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I went to Kingdom University with lots of stuff, and I came back home with even more stuff.

I suppose I should do a write-up. The entire experience started with getting the writ at Visby (more about that here). That was a pretty awesome day.

The entire Kingdom University experience started with the ferry-ride over there, which was labelled the Nordmark Armada! The airstrike, Lady AElfwynne, started a few hours earlier, but the rest of us were on the 8pm boat from Stockholm heading to Turku. I was in the car with Edricus, William and Isabetta. Helwig was in the car with Åsa, Ludewic and Katarina. The other three cars held Åsa and Martin, Anna and Celemon, and Sara, Iseut and Gilliam. So we were a large invasion force!

We spent Friday basically in Turku, having lunch, going to the museum Aboa Vetus, going off for dinner before finally heading out to the site. We were there around six or six thirty, and started setting up our sleeping quarters, and then changing into period clothes. The others in my party pretty much went off to set up the vigil room and things, and I worked at getting out of their way, and getting the last minute details of my outfit ready.

There was food laid out before court, but I couldn't eat. I was, however, rather dry mouthed for some reason. And the lovely ladies Katheryn, Helena, Melisende and Uta were poking me by threatening some sort of torture. I was easily rattled at this point.

During the evening court there was some piece of business first, I apologize but I forget what, before I was called up, then the Laurels were called up, and Their Majesties Paul and Aryanhwy sent me off to vigil. Mistress Helwig led me off and I didn't leave the vigil room til just before three am. I looked at the time when I crawled into my sleeping bag and it was just after three.

For court I was wearing my new white wool kirtle with green silk and velvet details, over a green brocade petticoat skirt, and my un-embroidered white linen shirt. Underneath it all were a pair of new silk stockings (a gift from Sara Göransdotter), and a pair of linen breeches sewn by Viscountess Filippa Birgersdotter, as a gift for me. Over the white kirtle I was wearing my green English fitted gown onto which I'd pinned my new suite of ruffs. I had some help to get into them in the end. I should have added some hooks and eyes to close the neck ruff in front, but Lady Iseut solved my problem by bravely sticking a pin through both of the neckline layers 1 mm right in front of my throat. She also helped me to pin together the two layers of the ruff itself to make the ruff into a circle. Since the English fitted gown has picadil edges, I could pin the ruffs to the gown through those. I felt like my gown was hugging me.

On my head I was wearing the version of a French hood posited by Mistress Sarah Wydville. To wit, first a forehead cloth, then a coif, then a piece of silk. I had to do this bit a little improvised. A selvedge width piece of the purple/green silk I used for picadils on the kirtle about 25 cm long was all I had: I folded in some of the length in so the doubled silk formed a nice front edge and tied that around my head over the coif showing the white linen underneath. Then over the top of this I had help pinning a black velvet veil with billiments on.

I had Lord Edricus take pictures of this before court and I think I look like an effigy.

After I was led into the vigil room and before the rest of the visitors were let in I had the ladies help me out of the outer layers. The velvet veil, and the silk came off along with the suite of ruffs and the English fitted gown. I sat my vigil in the linen underthings and new white wool kirtle, plus the pure white linen forehead cloth and coif.

In with me were lots and lots of cookies - mad amount of cookies, I had two thermos flasks of tea, and water, and Lord Ludewic Nilsson provided me with a bottle of his own delicious port. I kept forgetting to offer the visitors nibbles or port, so when the vigil guards tried to bring in a fresh tray of cookies I had pretty much all of the first load left.

I slept in til eleven or so, managing to get up in time to have lunch as breakfast. Then I attended a couple of classes (Raghnil's on needleworked buttons and William's on lines of clothing - both very good), then I went to have a lie down and prepare for evening court.

It took a while, and did require a little help with the hair-do, etc. I laced in the sleeves into my white kirtle, which I couldn't do on Friday because they wouldn't fit under the over-gown. I wore my green belt for the last time. I wore it during the vigil on Friday night as well. I minimised the bling, though, wearing my pearl earrings, and my big green malachite ring as well as my silver & hematite ring which I never take off. I did not wear my silver necklace which I otherwise always wear - Mistress Helwig told me in no uncertain term that "bling would be provided". I didn't put on any headwear, coming into court with only my hair braided and put up.

During court some lovely gentles received some well-deserved awards, among them Lord Knut, Lady AElfwynne and Mistress Johanna and Lord Helgi all got Panaches. I was astounded Johanna didn't have one yet, and much pleased to usher AElfwynne up into the presence as she didn't believe it was her name that was called.

