Dec. 4th, 2012 08:30 pm
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Embroidery threads I now have, destined to be used on a coif set for myself. Or similar :)

I'm also getting Fashion in the Age of the Black Prince. Sweet!
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I've got a big embroidery project planned. Well, actually, two of them. For both I need some high quality silk threads, as well as spangles and metal threads.

Anyway, today in the mail were four reels of Au Ver a Soie 100/3 silk thread (specifically from Sew&So - a gift from my Mother), and let me tell you it is gorgeous. Just absolutely gorgeous. So lovely I want to start working with it immediately. Only there is a deadline looming fairly soon which doesn't really give me room to start other, non-essential projects. So I won't. But I really would like to.
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I'll be using two colours of silk for accents on the new gown. Just came back from having bought half a metre of each. Plus bonus wool plaid fabric for ..... eh, petting. Whoops, accidental fabric-purchase.
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Before I forget, the stash has been organized in a business card holder and fits nicely inside my purse.
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On Saturday night, a day after I got my writ I couldn't fall asleep, and lay tossing and turning. Turned out once I stopped doing that and started writing down my thoughts I had a fairly good idea of how I wanted to look during my vigil etc. I had vaguely pondered such things before and thought, would I want to be in my 1410 wardrobe or the 1560s, but come to no conclusion, but now I know for sure.

If I had had a year, or if the project was already on the way, I might have wanted to sit vigil in the blackworked jacket, but the style is a little too late to really feel right.

I quickly reigned in mad ideas, and took to heart the advice of my apprentice brother Sir William who said to me "I'm sure if you look in your closet you have something absolutely good enough to wear". Turns out I do, and considering my colours being green, white and black I have the vision ready in my mind.

I only have to make four new pieces: one dress, and a suit of ruffs (cuff x 2 and neck=3 parts). That is very doable. The only thing left to do was find the fabric for the dress. I'm sorry in advance but I'm not going to be posting pictures until after the event. I want to surprise others too! :) The ruffs I might update about, as there isn't much variation you can do to those. They'll be white linen with white lace.

Currently I'm inventorying my fabric stash. Check what I have in terms of lining fabric mostly, but also updating my list to make sure it is accurate.
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I've done a ton of scribing lately. For Nordmark Coronet I made Stigots VpV (Nordmark fighting award) as well as the A&S prize writ, which went to Niamh.
I also did the viscounty scrolls for SvartulvR and Elizabeth, as it was their stepping down. I've also finished and sent out a backlog AoA for Lady Elisabeth Gottfridsdotter, and did calligraphy for one scroll for last weekend, Lali's LjO (principality A/S award). As well as Felicitas Court Barony/Grant of Arms scroll, which was extra fun to do. I also did the calligraphy on two blank scrolls, a couple of AoAs to be handed out by Their Majesties next weekend.

I should have photos of all of these items in my camera. But with having installed Ubuntu on my own laptop I haven't tried downloading pictures from the camera yet, so I can't produce them.

I have also finished the black velvet gown which I wore at Nordmark Coronet Tourney. I even remembered to get some nice pictures taken. I just haven't uploaded them anywhere.

A lot of progress on projects, in other words, but no pictures as yet.

I am now looking forward to Double Wars where I have three projects due (sort of secret all of them, so only sewing circle people get to see them before they're done). But I am also going to be working on a Nordmark regalia project at Double Wars. I found the perfect fabric to use as a ground for a pair (possibly) of kneeling cushions for Nordmark. The linen is very coarse, and open so you can embroider it easily with woolen yarn. The fabric was donated to the project by the lovely Kerstin of Medeltidsmode, and when myself and Helwig asked Åsa vävare for advice on the yarn to use, she offered to dye and donate the yarn needed for the project. This yarn was delivered to my address yesterday and it is looking gorgeous, let met tell you. So I will be working on finishing the design for the cushions, and during Double Wars this will be my active project. The goal with this project is to have something finished by next Coronet Tourney, which should happen in November or December. That is so far only a starting goal, and if I don't finish in time I won't weep, nor will anyone else. But it's good to have some sort of deadline to work towards.


