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On a whim I dragged out my pavilion from the basement storage today.

I set it up on the sunny side of the building on a patch of grass. Started by laying out the tarp, then the ground-cloth of cheap-o wool-substitute to mark where I should stake down the walls of the tent. And then I went to raise it up. Well, I tried to, but found that the centre-pole still has trouble accepting the hub and went to fetch my toolbox.

I has a toolbox.

Then I spent some time sanding down the centre-pole, and some time sanding down the top end of the hole through the hub. It got kinda warm in the sun.

Then I continued the set-up; raising the centre pole and inserting the spokes. Then I crawled out of the saunapavilion and panted on the grass for a bit. At this point a trouble[totally the recognized group-denomenation] of young boys turned up. One was brave enough to lift the wall to peek in, then came to me to ask if he could go inside the tent. I panted a little bit more, then said to hold off until I adjusted the stakes and could open the door proper.

It was warm. I went to fetch a bottle of water. The boys played inside the pavilion for a little bit, considerately taking their shoes off as I was barefoot and explained that I didn't want the tarp or groundcloth to get dirty. Then the boys went away.

I noticed one tiny hole in the upper end of one wall-panel.

I lay down in the shade for a bit and finished the water.

I went upstairs to my apartment to bring some of the left-over canvas and my sewing kit, and proceeded to remove the spokes, and then I took down the centre-pole and pulled out the stakes. At this point I could sit down where the pavilion had stood, as the trees shaded this spot, and cut out two patches of canvas and stitch them over the hole in my wall.

Then I packed all the pieces away, carried them into the storage and proceeded to feel smug.

I've also brought up the hub and the centre-pole to my balcony, to continue sanding away at the -other- end of the hole in the hub, and to re-beeswax the pole where I rubbed it off with sanding. I don't think raw wood is good in a variable-humidity environment. And beeswax smells yummy.

I've also gotten a good start on the scarletworked coif for Helwig's vigil. And since I came over a little earlier to the sewing circle on purpose, we also picked a text for her scroll and a style of illumination that made her go "Oj, oj, oj!".

Tuesday is scribal night, I'm going to try to use that to practice the text. I want it to be as good as I can make it.
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Greetings again, interwebs! I've missed you a little.

I am actually quite good at ignoring the outside world when I'm at events, so I can't really say I missed it until we returned to a house with walls, eating off normal plates using modern cutlery. That's when I started feeling my typing fingers twitch a little bit.

Most gratifying result of a week of pretty bad weather: my pavilion made it without any major complaints or mishaps. It needs a lining, or an inner tent, and I need a (third) air mattress the right size to fit inside without too much of a squeeze. I have a single-person mattress which will fit in there marvellously. I bought a new one 136 cm wide which is slightly too large. I was out looking for one in the range 120 cm. That would be perfect. A frame/bed structure would not be bad either.

My bench worked beautifully, and I adore it, not to mention the admiring comments it garnered me. :)

I return with a face all burned up (by the high winds and by the sun which scorched through the layer of clouds pretty much every day), a head full of ideas and a list of things to fix for the next camping event.

The trick of bringing only my 1400s wardrobe worked as planned - I was cold and miserable and identified several items of clothing I need to survive in that period. I know my 16th Century wardrobe does cold and wet conditions far better.

For the Visby tourney I helped run the list, calling fighters and handing notes between the List Mistress and the marshalls. I also assisted Helwig with the List at Nordic 1000. For the beginners, and two-hand tourneys I just watched and was much more uncomfortable. When you've got something to do you are either running around or concentrating too much to pay attention to hardships. Doing the list for Nordic 1000 is pretty hectic as it's a bear pit format and at times we had four lists going. I didn't notice I was cold until five minutes after the tourney was over (won by Sir Johann) and I had left the table. As tradition has it, the Nordic is held in camp during Open Camp day, so I spent most of that time blissfully unaware of mundanes asking silly questions, although I'm sure I am in a lot of their photos from the day.

The Coronet Tourney was fought on historic ground, and it was quite a nice day for it - stopped raining just as the list field was getting set up. I sat with Viscountess Filippa for most of the tourney, and we chatted about this and that - it was rather nice. Then I got up to get in a better position for the last few bouts. Rok won fighting for Wilda, in a final against Lord Jorulf fighting for Eisarfves Märta. His Highness won the beginners tourney at Visby last year, and fought quite energetically. I should have some damn good photos of the Presence, white gate and the outgoing Prince and Princess.

