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So I hang out mostly on facebook these days. It happend a couple of years ago, everyone moved their event photos to facebook, and the social life moved along with it as well. So to keep myself updated, in the loop and able to see ALL THE EVENT PHOTOS FROM EVERYWHERE! I created my account and started migrating. The migration was not conscious, but it's what happens.

Anyway, lately I've hung out on one group called Elizabethan Costume, which unlike most other forums of over one thousand participants, is actually a civil place with a high signal-to-noise ratio. The other day one of the cooler people on there, Mathew Gnagy, posted a very rough version of a method to draft a 16th century female bodice based on a few measurements.

I downloaded the pdf immediately and poured over it. I took out an old newspaper, a tape measure and pens and drafted myself up a bodice pattern. Then I checked back on the group and discovered that one of the points I felt unsure about was mis-labeled and one measurement was "upside down". A new version of the drafting instructions was available. I poured over that, took my measurements again and did a second draft of a bodice.

After doing the first one I was glad that my internet had a little hiccup, because it was one of the few times I've felt non-content with the shape of my body.

On Saturday the first official sewing meeting of the year kicks off, and I will get new measurements and draft up a third version of the bodice, with the help of Helwig. I will likewise help her, and we will really get rolling on our new communal project. Gowns from 1575 England.

Social Media, what's it good for? Apparently some things.


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