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So I've been to my first event (properly) as a Laurel, and Ed asked me how I experienced it. Truthfully, I did not find it very different from any other Double Wars, except that I felt more self-confident and secure. Since I sometimes am a little lacking in that department, that was A Good Thing.

I did also bring a security blanket - my camera - and the idea that I should take lots of photos. I did do that, but not so much that I was too busy to enjoy myself in the moment. I have worked in the past to find the balance between being present and documenting the present, and I feel pretty happy with having found the right mix.

Although this is still early days and the event was much smaller than usual and with almost all people I've known for a long time. However, if this is how it will be in the future as well, I can not imagine I will ever want to stop playing in the SCA.

Speaking of the camera, I shot over a thousand photos, but after two passes of going through and throwing out bad ones I'm now down to just over 400, and there'll be even fewer left after I'm done.

I've also made plans for attending my first Cudgel War! It is Aarnimetsä's own week-long camping event in an idyllic site outside of Åbo. I'm busily working on a number of small projects right now as well, all commissions for others with various deadlines. Currently, I'm doing some blackwork on two different garments, after that I'll be doing wool applique, then making shirts shirts shirts...
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I know I haven't published a list of people to thank for making everything happen last weekend - but that is only because I tried to thank people in person if I could, and for the guards I did not spend any time this weekend at Helwig's and she has the list.

I can't wait any longer though. For everyone who helped set-up, make cookies, tear town, organize the event and vigilsite, guarding my vigil and for everyone who came to give me their thoughts and to congratulate me, and especially to Helwig and my household: Thank you so very much, from the bottom of my heart. I had a wonderful time and I didn't even have to do a thing except show up. You made it all happen, and you are heroes. Thank you!

I don't think everyone who stood guard came in to talk to me, so if you stood a shift to guard and you don't have one of my tokens let me know and I will gladly send it to you.
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Visby Medieval Week - I was not overly psyched to go. It would be a lot of work getting stuff there, the car hire for ten days was expensive, my pavilion is too small for us, I would be "on-duty" as event staff the entire week, and you can never trust the weather to be good. So, I wasn't that excited about it. Except that the entire household were coming and camping together for the first time, and we had made silk banners, the market is always a great time and the weather is bound to be OK a few days at least.

I did not know, or even suspect anything was up, even when Åsa and Ludewic showed up after half the week was gone by. They had plausible explanations.

On Friday, court was set to 19.30 and I was called up to receive the Golden Ribbon, Nordmark's service award, along with Lady Ylva från Valle - who richly deserved that award!

Then we went to sit back down, and I was called up again, I thought I heard the herald say something about the autocrats, but then he only called my name. It turned out that Their Majesties had sent me a writ of summons to sit vigil at Kingdom University to contemplate joining the Order of the Laurel.

After court, there was a convenient cocktail party planned by our household. I'd helped shop and plan for it. Only it turns out everyone else in the household knew about this writ, and it was sort of a party for me.

Actually the whole day Friday was pretty awesome. I woke up warm, dry, well-rested, in a quiet, calm peaceful tent. I was convinced I was at home, in my own actual bed, on a quiet day with nothing much planned and all the time in the world. Then the alarm went and I realized I had to reach up to turn it off and I was actually in my tent, in camp outisde the medieval wall surrounding Visby. Breakfast was leisurely, then we had port and cookies in Helwig and Johann's tent for elevensies, then we went into town to check out the market again. Ate some lunch at the market, and I bought two metres of grey wool to replace the jacket I ruined in the wash. Back to camp we went past Kapitelhusgården where Mistress Helena and Lady Sahra were resting their feet, and inspired me to buy a new jug to drink out of. After the nice lazy walk back in perfectly tempered weather we had dinner and I changed into court stuff, and I recieved a lovely award for service (Golden Ribbon) and the writ, to my total surprise (both times).

