Aug. 28th, 2012 09:45 pm
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I didn't mention before the additional project I meant to finish for my vigil - but it is one from the list of started ones: A wool applique banner. I bought green, black and white wool, half a metre each (or was it one?) to make a banner for myself .... and I don't even remember when, where or from whom I got the fabric. It might have been at Double Wars?

In any case, I had made the pattern and cut out the fields way back, and made a pattern for the seeblätter but not cut those out. My original plan was to use intarsia embroidery to fit the seeblätter into the fields, but when I picked up the project yesterday I abandoned that and decided to applique them instead. I used blanket stitch in white to attach the white seeblätter, and blanket stitch in black for the black one. I used a simple backstitch with about 5 mm seam allowance to attach the field pieces together, felled those seams to either side and topstitched them from the outside to keep it all flat and streamlined.

The only thing left now is to line it and manufacture suspension options. Pictures will come tomorrow.

While finishing the applique I changed it up a little and finished the sewing table that arrived at my door yesterday. I needed some finishing touches on the centre bolt that attaches the tabletop to the leg. It was left unfinished by my father by my request so I could make it into a pincushion like my inspiration-images showed. So first I glued down a piece of foam mat my father sent with the table, then I cut out ten or so layers of wool circles in full size, a couple about half size and a couple even smaller circles, plus a large circle to put on top. The bolt was prepared for a thickness of fabric to be folded over to the underside, so I applied glue here and pulled the large circle down over all the layers of mat and wool, just like upholstering a chair seat. I pleated down the excess, and stitched the pleats down with silk, cut off some of the excess and then covered the side with a cotton ribbon and a satin ribbon to make it neat and decorative. All in white. I can now keep my sewing needles pinned in the centre of my table, threads, off-cuts, scissors and lots of other stuff fits in the tabletop, and the quite massive leg keeps it all even-keeled without the risk of falling over.

Tomorrow, when my camera batteries have recharged I will be posting photos of this new wonder as well.

Tonight, to change the topic entirely, I attended the monthly Shire meeting. There were five of us, and we decided on a new Yearly Meeting on October 1. Hopefully we'll have new statutes to club through then, and afterwards we'll go out for a pint.

Tomorrow, I'm hosting scribal night here at home, hopefully I'll finish a couple of nagging items then. We'll see who else shows up. My littlest apprentice sister Isabetta said she might show up :) Again, if I finish anything, I'll post pictures tomorrow.

Tomorrow, tomorrow...

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From Furniture
It's good to be a father's only daughter and handing him interesting projects :) Although I voiced the idea with the very clear addition that there is not really enough room in my home for it right now. But I won't throw it out just because it'll get a little cramped in here..

The inspiration for the table is from a couple of 16th woodcuts of tailors at their work. One shows a Nuremberg Tailor, the other from Jost Amman.
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So, after the summer I returned with one break-down chest. It will be a blanket box in winter, and will come with me to events otherwise.

I've been painting it. First base-coats, because the box is pine and plywood. Different kinds of plywood, not very pretty at all. And it all had to have the same tone to start with.

It is going to be red and black with shaded detailing. I first thought to do detailing in gold, but I've got no gold paint. Instead I will fake wood-carving. The pine will be black, framing up the deep red panels. The inside I will most likely leave white, for practical purposes - you see more with white walls.

I've also been working on a small piece of embroidery which will cover a pincushion that will go inside my new sewing box. I have wanted to try brick stitch for a long time, and I found a scrap of linen that suited that purpose in a basket.


Sep. 13th, 2009 01:34 pm
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After finally waking up, and having coffee, I put on an audiobook and set about filling the holes in my chest with putty. I'll let it dry, then sand it off lightly, and then apply second coat of base colour.

THEN I might start painting it like I want it to look. It's going to be trés Italian ren.

Next project for today.... some brickstich maybe? Just have to wash my hands again. No putty knife or equivalent meant I used my fingers to apply it.

Lia out.
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Greetings again, interwebs! I've missed you a little.

