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So I downloaded Semagic again to post to LJ. Perhaps this will mean more lj updates in the future.

I wanted to start on a list of projects in a to do list:

5 Creative pay-it-forward items (PiF2014)
1) For Cristina Stolte
2) For Aryanhwy merch Catmael
3) For Catlin Woodmane
4) For Arianhwy Wen
5) For Alfhild de Foxley

I know what I'm doing for 1-4, 5 is not yet set.
I'll be working on a budget for them, so they won't be fancy, but should be a fun way for me to practice some skills.

Other things on my to-do list

6) Kneeling cushion for Nordmark that just. needs. finishing.
7) Embroider and make up second kneeling cushion
8) Second-layer supportive gown for my 1400 wardrobe
9) Third layer pretty gown for my 1400 wardrobe
10) Matching set of wimple and veil for my 1400 wardrobe
11) New silk flags
12) Finish the silk tablet-weaving
13) Finish adding studs to almost finished belt
14) Finish napkin DW raffle prize (the shame...)
15) Finish Helwig's Scroll (the shame...)
16) Finish backlog scroll on my plate
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... to finish or mend!
  • Red petticoat - needs the lining stitched in where, for the third time, it's ripped out after wear. Along the front and also where I had to piece the silk lining.
  • Turkish morning coat - attach the six edelweiss buttons down the front as decoration
  • Black velvet petticoat - re-finish the temporary hem
  • Nobelese Largesse project - finish  and send out (hopefully by next week)
  • Dragon Rose Embroidery - finish and deliver hopefully at Visby
  • Silk standard - hem and attach sleeve by Visby
  • Blue brocade GFD - finish
  • Front laced corset (plastic boning) - remake
  • Front lace corset (hemp rope boning) - finish binding all edges, sew shoulder straps
  • Brick stitch embroidery, pouch - finish the linen bits and make up into a bag
  • Silk veil - finish hemming it already!
  • Blackadder quote scroll - paint
  • Helwig's Laurel scroll - paint
  • Backlog PCS - write, sketch, gild and paint

Maybe I should, like someone I know, start my own Costume Finishing Month...

Of course, at Coronation last weekend I also bought home with me some barley starch with the intention of making a suit of ruffs. My black gown as well as my English fitted gown needs a suit of ruffs to be properly finished outfits.

Yeah, went to Coronation. The trip there with Sir William and Lady Isabetta was splendid. Me and Edricus were picked up at Stockholm Central station, we pretty much went straight onto the ferry, had a grand time on the boat, slept and when we arrived in Åbo we met up with Sven and Siobhan, Nattfari and Efridis and Anna, Erasmus and Jonna for breakfast in a local shopping mall. That's where I bought the starch. Then we made up a caravan and headed to the site. The schedule was perfectly roomy with lots of time to just be and hang out. The sun was out, and I hadn't really packed for that sort of weather, so I pretended to be a landsknecht and went around with just a shirt and my kirtle closed at the waist but with the bodice left off. But I did wear triple headwear (forehead cloth, coif and cap) and got approval from the local attack laurel for such unseemly un-dress.

The Coronation of Paul and Aryanhwy was a pretty much painless transition from Sven and Siobhan, and courts (there were three of them) were all fairly short and speedy. I heard complaints when Paul and Aryanhwy's first court was too short so that a member of the populace only had half a beer!  :)

I was also able to, finally!, finish the shirt I made for William's vigil. It needed some shoulder reinforcements because the fine hemp I used is a little too fine to be left to stretch indefinitely.

On the way back we stopped in Åbo again, because the evening ferry gave us plenty of time for touristing, so we visited Aboa Vetus, which is an AWESOME museum where you can actually walk through the streets and houses of medieval Åbo. Awesome stuff. This was a recommendation from several of the locals, who also recommended we find the restaurant Trattoria Romana - by reputation the best Italian place in Finland. They were not wrong. Nom nom nom. We plan on going back there on the next visit to Åbo, which might happen around Kingdom University which is also in this area this fall. Other things to see there is the Castle, and the museum in the Cathedral which houses some awesome (reputedly) embroideries.

