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I know I haven't published a list of people to thank for making everything happen last weekend - but that is only because I tried to thank people in person if I could, and for the guards I did not spend any time this weekend at Helwig's and she has the list.

I can't wait any longer though. For everyone who helped set-up, make cookies, tear town, organize the event and vigilsite, guarding my vigil and for everyone who came to give me their thoughts and to congratulate me, and especially to Helwig and my household: Thank you so very much, from the bottom of my heart. I had a wonderful time and I didn't even have to do a thing except show up. You made it all happen, and you are heroes. Thank you!

I don't think everyone who stood guard came in to talk to me, so if you stood a shift to guard and you don't have one of my tokens let me know and I will gladly send it to you.
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I've got a big embroidery project planned. Well, actually, two of them. For both I need some high quality silk threads, as well as spangles and metal threads.

Anyway, today in the mail were four reels of Au Ver a Soie 100/3 silk thread (specifically from Sew&So - a gift from my Mother), and let me tell you it is gorgeous. Just absolutely gorgeous. So lovely I want to start working with it immediately. Only there is a deadline looming fairly soon which doesn't really give me room to start other, non-essential projects. So I won't. But I really would like to.
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... to finish or mend!
  • Red petticoat - needs the lining stitched in where, for the third time, it's ripped out after wear. Along the front and also where I had to piece the silk lining.
  • Turkish morning coat - attach the six edelweiss buttons down the front as decoration
  • Black velvet petticoat - re-finish the temporary hem
  • Nobelese Largesse project - finish  and send out (hopefully by next week)
  • Dragon Rose Embroidery - finish and deliver hopefully at Visby
  • Silk standard - hem and attach sleeve by Visby
  • Blue brocade GFD - finish
  • Front laced corset (plastic boning) - remake
  • Front lace corset (hemp rope boning) - finish binding all edges, sew shoulder straps
  • Brick stitch embroidery, pouch - finish the linen bits and make up into a bag
  • Silk veil - finish hemming it already!
  • Blackadder quote scroll - paint
  • Helwig's Laurel scroll - paint
  • Backlog PCS - write, sketch, gild and paint

Maybe I should, like someone I know, start my own Costume Finishing Month...

Of course, at Coronation last weekend I also bought home with me some barley starch with the intention of making a suit of ruffs. My black gown as well as my English fitted gown needs a suit of ruffs to be properly finished outfits.

Yeah, went to Coronation. The trip there with Sir William and Lady Isabetta was splendid. Me and Edricus were picked up at Stockholm Central station, we pretty much went straight onto the ferry, had a grand time on the boat, slept and when we arrived in Åbo we met up with Sven and Siobhan, Nattfari and Efridis and Anna, Erasmus and Jonna for breakfast in a local shopping mall. That's where I bought the starch. Then we made up a caravan and headed to the site. The schedule was perfectly roomy with lots of time to just be and hang out. The sun was out, and I hadn't really packed for that sort of weather, so I pretended to be a landsknecht and went around with just a shirt and my kirtle closed at the waist but with the bodice left off. But I did wear triple headwear (forehead cloth, coif and cap) and got approval from the local attack laurel for such unseemly un-dress.

The Coronation of Paul and Aryanhwy was a pretty much painless transition from Sven and Siobhan, and courts (there were three of them) were all fairly short and speedy. I heard complaints when Paul and Aryanhwy's first court was too short so that a member of the populace only had half a beer!  :)

I was also able to, finally!, finish the shirt I made for William's vigil. It needed some shoulder reinforcements because the fine hemp I used is a little too fine to be left to stretch indefinitely.

On the way back we stopped in Åbo again, because the evening ferry gave us plenty of time for touristing, so we visited Aboa Vetus, which is an AWESOME museum where you can actually walk through the streets and houses of medieval Åbo. Awesome stuff. This was a recommendation from several of the locals, who also recommended we find the restaurant Trattoria Romana - by reputation the best Italian place in Finland. They were not wrong. Nom nom nom. We plan on going back there on the next visit to Åbo, which might happen around Kingdom University which is also in this area this fall. Other things to see there is the Castle, and the museum in the Cathedral which houses some awesome (reputedly) embroideries.

I am working through the photos from the event and from the stop in Åbo. Never fear.

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Wow, what an event. So many things that were almost too awesome for words. Mistress Isobel, aka [ profile] attack_laurel was there, teaching awesome classes. The Hovdala day was awesome. So many cool people, and finally my apprentice brother, William of Richwood was made a Knight. Two of my secret projects were for him, a shirt, and an embroidered table runner. I don't know if I have photos of them though, as I finished them with very little time to spare!