I'm not completely convinced it's true, but I have a piece of paper with the Queen's signature on it, and lots of people have commented on FB so it must be. And so, there's going to be frenetic activity. One of the first questions to ask oneself is: "What am I going to wear?"...

It will take some pondering and strategic fabric purchases I think :)

Hope to see many at Kingdom University for vigil etc.
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There has of late been some debate about what exactly happened at Midsummer Coronation regarding naval actions on the part of three regions of the Kingdom. As an independent witness to the proceedings this reporter can lay the facts out as they happened on the day. It all started when Cernac, sometimes called the Navigator, got it into his head to commandeer a vessel and invade Monkey Island, which sits in the placid waters of Lake Marsjö. He also managed to persuade Master Duarte Goncalves to join him in this venture and in the opinion of this reporter the Kingdom is lucky he did, for on his own Cernac surely would have found a rock and sunk his vessel.

2012-06-16_0358The two Insulae Draconis invaders, calling themselves “The First Wave”, proceeded to don life-preservers (again, fortunate) and take up positions in the canoe. Customarily both parties in a canoe sit facing the front. In the case of Cernac and Duarte, they opted to both face the centre of the canoe. When questioned, the former stated “There didn’t seem to be room for my legs the other way. Besides, we had to keep an eye out for pirates” which speaks volumes, as they were watching each other. The Admiral of the Insulae Draconis navy, also present at the beach, here showed the first signs of doubtful qualifications by allowing these two out as the first wave of invaders.

2012-06-16_0371From the shore, this reporter then observed the I.D. vessel zig-zag across the water in the general direction of Monkey Island. “Evasive action,” Master Cernac called this peculiar route, upon return to shore. Nothing at all to do with lack of skills one is to believe. Spying the invasion, one loyal Knight from Nordmark sprung into action to try to forestall an occupation, and a second canoe was launched, with Sir William of Richwood in the stern, his lady Isabetta del Verde in the prow and the newest Countess of the Realm, Siobhan Inghean Ui Liathain, as an ambassador. This crew quickly paddled the Nordmark navy in a straight line for Monkey Isle, but despite heroic efforts the Insulae Draconis navy, with an insurmountable lead, had already gone ashore and claimed to be standing on “Insulae Draconis East.”

From on-shore we could hear Master Cernac the Inspired calling for the second wave of the Insulae Draconis navy. At which point the Admiral, Alwyn de Renham was unmasked completely. “I’m afraid of the water! And I can’t paddle,” he was heard to say. Instead of taking decisive action, said Admiral then tried to purchase a second crew, in which task he failed.

2012-06-16_03762012-06-16_0400During this time, when this reporter was following the action on shore, the Nordmark navy had liberated the canoe on which the invaders had travelled, and absented themselves and the vessel from Monkey Island. At this point the Baron of Aarnimetsä decided that something ought to be done, and he launched a skiff, loaded it with an attack-dog and its handler Lady Jolanda de Meyre, his loyal subject Sir Oliver of Harjuwalcea. They, also being sea-competent, proceeded hastily to the disputed rock and negotiations were opened. A three-party talk went ahead, while on shore the Baroness of Aarnimetsä joined the throngs. Soon after Queen Aryanhwy and then also King Paul came down to shore to try to get some answers to the rumours that were spreading on the site.

2012-06-16_0405From the beach we could clearly see angry gesticulations from the invaders on the rocky isle, and previous entries in the debate clearly shows what Cernac and Duarted think of the actions of the loyal Nordmark navy and the peaceable Aarnimetsä crew. After some lengthy talks, the invaders were finally persuaded to sign a no-claims document stating that neither they nor Insulae Draconis held any claim to the rock in Lake Marsjö known as Monkey Island, at which point Countess Siobhan felt comfortable, as representing Nordmark, to return the canoe via the hands of Aarnimetsä to Cernac and Duarte. 2012-06-16_0438From the shore we could clearly observe this exchange of signed document, done very carefully with the attack-dog held back, Lady Yolanda handing over the documents for signature at the point of a knife and the return of said documents to the safekeeping of His Excellency Vilhelm.