I am working through the photos from the event and from the stop in Åbo. Never fear.

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  1. January 1 - Item, one German brick stitch embroidered pincushion stuffed with wool and edged with square fingerloop braid of white silk.
  2. January 2 - Item, one grey wool Layton-style jacket. Closed with pewter buttons inlaid with a green stone and fingerloop braided button-loops.With pictures... )

  3. January 7 - Item, sixteen separate and different fingerloop braids to decorate the A&S competition gifts. All in silk, all in the Drachenwald colours of red, yellow and black.

  4. February 4 - Item, half dozen fingerloop braids in Calontir's colours for Estrella Giftbasket. With pictures... )

  5. February 9 - Item, one writ of introduction for Antonio di Rienzo, ODS, so his Scholar can enter into competitions at Pennsic. With pictures... )
  6. March 30 - Item, one embroidered napkin, device in centre, brick stitch. Giftbasket project for Mistress Katheryn Hebenstreitz, OL.
    With pictures... )
  7. April 5 - Item, one whitework embroidered towel. Giftbasket project  for Mistress Katheryn Hebenstreitz, OL.With pictures... )
  8. April 30 - Item, one green wool houpellande for THL Odo de Home finished.
  9. May 15 - Item, one tablecloth, blackworked border and in the centre a laurel wreath containing a pelican in her piety - all long-armed cross stitch. Giftbasket project for Mistress Katheryn Hebenstreitz, OL.With pictures... )
  10. May 22 - Item, set of forehead cloth and coif wrought with blackwork and silver thread embroidery for Viscountess Filippa Birgersdotter.With pictures... )

  11. June 16 - Item, one cotton/linen high-necked 16th Century shirt for Helwig Ulfsdotter. Neck and cuff set with small frills, the front embroidered with initial H and finished with silk ties. Delivered at Hägnan and Nordmark Coronet Tourney.

  12. Aug 5 - Item, one Viking shirt/undertunic for Prince SvartulvR. Made from fine hemp, round neckline with a slit set to one side and two eyelet holes for fastening with an annular brooch. Delivered at Visby Medieval Week.

  13. Sep 11 - Item, one natural-colour keyhole neckline linen shirt for Lord Edricus.

  14. Sep 11 - Item, one red knitted flat cap. With pictures... )

  15. Sep 12 - Item, one cotton/linen high-necked 16th Century shirt for myself. With pictures... )

  16. Oct 20 - Item, one viking tunic, still to get embroidery, for SvartulvR's Laurel elevation. With pictures... )

  17. Oct 20 - Item, one carrying bag, embroidered in the mammen style, as a vigil gift for SvartulvR. With pictures... )

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Note to self: 
  • Update webpage with new information on persona page.
  • Add my device EVERYWHERE!
  • Update scribal page with the writ for Antonio's scholar
  • Seriously update events page.
  • Edit St Egon pictures...
  • Update turkish morning gown dress diary
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Events can sometimes be about hard work, but almost always I come back from them with inspiration, and the first event of the new year, 12th Night Coronation of Vitus and Eleanora, was no exception.

On the flight back to the Frozen North I started a list of things I want to do this year, starting with a bunch of stuff that needs finishing:

First of all, the backlog:
  • Helwig's Laurel scroll
  • Filippa's Coif (forehead cloth is finished)
  • SvartulvR's scroll (commissioned, and planned for)
  • Re-do the hem on my plum wool GFD, the lining's showing

Then the new things I want to/have promised to make:
  • Award scroll for Doublewars
  • 15th C veil for my wardrobe
  • Woolen veil, I have the wool, just need to decide what shape veil
  • Wimple
  • Hemstitched Yardcloth, so I have two in use
  • Blue wool GFD, to the same pattern as my plum-coloured GFD
I also want to have the coif-set finished and documentation done for Double Wars so I can enter it in the competition. My plan was to reprise the Elizabethan metal thread workshop at Double Wars, and if I have the set finished I will have something to show people. I have actually got gold thread like the silver thread I'm using for Filippa's coif, and vague plans for making myself an embroidered coif. I have one set in plain white which I finished at Visby last August, but I think it's time I had an embroidered set for myself as well. This is of course not something I'm about to start right now. Not before the other items on the list. Maybe for next year.

