. I bought a new one 136 cm wide which is slightly too large. I was out looking for one in the range 120 cm. That would be perfect. A frame/bed structure would not be bad either.

My bench worked beautifully, and I adore it, not to mention the admiring comments it garnered me. :)

I return with a face all burned up (by the high winds and by the sun which scorched through the layer of clouds pretty much every day), a head full of ideas and a list of things to fix for the next camping event.

The trick of bringing only my 1400s wardrobe worked as planned - I was cold and miserable and identified several items of clothing I need to survive in that period. I know my 16th Century wardrobe does cold and wet conditions far better.

For the Visby tourney I helped run the list, calling fighters and handing notes between the List Mistress and the marshalls. I also assisted Helwig with the List at Nordic 1000. For the beginners, and two-hand tourneys I just watched and was much more uncomfortable. When you've got something to do you are either running around or concentrating too much to pay attention to hardships. Doing the list for Nordic 1000 is pretty hectic as it's a bear pit format and at times we had four lists going. I didn't notice I was cold until five minutes after the tourney was over (won by Sir Johann) and I had left the table. As tradition has it, the Nordic is held in camp during Open Camp day, so I spent most of that time blissfully unaware of mundanes asking silly questions, although I'm sure I am in a lot of their photos from the day.

The Coronet Tourney was fought on historic ground, and it was quite a nice day for it - stopped raining just as the list field was getting set up. I sat with Viscountess Filippa for most of the tourney, and we chatted about this and that - it was rather nice. Then I got up to get in a better position for the last few bouts. Rok won fighting for Wilda, in a final against Lord Jorulf fighting for Eisarfves Märta. His Highness won the beginners tourney at Visby last year, and fought quite energetically. I should have some damn good photos of the Presence, white gate and the outgoing Prince and Princess.

I can also report that the secret project myself and Helwig hadve been working on was finished and delivered at Visby. A pair of coronation copes for Their Highnesses. All wool, medium thick black wool on the outside, and very thin charcoal wool lining. They are a simple cope shape - a perfect half circle. On the backs they each have the Nordmark arms, done in wool intarsia embroidery, with the laurel wreath made up of umpteen gilded leather leaves (graded in size). On the front corners of each is the Nordmark populace arms. They looked absolutely fantastic (if I may say so myself). The plan is to continue with embroidered arms of each of the groups in Nordmark to be placed along the front edges. But that will take a bit of time and coordination on our part.

I have pictures. But not yet. I haven't even loaded them onto my computer - having spent most of the day (after I woke up) in the laundry washing my whites, the pavilion flooring and re-arranging the tent canvas in the drying room to make sure all of it was dry before packing away.
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We're down contestants from five, to three, to two tonight. Ah well, it was fun and, what is more, productive.

For myself, I worked on a sheet of paper to reproduce for beginners at calligraphy to write out and paint a lovely welcome sign. A cheat-sheet of the letters you need to learn, and room to practice.

Then I got cracking again on my bookmark tokens. I've got twenty-two of the little suckers and I'm done with a few, but the rest need two, three, or four more colours, plus highlights and shadows and curlicues. They'll be pretty, and all unique. And 22 in total.

I have a template type paper so I can make more in the same shape and size as well. I intend to laminate them all once I finish the painting. To make them more durable and practical for the recipients. They're meant to be used as bookmarks after they've done their duty as tokens of appreciation at an A&S display. I may have to write that out on them, I dunno.

No piccies. Helwig took some though.

In other news, I think I pre-registered for Visby medieval week. I think it's going to come to 900 SEK. I think I'm sitting gate for two hours on Sunday. But I'm not entirely sure, as the website lacks some things. Consistency, accuracy, up-to-date-ness. Mostly the latter. However, I think I'm registered.
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Finally, I finished going through my photos. Not very many of them, this year, I was otherwise occupied most of the time :)


I will go in and add captions over the weekend, I hope.
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Back from Visby Medieval Week. Flight was fine; I was given an ice cream boat again - yay nostalgia.

The event was great, I did practically nothing at all.

I unpacked on the Sunday when I flew home, hung my dresses up and aired my blanket out. I love love love my lovely fuzzy wool blanket and pillow-case that my mom wove for me. On the list for future camping events: all wool bedlinen, plus possibly pjs.

I wanted my tent there very badly, but I survived. New air mattress worked fine.

I was called up at Kingdom court and joined the Order of the Panache (Kingdom A&S Award) which completely took me by surprise, and I couldn't stop grinning like a fool. This means I now have three awards and two scrolls. This one has a portrait of me (wearing my red hood that I was wearing for court!) in a green fitted gown, cutting out a piece of cloth. It's perfect. Illuminated by Renika Rikardsotter and calligraphied by Adorian Piroska. The format of it is a bit weird though, 13 x 44 cm. I've got to get frames for my two scrolls. It's a pity they're just tucked away at the back of my scribal binder.

