Moving day

Apr. 16th, 2014 02:43 pm
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... in fact, most every new post that I previously would have posted here will now be found on the wordpress site.

The reason for the move is that while I have loved LiveJournal it has been surpassed by other platforms in terms of ease of use. I will not be throwing this blog away, as it still contains such a lot of good and useful and fun information to be mined.


Jul. 23rd, 2013 12:11 pm
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so I downloaded the LJ app for my mobile. Maybe I'll start posting more again now. . .


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In case anyone missed it, I updated my last post with pictures.
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Updating out-dated links to photos. Boring. Very boring. I don't know if I'll fix all the links here on LJ, but I have to fix it on my website. I've gone back through entries and added the tag fixit to all posts of event photos that lead to the two dead photo sites tworavens and pixbox.

I've also been uploading older albums to flickr. I suggest checking that out if you want to find my older archives. I'll keep adding old event photos there in the coming months. Easiest is to check the sets - everything will be organized into a set

ETA: A few more old albums uploaded. 2007 University and Crown Tourney. Same place :)
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A friend who has a blog over on wordpress called Textile Time Travels, has given me a lovely award. A little invention in the small community of sca blogs called The Gorgeous Blogger. I'm flattered of course, because there are so many great ones out there, and mine doesn't really have any regularity.

Anyway, the award comes with a few questions which I thought I'd answer.

  1. When did you start your blog?

  2. What is it about?
    • I was a little more relaxed in the beginning, talking about non-sca topics quite a bit, but I soon changed it to expressly being about my sca projects. It's a way to communicate with others, and get input on tricky problems, and as a way for me to work through my difficulties by airing them. So, sewing, embroidery, calligraphy, illumination and all the other crafts I get up to.

  3. What are the differences between this blog and others?
    • I don't know that there are that many. I hardly ever talk about mundane topics here, and I use my "friends" listing as a way to keep track of other LJ-blogs on relevant topics. It started as more of a short notify blog, but has developed to contain more content which used to go on my website.

  4. Why did you start it?
    • As a way to keep my friends in An Tir up to date, and also as a convenient way to talk to myself about projects and problems with them.

  5. What would you like to change in your blog?
    • I sometimes wish my style of writing was more open so that I might get more comments, but it is hard to change my entire style of communication just for more comments on a weblog.

The suggestion along with the award was to list five other blogs to give the award to, but I have a policy never to propagate these sorts of things. I suggest checking out my Reading List (which is what I prefer to call the LJ friends page), or head on back to Katheryn's blog Textile Time Travels, which gives you value for money. Not a single post is fluff.
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Where to host my pictures has been a problem for me since my brother pulled down his own server. I've been waffling, and not really done anything about it for a long time now.

But finally, in a fit of pique I decided, and flickr is it! So since Friday I've been uploading lots of old photos. I made a collection of SCA Events, containing sets from events in 2003 through 2005. Plus St Egon of course.

I paid for the pro account, for two years, which was quite reasonably priced. Feel free to comment on pictures, and enjoy!

Adding to the note to self: Update photo album links on my website.
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Note to self: 
  • Update webpage with new information on persona page.
  • Add my device EVERYWHERE!
  • Update scribal page with the writ for Antonio's scholar
  • Seriously update events page.
  • Edit St Egon pictures...
  • Update turkish morning gown dress diary


Feb. 12th, 2011 08:44 am
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The past week I've been getting one or two spam comments a day on my LJ. It is not overwhelming in any way, but completely annoying.

Grrr! Argh!

In better news, I'm picking up a shipment of fabric today!


Dec. 10th, 2010 11:56 am
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It seems to me I write here far too seldom these days. I have been working on stuff, but nothing very exciting lately.

I've started up again with the silver metal thread embroidery coif and forehead cloth set. The forehead cloth is now fully worked. Just needs ties and possibly a lining (although I haven't decided on that yet). I will soon post my hand-out for the class on Elizabethan Metal Thread Embroidery. I will probably get it finished up this weekend.

I've started two new dress projects. One 16th Century kirtle in a nice-looking but low-quality would-be-wool fabric. And one 14th Century gown from blue brocade with a blue linen lining. I started them both on the machine, but they've both transformed into hand-stitching projects. Last night I worked on the kirtle bodice, topstitching around the turned edges to neaten it up a bit. They are not terribly exciting.