This spring I have lesson-free Tuesdays - which hopefully will help me really get going on this list of projects. Next Tuesday I'm going to SvartulvR and Elizabeth's place for a bit of stitching. My plan then is to re-do the hem on the plum gown. This weekend I will attempt to set up the scribal stuff and get going on those projects.
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I had a list of things drawn up before the Wintergames/Coronet Tourney event, and I think I did a fair job of ticking the boxes for it. From having eleven items on it, I got it down to seven items before the event (ticked Shirt for Åsa, Class blurb for the DW website, Award-scroll and Nordmark largesse project/workshop).

After the event I added one item to the list (Coif and forehead cloth for Filippa) and also ticked off two more (Helwig's shirt and Aros badge for the Coat of Arms wallhanging).

Now the list looks like this:

  • Blank scroll for I.D - inked, possibly gilded already
  • Laurel scroll for Helwig - sketching started
  • Blackadder-quote / scroll for SvartulvR - sketching started
  • Childrens activities for DW/Largesse workshop? possible class, still pondering
  • Classes for DW
    • Doublet fitting, write-up
    • Learn a new ductus handout
    • Simple fingerloop braids? possible class

  • Coif and forehead cloth for Filippa
  • Shirt for HRH

All but that last item I want to try to get finished for Double Wars.

I'm not doing anything new in there for me, and that will sometimes get me down, but the embroidery on the coif is so much fun I can't even begin to tell you. Plus I am working on that clunky wool embroidered seat cushion which will be for me. I think. Unless I decide it can go to the Pennsic gift basket. We'll see how it turns out.
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As with last year, I was not madly productive, but I do have a bit of a list.

The year started off with scribal assignments, and the first projects I can put on my list are from April.

  1. Queen's Order of Courtesy scroll for Lady Trinite Ducalon (Scribal poject #21)

  2. Golden Ribbon (Nordmark A&S award) scroll for Viscountess Filippa Birgersdotter (Scribal poject #22)

  3. For Double Wars in May I did the year's third scroll, an Award of Arms for Niamh of Gisburne (Scribal poject #23)

  4. In June I finished the forehead cloth and coif set for Mistress Helwig Ulfsdotter's Laurel elevation. I still don't have a good set of photos of this organized. I am sure I have taken some, but I'll be damned if I know where I put them.

  5. In July I whipped together one quick brocade 16th Century kirtle (which is too small for me and not pictured anywhere),

  6. and one previously cut out half-sleeved GFD in a forest green wool (also not pictured).

  7. I also finished (to a wearable state) the GFD made from Mistress Mathilde's remotely fitted pattern in a gorgeous rust-coloured wool,
    Mathilde GFD

  8. After a bit of sewing I decided to experiment with brick stitch embroidery, and made a little pincushion in September.

  9. With an inability to say no, in October I accepted two last minute scroll assignments and made two Lindquistringe scrolls for Viscountess Yrla Kristersdotter and her lord,

  10. Sir Cormac Lawless O'Toole respectively. (Numbered 25 and 26 in my internal scribal project counter.)

  11. October continued to be productive as I made another brick stitch pincushion.

  12. And a working linen apron, with my first bit of smocking.

  13. Finally, in December I decided I had not finished anything interesting for a long while and cut out and made up a simple Layton style jacket in grey wool, lined with linen. I am still debating pulling out the lining and replacing it with silk or the like, and it has no closing mechanism yet either.

  14. Also finished in December, but started much earlier, another set with elizabethan coif and forehead cloth for Mary verch Thomas Pelican elevation.

  15. And for my final project, another one for the giftbasket, a Sture shirt for Princess Willhelmina Weydehartz.
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Damnit - It's time to start being productive! I've got loads of projects just raring to go, just as soon as I get back to all my stuff.

