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Silk floss problem has been solved. Supplier located and order is in for more thread for the coif project.

Yesterday was sewing circle and we saw some ladies who have been busy for a long while again. It was quite nice. I brough only the coif embroidery with me, but unfortunately developed a horrible headache. Soothed it by ducks, and watching Elizabeth: The Golden Age.

Today I talked a bit with my apprentice sister, who had to cancel her visit at the last moment, and was inspired enough to rummage through my fabric stash and pull a couple of nice woolens. I settled on a thin dark grey wool, and unbleached linen, which I proceeded to cut into a second Layton-inspired jacket for myself. It was interesting to note that I used up almost exactly 1.2 metres of fabric for the layout, including sleeves, and wings etc can be taken from the cabbage.

I've stitched together three of four sleeves (two wool and one linen lining sleeve) and have pinned the rest. I'm expecting this project to zoom along quite speedily and keep me busy while I wait for the silk floss to arrive.
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Allright, your comments convinced me and I went ahead and added the new stuff to my A&S 50 list. I'm up to 15 projects, 35 to go.

I've started ... and on I go ... )

Alrighty then, all that musing courtesy of me updating the A&S 50 list. Aren't you lucky.

Tomorrow I'm being picked up and we head north for Glötagillet/Wardrobe Camp - whee Event weekend! I've got my course material all set up, and I think I know what else I'm bringing. I am declaring this a work-on-my-unfinished-15th-Century-Wardrobe Wardrobe Camp.
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Knitting is an evil temptation )

The stocking patterns I'm sending along to my mother who has, she says, loads of a dark red pure wool yarn she would be willing to work up if I provided her with a pattern. Hurrah, says I. Red knitted stockings for me, whee!
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The state of things: You know when you used to write things up on the typewriter, and hit more than one key at a same time and then everything got tangled up as the long letter-arms got stuck and nothing got written?

I think that's the situation happening with me. Too many things, too many ideas, too many sparks, too many projects and I end up going nowhere on all of them.

If I had just one project it would get worked on, if I had just one fabulous new book to get through it would be read; but I have five of each and I don't know which to prioritize and in what order.

It makes me itch all the more to do something when nothing gets done!

Enough whining, now. I went to Aros Micro Event today, which ended up being just Yearly Business Meeting and then wind-up and go home again. I'm secretary for another year, and must now write up the fantastically long (not really, we were done in 20-25 minutes) minutes of the meeting. I also came back with loot! Brianag works at a book-binding place, so she had brought a little bucket of book-binding glue, and special paper/fabric used to cover books with, and scrap pieces of leather for same. I made out like a bandit and was very nearly cackling all the way home.

I have high hopes for next sewing circle Saturday, see how far Aveline have gotten on her corset and smock/chemise.  I feel like I've achieved something in regards to that. You see, I remember coming to my first sewing meetings in January 2003 feeling quite nervous and scared, and then awed at the gowns that were being created there. If anyone remembers I started out in the 12th Century, and then the Age of the Cotehardie (around 1400 for me). Seeing the ladies with the drooly brocade and renaissance outfits knocked my socks off. It only took Helwig 11 months to get me started on a Tudor outfit for myself, and I started, as Aveline is doing, with corset and smock (29 September 2003 to be precise).

I think it is fabulous to be able to help her to create a complete Tudor outfit. I could not have completed mine without the generous help, assistance and good advice given at the sewing circles, and now, I can give that all back in what feels like a deja vu experience only with reversed roles. Hopefully, I will be able to steer Aveline away from the lampshade-as-French-hood debacle. What with Sarah's fabulous deconstructed theory of French hoods now available and making so much sense.

And now, for something completely different:

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Oh my word....

I am coming over all faint. My toes are curling and the most salacious groans and sighs are torn from my throat.

No, I am not doing anything x-rated, rather I have just opened the little padded envelope sent to me by [ profile] tedeisenstein free of charge(!) which contained 4 DVDs packed to the brim of photos of actual books and MSS pages. You should all worship him and send him presents. I will have to come up with something, because this is amazing and awesome.

Let me tell you, coming on the heels of the Hardwich Hall book, this is almost too much sheer joy to take. And hence, obscene sounds are the result. I think I'll have a bit of a rest, calm down, and dream lovely research-y dreams.