Eventually the Order of the Laurel were called up and Mistress Helwig was asked to go fetch the candidate, i.e. me.

There were words, the speakers were for the Laurels: Mistress Helwig. For the Pelicans: Mistress Katheryn, for the Chivalry: Sir William and for the Royal peers: Duchess Alessandra Melusine.

I was not informed of who was speaking in advance, although I was fairly sure about Helwig and Katheryn. I was totally surprised that Mel wanted to speak for me, and very honoured by her words and by the others' as well. I was afraid I might not let myself feel the moment, instead keeping in control, but when Helwig started speaking for me I burst into tears and that continues pretty much the rest of the way through the speakers.

Then I received the medallion - made by Master SvartulvR Kåte as the first piece of casting he did after returning from having received his own in October last year. I wept again when I saw it.

The Drachenwald Laurel cloak was put on me by Mistress Helena and Mistress Uta (I saw in a couple of pictures afterwards, I wasn't aware of who did that at the time), and Mistress Katheryn put the laurel Chaplet, an embroidered coif, on my head. I wasn't really aware of her at the time, but I knew it would be her, because she took it off me after I fit it to my head right before court.

Then the scroll was read and Their Majesties held it up. I cried again when I saw it. Mistress Melisende Fitzwalter made me exactly the scroll I most would have wanted.

Then I had the oath of fealty left. I had decided early on that I wanted to use our old oath, the one the West Kingdom, and many others, still uses, but with a couple of alterations. I took a couple of deep breaths, and started in on it at my cue. My voice broke a bit to start with, but I had memorised it and managed to recite it in full:

Here to I swear,
by mouth and hand,
fealty and service to the Crown and Kingdom of Drachenwald.
To speak and to be silent,
to come and to go,
to teach and to learn,
to do and to let be,
in matters as concern the kingdom,
on my honour and the lawful command of the Crown.
In need or in plenty,
from this hour henceforth
until the Crown depart from their thrones,
or death take me,
or the world end.
So say I, Lia de Thornegge

That was pretty much that.

I was looking forward to feast with my household enormously - since they'd been busy preparing, setting up, and then holding classes I didn't see them very much all of the event - but it was not to be as me and Edricus had been invited to sit at High Table. The feast facilities were a bit special, with the High table seating 16 in one separate room and the rest of the populace in three other rooms. But sitting next to King Paul is never uninteresting, and I had a good time. The food was lovely too. I had a bottle of sparkling wine with my food and by the end of the evening after feast, I eventually got to sit down with Edricus, Helwig, William and Isabetta all in the same room for more than two minutes. Both me and Helwig were very tired though, and we went to bed along with Isabetta at about midnight - I think.

Sunday was another day spent in Turku, before the ferry ride home and the documentation of all the presents.
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Updating out-dated links to photos. Boring. Very boring. I don't know if I'll fix all the links here on LJ, but I have to fix it on my website. I've gone back through entries and added the tag fixit to all posts of event photos that lead to the two dead photo sites tworavens and pixbox.

I've also been uploading older albums to flickr. I suggest checking that out if you want to find my older archives. I'll keep adding old event photos there in the coming months. Easiest is to check the sets - everything will be organized into a set

ETA: A few more old albums uploaded. 2007 University and Crown Tourney. Same place :)

A thought

Sep. 9th, 2011 03:09 pm
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OK, so I have this crazy idea. The event Garden of Earthly Delights happens to be all about a Faire where you sit and do your crafts in an awesome environment where other people are getting their geek on. I've been pondering what I can do there, and the only thing I can really think of is embroidery. Nothing small and dainty, you understand, but yeah also kind of. I am thinking it would be fun to be working on my fourth set of coif and forehead cloth, which will be for myself.

Of course, that means that I will have to design it first. And gather the materials, and actually mount it in the frame and get started. And also travel with an over-sized fragile embroidery frame as carry-on luggage.

Wouldn't it be cool? But also very inconvenient and annoying. But what else should I do there? I'm sure all my time could be taken up as lady-in-waiting as well, since I'll be travelling with the Prince and Princess of Nordmark. Although it'll be out of their jurisdiction, so they shouldn't have too much business to deal with themselves.