I can also report that the secret project myself and Helwig hadve been working on was finished and delivered at Visby. A pair of coronation copes for Their Highnesses. All wool, medium thick black wool on the outside, and very thin charcoal wool lining. They are a simple cope shape - a perfect half circle. On the backs they each have the Nordmark arms, done in wool intarsia embroidery, with the laurel wreath made up of umpteen gilded leather leaves (graded in size). On the front corners of each is the Nordmark populace arms. They looked absolutely fantastic (if I may say so myself). The plan is to continue with embroidered arms of each of the groups in Nordmark to be placed along the front edges. But that will take a bit of time and coordination on our part.

I have pictures. But not yet. I haven't even loaded them onto my computer - having spent most of the day (after I woke up) in the laundry washing my whites, the pavilion flooring and re-arranging the tent canvas in the drying room to make sure all of it was dry before packing away.
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My nose continues to run, and amazingly, so does my sewing machine.

How about that! When it decides to have a good day it makes a perfectly acceptable straight seam, and today was such a day apparently. I've just stitched together one half of the fabric floor that I'm making for my pavilion. I decided to take the remaining pea-green/yellowish some-part-wool fabric that I made my Laton jacket from and put it to some use. Floor in my pavilion sounds about right. The fabric isn't bulky, not very heavy, and neutral enough as a flooring that I won't expire from horror upon seeing it.

So I sketched out the floor plan on milimetre grid paper, measured my fabric and cut off two triangles from either end of the length which I stitched together and onto the side to make half of an octagonal flooring. The other half will have to be another colour. I don't mind. That will end up a very dark blue. Should spiffy up the place a bit - one hopes.

In other news, I've not yet done a proper update on the sewing progress. In short, my Sture shirt (mark 3) is finished aside from the eyelets needed for the cords that will close sleeves and collar. Six eyelets to go, three cords to make and that shirt is completely, utterly, finished. Hurrah! Oh, almost forgot about the shoulder re-inforcements. It needs those put in place too.

The red petticoat - I've cut out the bodice in the wool and have started by facing the front with a purple lining. I will be closing the wool layer with hooks and eyes over lacing through the interlining layers. It will be sweet.

I've got hooks and eyes now as well, so I will retro fit two pairs on my surcote lining kirtle as the skirt has a tendency to flop open and I have a tendency to scratch my hands up something awful on the pins I end up using.
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The end of the year is nigh and people are starting to make lists. Lists containing titles such as: "Planned projects for this year at the end of last", "Finished projects this year" and "Planned projects for next year". I like making lists, too, I want in!

At the beginning of 2007 I made a nice picture-post of projects finished in 2006, and was quite surprised at what I had turned out. I did not, however, go in to much detail about planned projects for this year. In fact, let me quote myself in full:
For this year I want to finish my gloves, my hose and do a pair of turnshoes in the leather I now have for them. Finish the English fitted gown, do some headgear for the 1410 surcote. More fabulous scrolls - an Italian white vine scroll I can finally be completely happy with perhaps.   
--Lia, January 2007, emphasis added

In summary then: I did not finish my gloves, I did not finish my hose (although I did complete another pair completely from scratch - hurray!), I did not do a pair of turnshoes, I did finish my English fitted gown, I did not do headgear for my surcote and I did not make a white vine scroll. Which puts my score at one for six. Still, in all, my EFG is fabulous enough to make up for it!

That gown was not the only thing I did all year, though. Oh, no, this is where the list starts.

2007 - Sewing Projects:
  • Finished open hood Open red wool hood, January
  • (No Photo) Sture shirt, version 2.0, May
  • A Pair of BreechesVenetian breeches, May
  • Finished gown, worn at Double Wars XX 2007English fitted gown, May
  • (No photo) Wool mittens, August
  • (No photo) A pair of hose, September
  • Skirt attached and hooks and eyes on, worn without corset (Sept 25, 2007)Splendor Solis kirtle, October
  • (No photo) White linen Sture shirt for Sir Johann, November
  • (No photo) A petticoat skirt in brocade/linen, November
  • Tall hat, finished (December 2, 2007)Tall hat, December

2007 - Scribal Projects:

  • Finished. Photo. Sigillum Regis for Graf Gerhardt von Wüstenburg, June
  • ... Is that really all? I think it is. How sad.

2007 - Crafts/Embroidery:

  • Front, finished 16th C needlebook embroidery (24 Jan 07)Needlebook cover, January

  • pouch4 allMorale booster pouches, February
  • Linen outlines finished, close-up. (March 30, 2007)Intarsia Pillow, March
  • 16th C Sture shirt v 2.0 - Inside Collar Embroidery. (25 Apr 2007)16th C Sture shirt v 2.0 - Whitework on outside of collar 4 hours (1 May, 2007)Blackwork/Whitework shirt collar, April
  • Suit of Ruffs: Cuffs finished, except for ties or hooks/eyes.Cuffs, May
  • 16th C Blackwork embroidery for Ingrid, collar and cuffs (July 2007)Collar and cuffs blackworked for Ingrid, July
  • Miniature game board, backgammon (3 July, 2007)Tiny gameboard, July
  • Highlight for Album: Building A PavilionA period pavilion, August
  • Second reticella square (7 Sept, 2007)Reticella squares, September
  • Assisi embroidery finished. (24 Oct, 2007)Assisi embroidered cloth, October

Goodness, I think I am going to faint. That's a fairly long list. However, they're mostly little projects (not counting the pavilion). Still. Wow.