I am actually quite good at ignoring the outside world when I'm at events, so I can't really say I missed it until we returned to a house with walls, eating off normal plates using modern cutlery. That's when I started feeling my typing fingers twitch a little bit.

Most gratifying result of a week of pretty bad weather: my pavilion made it without any major complaints or mishaps. It needs a lining, or an inner tent, and I need a (third) air mattress the right size to fit inside without too much of a squeeze. I have a single-person mattress which will fit in there marvellously. I bought a new one 136 cm wide which is slightly too large. I was out looking for one in the range 120 cm. That would be perfect. A frame/bed structure would not be bad either.

My bench worked beautifully, and I adore it, not to mention the admiring comments it garnered me. :)

I return with a face all burned up (by the high winds and by the sun which scorched through the layer of clouds pretty much every day), a head full of ideas and a list of things to fix for the next camping event.

The trick of bringing only my 1400s wardrobe worked as planned - I was cold and miserable and identified several items of clothing I need to survive in that period. I know my 16th Century wardrobe does cold and wet conditions far better.

For the Visby tourney I helped run the list, calling fighters and handing notes between the List Mistress and the marshalls. I also assisted Helwig with the List at Nordic 1000. For the beginners, and two-hand tourneys I just watched and was much more uncomfortable. When you've got something to do you are either running around or concentrating too much to pay attention to hardships. Doing the list for Nordic 1000 is pretty hectic as it's a bear pit format and at times we had four lists going. I didn't notice I was cold until five minutes after the tourney was over (won by Sir Johann) and I had left the table. As tradition has it, the Nordic is held in camp during Open Camp day, so I spent most of that time blissfully unaware of mundanes asking silly questions, although I'm sure I am in a lot of their photos from the day.

The Coronet Tourney was fought on historic ground, and it was quite a nice day for it - stopped raining just as the list field was getting set up. I sat with Viscountess Filippa for most of the tourney, and we chatted about this and that - it was rather nice. Then I got up to get in a better position for the last few bouts. Rok won fighting for Wilda, in a final against Lord Jorulf fighting for Eisarfves Märta. His Highness won the beginners tourney at Visby last year, and fought quite energetically. I should have some damn good photos of the Presence, white gate and the outgoing Prince and Princess.

I can also report that the secret project myself and Helwig hadve been working on was finished and delivered at Visby. A pair of coronation copes for Their Highnesses. All wool, medium thick black wool on the outside, and very thin charcoal wool lining. They are a simple cope shape - a perfect half circle. On the backs they each have the Nordmark arms, done in wool intarsia embroidery, with the laurel wreath made up of umpteen gilded leather leaves (graded in size). On the front corners of each is the Nordmark populace arms. They looked absolutely fantastic (if I may say so myself). The plan is to continue with embroidered arms of each of the groups in Nordmark to be placed along the front edges. But that will take a bit of time and coordination on our part.

I have pictures. But not yet. I haven't even loaded them onto my computer - having spent most of the day (after I woke up) in the laundry washing my whites, the pavilion flooring and re-arranging the tent canvas in the drying room to make sure all of it was dry before packing away.
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Augh, it's impossible not to! Just look at what my tame carpenter made me:

piccies! )

The awesomeness level is beyond awesome. I must make cushions! Wool intarsia! Oooooh! Pretty!
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On my wish list:
Not quite yet, though, but eventually I will own them all.

By the way, I'm getting my very own gothic bench. Nyah, nyah :)

Must Brag

Sep. 13th, 2007 06:45 pm
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During Visby I lay nearly sleeping, thinking of what it would have been like if my own pavilion had arrived on site in time. I'd be sleeping in a pretty bare space, I thought, and then I started pondering what furniture I could fill it with. Well, there's my folding x-chair of course. And I have my scribal desk, but that has the surface at a slant. What you'd really need is a table with a flat top to be useable in a camping environment.

I continued along those lines and dreamed up a new part for my stackable, portable, dismantleable scribal desk and I talked to my personal carpenter about it and before you know it, it is a dream no more.

Behold the pretty )


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