I got given some yarn the other week, which I managed to knit into a pair of bed-socks for myself. My first ever pair of socks. They're not very exciting, and not particularily medieval, and suffers from first-attemptitis, so are not terribly interesting.

I made lots of cookies the other week. I've paid my fee for 12th Night Coronation. I've also said I'll attend the local shire's Christmas gathering, which is a week from Saturday. Today I looked up some recipies I might possibly be able to make as the feast is a potluck. Maybe I'll just bring bread, sausage and cheese.

I've accepted another scribal assignment, due for Double Wars (Their Royal Highnesses are organized), so officially I now have three scribal assignments I have to finish. No pressure.
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A friend of mine recently posted a thought which I think deserves its own little post.

He said:
[working on a project which went from] "functional", via "..and it has to look ok", all the way to "this better look really good, and it should work ok as well" /.../

Which is the journey so many of my projects take. From a beginning of "I need an X to finish off this Y." to "This X I am making needs a, b, c, and d added to it!"

Often this is simply because if it's purely a functional item I can probably get by without it, but if I add the extras the project becomes interesting again. For example:

I made a Florentine gown (Y), which needed its own camicia (X). This in itself is not a very interesting layer. It just consists of lots of very fine linen gathered to a neckline. In order to make it more interesting I decided it needed to be embroidered. I started with one stripe down the middle in front, and one line of individual floral sprigs down the top of the arm. I have now started another four stripes down the front, and the sleeves will eventually be tiled with those individual floral sprigs. All done with double running stitch using the indigo dyed silk thread I bought off Felicitas (now Her Excellency, Baroness of Gotvik).

And even though I have worn this outfit once (to the banquet at Double Wars where Helwig got her Laurel-writ) the camicia is not finished yet. It fills the role of my Never-Ending-Project, as I pick it up and put it down when I feel inspiration come to me and I can't think of anything else to work on.

More recently; take the Turkish morning gown. I needed a woolen layer(X) I could pull on in the morning at Visby without having to get dressed(Y). I could have made this as a simple pull-over the head tunic, like a Herjolfsnes #39 which I have a linen version of.

That would be eminently practical. But oh-my-word so boring. So instead I looked for other sources of inspiration. Alcega. A morning gown - perfect! It became a lined coat-like garment with enormous impractical open sleeves and a heavy probably-impractical hood which needs to be fiddled with to lay straight and look good. And this gown could have been left like that, but I felt the /need/ to fingerloop three whole balls of string to apply braids all over it. And it still has no means of closure other than a belt.

So, I recognized his statement, I could empathise. I can see the stupidity, and I can shake my head at myself and go: "Why...?"

But in the end, it is too much fun, and the results are absolutely fabulous and so definitely worth it.
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... are now online at Tworavens. I'm pondering if I want to start using flickr pro in the future, though. I'm undecided yet. I do like the new and improved flickr even more than I liked the old flickr. Just have to decide if it's worth the money. It may well be.
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Having had no crafts with me to work on, I've instead focused on my website and have rebuilt the scribal pages with working image links and more new finished items.

I've also cleaned up the crafts page and fixed broken images, and updated the events section with all the events I visited last year.

So, updated page - yay! Although not too much new content to read.
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As with last year, I was not madly productive, but I do have a bit of a list.

The year started off with scribal assignments, and the first projects I can put on my list are from April.

  1. Queen's Order of Courtesy scroll for Lady Trinite Ducalon (Scribal poject #21)

  2. Golden Ribbon (Nordmark A&S award) scroll for Viscountess Filippa Birgersdotter (Scribal poject #22)

  3. For Double Wars in May I did the year's third scroll, an Award of Arms for Niamh of Gisburne (Scribal poject #23)

  4. In June I finished the forehead cloth and coif set for Mistress Helwig Ulfsdotter's Laurel elevation. I still don't have a good set of photos of this organized. I am sure I have taken some, but I'll be damned if I know where I put them.

  5. In July I whipped together one quick brocade 16th Century kirtle (which is too small for me and not pictured anywhere),

  6. and one previously cut out half-sleeved GFD in a forest green wool (also not pictured).

  7. I also finished (to a wearable state) the GFD made from Mistress Mathilde's remotely fitted pattern in a gorgeous rust-coloured wool,
    Mathilde GFD

  8. After a bit of sewing I decided to experiment with brick stitch embroidery, and made a little pincushion in September.