Also, while at the event I finished a little bag I made from fabric samples from Medeltidsmode, lined with more of her wool and gave it to Kerstin who owns and operates Medeltidsmode. She is my go-to-gal for all of my SCA fabric needs.

I finished a mi-parti overlapping gown for the Crown Princess' daughter. Isabetta had the idea to give said daughter some ear-mufflers, but cover them in something nice. It ended up as an entire outfit with two hats, gloves, tunic and overtunic which me, Isabetta and Viscountess Anna made and gave to Her Royal Highness at the war.
Additionally I did calligraphy on two scrolls on site. One backlog from Eira and Torbjörn (for Ld Hroald Pai), and one last-minute PCS for Titus Flavius.

I've been gathering the photo-albums. So far most of them are on facebook, which can suck. But that is one reason to join fb for sure - people tend to post their photos there.

Double wars XXV  (Valai Almgren)
Double Wars 2012  (Racaire)
Double Wars 2012, flickr (Racaire)
Knäcke 25  (Arthur McGowan)
Photos from the SCA event "Double Wars XXV"  (Aleydis van Vilwoorde)
Double Wars  (Emelyne of Twynham)
Double Wars XXV  (Katheryn Hebenstreitz)
Katheryn's Photos on Picasa
Double Wars 2012  (Whilja af Gothia)
Double Wars 2012 (Delphina Bearcat)
Knäcket 2012 (Silwa av Svaneholm)
Doubel Wars 2012 (Carola de Flintebeke)
Double Wars 2012 (Röd Grön)
Double Wars 2012 (Isabetta del Verde)
Double Wars XXIV 2012 (Izabella del Cacco)
Double Wars XXV 2012 (Wilda Frejasdotter)
Double Wars XXV (Danel Udalshou)
Double Wars 2012 (Duarte Goncalvez)
Double Wars in Drachenwald (Yara)

Yes, mine will come eventually.
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Aah, Double Wars. My favourite event in the Whole Knowne World!

The trip there went smoother than expected after we discovered we'd be ten scadians on the same train to Hässleholm. We managed the 3D-tetris that is luggage racks after some head-scratching.

Going by train from Aros was me, Mistress Helwig, Anna Nilsson with daughters Tove and Arina, Lady Alvhilde with two sons, Lord Styrbrjörn Bärsärk and Lady Ragnhild Leifsdotter. We're not the people with the smallest amount of luggage.

Anyway, the train ride was nice and relaxing, and I managed to snooze while I shared headphones with Helwig: we were listening to an audio book.

At Hässleholm Anna and Alvhilde had arranged the rent of a people-carrier. It had seats for nine, we were eight, and there was plenty of space even for our epic pile of luggage.

Notable happenings at Double Wars: Filippa could finally accept a green belt from Mistress Helwig. Stigot got a red belt from Sir Brendan. Magnus got awarded the White Portal. Meisterinne Katheryn Hebenstreitz, OP, was elevated to the Order of the Laurel. Viscount Arngrim Biornsson changed his name to Armand d'Alsace and was knighted. Master Måns Knutsson Kotte was also knighted - from the King's privy chamber (tent) as the King was injured and could not get up to court.  Several lovely people got Panaches, Genevieve and Robert each got a permanent heraldic title, and so much more I can't remember it all.

Other things: I finished and delivered four napkins, and sundry for Mistress Katheryn's Laurel vigil and she was mighty pleased. See image below and following images in the album.
From Giftbasket

I finished and handed over the V&A reproduction coif-set to Viscountess Filippa. The one with silver thread embroidery. I also entered it in the A&S competition and won Queen and Princess' choice. I also assembled it fully. Although it needs to be half dis-assembled again for the lining to be put in. I left that step for Filippa to do herself. We tried it on her head briefly. See image below and following images in the album.
From Embroidery

I'm still working on editing the photos I took at the event. Soo many. I will keep you posted.
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Wow. OMG! And other such exclamations of glee.

I have just finished the embroidery, entirely, on the black and silver coif set. The forehead cloth has been finished a while now, but the coif has been lagging behind. I set my mind on finishing it before Double Wars, which starts on Friday - in five days - and I achieved it!

I was on the phone with my laurel while I worked the last coil in ceylon stitch, counting down the last three stitches. And when it was all finally done, I cut off the thread end, I took it outside, and I photographed it, then I sent a text to Filippa (whose coif it is going to be) and then I ran outside, with both hands in the air for a Victory Lap around the house. Yes, I literally went outside, ran around the house, with my arms to the sky with a great big grin on my face.