2012-06-16_0425The immediate situation was resolved! The Nordmark canoe headed straight for shore, the Insulae Draconis marauders were allowed to re-enter their vessel, and Aarnimetsä’s proud flagship towed the boat of shame ashore. Nowhere in negotiations were paddles mentioned, so Countess Siobhan saw no reason to return them and proudly displayed them as they neared shore. The safe return of all vessels and personell and the legal claim of Monkey Island in Aarnimetsäs own Lake back in Baronial hands being their only goal.

2012-06-16_0449Upon return to the beach, His Majesty King Paul was given all information from each vessel, although Masters Cernac and Duarte tried to claim that the only thing they signed away on the isle was a pebble, secreted in Cernac’s hand. His Majesty closely examined all parties and his vexation with the two invaders from Insulae Draconis, as well as their blatantly sea-unworthy Admiral was great. In the opinion of this reporter, this is not the last we have heard of this matter.

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Wow, what an event. So many things that were almost too awesome for words. Mistress Isobel, aka [ profile] attack_laurel was there, teaching awesome classes. The Hovdala day was awesome. So many cool people, and finally my apprentice brother, William of Richwood was made a Knight. Two of my secret projects were for him, a shirt, and an embroidered table runner. I don't know if I have photos of them though, as I finished them with very little time to spare!

Also, while at the event I finished a little bag I made from fabric samples from Medeltidsmode, lined with more of her wool and gave it to Kerstin who owns and operates Medeltidsmode. She is my go-to-gal for all of my SCA fabric needs.

I finished a mi-parti overlapping gown for the Crown Princess' daughter. Isabetta had the idea to give said daughter some ear-mufflers, but cover them in something nice. It ended up as an entire outfit with two hats, gloves, tunic and overtunic which me, Isabetta and Viscountess Anna made and gave to Her Royal Highness at the war.
Additionally I did calligraphy on two scrolls on site. One backlog from Eira and Torbjörn (for Ld Hroald Pai), and one last-minute PCS for Titus Flavius.

I've been gathering the photo-albums. So far most of them are on facebook, which can suck. But that is one reason to join fb for sure - people tend to post their photos there.

Double wars XXV  (Valai Almgren)
Double Wars 2012  (Racaire)
Double Wars 2012, flickr (Racaire)
Knäcke 25  (Arthur McGowan)
Photos from the SCA event "Double Wars XXV"  (Aleydis van Vilwoorde)
Double Wars  (Emelyne of Twynham)
Double Wars XXV  (Katheryn Hebenstreitz)
Katheryn's Photos on Picasa
Double Wars 2012  (Whilja af Gothia)
Double Wars 2012 (Delphina Bearcat)
Knäcket 2012 (Silwa av Svaneholm)
Doubel Wars 2012 (Carola de Flintebeke)
Double Wars 2012 (Röd Grön)
Double Wars 2012 (Isabetta del Verde)
Double Wars XXIV 2012 (Izabella del Cacco)
Double Wars XXV 2012 (Wilda Frejasdotter)
Double Wars XXV (Danel Udalshou)
Double Wars 2012 (Duarte Goncalvez)
Double Wars in Drachenwald (Yara)

Yes, mine will come eventually.
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I have run foul of insufficient reluctance yet again, and agreed to something. This time, I agreed to take on the Kingdom MoAS office for the remainder of the current term. It is up at Twelfth Night Coronation. It is possible I may continue at that point, but since I don't know what I will be doing or where in the fall, I don't feel confident I can promise anything.

I have also found a replacement MoAS for Aros, Anna, and set her up with some old reports and information on what to do when. We'll have a good old natter at Double Wars, which she'll attend with her daughters again this year - yay.