Must Brag

Sep. 13th, 2007 06:45 pm
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During Visby I lay nearly sleeping, thinking of what it would have been like if my own pavilion had arrived on site in time. I'd be sleeping in a pretty bare space, I thought, and then I started pondering what furniture I could fill it with. Well, there's my folding x-chair of course. And I have my scribal desk, but that has the surface at a slant. What you'd really need is a table with a flat top to be useable in a camping environment.

I continued along those lines and dreamed up a new part for my stackable, portable, dismantleable scribal desk and I talked to my personal carpenter about it and before you know it, it is a dream no more.

Behold the pretty )
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I realized that one major reason for me stressing out earlier (re: too many projects) was that my workspace had been allowed to get way, way too cluttered and dirty. So after a bit of self-analysis and a good two hours of picking up, dusting, mopping and some rowdy music I was ready to tackle something off that long list.

070801 The profile of finished pavilion.Namely, editing photos. I fired up the old Photoshop and voila, an album full of the photos I took while working on my little pavilion. Some may be a bit boring, but you get the idea anyway. I'll eventually do a write-up of my method as well. Click on the image to the left and be dazzled.

Also, a few images of my second Tudor plate can be found elsewhere among my albums. Now perhaps I can start on the Visby MTV pictures. Wouldn't that be grand?

Well, then

Aug. 3rd, 2007 08:21 pm
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No pretty little pavilion to Visby this year. However, maybe it needs a name anyway? I shall ponder it.

And now what shall I write about? I will take some good pictures of my collar and cuff blackwork embroidery I think, and do a post about that. Maybe do a write-up of my pavilion build.


Aug. 3rd, 2007 05:20 pm
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My tent won't make it to the event.

Let me say again: Crap.
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Hurrah! The tent pegs are all done, with one bonus one spray painted gold *snigger*. There are also six nifty nifty spoke-hooks on which I can hang things. The hub for my spokes is very pretty and has four little dowels that works like pegs for hanging up small items along the centre pole. The pole has been waxed with teak-coloured beeswax, the spokes have been beeswaxed (needs a clean-up tomorrow) and today's big job has been to finalise the canvas.

I did that, adding the loop-grommet closure (as demonstrated by this lovely flickr set) and chopped off and finished the roof overhang with a simple double-folded seam (to be spruced up at a later date). And then my mother and I bent ourselves double applying the Impregnex brand water proofing. Which explains the loopy mood. A bit light headed, is what I am feeling. Chemically induced and from the feeling of accomplishment combined.

Now I am hoping and wishing the roof to dry quickly. Overnight. For tomorrow. Because best case scenario is to ship the tent in a number of items directly to Gotland using a bus freight service. I'd like it to be sent out tomorrow so it'll get to the island by Monday. If it arrives on Tuesday that's cool too, because I won't actually arrive until Monday evening. At which point I suspect I am going to be utterly shattered by a day of travel and packing.

Also, a new plate and a spoon. Also, do you know what two months at your mother's house does to you? It creates -more- of you, if you know what I mean...


Aug. 1st, 2007 08:51 pm
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So, imagine a tall Swedish woman bouncing up and down, feet together, springing up from the toes, flapping her hands up and down and grinning like a fool.

Got that image firmly in your mind? )
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So, this morning. The big push. First seam all the way around the roof. But first, a few more details.

Details, such as pinning and machining the twill tape and loops all around the top edge of the walls. So I lied saying the walls were completely finished on Sunday. They are now! Saving the lop-grommet zipper of course.

And I finally got the courage to go all around the roof attaching the walls all the way around except for the door, which will not be stitched to the roof Instead I've got three loops for buttons! On the roof edge where the door is, and on the next roof panel for folding the door back completely out of the way. I am so sharp I cut myself. (Yes, this is me gloating about it before it's even finished and tested and worst case scenario I will be eating my words later on.)

The buttons, my father, being a handy man, made for me out of moose-bone. I'll be putting three on the top of the door and two at either corner of the window blind.

I'm out of time for today, as I start working at 3pm and don't get off until eight. Tomorrow, however, I work a short day from seven till one pm and if things continue in the way they have been I'll be putting on the buttons and cutting off all the loose hanging threads and calling my little pavilion finished. If it also stops raining I can put it up, adjust the spokes and douse it with waterproofing.