ETA: And if I'm making myself a coif set I will need spangles, right? Right.
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Today is Wednesday. Tomorrow, Thursday I have to make sure my bag(s) are packed for first a weekend in Aros, spending time with Helwig, and hopefully both my apprentice siblings as well. I will also be spending some quality time with my apartment. I'm travelling on the over-night train, so I can bring a fair amount of luggage.

On Monday I'm on a flight to London. My mother booked us five nights there over the winter sports week off from school. Edricus is also coming to London, so we'll have five days there. Sweet.

Monday we're travelling, Tuesday I've booked coach tickets to Cambridge for Edricus and myself. Wednesday evening Thamesreach has fighter practice which we'll be going to. Doing museums during the day.

Thursday we're doing Hampton Court Palace.

Friday we're doing more museums and stuff. Friday evening is Thamesreach Beer and Museum night at probably the National Portrait Gallery.

Saturday we're flying back home again preparing for the work-week after.

Then the next weekend is St Egon, which I'm flying to as well. My new Samsonite rolling pilot-bag is going to get a lot of mileage :)

So the plan for tonight, if I can tear myself away from the manic knitting I've been caught up in, is to plan what to bring with me on Friday. The camera is definitely on the list!

The knitting? Oh, I've finished one scarf, one wrap and am working on another scarf. This last one is fiendishly complicated. Well, not really complicated, just intricate. And since every row you just slip half of previous row's stitches it is quite compact and doesn't grow very fast. But the resulting texture is gorgeous.
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I feel like I'm a missionary into the wilds sometimes, up here in the Frozen North. The discourse is quite different, but I expected it to be. All groups are slightly different, and local customs and such vary. I knew that. I still haven't gotten the feel for the local shire up here yet, and I miss Aros.

Anyway, I attended a local, non-official event this past weekend. It was not official, because it was decided upon too late to get an ad out in the Dragon's Tale, but it was the only date that Prince Eirik would be able to attend while still on the throne. Together with Lord Orm from Gyllengran, who drove up with His Highness, I was the only other attendant/lady-in-waiting. Worked just fine. I even had time to take a nap after lunch, while everyone else was listening to Lord SvartulvR's lecture on inlay techniques on metal.

But, to get back to my mission, I was asked lots and lots and lots of questions about the SCA, about the customs and rules, and I was vented-at from people who felt disenfranchised. It was an eye-opener to hear one of the long-time members (as I've always seen her) state that she didn't understand why not having enough participants for a Coronet Tourney was a bad thing. Someone else mentioned that during court when the orders are called up it's the same people who get up there and they don't feel included in the SCA. Their experience of something medieval is something quite apart from the SCA. I'm not sure how to deal with that, or how to answer them. The thing I kept repeating was to tell them to travel. You have to travel more, and meet more people. If you can't travel much, then you need to know which events are important - and you have to build up a network in other ways. The internet is a fantastic resource in this, and so many of our members are connected.

I also discovered, to my surprise, that outside of High Table for the feast, I was the highest ranking member of the populace, and had to organize the toasts. I was not expecting that to happen any time soon, or at all. There were two Royal Peers (Countess Anna von Urwald and Jarl Peregrine McKay) in attendance. They were, however, invited to sit at High Table with His Highness along with Lord SvartulvR Kåte and his wife, Lady Elizabeth of Woodbury. They are entering the Coronet tourney which is in two weeks and he is squired to Peregrine, so Prince Eirik thought he'd take the opportunity to speak with them during feast. So, I had to rustle up three others to complete the round of toasts, and had to ask the Event Steward, Lord Egil Drakhufvud, who had what awards because I have no clue what people here have. Turned out to be me, Kheldor de Geer, Steinar Vidfamne and Egil (at least I hope that was right, because we were the ones that did it.)

Good thing about teaching - you can at least get people's attention when you need to, and without feeling too much of an idiot about it. Actually, I got over fear of public speaking leading groups of business-people around a team-building adventure course. Still, I was not expecting to have to do the toasts.

I was also asked to come and spread The Truth about costuming to some new lads who are interested in sewing. I was a little more caged about my answer there, not that I mind helping people sew, I just don't want to go about preaching The Truth. I was quick to say that I am currently working on two projects where I'm heavily relying on a sewing machine. When that particular group of people come to me again with the question I'll decide how to handle it. It wasn't an urgent question, as their hired space is being renovated so weekly activities there are on a hold for a while.
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Today, I was paid my apprentice wages, as defined by my contract. And also the assignment to make my Laurel one shirt.