In other news, I've updated my webpage. Not all the things that needed to be updated have been, but I've added four items to the A&S 50 challenge page, which brings my total up to over half finished! 26 items down, 24 to go!

I want to do a total re-design of my site, and also change the title, but can't really spare the time to do it at the moment. The title I have now "Lia's SCA Adventure" sounds a little silly to me. Silly can be good, but, I'm not totally in love with it anymore. I'm considering Lia's Project Repository instead. It describes the site well I think. It may be a bit too green. But I thought I might conform to my new colours. What with my arms being registered and the colours there are black white and green. But I don't know - leave a comment if you've got any suggestions or thoughts.
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I went to my first event in Gotvik this past weekend - S:t Egon. The new Barony has always had Egon as a patron saint, keeping him happy with his own feast and a champion so that he will keep the area free from rains of herring. That's his power, apparently.

Anyway, I had no tasks and no responsibilities for the event. I went purely to steep in the medieval atmosphere and hang out with friends. I knew that was just what Helwig also needed so I spent some time in the lead-up to nag at her.

I flew down to Gothenburg, arriving on site right after the event stewards. They kindly picked me up after dropping the first load of stuff on site. So I helped decorate and make things nice before most of the people came. I had delegated bringing sleeping stuff to Edricus, so I could only stake out an area for us to sleep on, not actually assemble home base before he came (by car along with the Princess of Nordmark).

On Friday I wore the new dynamite combo of a  shirt, my quarter circle petticoat skirt and my grey wool jacket. Very 1599 towards the autumn, but no trouble to put on, nothing to lace up, and comfortable and proper-looking all the same. Mostly I sat around in the lounge with Aleydis and Helwig, just chatting and relaxing. Plus the regular mingling. Went to bed sometime between two and three am.

On Saturday I managed to get up before breakfast was over (at ten) then I proceeded to spend the entire day schmoozing. Talking to lovely people, sitting around, embroidering a bit, drinking tea. Generally, enjoying myself. It was lovely. I also went squee! at people about my device being registered finally. I might have over-done it, I'm not sure. There was a tourney for the Princess to pick a champion, but by the time I thought I might go out and have a quick look the fighting was over - so I ended up not setting foot outside all weekend.

There was court, both Principality and Baronial courts, and lovely people got well-earned awards. I was most pleased about not having anything to do with setting up court, and being able to take photos of it. Not that many of them will have come out. I should get myself an inconspicuous tripod, and faster glass.

Sunday morning came too soon, as usual, even though I crashed out before midnight. They had served the dessert pies for feast, but I had already left the table at that point to slouch in a sofa.

Aleydis had with her one of her teenage twins and Helwig lent her her gold Venetian gown which fit like a glove (Valeria is as tiny as Helwig, just a little taller) and it was a bit wierd seeing two Helwigs walking around. But since she then had nothing to change into for court and feast, Helwig had to borrow a pair of green sleeves off Valeria, and my Turkish morning gown to complement her red kirtle. It all looked very well put together, almost as if it was planned.

The flight home was nice, but since I got myself a lift to the airport around noon and the flight didn't leave until 5 pm there was a bit of a wait. I amused myself by listening to an audiobook on my cell phone and finishing my first attempt to embroider my device. I used silks from the Handweavers' Studio on unbleached linen ground cloth. Looks pretty good, even though I started it on the plane down without any firm plans for the execution of it.

p.s. You might also note that I've got a new shiny userpic - my device all nicely done up in illustrator. Isn't it shiny? :)


Mar. 10th, 2011 05:36 pm
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A moment of squee today. Actually more than a moment. My arms passed muster and are now registered! Woohooo! Yippeee! And other such exclamations of joy.

The blazon reads: Per pall inverted sable, vert and argent, three seeblätter inverted argent, argent and sable.

And as a quickie, I can link you to the scanned artwork over at Oscar so you get a look at it.