So, basically: omgomgomgSQUEE!omgI'vealmostgotatentomgSQUEE!
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The little details I'd left off doing 'til later meant that I have not, in fact, sewn the walls to the roof and created a pavilion just yet.

The little details included such things as ... ) Que sera, sera.


Jul. 29th, 2007 02:28 pm
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Too much all at once!

I am now down to pretty much the last few things on the pavilion. Such as attaching walls to roof and sorting out loops for everything. Currently I am tearing my hair out over the order of the giant fabric sandwich which will be the roof/wall seam.

I have the roof ready to go, I have the walls ready to go, I have a gazillion fabric strips to be folded into loops and I have 21 metres of twill tape to strengthen the seam, but I keep staring at it wondering in which order to tackle it all. Should I sort out the twill tape and loops in one go, then sandwich that between wall and roof, or should I stitch the twill take on the walls, then sort out loops and roof attachment in one go or what? Augh!

Not sure if any advice at this point will come soon enough, but I felt the need to vent. Maybe I can attach the loops around the bottom of the walls first instead. Yes, I'll do that, see if my mind can dwell on the problem while I make myself useful elsewhere.
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The mad cackle and sounds of a bare-footed jig would be on account of me finishing stitching together the walls into one long streamer ready to be sewn into the roof.

The door is the missing link, as in, not stitched into the opposite wall panel edge. I have made a special strip, triple thickness of fabric into which I will install a line of grommets. On the door panel I will stitch a rope with loops for that distinctive loop/grommet zipper closure.

More later. Now, more celebrating!
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Today I can report again on my latest blackwork embroidery.

The collar is finished, done, finito. One cuff embroidery is finished except for about 28 more stitches and fastening thread ends, and the second cuff is started. The cuffs take practically no time at all (in the order of 3-4 hours in total), being so short and only one repeat of my pattern high. I think the embroidery is fabulous and it'll end up looking marvellous on the finished shirt, I am quite sure.

In pavilion news, I moved the pockets up about 10 cm and that made the roof stretch tight over the spokes and centre pole, however, I will end up moving them further up the seam, as I will have to pick the point at which my wall pieces attach to the roof panels. It turns out my roof pattern was a wee bit off. How that happened is still a mystery, but never mind. I will fix it by stitching the wall together as it is cut out, and then figure out at what point it needs to attach to the roof. That will dictate, finally, how high the hub will land and how long the spokes will be. It is stiil looking very very pretty, and it'll be even nicer when it's finished, I'm sure. I bounced up and down on the spot when we stretched the roof over the spokes earlier this evening. Looks like a pavilion top! Whee!
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First test of canopy roof on pole and spokes. Not yet 100%, but at least there is progress, and boy was it hot under the roof when we were crawling in there. Hurray!

I've made a window today as well as a gazillion loops for ropes and stakes etc. No time to mount the window into a wall piece as yet, maybe tomorrow. Now I have to get ready for work.
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I promised more news anon. Well, 362 out of 607. And the rest can be inferred by that to mean: basically nothing done yet.

I tried starting on the roof assembly, but after doing the first straight seam got unsure if I should be doing the flat felling right away, or sew them all together, and -then- fell the seams. Anyone have any advice re that?
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Today went on a shopping expedition: bought twill tape in enough quantity, rope, more rope, a stake-puller and -pounder, and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

So, question is, how much more will get done and at what point will it get done? Only the future will tell. Will report more anon.
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Well, well, it's been a while since I posted and things have been progressing since then. I am nearly finished with the collar embroidery for Ingrid, and I have started on the Great Pavilion Project.

I am still uncertain... )
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Embroidery on the gift set is continuing apace. I have soon done the outside lap once around (it needs twice around to be complete) and I think I like it. I'm using the same linen that I know Ingrid will be using for her shirt, and I am going over 2 threads. It's an even-weave, although a bit coarse.

The collar embroidery will be two mirrored rows of the design, whereas I am contemplating doing just the single line for the cuffs. There is also the option of doing the same design, just shorter for cuffs, just for s-n-g:s, but I don't know yet.

Also, I seem to have ordered cotton duck for pavilion making. They'll be calling me when it gets in, and it'll take a week or two. Eep. Eep! *breathes into a paper bag* It'llbefineI'msureofit - eventually.

I also acquired a new air mattress today. The nice thick kind with a velvety top surface. Lovely.

Other SCA related news? Nothing much; still waiting for confirmation my scroll's been sent off to Maximilian and Margerite, and still unsure of exact transportation details to and from Visby MTV (Medeltidsveckan).


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