Feb. 12th, 2011 08:44 am
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The past week I've been getting one or two spam comments a day on my LJ. It is not overwhelming in any way, but completely annoying.

Grrr! Argh!

In better news, I'm picking up a shipment of fabric today!
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On Saturday I am being picked up and a number of the local SCA-dians are going to an outlet in Morjärv which apparently has some nice fabrics, and we'll shop, shop, shop :-)

On Sunday I've got the morning to do whatever, then after lunch I'm headed to Elizabeth and SvartulvR's place to sew, and then that evening at 6 pm a local store is re-launching or something like that, and I'm attending that with my sister-in-law.

Should be fun!

And in preparation for all that shopping and sewing on the weekend I went out and spent some money on a gorgeous deep blue wool which I will make into a kirtle. The lining is in the washing machine now.

Visby loot

Aug. 16th, 2010 06:11 pm
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I bring home with me:
1 book (Medieval Material Culture) from Historiska Rum
1 bronze needle from Historiska Rum
1 piece of "parchment" (remains to be tested) from Historiska Rum
1 white ceramic mug from a Danish merchant at Kapitelhusgården
4 metres blue twill weave wool from Medeltidsmode
1 large-ish woven basket from Kapitelhusgården
1 bell, token of appreciation from the Nordmark Signet Scribe
2 cheap coloured-glass rings, same as I've gotten before, just different colours
One undecorated, but finished set of coif/forehead cloth for myself (finally)
Not enough photos
Even more freckles
Ideas for future encampments
Plans for future projects

Hope to share some of the photos in the near future.
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In the mail yesterday - a tiny package containing veil-weight wool for 500 SEK. It is GLORIOUS!

Yes it is.

I have winnowed (credit to Dame Helen Mirren at the Oscars introduction along with Hugh Laurie) over 1300 pics down to 700 odd right now. I'm about to start cropping and adjusting pics right now. Hoping to get finished and start posting stuff today.


Oct. 2nd, 2009 01:18 am
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I made it! Two last minute scrolls done. One completely from scratch, the other just needed calligraphy and capital letter decorations.

I'm actually very pleased with mine. I adore Digby 36, and I've got a fairly good handle of the script as well.

Those, plus one indenture ready to be signed and cut in half with a text entirely too long, and not long enough all at once. I could have added more cool paragraphs, and if I had actually sat down to consider it fully before now I could have added different kinds of clauses. Anyway, I hope it will be cool. Hopefully we will get the two witnesses we want as well for extra added cool.

For tonight I have no more projects. Tomorrow I have to choose what to pack, including mundane stuff for a week, and enough clothes for two events (Civil War this weekend and Crown tourney next weekend).

For obvious reasons I can't post photos of the scrolls until after they have been announced. The indenture I could post photos of I suppose, but it will be much cooler after it's been signed and cut apart. And as for the secret sewing project, well, it's a secret and will get revealed at Civil War.

In unrelated news, I scored 4 metres of black wool at 59 kr/m this week. One plain black 16th Century kirtle is finally in my future. My plan is to make it front laced with a placard pinned across for a smooth fronted look while retaining ease of putting on. Moahaha!
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New and exciting things lining up. Civil War being the next big thing. Unless of course the Holmrike event Cloth of Gold happens in two weeks. . .

Anyway, Nordmark's Civil War is next, and I have a job to do, as well as plenty of ideas and projects for it. We will possibly try to finish up Drachenwald regalia for Aros to have and use at events. To help traveling royals cut down their luggage.

I also struck gold when I was in town last - red brocade 50% off of the bargain (5 metres for 100 SEK). That's insane. I couldn't walk out of there without some of the fabric. I thought I'd get another five metres at first, then I realised that for the same price (100 SEK) that I bought the gold/pink brocade at the beginning of summer, I could get twice the yardage. You all can see how I had to do it, right?