I probably need to make a list of the stuff even.
  • Laurel scroll
  • Sture shirt for Åsa
  • Blackadder quote illuminated page
  • Giorneas
  • Aros loaner regalia for Drachenwald
  • Forehead cloth and coif
  • Closing mechanism for Nordmark Capes
  • Design work for shire arms on Nordmark Capes
  • Paint box
  • Make inner half-tent for my pavilion
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I just took a few minutes to make a list for Double Wars. It is not a short list. It is not extraordinarily long either, but Double Wars is approaching fast. Like, really fast. Like, it's two and a half weeks off.

On said list are the following items, among others:
  • New petticoat skirt for Florentine gown (have fabric)
  • Finish-finish Florentine gown (Only need to attach fluff inside baragoni)
  • Assemble camicia no matter state of embroidery
  • Make hairdressing class
  • Make AoA scroll
  • Make short-sleeved slip to wear under corset (Might possibly get away with using oldest chemise)
So, yeah.

Things I would also like to do is undress wear, like a dressing gown to wear for breakfast and a scarletwork coif/forehead cloth set. That's not gonna happen.

I should also think about what to enter in the A&S competition. Maybe the camicia.

Must also get a set of MoL papers for the Coronet Tourney sorted.

Double wars is soon - eeep!
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Projects finished in 2008.

So far, my list is not very long.

Pilgrim's scrip finished in January
Sture shirt #3.
Pretty embroidered napkin.
A yardcloth, hemstitched.
A red wool petticoat kirtle.
Five monogrammed napkins for HRM Fiona.
A pair of coronation copes for the Principality of Nordmark.
Sture shirt #4 to replace #3.
Sture shirt for HRH Cecilia - not quite finished yet, but it will be before the end of the year.

ETA - picture links added to things that I've photographed.
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The next event I am planning on attending will be Nordmark's Civil War in Juneborg. It's scheduled for 3-5 October, so I have plenty of time to produce.

So, to the list:
  • Fix hem on plum GFD.
  • Make new GFD.
  • Finish embroidery on five napkins.
  • Make arrangements for HRM Fiona's comfort and coordinate ladies-in-waiting.
That should be enough. Although I'm sure I'll add small things on the way, as I always do.

Anyway, to recap a little more  from Visby, one of my favourite memories was walking into Visby late at night with the street lights throwing my shadow before me; my profile was so very, very lovely on the cobbled street.

A plunge

Jun. 18th, 2008 03:17 pm
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So I decided to join the A.S. 50 A&S 50 Challenge. The Society wide challenge to complete fifty arts and science projects by Anno Societatis 50. I read up, for the fifth time, on the official webpage what the challenge is. Then I read up on a few links, the originator's LJ ([ profile] albreda) and A&S blog, then I headed on over to the Yahoo group where you sign up officially.

There are three challenges to dive into.

Depth - 50 of one kind of item.
Breadth - 50 different items.
Persona - focused breadth, 50 items for a specific persona/period.

I am thinking my focus will disappear quickly enough that the Depth is a no-go. I am considering either doing two of the Persona challenges: one for my 1410 self, and another for my 1560s (ish) self, or combine the two and just call it the breadth challenge.

I mean, I have until May 1, 2015 to finish the fifty items. Should be doable, considering that when I went back through my archives and listed the things I've done since May last year I'm up to 26 already.

That list goes: )
Although if I discount similar items (3 & 8; 9 & 15; 13, 22, 23 & 24) I am down to 21 or so.
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Finding myself with a day to myself I have been planning things to do, which I present in the classic list style.

  • Call/visit the local office about the three holes in my walls.
  • Work on a general website update.
  • Work on the remaining DW photos.
  • Work on the just started blank scroll.
  • Sew a little wool.
  • Embroider a little silk on linen.
  • Listen to audio-book.
  • Pay bills.
  • Chillax(*) on my balcony.
  • Possibly walk briskly into town, just to see how long it would take.
  • Maybe check in for a few hours of work, but highly doubtful.
In other news; today I could not pass by the roll of gorgeous, drooly wool cloth they have at Ohlssons. I had to bring some home with me and I came away with two metres of the dark red colour. My plan for it is to make it into a petticoat with some stiffening in the bodice. To be front laced, and easily slipped into in the morning when you need to get moving and still want some kind of shape. Bonus purchase was two metres of a gorgeous waxcloth to be used as covering on my table for scribal nights. It's made to look like a classic style of linen weave. Mm-mm-yum.