  9. With an inability to say no, in October I accepted two last minute scroll assignments and made two Lindquistringe scrolls for Viscountess Yrla Kristersdotter and her lord,

  10. Sir Cormac Lawless O'Toole respectively. (Numbered 25 and 26 in my internal scribal project counter.)

  11. October continued to be productive as I made another brick stitch pincushion.

  12. And a working linen apron, with my first bit of smocking.

  13. Finally, in December I decided I had not finished anything interesting for a long while and cut out and made up a simple Layton style jacket in grey wool, lined with linen. I am still debating pulling out the lining and replacing it with silk or the like, and it has no closing mechanism yet either.

  14. Also finished in December, but started much earlier, another set with elizabethan coif and forehead cloth for Mary verch Thomas Pelican elevation.

  15. And for my final project, another one for the giftbasket, a Sture shirt for Princess Willhelmina Weydehartz.
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January: My big christmas present this year was a digital camera
February: So in Aros we have a regular sewing circle.
March: Sewing circle yesterday. I arrived first, but was soon joined by Iseut, Sarah and Elise. Then Anna without her daughters, William and Bengt also came.
April: I have an urge to write something, anything. But unfortunately I have no project updates, no fabulous new developments, and no stunning new photos.
May: gonna be trying this out for a bit:
June: I've been alternating calligraphy and embroidery today.
July: Dear oh dear... what have I done?
August: I got a green belt at Visby.
September: To do: Clean up local photo albums and send out interesting shots.
October: An apprentice contract is way cool.
November: I've started on another coif/forehead cloth set.
December: Gift certificate for sock dreams - SCORE!
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Since Geocities is closing down (*wail*), I'm having to move my homepage. It's now going to be at and I have updated the A&S 50 page. It is still woefully out of date though. After the event this weekend maybe I'll get to updating. I've got loads of stuff to post.
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Oh yeah, I ... forgot. I have a mirror of my site online:

Not totally updated, but I can fix that.
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So... GeoCities is crapping out on me and shutting down. Rather, Yahoo! is. Anyway, I must find another place to put my stuff now. I've just decided to give it a whirl over on wordpress. The only thing actually there now is my A&S 50 Challenge page. Which I've today updated with five (5) new items, bringing the total up to 23 finished items, and 27 to go to reach the target.

What are those?, you might ask.

First of all, items 15 and 16 in the Tudor style is the matching forehead cloth and coif I made for Mistress (squee!) Helwig Ulfsdotter( [ profile] helwig) to wear at her Laurel vigil. Total hit. I'm very pleased.

Secondly, items 5 and 6 in the 1410 style list and item 17 in the Tudor style, being the dresses I finished in a hurry for H├Ągnan Medieval Days.

There are no pictures organized yet. Sorry.

Oh, right, linkage would probably be appreciated. Here:
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I came away richer in things from Double Wars.

One big tea mug courtesy of Alessandra Melusine. Got long ago, but languishing in ID until now. And also a bit of bling from Richard the Rampant, who had a bag of bling he let me pick over. W00t. It's a smallish penannular bronze-coloured brooch. It's pretty.

Alrighty then, that's all.

Oh, I might thanks to the very generous offer, start uploading event photos to instead of pixbox. I like that, because at pixbox they only store the sized variants, and Eirik at Tworavens runs the gallery software, which I like and understand. Plus, more statistics, and non-member comments. Whee.
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Photo-editing, eight at a time, to go through 300 odd pictures.

Boh-red. Boredboredbored.

Why bored? Because by this time I've gone through all of my photos about half a dozen times. First a scan through, then rough culling, then eliminating duplicates, then quality culling, then content culling, then more quality culling and now opening them all and resizing, repositioning and recutting. Plus sorting out even more unwanteds and give aways.

I always start a folder called give aways where I put duplicates of people that they might want to see. Then I mail them and ask if they want to see the photos and then either send then trash, or just trash them. I have kind of a hard time taking photos of myself, so I generally want to see the pics of me from others, I figure it's no hardship for me to offer it to others at least.

Bored now. *sigh*

Still, I am at photo number 347. Highest number to get to: 641. Progress.
I'll be posting them on pixbox.


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