Today has been a good day.
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So, you remember that book I posted about?

Embroideries at Hardwick Hall, The: A Catalogue ( by Santina M. Levey)

That one?

I want it. If you are considering getting me something nice, this would be very very nice. I went to check it out in person at the library and let me just say that it is awesome. Large size, photos in colour mostly, detailed catalogue entries detailing materials, stitch, motif, symbolism, condition report and the odd photo of the -back- of the work as well.

It is a fantastic resource. Not just for motives and stitches, but furnishings and fabrics. It's a big book, and I didn't spend fully an hour on it, and just breezed through the introductory bits, but if you stop to read them I am betting there is loads of lovely information about furnishings at Elizabethan manor houses and historical notes etc.

There was even a section at the end with stitches.

In short: I want it.


Jan. 11th, 2008 12:40 am
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Embroideries at Hardwick Hall, The: A Catalogue ( by Santina M. Levey)

I think I just experienced some kind of embroidery-gasm. And it's available for loan in one of the University libraries in town. I am so there.
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The newly elevated Pelican, Meisterine Katheryn, has taken the time today to announce to all the lists and boards of Nordmark and Drachenwald, that the special guest at this year's Double Wars, where Katheryn is A&S coordinator, will be Master Ranthulfr Asparlundr.

Item 1 on the packlist: All scribal supplies.

Addition to project agenda for the spring: Work on scribal stuff.
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Starting with the bad first, I seem to have contracted a cold. It started off with the feeling of someone having shoved a rasp down my throat and wiggled it about - soreness. It has now progressed to some coughing and a stuffed nose.

However, there are more good things lingering from Coronation that I did not previously mention. For one, Her Grace Alessandra Melusine presented me and Helwig with a very nice Brighthelm pewter token, which our glorious leader, Richard the Rampant, had sculpted and cast himself. I pinned mine onto my dress at once when I got it, and I will make sure I display it at future events as well.

Mel also brought me a very pretty glass, to replace the one I knocked over and broke. It is not the same as the old one, but it has a similar shape which is what attracted me to my old one in the first place. It is also larger so holds a bit more liquid. I am Very Pleased, and send hugs to the friends who helped acquire it for me. Bonus is that is also just fits on top of my water jug. Had it been one cm shorter it would have fit perfectly, but the little cloth "lid" thingy I made for the jug fills in the gap and prevents any wiggling. I've not tried to put jug and glass back into the box yet, so I'm not sure I can transport them together, but if not, I still have the box for just the glass, which works just as well.

Thirdly, there is the distinct possibility of a new face appearing at Aros sewing circle Saturays. Not new to the SCA or sewing by any means, but new to our sewing circle. I foresee much merriment and geeking about clothes and sewing, and I am Very Pleased.

Item the fourth is the news that this year's Knäckebröd war will be colourised. If you are on the lumpy side, wear yellow; if you are on the flat side, wear green. This fits nicely into the general colour scheme of my clothing, as it is predominantly green (when it is not blue). It also gives me an excuse to get started on the green brocade project that has been brewing in my head for the longest time. (For long-time followers of my blog, you might be familiar with the idea, but for reference, here's a link to all previous posts about it.) Having received the glorious Moda a Firenze as a birthday present, inspiration and sources are not far off either.

What am I waiting for then? I am waiting for it to become Saturday so I can start with patterning, layout and overall planning of the green brocade project. Maybe I'll even manage to cut out the fabric!
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I know I said I was not going to do the whole summation/projection until the new SCA year, but I can't help it. I already did the summary listing and it feels incomplete without the forecasts!

Also, I have done nothing on any projects of late, not counting actually reading "Textiles and Clothing" which I'm doing on the bus, so there is nothing else for me to write about here.

So then, the listing, which will be more of a discussion than a list. )
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Leyton mock-up layout. (12 Sept, 2007)So, on a a scale from 0-Awesome, how would it be to make a Leyton inspired jacket in my charcoal wool and to this a pair of blackworked  linen sleeves? I ask because of the other half of the used-to-be-culottes that has so far become my slashed bodice, I can cut out the body parts of the HR Leyton pattern.  But no sleeves. There is not enough fabric to make sleeves as well. (BTW, I'd change the shoulder wings to a more period shape, straight on the outside edge and convex on the inside edge, that would fit to the right of the front body in the layout here--> Also, the gore is fitted over scraps so it is on top of five layers of wool, there's room for plenty more gores if I want them.)