It's FABULOUS! But I am totally biased.
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Today is Wednesday. Tomorrow, Thursday I have to make sure my bag(s) are packed for first a weekend in Aros, spending time with Helwig, and hopefully both my apprentice siblings as well. I will also be spending some quality time with my apartment. I'm travelling on the over-night train, so I can bring a fair amount of luggage.

On Monday I'm on a flight to London. My mother booked us five nights there over the winter sports week off from school. Edricus is also coming to London, so we'll have five days there. Sweet.

Monday we're travelling, Tuesday I've booked coach tickets to Cambridge for Edricus and myself. Wednesday evening Thamesreach has fighter practice which we'll be going to. Doing museums during the day.

Thursday we're doing Hampton Court Palace.

Friday we're doing more museums and stuff. Friday evening is Thamesreach Beer and Museum night at probably the National Portrait Gallery.

Saturday we're flying back home again preparing for the work-week after.

Then the next weekend is St Egon, which I'm flying to as well. My new Samsonite rolling pilot-bag is going to get a lot of mileage :)

So the plan for tonight, if I can tear myself away from the manic knitting I've been caught up in, is to plan what to bring with me on Friday. The camera is definitely on the list!

The knitting? Oh, I've finished one scarf, one wrap and am working on another scarf. This last one is fiendishly complicated. Well, not really complicated, just intricate. And since every row you just slip half of previous row's stitches it is quite compact and doesn't grow very fast. But the resulting texture is gorgeous.
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I feel like I'm a missionary into the wilds sometimes, up here in the Frozen North. The discourse is quite different, but I expected it to be. All groups are slightly different, and local customs and such vary. I knew that. I still haven't gotten the feel for the local shire up here yet, and I miss Aros.

Anyway, I attended a local, non-official event this past weekend. It was not official, because it was decided upon too late to get an ad out in the Dragon's Tale, but it was the only date that Prince Eirik would be able to attend while still on the throne. Together with Lord Orm from Gyllengran, who drove up with His Highness, I was the only other attendant/lady-in-waiting. Worked just fine. I even had time to take a nap after lunch, while everyone else was listening to Lord SvartulvR's lecture on inlay techniques on metal.

But, to get back to my mission, I was asked lots and lots and lots of questions about the SCA, about the customs and rules, and I was vented-at from people who felt disenfranchised. It was an eye-opener to hear one of the long-time members (as I've always seen her) state that she didn't understand why not having enough participants for a Coronet Tourney was a bad thing. Someone else mentioned that during court when the orders are called up it's the same people who get up there and they don't feel included in the SCA. Their experience of something medieval is something quite apart from the SCA. I'm not sure how to deal with that, or how to answer them. The thing I kept repeating was to tell them to travel. You have to travel more, and meet more people. If you can't travel much, then you need to know which events are important - and you have to build up a network in other ways. The internet is a fantastic resource in this, and so many of our members are connected.

I also discovered, to my surprise, that outside of High Table for the feast, I was the highest ranking member of the populace, and had to organize the toasts. I was not expecting that to happen any time soon, or at all. There were two Royal Peers (Countess Anna von Urwald and Jarl Peregrine McKay) in attendance. They were, however, invited to sit at High Table with His Highness along with Lord SvartulvR Kåte and his wife, Lady Elizabeth of Woodbury. They are entering the Coronet tourney which is in two weeks and he is squired to Peregrine, so Prince Eirik thought he'd take the opportunity to speak with them during feast. So, I had to rustle up three others to complete the round of toasts, and had to ask the Event Steward, Lord Egil Drakhufvud, who had what awards because I have no clue what people here have. Turned out to be me, Kheldor de Geer, Steinar Vidfamne and Egil (at least I hope that was right, because we were the ones that did it.)

Good thing about teaching - you can at least get people's attention when you need to, and without feeling too much of an idiot about it. Actually, I got over fear of public speaking leading groups of business-people around a team-building adventure course. Still, I was not expecting to have to do the toasts.