I am inordinately pleased by this.

In other news, I'm attenting Attemark's local event "Pink Challenge" in two weeks, and my A&S entry for the event will be an award scroll to be given out at the event. I'm making it mostly in pink and green, a nice combo I think. I'm not completely decided on the style, but that'll work itself out. The problem with making the scroll as my themed entry is I can't really show it off until after Court.
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Aros historic fencing camp photos now online at
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Dear oh dear... what have I done?

Next Thursday evening a local demo/event starts up here in Frostheim, and for once I am registered to come, work on my embroidery and stay on site through to Sunday.

Quite a few lovely people will be there, for me to hang out with and enjoy, but there is also the problem of clothes. I brought with me, to the sweltering north, one linen chemise, which was brutally re-hemmed at Coronation (I cut off 3-4 inches off the bottom with a pair of scissors and left it raw), and two cut-out but unfinished GFDs. One short sleeved, the other long sleeved.

I also went by the local fabric store and scored 5 metres of brocade for the low-low price of 100 SKR (approx 2 euro per metre). Out of this I've constructed a simple 16th C kirtle which now only needs skirt attached, hemming and shoulderstraps adjusted. But is probably going to stick out like a sore thumb at Hägnan.

The two 1410 gowns are not quite that close to finished.

First one is green, cut from the remnant of my English fitted gown fabric. Pendelton wool, thin, drapey, gorgeous. That had no seams at all done when I brought it with me. Now the short sleeves are stitched together and I am trying to figure out the skirt.

Second one is a red/blue/brown wierd but gorgeous colour wool twill. It's got long sleeves, and all construction seams are done and felled. It only needs the front closing fixed, bottom hemmed and sleeves hemmed. Of course, front closing means a packet of eyelets, and some sort of cord for closing, which is no small task.

I've no headwear, no belt, no accessories, no flatware.

Oy.. what have I gotten myself into?
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So I went to Queen's Demand in Attemark a week ago. I got the photos online tonight. Woohoo!

*ahem* It was a delightful event, small, cozy just ... nice.

Image shows Lady Hedvig Bosdotter, latest armiger of the shire of Aros.
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Next summer, Drachenwald Coronation will be held by the neighbouring shire. They've started advertising it now, and it is very well done. Sir Cormac knows how to whet an apetite, however...

However, the event is Viking themed. As in site is a viking village with longhouse, the ceremonies will no doubt be viking in theme and the food no doubt will be viking inspired, served in aforementioned viking longhouse that seats 200.

This is all cool, themed events are cool in general and I know Cormac and crew will put together an awesome event, however...

However, I am not in the least interested in dressing like a viking. The teaser ad we had last week was very good. Very good indeed, and one almost wants to do it, but then again - no I don't.

Oh, I know there's no mandate to comply with the theme, but no doubt many, many will. I just feel I don't have suitably bling-y accessories to be a viking, nor do I want to invest in them (do you know how much a nice pair of tortoise brooches cost?!?!?). And I don't feel pretty in viking clothing.

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Event Photos - now on Not all albums are uploaded yet, and none have captions.
November 2011: Pixbox is being dismantled. All photos moved to flickr instead.
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Today I hosted scribal night again. This time at the kitchen table rather than the over-full desk. It worked, but only because we were only three people.

Anyway, I got started on a new scroll after a bit of faffing about collecting everything I needed. A Queen's Order of Courtesy award to be given out by HRM Fiona at 12th Night Coronation. It is, for now, a blank QOoC scroll however, as I have not been given a name yet. This makes doing the calligraphy a bit interesting. So far I have managed it though, with the name of the recipient ending up on a line alone, which I am fine with as a compromise. The her/his gaps are left however, which will inevitably end up a little lopsided once filled in.

I'm quite happy with my writing using the new ink from Scribblers. It flows quite nicely, but has a tendency to settle, so I have to keep shaking the bottle and mixing it up every few words or it goes on less opaque than ideal. Doing the batarde y's are a treat and I

The design is the same as the OLinq/OPan I did at the same time for Kingdom University in 2006 (projects #17 & #18). It's a gorgeous style IMO, and appropriately "pretty" for a courtesy award given by the Queen alone. My icon is a detail shot of one of those scrolls. See what I mean? Pretty.

Anyway, I sketched out the basic layout, ruled the text area and got to writing. I came to the big initial F (for Fiona) and just managed to get the text so the recipient got his/her own line for the name, then it was time to stop.