And there you have it. All the news that's fit to be typed up in two minutes.
(*) Oh, yeah, I totally went there.
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What I am doing, in terms of my Italian dress is: Tiziano's Woman with a dish of fruit, and Portrait of a Florentine Noblewoman, unattributed. Mainly I will make it more Florentine than Venetian, having read Moda a Firenze I feel I am on more solid ground there.

There. I've got that nailed down now. I think I will do a train on the gown as well, just because it would be fun and I have enough fabric for it. The Book states that normal length bought for a petticoat or gown was the equivalent of 10 metres of 22" wide fabric, meaning 5 metres of 44" fabric. My green brocade is 55" wide, but I am slightly larger all around than a petite Italian lady, so I am anticipating no trouble at all getting what I want out of it. It is also nice to have it confirmed that you do not need ten metres of 60" wide cloth to get a high-class dress as too many in costuming circles claim.

I guess this is officially the start of this outfit. I've done loads of research and gathering of thoughts up until now, again find them with the green brocade tag, but not until now have I got all materials and my mind made up.

So, let's consider this the start of my Green Florentine Dream. And of course, this is me, I must start with listing: The Want list, the Need list, the Task list.

First off the items I want to make this outfit complete:
  • Gown
  • Partlet, smooth, very wide, fine silk with metallic mesh?
  • Pearl necklace
  • Pearl earrings
  • Sleeves with vertical decorations
  • Gloves
Of those things I have the necklace sorted, and the rest goes on the Need list, which leads directly into what I need to do.

Get my ass into gear and make up the leather I have purchased into a pair of gloves. I need to take all of the relevant stuff with me to a sewing circle near me and have a new bodice patterned to fit the style I want and make up the dress including sleeves. The partlet I think I will have to settle for the lovely linen I got at Himla with large squares woven into it. Maybe decorate with pearls. As for pearl earrings - well, they'll have to be put on a wish-list I think.
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I know I said I was not going to do the whole summation/projection until the new SCA year, but I can't help it. I already did the summary listing and it feels incomplete without the forecasts!

Also, I have done nothing on any projects of late, not counting actually reading "Textiles and Clothing" which I'm doing on the bus, so there is nothing else for me to write about here.

So then, the listing, which will be more of a discussion than a list. )
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The end of the year is nigh and people are starting to make lists. Lists containing titles such as: "Planned projects for this year at the end of last", "Finished projects this year" and "Planned projects for next year". I like making lists, too, I want in!

At the beginning of 2007 I made a nice picture-post of projects finished in 2006, and was quite surprised at what I had turned out. I did not, however, go in to much detail about planned projects for this year. In fact, let me quote myself in full:
For this year I want to finish my gloves, my hose and do a pair of turnshoes in the leather I now have for them. Finish the English fitted gown, do some headgear for the 1410 surcote. More fabulous scrolls - an Italian white vine scroll I can finally be completely happy with perhaps.   
--Lia, January 2007, emphasis added

In summary then: I did not finish my gloves, I did not finish my hose (although I did complete another pair completely from scratch - hurray!), I did not do a pair of turnshoes, I did finish my English fitted gown, I did not do headgear for my surcote and I did not make a white vine scroll. Which puts my score at one for six. Still, in all, my EFG is fabulous enough to make up for it!

That gown was not the only thing I did all year, though. Oh, no, this is where the list starts.

2007 - Sewing Projects:
  • Finished open hood Open red wool hood, January
  • (No Photo) Sture shirt, version 2.0, May
  • A Pair of BreechesVenetian breeches, May
  • Finished gown, worn at Double Wars XX 2007English fitted gown, May
  • (No photo) Wool mittens, August
  • (No photo) A pair of hose, September
  • Skirt attached and hooks and eyes on, worn without corset (Sept 25, 2007)Splendor Solis kirtle, October
  • (No photo) White linen Sture shirt for Sir Johann, November
  • (No photo) A petticoat skirt in brocade/linen, November
  • Tall hat, finished (December 2, 2007)Tall hat, December

2007 - Scribal Projects:

  • Finished. Photo. Sigillum Regis for Graf Gerhardt von Wüstenburg, June
  • ... Is that really all? I think it is. How sad.