This is an amazing feeling! And now I will make it up into a wearable coif and it will be FABULOUS! It already is. I am so very very pleased.
ETA: Photo:


Mar. 10th, 2011 05:36 pm
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A moment of squee today. Actually more than a moment. My arms passed muster and are now registered! Woohooo! Yippeee! And other such exclamations of joy.

The blazon reads: Per pall inverted sable, vert and argent, three seeblätter inverted argent, argent and sable.

And as a quickie, I can link you to the scanned artwork over at Oscar so you get a look at it.

It's FABULOUS! But I am totally biased.
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Can I just say that having your own private carpenter is A Good Thing.

This morning before I left to catch the bus, I put in an order for  a slate frame in which to embroider the coif.

I just arrived back, and there it is. All ready for a final sanding and being put into use. SCORE!
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Moahahahha! I am Lia, hear me roar!

I think I managed to come up with a pretty damn good re-creation of a stitch that was used on the coif I am doing.

It turns out, after I got a load of yummy close-ups, that they did not solely use plaited braid stitch. In fact, I see very few places where they used it, instead a number of other stitches seem to be employed. It may be that the plaited braid stitch is a bit too clunky, or wide, for application on such a flexible item as a coif, or it may be the scale of the coif, as compared to a jacket. It's smaller. Or it may just be that this particular pattern calls for narrower coils.

Anyway, there are plainly chain stitches used in lots of details, I can do those easily, but then there are a couple of other types of stitches as well. My roar just now was because I think I figured out one of the others. It is a reverse chain stitch variation, which twists the reversed loop, and does not use the same hole for any of the stitches. It looks good when I did it just now in wool, but when I get back to my coif set I will try it again with the silver thread and see how it stacks up to the original.

Oh, and speaking of the original - I love the SCA.
I wrote to the London shire's email list on Wednesday, asking if anyone could possibly go to the V&A and take close-up photos of the coif in question - and one kind, generous, fantastic lady did! She went there yesterday during her lunch hour and took over a dozen excellent close-ups and sent them on to me that very evening!

I love the SCA, with big fluffy bunny hearts. Research photos for meeeeee! Hurrah!

Of course, now that I have them, I want to do the best possible job copying all the stitches. I may have to scale down my ambition. But still, a reversed twisted chain stitch I can definitely do!
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I counted, last weekend, how many 16th Century shirts I have actually done.

In my closet are three that I wear. I made one more for myself, which I gave away on a whim. I've made one shirt for Sir Johann, one for THL Antonio, one for Countess Cecilia's coronation, one for Princess Willhelmina. Currently I'm working on one for Lady Åsa and one for Mistress Helwig. That makes a total of ten (10) shirts. Of which three (3) are still in my possession and for personal use.

So, to re-cap that, three out of ten, in five years.

The last one I did sort of bring on myself. And Sir Johann's as well, and the one I gave away is nobody elses fault at all. And of course, bartering for things is a perfectly legitimate reason (as with Antonio and Åsa's shirts)

It does seem like I've been making nothing but shirts for other people, but I don't feel in any way cheated. After all, it is a joy to work with nice crispy white linen and then when you're finished and the shirt is starched and ironed it looks so pretty and people are so appreciative.
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Today, I was paid my apprentice wages, as defined by my contract. And also the assignment to make my Laurel one shirt.

I am inordinately pleased by this.