I was also asked to come and spread The Truth about costuming to some new lads who are interested in sewing. I was a little more caged about my answer there, not that I mind helping people sew, I just don't want to go about preaching The Truth. I was quick to say that I am currently working on two projects where I'm heavily relying on a sewing machine. When that particular group of people come to me again with the question I'll decide how to handle it. It wasn't an urgent question, as their hired space is being renovated so weekly activities there are on a hold for a while.
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As yet with no captions, but I'll be getting on that right now.
ETA: Since tworavens is dead, I've reuploaded the photos to flickr, and changed the link.
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I went to Civil War this weekend.

I spent it chatting with people, doing the lady-in-waiting bits for Their Highnesses of Nordmark, went in to Baroness Dorothea's knighthood vigil, stayed up too late Friday night, went to bed way too early Saturday night, got up entirely too early Sunday morning, coughed up a lung or two and witnessed Dorothea becoming Drachenwald's first native female Knight.

Yeah, that seems about it; history made, great big whoop! :)

In slightly less amazing news, I received some injuries from my clothes. The red kirtle that I have worn and loved entirely too much is currently a little bit too tight on me, and I could get it closed only with considerable effort. As I was still coughing like a consumptive, I have lingering pain around my lower ribs. Squeezing and mis-used muscles, leave me in agony when I try to cough now.

"Vill man vara fin, får man lida pin" ... but I think I will try to avoid this situation in future. Clothes shouldn't leave armour bites is my firm belief!
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Sometimes it seems facebook killed off LJ and it makes me sad.

I want to read about and see pictures of fabulous stuff that fabulous people make!

This weekend I've been working on a set of collar and cuff embroidery for a shirt. Another shirt for me to give away, this time to the King. The fabric was provided for me, I just provide sewing thread and my time.

I haven't made very much clothing for men, and I still look at the pieces and measurements and go "Nobody can be this size and shape, surely?" But I was given measurements, and I have to trust they are accurate.

From Embroidery
Anyway, the embroidery is going along swimmingly, one cuff is pretty much done, just needs one solid row of long-armed cross stitches, and the collar is started. I've done a little more than half the height of half the length of the collar. I got some copies sent to me of German embroidery patterns by Meisterinne Katheryn, but I decided to go with the theme of the Crown, and designed a pattern which I am executing in long-armed cross stitch. It may possibly be a little less accurate than normal cross stitch for Germanic linen embroideries, but the pattern is reminiscent of Italian Assissi-work, so I figured I'd go with the techniques appropriate to that, to minimise my own sense of disconnect. The pattern in the photo is for the cuffs, and the second picture is of the first couple rows of stitches. Not until the third or fourth row does the pattern start to emerge, which is pretty cool. The collar is a little more involved, but I have no pics of that yet.

A couple good days effort more will see them finished and I can install them on the shirt, which will, at that point, be ready for finishing work.

Finishing work such as ties, a good wash, ironing and starching.
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Picking up needle and thread tonight, I have closed up the side seams and decided on how to assemble the sleeves.

To start with I tested the sleeveheads against the armscye and determined that as the sleeves are not closed into tubes at all I can stitch them in all around the armscye and still have a bit of a gap between the two ends and also stitch up the side seam all the way to the scooping out of the front panel.

I'm not sure if that description makes any sense, but basically the armscye is slightly larger than the sleeve head, and leaving the sleeves open I can attach them all around and still get all the freedom of movement I could possibly want.

I'll play about a bit of the cutting diagram and see if I can produce a graphic to explain what I mean.

There's a planned get-together on Wednesday for sewing, but I will most likely bring the King's shirt to work on at that time.

