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These hose were cut out in 2005... so they've been a project for nine years. That's just depressing.

When I uploaded the finished item shot to my album I found the image of the pattern pieces cut out:

And finished:
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Sewn hose. They are possibly the most boring thing ever to sew. It took me two years to finish the first pair I cut out at a sewing circle where we produced hose patterns left right and centre.

Yesterday I picked up a pair of hose which were half finished. Literally. One hose was done, the other was only pinned.
Tonight I finished the second one and I have a whole pair of hose, my second pair of sewn hose.

They look like... ungood. I've not tried them on properly. I'll probably pull them on and try for a photo tomorrow.

Anyway, sewn hose in a brown check are finished and will be used at events. Definitely need garters to keep from falling down, but that's fine, I have a lovely pair of red leather garters.
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The end of the year is nigh and people are starting to make lists. Lists containing titles such as: "Planned projects for this year at the end of last", "Finished projects this year" and "Planned projects for next year". I like making lists, too, I want in!

At the beginning of 2007 I made a nice picture-post of projects finished in 2006, and was quite surprised at what I had turned out. I did not, however, go in to much detail about planned projects for this year. In fact, let me quote myself in full:
For this year I want to finish my gloves, my hose and do a pair of turnshoes in the leather I now have for them. Finish the English fitted gown, do some headgear for the 1410 surcote. More fabulous scrolls - an Italian white vine scroll I can finally be completely happy with perhaps.   
--Lia, January 2007, emphasis added

In summary then: I did not finish my gloves, I did not finish my hose (although I did complete another pair completely from scratch - hurray!), I did not do a pair of turnshoes, I did finish my English fitted gown, I did not do headgear for my surcote and I did not make a white vine scroll. Which puts my score at one for six. Still, in all, my EFG is fabulous enough to make up for it!

That gown was not the only thing I did all year, though. Oh, no, this is where the list starts.

2007 - Sewing Projects:
  • Finished open hood Open red wool hood, January
  • (No Photo) Sture shirt, version 2.0, May
  • A Pair of BreechesVenetian breeches, May
  • Finished gown, worn at Double Wars XX 2007English fitted gown, May
  • (No photo) Wool mittens, August
  • (No photo) A pair of hose, September
  • Skirt attached and hooks and eyes on, worn without corset (Sept 25, 2007)Splendor Solis kirtle, October
  • (No photo) White linen Sture shirt for Sir Johann, November
  • (No photo) A petticoat skirt in brocade/linen, November
  • Tall hat, finished (December 2, 2007)Tall hat, December

2007 - Scribal Projects:

  • Finished. Photo. Sigillum Regis for Graf Gerhardt von W├╝stenburg, June
  • ... Is that really all? I think it is. How sad.

2007 - Crafts/Embroidery:

  • Front, finished 16th C needlebook embroidery (24 Jan 07)Needlebook cover, January

  • pouch4 allMorale booster pouches, February
  • Linen outlines finished, close-up. (March 30, 2007)Intarsia Pillow, March
  • 16th C Sture shirt v 2.0 - Inside Collar Embroidery. (25 Apr 2007)16th C Sture shirt v 2.0 - Whitework on outside of collar 4 hours (1 May, 2007)Blackwork/Whitework shirt collar, April
  • Suit of Ruffs: Cuffs finished, except for ties or hooks/eyes.Cuffs, May
  • 16th C Blackwork embroidery for Ingrid, collar and cuffs (July 2007)Collar and cuffs blackworked for Ingrid, July
  • Miniature game board, backgammon (3 July, 2007)Tiny gameboard, July
  • Highlight for Album: Building A PavilionA period pavilion, August
  • Second reticella square (7 Sept, 2007)Reticella squares, September
  • Assisi embroidery finished. (24 Oct, 2007)Assisi embroidered cloth, October

Goodness, I think I am going to faint. That's a fairly long list. However, they're mostly little projects (not counting the pavilion). Still. Wow.
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It took me a while, but it finally got through to me that I can't go to Kingdom University in any case this year. On account of it being moved to the same weekend as the Nordmark Coronet Tourney. So even if I wanted to, I couldn't go, because I've promised to help at the Coronet Tourney.

Also, first of two hose, completely and utterly finished. Second one, felling has commenced.

I am currently considering trundling out to the fighter practice grounds, see if anybody's there. I'm not sure they are though, as the weather is a bit inclement and the local marshal is off doing something else. Lethargy may overpower me. Future will tell.

Next Saturday: Aros Sewing Circle! I might dedicate it to petticote making, or making a Leyton jacket (from the Reconstructing History pattern), or patterning a big warm Breugel gown. Or embroidering. Embroidering is lovely.

