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Right, I just went right ahead without posting the album to here. So, if you want to check out my photos taken at Drachenwald Midsummer Coronation, my flickr-set can be found through here.
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It has been a while since I updated my LJ with event photos, but here we are again! I just finished adding captions to the pictures I took at the Coronet Tourney my shire put on a few weeks ago. Some pretty good shots, if I say so myself.
Nordmark Coronet Tourney

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And after a round of furious editing I've managed to upload and caption all 370 odd photos from Visby to my flickr.

Feel free to check them out, leave comments, tag people and share the link. If anyone wants originals, or wants me to remove an image, or have words of praise just get in touch with me and we'll get it sorted :)


Also there are photos from all previous medieval weeks I've attended and an album from the Nordmark Coronet Tourney held in Frostheim in June:


As well as Midsummer Coronation.

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Today is Wednesday. Tomorrow, Thursday I have to make sure my bag(s) are packed for first a weekend in Aros, spending time with Helwig, and hopefully both my apprentice siblings as well. I will also be spending some quality time with my apartment. I'm travelling on the over-night train, so I can bring a fair amount of luggage.

On Monday I'm on a flight to London. My mother booked us five nights there over the winter sports week off from school. Edricus is also coming to London, so we'll have five days there. Sweet.

Monday we're travelling, Tuesday I've booked coach tickets to Cambridge for Edricus and myself. Wednesday evening Thamesreach has fighter practice which we'll be going to. Doing museums during the day.

Thursday we're doing Hampton Court Palace.

Friday we're doing more museums and stuff. Friday evening is Thamesreach Beer and Museum night at probably the National Portrait Gallery.

Saturday we're flying back home again preparing for the work-week after.

Then the next weekend is St Egon, which I'm flying to as well. My new Samsonite rolling pilot-bag is going to get a lot of mileage :)

So the plan for tonight, if I can tear myself away from the manic knitting I've been caught up in, is to plan what to bring with me on Friday. The camera is definitely on the list!

The knitting? Oh, I've finished one scarf, one wrap and am working on another scarf. This last one is fiendishly complicated. Well, not really complicated, just intricate. And since every row you just slip half of previous row's stitches it is quite compact and doesn't grow very fast. But the resulting texture is gorgeous.
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My photos are online, but I'm still working on captions.

I am always glad to receive comments so please don't hesitate to leave them!
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Editing photos - surely the most boring task in the world.

I quickly went ahead and cleaned up the one single best shot I took, of Viscountess Filippa, whose fighter just won her the Nordmark Coronet. Not a technically perfect photo, but taken at just the right moment, showing the one thing you want to see - emotion.

The ladies from left to right are: Lady Åsa Fredriksdotter (consort of Lord Edricus), Viscountess Filippa Birgersdotter (consort of Lord Eirik Hårfagre), Lady Ingrid OlafRsdotter (consort of Lord Fardäng Skvaldre) and Viscountess Yrla Kristersdotter (consort of Sir Cormac Lawless O'Toole).

Filippa goes W00t!


Sep. 15th, 2009 02:36 pm
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200 photos from Visby uploading as I type this. I'll start on captions right away.

The album can be found on

ETA: All photos online, and all photos have captions! Enjoy.
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So I'm going through the Visby photos. I'm really very pleased with quite a few of them. I'm surprised. Pleasantly surprised.

I'll start editing and cropping next.


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