I am still missing one essential item (apart from the name) and that is the official edelweiss badge. The QOoC has a white edelweiss with a red centre as its device, and I can't find any scrolls where it is used, or a picture of it on the Drachenwald website. I can google up photos of actual edelweiss flowers, but that isn't really helpful, as heraldic items sometimes gets translated wierdly from the Real World.
In unrelated news, the latest Marc Cohn CD came through the post yesterday, "Join the Parade" and I've been listening to it all day and it keeps getting better.
Next weekend is another Aros Micro Event - not sure what I want to be doing then. Probably bring my sewing, alternately try out the blackwork workshop idea I have.

Oh, yes, at Glötagillet, the Shire of Gyllengran's own A&S event at the end of November, I've been asked to hold a blackwork class. I thought about it and came to the conclusion that I'd like it to be more a workshop than a class, and I've scribbled down a few ideas for it. I might try it out on local people first, before I bring it to the event. On the other hand, I might not have managed to put it together coherently by next weekend. Time will tell.

I think...

Sep. 22nd, 2008 01:09 am
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I think we need to have an Iron Costumer event in Drachenwald.

Maybe in Nordmark. It would be awesome.

That is all.
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The event will happen first weekend of October, and already the pre-reg list is nearing 150 people very rapidly. It is going to be awesome! And quite crowded in the sleeping area. Good thing I am a very solid sleeper. It doesn't bother me that people are making noise around me, it doesn't bother me that light gets in, it's all good.

I've got gifts lined up, ready. I've got a job to do, and have it mostly under control (and if I haven't, I'm sure it will resolve itself on the spot, what with the assistance I've got lined up).

Fighters will take the field and get sweaty, I'll be inside getting my geek on. Sweet!

I am very much looking forward to it.
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Greetings again, interwebs! I've missed you a little.

I am actually quite good at ignoring the outside world when I'm at events, so I can't really say I missed it until we returned to a house with walls, eating off normal plates using modern cutlery. That's when I started feeling my typing fingers twitch a little bit.

Most gratifying result of a week of pretty bad weather: my pavilion made it without any major complaints or mishaps. It needs a lining, or an inner tent, and I need a (third) air mattress the right size to fit inside without too much of a squeeze. I have a single-person mattress which will fit in there marvellously. I bought a new one 136 cm wide which is slightly too large. I was out looking for one in the range 120 cm. That would be perfect. A frame/bed structure would not be bad either.

My bench worked beautifully, and I adore it, not to mention the admiring comments it garnered me. :)

I return with a face all burned up (by the high winds and by the sun which scorched through the layer of clouds pretty much every day), a head full of ideas and a list of things to fix for the next camping event.

The trick of bringing only my 1400s wardrobe worked as planned - I was cold and miserable and identified several items of clothing I need to survive in that period. I know my 16th Century wardrobe does cold and wet conditions far better.

For the Visby tourney I helped run the list, calling fighters and handing notes between the List Mistress and the marshalls. I also assisted Helwig with the List at Nordic 1000. For the beginners, and two-hand tourneys I just watched and was much more uncomfortable. When you've got something to do you are either running around or concentrating too much to pay attention to hardships. Doing the list for Nordic 1000 is pretty hectic as it's a bear pit format and at times we had four lists going. I didn't notice I was cold until five minutes after the tourney was over (won by Sir Johann) and I had left the table. As tradition has it, the Nordic is held in camp during Open Camp day, so I spent most of that time blissfully unaware of mundanes asking silly questions, although I'm sure I am in a lot of their photos from the day.

The Coronet Tourney was fought on historic ground, and it was quite a nice day for it - stopped raining just as the list field was getting set up. I sat with Viscountess Filippa for most of the tourney, and we chatted about this and that - it was rather nice. Then I got up to get in a better position for the last few bouts. Rok won fighting for Wilda, in a final against Lord Jorulf fighting for Eisarfves Märta. His Highness won the beginners tourney at Visby last year, and fought quite energetically. I should have some damn good photos of the Presence, white gate and the outgoing Prince and Princess.