2007 - Crafts/Embroidery:

  • Front, finished 16th C needlebook embroidery (24 Jan 07)Needlebook cover, January

  • pouch4 allMorale booster pouches, February
  • Linen outlines finished, close-up. (March 30, 2007)Intarsia Pillow, March
  • 16th C Sture shirt v 2.0 - Inside Collar Embroidery. (25 Apr 2007)16th C Sture shirt v 2.0 - Whitework on outside of collar 4 hours (1 May, 2007)Blackwork/Whitework shirt collar, April
  • Suit of Ruffs: Cuffs finished, except for ties or hooks/eyes.Cuffs, May
  • 16th C Blackwork embroidery for Ingrid, collar and cuffs (July 2007)Collar and cuffs blackworked for Ingrid, July
  • Miniature game board, backgammon (3 July, 2007)Tiny gameboard, July
  • Highlight for Album: Building A PavilionA period pavilion, August
  • Second reticella square (7 Sept, 2007)Reticella squares, September
  • Assisi embroidery finished. (24 Oct, 2007)Assisi embroidered cloth, October

Goodness, I think I am going to faint. That's a fairly long list. However, they're mostly little projects (not counting the pavilion). Still. Wow.
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Aah! I am going insane! I don't know where to start, except everywhere and all at once.

System overload )

So, when I say too many projects - you know what I mean.
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Receiving a few suggestions on my post about celebrating craftsmanship, I wanted to write up a nice list of things I can do, purchase, produce as tokens to give to A&S displays. And not just me - I encourage you too, to do the same. I think the effectiveness of such tokens increases the larger your reputation is. Getting a nod from Lady Lia nobody-at-all is not going to be as appreciated as a nod from Mistress Awesome of Fabulousness, for example.

On to the ideas then.

  • From [ profile] ormsweird came the awesome suggestion of reproduction coins from Pewter Replicas in the UK.
    • Same vein, any number of nice tokens can be purchased there or from Fettered Cock Pewters in Canada; belt hangings, fittings, buttons, badges all according to your purse.
  • Simple wool needlebooks, like the giftbasket ones I made last year.
  • Business card sized illumination with appropriate imagery. Tailored for different categories of A&S, possibly from the list on the MoAS site.
  • Nugget of beeswax, cast in appropriate forms. Period candy making moulds, ice cube trays that come in interesting and suitable shapes.
  • Beads, beads, beads! Viking ones, glass ones, cloisonne ones - beads!
  • Bookmarks, embroidered with appropriate imagery, see illuminations above.
  • Tiny glove stitched and stuffed - like a keyring or...
  • ...pincushions in interesting forms for the sewing items - can be made from scraps.
  • Drawstring pouches - who doesn't need a pouch? - can be made from scraps.
  • Quill or reed pens, cut and ready for use, idea from [ profile] caomhinmaca, who is on a roll and also suggested ...
  • ...Cloth pomanders/scent bags. For example in the shape of strawberries. Stuff it with something fragrant (lavender, cedarwood shavings, cloves, roses) and decorate it with your colours.

Got an idea? Throw it this way!
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Items to bring to next sewing circle.
  1. Sleeves for brown test doublet. Lining needs stitching together and baglined by machine. Not doing that by hand.
  2. New pattern for an effigy corset, two layers cut out, boning channels clearly marked for machining together briskly.
  3. Surcote lining kirtle (which still needs skirt re-arrangement) and green wool English fitted gown to be marked for hemming. Can't start on the guards until I've got that sorted.
  4. Possibly bring the hose for a quick once over in the machine, because, damnit, it's stupid that they aren't finished yet.
My thoughts for an effigy corset include it being boned with the hemp twine I got two Visby Medieval Weeks ago. It could work.


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