Jun. 10th, 2009 05:28 pm
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Step the first: Drink lots of coffee.

Step the second: Continue practicing new hand for Big Peerage Scroll.

Step the third: Realize all that coffee before? Was too much coffee.

Step the fourth: Take a nice hot shower, vigorously pick away stuff, flying around like a busy bee.

Step the fifth: Pick up pen and ink again, realize, all that coffee before? Still too much, and stomach is completely empty, screaming for food.

Step the sixth: Order pizza. Briskly walk to fetch pizza and back home.

Step the seventh: SCARF entire pizza, which admittedly wasn't the biggest one ever.

Step the eighth: Still hyper. All that coffee before? Too much coffee. But now also drowsy from full stomach.

Step the ninth: Scream and post to LJ in frustration!

Now: Pondering two laps around the house in the drizzle, a quick nap and then picking up pen and ink.
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WC skyltar...

She wanted signs to put on some bathrooms ... somewhere. I don't know where. But they were to say "Laddies" and "Lasses" so I did something vaguely medieval-esque, and silly. I don't prented that they are my best work ever, but it was fun doing the penwork in the lettering. Good practice.
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Opeth - mightiest band on the planet - rocks on.

And now for something a bit more on topic: I washed my new yardage today. The cuts of linen and hemp are now drying off the last little bit on my little wire rack thingy. I am planning on pulling out my ironing board and finish the process off. I just thought I'd throw that out there.

I also think I will make the slightly greenish fine hemp into a camicia to wear underneath my Florentine gown. Ayup. We'll see how that goes. I won't be needing all of it anyway.

We'll see if anyone shows up tomorrow for scribal night. I forgot to send out a reminder earlier, probably too late now. *shrug* Ah, well.

Now, to the ironing board.
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So, am I being neurotic and stalker-like when I hit reload again and again on my friends page to see if any reports from the Tir-y-Don Investiture have been posted yet?

Yeah? Yeah, I thought so. I was just so wired from finishing the first guard on my gown! W00t!

*hits reload a few more times*


Mar. 20th, 2007 08:30 pm
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Caption says: "The Fool's Guild A&S Entry: Period self-replicating mousetraps."
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Sometimes. Sometimes I get the strangest thoughts. For example the sudden urge to take The Origin of Species and writing and illuminating it by hand. Just because I could. As a sort of counter-balance. There is of course no use to it, it won't be noticed. Or perhaps draw Noodly Appendages wherever I go.

Yes, I am quite strange.
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This has nothing to do with anything, I was idly surfing just now and came across a couple of quotes from an event where Stephen King and J.K. Rowling and John Irving read for charity.Cut for minor spoiler of Harry Potter book 6 )

Oh, lest I forget, the link:

What A Drip

Sep. 3rd, 2006 10:05 am
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Constant drip, drip, drop, drip, splatter, drip, POUR.
Raining like it's never been done before.

I really should be working on my kirtle outfit.
Press and hem is all that's really left on it.

My energy is drained by this kind of condition.
Bed and snoozing, should I choose to accept it, is my mission.
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Some people may have observed, and been amused by, the sight of me wriggling into or out of my big lilac surcoat at MTV. Well, here it is, proof I did it the period way. Laugh all you want - I know I did it right!
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So, remember the re-hemming? How I conquered the atrocity going on at ground-level on my plum GFD? Yeah, well, I just went back through my archives and found a list of fixer-uppers in my stash where this little job is listed. Guess when I made that post. Go on. Guess.

You'll never guess.

June 30.


A Year Ago!

Bad seamstress! Bad! No cookie.


Also, I totally would have worn my slippers and pattens today, but I figured I'd rather not twist my ankle and I didn't know how long a walk it would be, so wore mundane shoes instead on the premise "better safe than sorry".
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The last few days a thread has been growing and growing and growing over on the Nordmark Community site. It started as a thread for warunits to sign up and get inspired for Double Wars, but then. Then, lords and ladies, a guest to our lands, a noble gentle from overseas asked a question: Which side should I join?

Well, the game was on. The poor gentle had no idea what he started with such a question and I thought to myself at the start "Oh, my... he didn't know the kind of thread he just kicked off". The sides went for the lure and they chased it around and around and around....

Sure enough, he returned to posting today and despite the confusion and trauma he unwittingly suffered he came out of it on the right side. The right noble gentleman will stand up for the Flat side, and I can but salute him in this excellent choice. To come through the fray with his sanity intact, that is a show of strength, indeed.


In other news, I'm off downtown for a fika.
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Mind numbing
Pleat, pleat, pleat.

Another pleat.

I pulled out my bag of assorted linen items that need mending, or finishing, or refurbishing. How I've gotten a bag full of them with no more than three years of garbing I don't know, but that's how it is. So today I picked up one of them and was inspired to the woe (as opposed to ode) above.
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words, words, silliness and words )
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Sometimes my English vocabulary skills scare me. How do I know these things?? Where does it come from?? What does it all mean? Why are we even here ...

So, yeah, I know words I didn't even knew I knew. Index of refraction, for one. Haberdashery, for another. How about a perambulator? It's just weird.
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To spare the innocent, this is probably Too Much Information )


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