I can also report that the secret project myself and Helwig hadve been working on was finished and delivered at Visby. A pair of coronation copes for Their Highnesses. All wool, medium thick black wool on the outside, and very thin charcoal wool lining. They are a simple cope shape - a perfect half circle. On the backs they each have the Nordmark arms, done in wool intarsia embroidery, with the laurel wreath made up of umpteen gilded leather leaves (graded in size). On the front corners of each is the Nordmark populace arms. They looked absolutely fantastic (if I may say so myself). The plan is to continue with embroidered arms of each of the groups in Nordmark to be placed along the front edges. But that will take a bit of time and coordination on our part.

I have pictures. But not yet. I haven't even loaded them onto my computer - having spent most of the day (after I woke up) in the laundry washing my whites, the pavilion flooring and re-arranging the tent canvas in the drying room to make sure all of it was dry before packing away.
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My Events page is now updated with links, oh so many links!, to photo galleries from Double Wars this year, and a blurb about the event.

Go check it out.
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This was helped on when I poured boiling water on my hand this morning at work. It was a not-fun experience and the hand is still pretty sore. The effect of that is that I can't really use my left hand (and I'm left-handed) manipulating cloth and whatnot because it hurts whenever something touches the skin.

I did buy some linen fabric. I washed it last night, and the idea was to cut out a basic t-tunic and sew it up on the machine today. Well, I decided I do not care to cheat myself and my wardrobe to that extent, not when it means pain too.

So, I won't be attending the event as a participant. I will drop by as a tourist to get some fabric and say hello to friends and such, but since I don't have clothes I'll not stay after-hours as was my last-minute-plans on Saturday. I'm fine with that.

In other news, What the fuck happened to summer? I'm freezing.

Oh bugger

Jul. 5th, 2008 05:01 pm
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I put my name down for an event. Only problem is I've got absolutely nothing to wear. And I mean that, literally, I've got absolutely nothing period to wear at all with me up here. What I have is bits of hemp linen, and bits of wool cloth. So, between now and Wednesday I better put those bits together into a shirt and kirtle orelse, err.... I don't even know what else. I might pull a fast one and get cheap ass linen and zoom it together on the machine. Maybe.
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We are back home after the day's hardships :)

First we were beset by a flock of Italian tourists, so much so that some companions could not see us until I walked a little distance away to answer the phone. Then we walked. Oh the agony... or not. It was lovely, we had an ice cream on the way, we stopped at the required place (about half way there's a church that is traditionally a stop on the route) to refill water bottles and visit the bathroom.

When Edricus and I arrived Helwig and Elisabeth were waiting, and Mattias, a friend of E. came at about the same time. He was in mundanes. Then Brianag with son Ask joined us and we started walking. At the ice cream stop we were caught up from behind by Bengt, Hedvig and her friend Moa. Then we wandered on to the water pit-stop, and just around the corner as we set out from there we were met on the way by UlfR and Ylva who had walked from Old Uppsala, where they had left their car parked, to meet us.

We arrived right around noon, and Helwig called Johann who came and joined us with P:son in tow. So in the end there were twelve adults and two children who sat down in the grass to enjoy lunch in the shade.

Then we indulged in a bit of shopping. The Viking market was rather larger than last year, and I came back with seven metres of fabric (3 of the fine hemp and 4 metres of another lovely hemp mix). My salmon and leek pie worked beautifully and was rather tasty, I thought.

Now I am starting to recover my energy, the heat nearly drained me, but we are now starting to think about food.


Jun. 5th, 2008 09:53 pm
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Tomorrow is the third Annual Aros Pilgrimage. We hope to be quite a little crowd. From what I know there will be at least seven (maybe ten) adults and two children. More might come, but I'm not sure.

I've made a salmon/leek pie to bring for the picknick tomorrow once we arrive at Old Uppsala. Hopefully it will be edible. I wouldn't swear to it though, as I've never made anything like it before. Now the problem becomes how to transport it on the pilgrimage.

I've looked up the bus schedule into town tomorrow. We start, as per tradition, at the "new" Cathedral in central Uppsala, and walk out along S:t Erik's route to the "old" church in Old Uppsala. Once there we find a nice shaded spot and partake of a picknick lunch out in the open.

There's a viking museum and this year they're having a market there as well, featuring the lady from Medeltidsmode, so I am bringing my wallet, and also my restraint (I hope).

When we've had enough we head home in whatever means seems best. Bus for me and Edricus I think, unless we get offered a ride. The weather forecast is for sun, sun, and oh yes, more sun. Much like last year, in other words. I'm not sure which dress I'm wearing, but it is down to either my surcote lining kirtle (the light blue linen one) or one of my two blue short sleeved 14th Century gowns.


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