Oct. 29th, 2009 10:24 pm
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Nailbed poked and now bleeding. Manageable, and not painful, aside from the fact of large red bloodstains on pristine white linen coif-in-the-making. Augh!

There will now be a pause in embroidering for a bit. Wish I had chocolate.
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An apprentice contract is way cool. A proper indentured contract is way way cool.

However, now that I've formulated the text of the contract, had it approved by my Laurel and written it out once I am beginning to have second thoughts. That is a looooooooong text. And I have to write it out again, a second time, on the same piece of paper. Without making any mistakes, because if I make a mistake now, I have to do it all over again.


I shot myself in the foot there. I should have done what Vitus and Edricus did and outsource the scribal work. Only problem with that being that I only yesterday got the text finished.

Also to do today, calligraphy for second last minute scroll and whitework for both. Oy...

Tomorrow I have to pack my sca stuff, my mundane stuff, and also finish the secret project for Civil War. Not too much left. Just three sleeves that need closing.

I think I need a break. Maybe go eat a pizza.
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Missing membership card mystery turns out to be Lost In The Mail issue.

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Clearly, I am cursed.
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Well, I just spent a bit of time updating my website.... only to find out Yahoo are shutting down GeoCities!


I am going to be all nostalgic, because my first email account and webpage I created was with GeoCities back in 1994/95. I started with a Paris (as in www.geocities.com/Paris/####, I don't recall the number exactly) block website, and I've been with them since then, changing to Yahoo mail when they were bought up. And now, GeoCities, the webhosting, is going to be shutting down. The bastards wants everyone to pay for hosting, and so they're shutting everything else down.

I am annoyed, I am upset, I am .... not happy.

I have to find another solution somewhere, sooner rather than later.

Vyvyan (the icon), I turn to you to convey my sentiments properly. I use you sparingly, but this is the moment you were created for.


Apr. 28th, 2009 04:06 pm
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Damn and Blast! I just spilled about a tablespoon of minatum all over my kitchen table. Thankfully I was smart enough to cover it with plastic before I started scribing. It was still a big sticky mess and now I don't want to do scribing anymore today. Only I've scheduled scribal night today, and one or two people might show up at six wanting to scribe.

Damn and Blast.

Bah! Ouch!

Jun. 13th, 2008 04:08 pm
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I had a mission today. Get a microwave oven. No deal.

Just now I went out to my balcony to look at the sky after the enormous thunderclap I heard. Upon turning back around again I stepped on a bumble bee which stung like a mo-fo, and then the skies opened up and poured buckets of water down on us.

Grr! Argh! Gnnngh!
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Augh! I'm trying to build my paned sleeve caps and my brain can't wrap around the construction. It's all too much! Too complicated! How the hell am I supposed to put them together? Lining, interlining, silk filling and panes all at once? How? This is madness!??

And in the middle I'm interrupted by a phone call for a forgotten arrangement. I can't find my tools, the lighting is wierd, my music is all stashed away in boxes and unavailable and I am out of tea.

And I still haven't written my bloody lecture! Argh! Why did I subject myself to these stresses? I don't really have to finish the green Florentine, but it would be awesome. But the weather forecast says cloudy or even rain on Saturday at the site. But I could be fabulous in a green florentine gown underneath my fabulous black ropa. How awesome would that be? It would be off the scale of awesome to the stratosphere of awesome. I want to be awesome. But I don't want to have to stress. What if I do it all wrong and it comes to shit in the end? Huh? What then?

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Here I thought I was finished moving. Oh, no, no no no.

Tuesday they are coming in to change the floors. Augh. )

Today, I made chocolate truffle cake. Or, rather, little chocolate truffle cake muffins. In my newly purchased muffin pan. Ooooh Mmmmmmnghhh... They are that good. I hit up Viscountess Helwig for the recipy last weekend, and put it to use today. Yummy, yum yum. Om-nom-nom.

Double Wars is one week, one weekend and a second week away. To that, my only comment is: Aaaah! When I remember to breathe and ponder it, though, I calm down. I don't have all that much left to do for it. You know, only my shirt lecture and my big green Florentine gown. I need tea. And  another chocolate truffle muffin.
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Itemised... )

Today gets a grade F for Complete And Utter Failure.
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Bugger! Arse! Damn! Fuck!

I just nudged my water jug and glass with my elbow and the glass flew off, crashing all over the floor. My pretty, pretty glass is no more :(:(:(

The only redeeming fact right now is that I managed to catch the jug before it fell to the floor as well.


I am having NO luck with drinking vessels this week.
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Apr. 8th, 2007 01:18 am
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How can I not have a single inch of black silk sewing thread in the house? How? AUGH!

I've been using dark blue instead to stitch on the black guarding. Thankfully the thread mostly disappears into the wool. All you really see is the divots it makes as I pull it tight.
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I've again spent fifteen minutes deleting comment-spam on my picture gallery. Grrrr.

So, from now on, my project pictures can only be commented on by logged in users. If you want to leave a comment there, the username/pw is: scait/nordmark

Fortunately the event photos have so far been spam free, so they are still open for anyone to comment on. But if it spreads that's the way I've got to go or I will delete them all for my own sanity. And I'm not going to do that.

Anyway, there we are. Do log in and comment away!
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Had to edit last post for boneheaded mistake in link.
Must write manual for shire website use to explain my sometimes wierd presentation.


Also: ARGH!


Feb. 5th, 2007 09:02 pm
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Somebody needs to explain this to me in plain language, because this description makes no sense whatsoever from step 3. Steps one and two are already accomplished, but I was going to just try out the next step before I stitch anything. But I am lost, confused and going: "Bwee??"
Period Patterns Sucks:
Period Pattern description. What? Whaat?!?


Hmm... ok, so, maybe I've figured it out. I'm not saying things are all in the clear, and the instructions still suck ass, but I think I've got it now.


Hah! Did I have it figured out my big wobbly butt! I did get a nice neat stitchline the SA distance from the front opening that prevented me from turning the seam allowances inside. Seeing as how it was already stitched up and there was no -in- to turn them to. I've had to wrench things half-way inside out to fix that and at no stage does my pretzel-shape resemble the third illustration.


Augh! Boy oh boy was that ever a struggle. I think, next time I attempt this style of pouch, I will just rip up the PP instructions and follow my own head. It's almost so bad that I want to take the resultant pouch outside and torch it. Just because.
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... courtesy of websites and their owners who do not know the application of thumbnails.

Aargh! )


Jan. 8th, 2007 09:29 pm
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Woes today:

Computer is being a complete dick. It may be that it's old, but I will not accept that. Age is not an excuse!

I have a walloping headache.

I have not heard anything about 12th Night as pertains to my scroll. I don't know if it was delivered in time to my courier, I don't know if it was brought to Ireland, I don't know if it was handed out in court and I'm going bananas worrying!**

Stupid dentist's appointment was changed from tomorrow to February 1st. So more time worrying about that.

I'm fretting for the first of the Shire micro-events. Will it work? Will people come? I hope.

Will I ever finish any of my projects properly?

Aros is quite a nice place all together, but winter doesn't exist here. Everything is BLACK, there is no snow anywhere.

Oh, woe. Woe!

** Edited Later: I have heard back from my scroll-runner and the right honourable lady reports that it was received, brought along and delivered! Hurray! One worry down! Now I can start to upload the rest of the pictures I took of it in progress to my site.


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