In other news, I'm attenting Attemark's local event "Pink Challenge" in two weeks, and my A&S entry for the event will be an award scroll to be given out at the event. I'm making it mostly in pink and green, a nice combo I think. I'm not completely decided on the style, but that'll work itself out. The problem with making the scroll as my themed entry is I can't really show it off until after Court.
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Chocolate fudge cake, still a little warm from the oven.
A cup of strong black coffee.
Pretty silk floss to look at.
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  • arrive, set up
  • rained on
  • party evening
  • talking with people, fielding questions and marshalling forces
  • fixing viking apron dress of ugliness made by pretty fabrics, ten minutes
  • sleep, wonderful sleep
  • up at eight, breakfasted til after ten
  • gathering people, setting up vigil site
  • running back and forth, back and forth
  • empty staring into the air and stress
  • first court at one o'clock with one order of business, sending Helwig to her vigil, I hide from cameras
  • vigil starts, people start lining up, and don't stop until past 6 o'clock when second court starts
  • I fetch my yardcloth to have something on my head, but do not change clothes
  • principality and kingdom courts, I get called up at both wearing glasses and viking outfit of ugliness, but for quite awesome and wonderful awards. Nordmarks Malakit from the hands of Prince Franz and Princess Willhelmina, and Queen's Order of Courtesy from the hand of Queen Cecilia, I am humbled
  • Elisabeth Gottfriedsdotter becomes a Lady, Ed gets a Lindquistringe
  • Helwig becomes Mistress Helwig Ulfsdotter, marked by medallion, cloak and laurel wreath on her head
  • I can finally relax
  • sleep, wonderful sleep
  • wake up, get pretty, spread a blanket and lounge and do nothing all day. remebering to eat and drink and hang with absent friends
  • witness coronation, queen's champion's tourney where William of Richwood is her choice
  • first court of judith and gerhardt seen from blanket in the grass
  • feast, party time
  • sleep, wonderful sleep
  • wake up, pack, stress, pack, carry, drive home, unload car
  • Shower
  • Tea
ETA: Nowhere in there does it say, took photographs. I brought my camera and all my gear. Despite this, I took exactly 0 (zero) pictures. *sigh*

To do:
  • unpack
  • stow away
  • re-pack mundanes
  • clean apartment
  • order taxi
  • fly to the frozen north.
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OK, I just ironed my camicia which was dried off after coming out of the washing machine. I hung it up on a hanger using clothes pins to keep it there (wide neckline).

And I keep looking over to it to see if it's really where, and to smile. Because it is teh awesome. TEH AWESOME!

Just wanted to share.
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Glass of red wine - check
Two kinds of soft cheese - check
Sweet, ripe grapes - check
One tomato - check
Embroidery project in hand - check.
Audiobook queued up - check.

Aahhhhhhh.... delightful.
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I am quite pleased. I washed the thread before I started, and it left the water blue. I worked two repeats, then I washed the gusset again - and this is a picture after said treatment. No runs, no discolouration. I am quite pleased, and the project is now a go with full steam ahead. I shall make a diary for it, I think.
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I won't be going to Winter Games this year after all. I'm going to be redeeming my brother's christmas present in Stockholm at Globen.

This sucks, because I was really looking forward to going to the event, and I'd promised to hold a class. But this is also awesome.
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In my hot little hands, the camera is. mmmm.

OK, it's sitting right next to me, while in my hands I hold the instruction manual. I'm going to be reading it cover to cover. ttyl.
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So yesterday I arrived back at my place around ten pm after an entirely lovely weekend with relaxed small-scale event and delightful people all around.

Glötagillet started on Friday morning ... )

With Hedvig on board, we headed for the train station  )

That evening Bob made an appearance. )

Saturday started with the fire alarm going off at eight ... )

All day people were working on their own projects, patterns were created, cut out and tried out in toiles and people got to work on old projects that needed input and direction. I didn't really do much practical work myself (except attaching an apron string which burst when I went to put it on) but my plan was always to mostly help other people and that was what happened.

Filippa managed to get her new (practical!) red kirtle wearable, and it was pretty, of course. Aveline got going on her new red kirtle and had many questions on what to do next, which I did my best to answer.

The feast ... )

The journey home ... )

I brought both my cameras with me, and had them near me all weekend, but I did not really have time to sit down for very long, and I kept busy so in the end I did not take even a single photo. Elisabeth, however, took a couple of lovely ones of me in my new red kirtle, one of which can be found in my gallery. I'm going to have to rely on other people's view of this event, but I don't mind, I was having a perfectly lovely time.
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The last shirt I finished, out of the sheer hemp linen cloth, was done even closer to period construction and assembly than my previous ones. I whipstiched the gathered neckline/sleeves into collar and cuffs on both inside and outside. However, upon doing this, it did not quite feel safe enough. So what I did on that shirt was go over the inside edge of collar and cuff with backstitches, through the gathering but not all the way through to the other side. Then I went over the outside of the collar and cuffs, right at the inner edge, with backstitches. I did all this to keep the tubes flat, and to further anchor both collar and cuffs to the shirt.

Now, having read Patterns of Fashion 4 and looked at more images of the Sture shirts and others, I realize that they, too, have a line of backstitching next to the edge of collar and cuffs to keep them neat, and safely anchored. I was doing the "right" and documented thing before I knew it was the right thing to do, because it felt like the shirt needed it.

I'm kind of awestruck.

And I only have the hem and eyelets left on this latest shirt of mine.


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