ETA 4 pm: The hose are now completely finished and I am wearing them. Splendid day! Also, the fighters were not out in force today. In fact nobody was there, so I went for a little walk and came right back home and had my thermos of coffee with Master Euroshopper's cookies all by myself.
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Oh, yes, worlds have been changed, lives have been altered - Lia has made a pair of hose!

OK, so not actually all finished as yet. But I went over to a friend's place and used the hose pattern from Handelsgillet and a sewing machine. The fabric was the very small remnant of poly/wool used for my Venetians and at the end there is only enough scraps to make one little pouch. How's that for fabric efficient? They are knee-height only, and I've hemmed the tops but have only started felling the seams on one of the pair.

Not, in fact, totally finished with them then, but I am so close, I'm telling you, it's a miracle. If I'd have just put down the blackwork for the first couple of hours I'd've finished the first one for sure. But blackwork is so marvellously seductive that it's hard to put down.
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Double wars is coming up fairly quickly now, and I feel I ought to look over my list of projects that I said were due for DW this year. So, let's review the list from 9/4-06.

On that list three items were finished, leaving the following:
  1. Wool hose
  2. Gothic Army Dress Sleeves
  3. Brown Test Doublet
  4. Shoes
  5. 1410 Surcote
How am I doing? Words, words, lots of words )

In other news, I started on the 6th of the Drachenwald needlecases today at the Tuesday meeting. My detached buttonhole stitch is looking very nice. The outline of my pine trees continue to look like the drunken scribbles of a blind parkinson's patient. But it's all hand made! (*eyeroll* & *sigh*)
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As for the worried about my doublet; I consulted the experts and they say I could either just stick two cable ties together and make one longer one to have it run all down the front of the doublet - or I could do like I drew on a whim - one boning channel on the diagonal from the front point. The recommended course was to stick two of them together with either epoxy or some duct tape. Or other means.

Anyway, I uploaded a couple of pictures to the doublet gallery, of the front and back pieces cut out of interlining. I might get an update on the diary about it as well at some point today. I have alot more pondering to do though, since the original is made from strips of velvet appliqued with cord or embroidered - and I have no idea what shape these strips are to be able to piece on my velvet eventually. I may not have to do that pondering on this project however - since I don't really have to piece the corduroy - but it would be good to have it all figured out and templates cut to just plonk on my velvet and know it will work.

For the hose, I took a picture of my second iteration pattern today and uploaded pics to the 15th Century Dress Accessories gallery. I might also do  GFD diary update about these. Or I might not. I post a note about it here, because you, the elite people who have found my LJ are so spiffy you deserve to know. Actually, I post it here because I have uploaded the pictures, but I don't have much interesting things to say about it that deserves to be saved in my dress diary just yet.
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I was quite productive when I came home on Friday.

First of all cutting out the mock-up doublet's interlining layers where I will stitch boning channels. I am really not bothered making the interlining up with the help of a sewing machine - it's boring boring work that nobody will -ever- see. And when I can have seven channels done in the blink of an eye on the machine as opposed to much less stability on account of long stitches by hand... well, the choice is simple.
My only problem is that I am not quite sure how to deal with boning the front edge of the doublet since it has a curved front seam. I will add a single channel with two strands of my hemp cord inside right at the outer edge - I think - and cord is as long or as short as I cut it off whereas my cable ties are not so flexible on length.
I measured it out yesterday and found that one cable tie will not go the entire length from neck to waist. So I have to deal with that somehow - the problem is only how to deal with it. I will bring the doublet to Circle and get advice.

I went through my big luggage that contains my fabric stash and catalogued most of the long pieces of fabric and I was surprised to find some very nice things in there. My goal was to find fabric for hose, and I found two remnants of wool, one thicker, the other thin, to use. I must also remember to bring with me my white cotton cloth for toile fabric so I can save the pattern if it turns out to work for me.

As for sewing circle on Saturday, we got right to work, being industrious.

We finally did get around to making hose patterns. They all looked quite diverse, but with the same general shape. It was interesting to see actually. I made iteration 2 of my pattern as well, I of course forgot my own white cotton, but one of the ladies kindly let me use some of her bolth of toile fabric, so I was able to come up with the second pattern, and cut it out of the wool I had brought with me.
Be advised that cotton does not behave in the same way as bias cut wool! The pattern pieces cut out of wool stretch a heck of a lot more than does cotton. It's quite intriguing. I must now of course, re-drape the hose I have on my feet again, or just call them sacks rather than socks - they are that big.

Once I got home I had messages from my mother and father, mother telling me she was unable to book the train-ticket home, and from father a picture of three more items he has turned out of wood for me :)
Upshot is, I booked my own ticket home for Easter, online, with Sas, rather than the train-company, and with my student discount/special rate it came out alot cheaper.


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