Now, I could scrap that idea and from this piece of wool make a pair of sleeves, as slashed and pinked as the bodice to coordinate with it. Of course, I could. It would even be kind of cool. And I would get a pair of sleeves I could use for warmth (possibly). I could probably self line them, with a layer of white linen as interlining to show through the slashes. Although if they're quite tight it would be awkward to get into them with a non-slippery fabric as lining.

There is also the question of how accurate it would be to make up this pattern in wool. Does anyone know? I'm hesitant about that.

In other news: could someone amputate my head for me. I think it's about to explode from the throbbing pain. *whine*
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Aah! I am going insane! I don't know where to start, except everywhere and all at once.

System overload )

So, when I say too many projects - you know what I mean.
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All wool all the time )
On the left from the top down we have:
  1. 4 m grey thick wool felt to be made into a GFD surcote of extreme practicality.
  2. 2.3 m Brown gorgeous wool bought in Visby to be made into ...?
  3. Thin dark charcoal grey wool suiting, suitable for linings only?

On the right, from the top down we have:
  1. Ex skirt, charcoal grey to be made into a 16th C bodice or jacket with cuts and pinks?
  2. 5 m Teal wool, very light weight, to be made into a bliaut possibly?
  3. 3 m Green warp and red weft wool  to be made into ...?
  4. 4 m Dark blue gorgeous wool cloth suitable for ... ?
I thought that if I pulled out all my cuts of wool long enough to be useful, I might get inspired. Now there are a few good ideas up there in my list, granted, but none of them have sparked my fancy in the least.

I could do a surcote of the grey wool but there's no challenge to it, and if I do, what then becomes of my lilac surcote? Relegated to useless or superfluous?

The bliaut idea has the most potential, but I'm still scared by my previous failures in that period. However, I could possibly have saved my last attempt at a bliaut if I had worked at it, and the fabric wasn't horrible and not worth the time. Maybe I would succeed this time.

But do I want to make another impractical gown to flit around in like a princess? Well, yes, that's why we like the SCA isn't it? But really, I mean how about I try making something practical and comfortable instead?  Something to wear sprawled in the grass or gallivanting through the night? Something that I can quickly throw on for the 5 am bathroom run across a camp?

Gosh, that sounds so very practical and so very, very boring. Maybe I have to face up to the fact that I don't like to be practical, that I'd rather be dainty and pretty and utterly useless. In that case, a bliaut has an even stronger claim. Then I must finish my silk veiling, and I must make a chainse, and I must sort out a girdle, and I must figure out trim.

I think I will sleep on the matter.

Boy clothes

Apr. 3rd, 2007 10:29 pm
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I have thought about it. There was loose talk at last year's Double Wars that this year would not feature a Girl's Night Party in the Styringheim camp, rather there would be something on the opposite end of the spectrum.

Last week there was more rumours spread on the Nordmark guestbook that the Styringheim camp is expecting to be invaded by a great horde of bearded people. I.E. Boy's Night Party. For such an event I am considering making myself some boy clothes. One) to join in the spirit, and Two) to try out those freaky trouser patterns that go with 16th century clothes.

Now, inventorying my wardrobe I wouldn't have that much to produce for the event. Let's start with a list of things I have:

  • Shirt, with blackwork, Sture cut.
  • Flat Cap. Great unisex item.
  • Brown corduroy doublet. Certainly would work, though it does give me the wrong profile - a female one that is.
  • Full circle cape. For male use I'd add heavy-ish ties and wear it tied sideways over one shoulder, under the other arm. Dashing like.
  • My pretty pretty Tudor shoes.
So, what would I need to manufacture to pull this off?

  • A jerkin, probably built up for a bit of a peascod belly look. Worn over my doublet that'd be sweet, and also completely throw off the female profile.
  • Trousers, paned, trunkhose, venetians - dunno what kind. I think I'd want a codpiece, just because they're strange.
  • Nethersocks, or equivalent.
It bears pondering, certainly.
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As I am puttering around, taking forever to get ready this morning, I've started to think about my research strategies.
Cut for length... )
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Receiving a few suggestions on my post about celebrating craftsmanship, I wanted to write up a nice list of things I can do, purchase, produce as tokens to give to A&S displays. And not just me - I encourage you too, to do the same. I think the effectiveness of such tokens increases the larger your reputation is. Getting a nod from Lady Lia nobody-at-all is not going to be as appreciated as a nod from Mistress Awesome of Fabulousness, for example.