Oh yes, I added a little description of me on facebook as 'shirt-maker for the high and mighty'. This marks the third shirt I've made for sitting royalty (one Queen, one Princess and now a King), so I felt that I could get away with it :)
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#30I wanted to have this finished in time for Insulae Draconis' first Coronet Tourney, but other things got in the way, and I finally had it done in time for the Blank scroll competition at Double Wars XXIII.

It is, again, based on the manuscript called MS Digby 36, housed at the Bodleian Library. The initial is a large capital M with the Insulae Draconis arms in the centre. The background of red with yellow floral patterns was entirely fabricated by me, I don't believe any such initial is seen in the original MS, but I needed to fill it out with something, to frame up the gold a bit.

Anyway, this scroll won the Queen's Choice award, and HRM Fiona presented me with a quill cut by Mistress Gota. In the album there are three more detail shots of the border. You should only have to press the back arrow (once, twice and three times) to get to them.
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So, again I've been asked to hold some sort of class. I know I'm fairly competent at a lot of things, but I do not feel that I'm truly accomplished at anything in particular.

I know blackwork quite well, I've also held two classes in that. It really is the simplest technique, and what you can't learn in ten minutes about stitching blackwork, I can't work out. Of course practicing that technique takes more than ten minutes, but really, it's either straight running stitch, back stitch, and/or stem stitch for outlines. That's it. Patterns you can find in books, or published online. Perhaps I can put together a reference document for where to find patterns?

How to put up your hair to support late period headwear - I held that class last year at Double Wars.

I've had a couple of classes on 16th century shirts. Bored with that now, I think they're fairly simple and people can work it out all on their own - as shown by only three people attending that class.

Fitting - according to Helwig I'm better at fitting people than her, but I'm not sure how that translates into a class. It takes time and doing it along with someone quite a few times to get any good at it. It's taken Helwig several years of sewing circles to teach me. We are planning on doing fittings at Double Wars for gentlemen who wants doublet patterns, so that's how we're going to utilise that skill.

I can demonstrate some scribal techniques; how to learn a new ductus. I've held a class like that once, at Aros sidesword last year. It went quite well, I thought. I could do that.

Basic miniature painting, the steps to follow to build up a period looking result? It's surprisingly simple. And knowing that when you get to the stage of everything looking like a pastel nightmare, you're on the way to something fabulous and not to despair.

I did the amazing two metre kirtle layout. Laying out a 16th century kirtle using period methods on only two metres of fabric. For a smaller person like Helwig or Filippa that even leaves enough left over for sleeves, for a taller person like myself, it's a sleeveless variety. How does that translate to a class? A lecture on the value of fabric and how to not "over-spend" in an ill-concieved effort to make it look period? I don't know. I spread that gospel just by wearing the kirtle and asking people to guess how much fabric I used (everyone over-estimates).

How to put together a standard Elizabethan coif?

I don't know what else. Do you have any suggestions?
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I don't like half-bungling scrolls....

But the question was asked, I couldn't help myself saying yes, and so it must be done. Now to lay provisional gold, package the thing and ship it off into the unknown, to be returned and finished, who knows when.

Transportation is what I like least about being a scribe. If I cannot bring it myself, I want to hand it personally to somebody I trust to deliver personally. Sending things through the postal system to a destination far off, going through so many hands, it makes me worry. Was there enough postage, did it stay safe and dry, was it delivered in time, was the packaging intact, has the document been shaken loose, has the finish been compromised? So many questions unanswered! I don't stop worrying until I know it has been given to the recipient.

The scribal arts, not for the faint of heart.
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Again with the insufficient reluctance. It seems I am producing a shirt before 13th December. Fabric is coming in the mail. Ah well, shirts are fairly quick work, provided there's no embroidery. We shall see what I decide to do once I get started on it.
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My half is upside down on the top, Helwig's half is on the bottom. It's a proper indenture, and we got it witnessed by Queen Fiona and Prince Franz. They signed as well as Helwig and myself. It was awesome.
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Just a few shots from crown tourney. More will come later in the week at tworavens


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