Right now I am completely pooped. Soooo tired. Spent today being tour guide for Gudrun with Helwig, and will do the same tomorrow. Fun, and great, but I haven't caught up with all the sleep I need yet!

Pictures? I haven't even downloaded them from the camera yet, and I probably won't until tomorrow.

My next event will probably be Civil War in Juneborg. I'm pondering if I could bring my pavilion or not. It should be here by then at least.

I bought, some linen, a glass karaffe, black ink and tea. Today I bought some wool (at approximately 50 kr/m) and a book of Bruegel prints.

Now I must go fall down on my bed. More in the next few days no doubt.

Off to play

Aug. 5th, 2007 11:20 pm
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Today I spent the morning packing my stuff, from 3 pm until ten working, and then I took a shower and will soon bundle myself into bed in order to get up tomorrow morning and get on an airplane.

The working was long, but, never boring. In fact, it was rather sad as I ended up saying goodbye to all the lovely sweet little old ladies I've been visiting. Visit after visit I was saying good bye and wondering if I will ever see them again. A handful of them are over 90 after all!

Tomorrow is the Great Travelling Day. Car to town, Plane to Arlanda, bus and bus (or possibly taxi) to my place, (probably) taxi to Arlanda, plane to Visby and then a short car ride to the site and the Current Middle Ages and certain longed for people.

I can't wait! And now, to bed. I will check in again after Visby Medieval Week is over.


Aug. 3rd, 2007 05:20 pm
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My tent won't make it to the event.

Let me say again: Crap.
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I have my travel sorted, finally. I am going by plane, as the easiest, cheapest, least fussy way. The only fuss will be getting myself from Arlanda, home and to Arlanda airport again on the Monday. I will arrive in Visby just after eight pm on the Monday, going back to the mainland on Sunday evening for a surprisingly low cost. Buses and or taxi will have to be added to the cost still, but they'd have to be added in any case.

Only downside is I can only bring 20 kg on the flight. However will I manage? Possibly have to pay for over-weight baggage. Or bring only the essentials. Ooh.. novel idea that. Not sure how feasible that is in the SCA context. I'll definitely weigh my luggage when I leave here, and compare it to the finished event packing when I get home. I don't own a set of scales, so that's my only means of comparison, lifting my bags.

In short: Hurray!
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My first schedule for the summer nearly gave me the vapours. It had me doing three shifts during Visby Medieval Week. We simply can't have that, so I've talked to the boss-lady and the supervisors who do the schedules and asked if I could have those shifts moved to earlier in the summer.

Fortunately, today, I was told it would almost certainly be possible - hurrah! Now I work on the first weekend of the event, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but at least after that I will be free to go to it. Of course, now I must sort out transportation, to include a lay-over in Uppsala to pick up all my clothes and stuff. Thankfully I know I can pack for Visby in 2 hours, I've done it before.

The crisis then, is averted - hurrah!

And now I need more advise - is this front and back a suitable tent making material? (ETA: I would be getting the white or natural colour, NOT red)It's cotton and it's been treated already. Putting it under the direct stream of water from the sink pretty much did nothing to it. It made the back a bit cooler, but no damp got through, and it pearled off the top fairly nicely.
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gallery :: 2006 Medeltidsveckan:
Yup, they're up. And I'm stick of looking at the photos already *sigh* I don't know why so many of them turned out to be in such poor quality, but I can not make myself go back to the original and try again on all of those.

Anyway, they are online, but mostly lacking captions - I'll be working on that, but if you spot a face you recognize and there is no mention in the caption, please leave a comment and help me out. Comments make looking at event photos that much more fun.

Standard disclaimer applies: if you're online and don't want to be, drop me a note and I'll remove the photo. Want originals? drop me a note. The photos are OK for SCA use as far as I am concerned as the photographer, but it is considered good form to ask the people pictured for permission before publishing as well.

And if anyone has photos of me from Visby, send them my way! I did surprisingly well with handing out my camera, so I get to feature in a few photos this time, but still.

p.s. I know I've been posting like fifteen times a day since I got back. I'll try to restrain myself from now on. Honest.
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Things Lia needs - a list )

MTV -06 Debrief: Good, bad, purchased and pondered )

I can not thank Helwig and Johann enough for all they did for me this week and previously. I have plans to make an attempt, but really, I can not thank them enough. They are good people and I couldn't have gone to Visby without them, nor would I have looked as good if it weren't for the sewing circle, run by Helwig and generously hosted at their place.


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