On to the ideas then.

  • From [ profile] ormsweird came the awesome suggestion of reproduction coins from Pewter Replicas in the UK.
    • Same vein, any number of nice tokens can be purchased there or from Fettered Cock Pewters in Canada; belt hangings, fittings, buttons, badges all according to your purse.
  • Simple wool needlebooks, like the giftbasket ones I made last year.
  • Business card sized illumination with appropriate imagery. Tailored for different categories of A&S, possibly from the list on the MoAS site.
  • Nugget of beeswax, cast in appropriate forms. Period candy making moulds, ice cube trays that come in interesting and suitable shapes.
  • Beads, beads, beads! Viking ones, glass ones, cloisonne ones - beads!
  • Bookmarks, embroidered with appropriate imagery, see illuminations above.
  • Tiny glove stitched and stuffed - like a keyring or...
  • ...pincushions in interesting forms for the sewing items - can be made from scraps.
  • Drawstring pouches - who doesn't need a pouch? - can be made from scraps.
  • Quill or reed pens, cut and ready for use, idea from [ profile] caomhinmaca, who is on a roll and also suggested ...
  • ...Cloth pomanders/scent bags. For example in the shape of strawberries. Stuff it with something fragrant (lavender, cedarwood shavings, cloves, roses) and decorate it with your colours.

Got an idea? Throw it this way!
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Lately I have been thinking about A&S and its profile at events. Why? Because I am a sheep and so many on my reading list have been discussing it, also I looked at some event photos and spotted something that I think is a marvellous idea - namely leaving tokens of appreciation for all displayed items.

I remember seeing those at the An Tir/West war I attended. There was a big dayshade set up in the middle of merchant's row with loads of stuff displayed, and many of them had a little bowl to collect whatever tokens the populace wanted to leave. Plus some sort of bead system to vote for your favourites. I think that is a fantastic idea and I wish people would do it here too - just to encourage our artisans to display and enter competitions. Raise that aspect of A&S in Nordmark, and Drachenwald.

Who should be doing it then? Well, clearly, there's no better start than myself. So I've been pondering what sorts of things I can do, and what sorts of items I can plan to collect and bring with me to events. Obviously they need to be small, portable, flexible and, for preference, free.

I know that for myself, receiving a christmas card with a written note of thanks and a small gift for my scribal contribution to the Kingdom meant quite a lot. I felt appreciated and warmed by the effort and consideration that someone put out just to show their appreciation of me and my work. That's the feeling I want to promote and pass along to artisans everywhere.

Consequently, I shall put some more thought into this, and prepare to have a stash with me to the next event I attend, which at this time would be April Crown Tournament in Juneborg.

Ideas for tokens I can produce:
  • Small square of illuminated cardstock with appropriate iconography
  • Wool needlebook
  • Pouch/drawstring bag
  • Embroidered Bookmarks with appropriate iconography
  • Nugget of beeswax for sewing
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I am generally not very interested in the Victorian revival that is currently the rage in the costuming world. I don't see myself making a bustle and all those pleats and ruffles are a definite turn-off, as are the silly hats.

However, I would not mind owning a nicely tailored Victorian-style coat. I'm imagining it in dark grey or black wool cloth, with the back pleating detail from Peterson's 1883 November issue, the over-all look of either the October or one of the two December issue examples. There are a few styles from 1881 that also looked nice. Braid details in black, possibly decorative embroidery around a few seams, on the pocket flap and at the sleeve cuffs. Maybe the asymmetrical cuff detail from January 81, and I rather like the length of this jacket from February 81. Pocket placement and approximate shape like December 81.

Since I will never make an entire wardrobe to go with this, nor do I intend on making it a costume but something for my mundane life, I'm thinking that the pleats in the back seams would help give the jacket at least a hint of the proper bustle profile. I was also thinking I could possibly add fur detailing. Around the hem, cuffs and collar. Possibly even line it entirely in fur. I have loads of mink left over - although that might be overkill, and could possibly ruin the nice lines of such a coat being such a heavy fur.


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