In my defence, (not that I need to defend myself here), the fabric already has a purpose, and will premiere at Civil War.
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Thistle Threads Plimoth Sampler Kit: Want again...

In other news, there has been a woeful lack of pencil sharpeners in my house for, oh I don't know ten years? I've had knives of course, several, but I have not used "traditional" wooden pencil since I was about fourteen. It's been mechanical lead pencils all the way for me.

However, I bought a graphite pencil last summer to use in scroll-making and this past month found another use for it in my embroidery. It works much better to transfer embroidery patterns on the hemp linen than a mechanical pencil because the tip is not always a sharp needle to snag at the very fine fibres. Nor is it ink which I can't wash out afterwards. (Of course, the period way is to use ink, but my hand is not steady enough, and I don't want it to bleed, or eventually rot).

This is all a very long preamble to saying that yesterday, I finally purchased a pencil sharpener. Hurrah.


Sep. 19th, 2008 05:13 pm
liadethornegge: (scribe) is a most excellent firm.

In my triumphant hands I now hold:
1 bottle (50 ml) Minatum
1 bottle (28 ml) Iron Gall Ink
1 book, loose gold leaf (eep!)
and a set of new nibs.

Ordered, on Monday, arrived yesterday at distribution centre, I got the items from there myself today (the envelope was too large for my mail slot).

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Also, the very fine hemp that I'd managed to tint a light green? I put that in a bucket with some bleaching agent this afternoon, and then washed it and it came out with distinctly less of a greenish tinge. Hurrah. A camicia it will be!
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Two possible fabrics for new 1410 dress. Two possible fabrics for new 1410 dress.
On the left: Grey wool, 3.5m
On the bottom: Natural linen, 3.8m
On the right: orange/red/grey/blue wool twill, 3m

I don't know which to pick. The linen will be the lining in any case. Probably.

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Opeth - mightiest band on the planet - rocks on.

And now for something a bit more on topic: I washed my new yardage today. The cuts of linen and hemp are now drying off the last little bit on my little wire rack thingy. I am planning on pulling out my ironing board and finish the process off. I just thought I'd throw that out there.

I also think I will make the slightly greenish fine hemp into a camicia to wear underneath my Florentine gown. Ayup. We'll see how that goes. I won't be needing all of it anyway.

We'll see if anyone shows up tomorrow for scribal night. I forgot to send out a reminder earlier, probably too late now. *shrug* Ah, well.

Now, to the ironing board.
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I am still not sure where exactly my box of interlining materials is. If I did I would be working on the bodice for my new kirtle at this moment. Although, truthfully, I could be stitching up the skirt as well. I'm not, however, sure I have any thread.

I could go with either white linen, or I do it with silk thread. However, I'm of old not a fan of blatantly showing white linen thread in my stuff just for the sake of it looking hand made. But I have no red silk sewing thread either.

Finish my big green Florentine gown? Well, sure, in theory I could do that, but I really want a sewing machine to do the hem there. It does not deserve hand work at this stage.
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Oh, well, I couldn't tell you exactly, but a surprising amount, that's for sure! I've used up my four metres of the narrow velvet tape already, and I've done one side, plus the two shortest strips on the second side. So I will have to go out and get at least another three metres. Just for the baragoni!

Insane. I am thinking the bodice will not net that much, but I do have five metres of the wider tape that's meant for decorating the bodice.

In other news, To Do List for packing/moving:
  • Do it all.


Brilliant. Good job, Lia. At least I got -something- done today.
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So, the Plimoth Plantation Embroidery project? The crazy one where they're doing an entire Layton jacket covered with silk embroideries, including manufacturing their own spangles, lace and gilt twist thread? Yeah, that one.

I just want to say that seeing the huge box of threads in the background makes me go all weak in the knees. Check out the entry "The Lackey's Leaf", and click on the name Emily in the second line. That will show you the box I mean.

Surely nobody would notice if they just closed that box up and shipped it to me? Surely?


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