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At long last I finished the update I had planned about my wax tablet/wood carving, plus some stuff on the society cv page, aka my persona section, plus a whole new article on embroidery.

I wrote an article for the January issue of the Dragon's Tale, which I was supposed to have written a long time ago. It's a write-up of the coif-set I made for Filippa. Anyway, it's published now, available in the DT and now also on my website.
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I updated my website with the embroidery I finished the other day. I also updated the last post with pictures.
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Blowing off some cobwebs and updating my website! There's lots of stuff I just haven't gotten around to posting there. Shameful. Anyway I am well on the way to finishing the A&S 50 Depth challenge I set myself. Also, there's a dress diary for my black velvet gown... and some links.

So check it out, eh

Will be posting a new monthly article on the shire website on Saturday as well. Unfortunately they're only going to be in Swedish. But I know I have some Swedish readers here as well who might be interested :)
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I went ahead and updated my website with the scribal projects I finished for Civil war - three of them. Tadaa.
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More updates on my webpage, the Florentine gown has had it's baragoni done for quite a while now. But since it was never quite finished I never quite worked up the energy to update the webpage. Still, on the site now are three new photos and some text about the sleeve heads and how I made them. Enjoy.
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I don't quite know why I haven't gotten around to it til now, but I have finally updated the dress diary for my Turkish Morning Gown with the last paragraphs about assembly and braiding.

ToDo Today

Feb. 8th, 2009 02:00 pm
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Today: Fix Aros sewing circle photos and upload. Will report back as the situation warrants.

Double Wars

Feb. 1st, 2009 10:36 pm
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Oh yes, you can pre-register for Double Wars now. Get your beds while they're fresh off the plate! ... or something.
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As I call it a night, I am happy to report that all but three of my Dress Diaries are now updated with working picture links. Yeah, it's taken forever, I know.

I've also started uploading non-project albums, so the shots I took at the Uppsala Cathedral Treasury for example, are now online again.

The three dress diaries that are yet picture-less are the linen kirtle, my Venetian breeches, and the 15th Century Surcote.

Anyway, that's it for today.
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Uploaded a bunch of photos of 16th C accessories.
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I've uploaded a few more albums to picasa, and updated my website accordingly. The Tudor court gown now has photos, as well as the embroidery page and the scribal desk (although that was already functional before).

I was asked particularily about the Tudor gown and embroidery at Glötagillet, and I promised to do something about that. Several more people mentioned that all pictures on my site were broken. I guess I have some local readers :)

So, while working on another new shirt, I'm taking breaks to update my site a page at a time. The site has no deadline, but the shirt does. I also have a firm deadline in my current scroll. It's got to be finished by new years.
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Event Photos - now on Not all albums are uploaded yet, and none have captions.
November 2011: Pixbox is being dismantled. All photos moved to flickr instead.
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So, I've pretty much decided to go with picasa for my project photos, and I've continued uploading project galleries one at a time, and updating my pages with new, shiny, working links (I hope).

So far the projects that have images are:
The In-progress stuff (Florentine, Red Petticoat and Effigy Corset)
Laton jacket / Waistcoat
Splendor Solis Kirtle
English fitted gown

I just finished working on the EFG diary, but the pictures aren't always cooperative. If you don't see thumbnails in the diary, the links will at least take you to images that exist online.

Basically, if you check my main clothing page, the cards with working pictures, have pictures.

I'm also considering using my new sewing machine to work on projects. I know, radical move. At least the Florentine gown is basically finished except for the hem and I have started that on the machine, I may as well finish it that way.
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Using picasa - Google's online photo albums - for my project photos might work...

Got three albums up there so far, updated two of the dress diaries. Check out my website, it's fairly obvious if the diary has pics or not. I'll work on getting the rest online in the coming week.
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News from Drachenwald Crown Tourney, Sir Marcus Eisenwald won, fighting for Lady Cecilia Jaeger.


Sep. 17th, 2008 01:40 am
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My website and photoserver is down. For the forseeable future.

Argh and Damn.
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PSA: My event page updated with blurb and photos for this year's Visby Medieval Week event. More photos for the populace!
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Yay! I finished the website update, and I feel all proud. The Green Florentine Dream now has an official dress diary up.

I just need to finish the hem and the gown itself will be finished. I also have the option of finishing the cap sleeves for extra bling on the gown.

Next thing on my internet update list is a page for the A.S. 50 A&S challenge. I've got to start a list or I won't even know how many things I've done. This involves going back in my archives here on LJ, and website updates. I'm still not sure how specific I want to make my challenge, Breadth or Depth.

ETA: I also updated my persona page, with my latest award, as well as a new heading of "Other Achievements" where I list classes taught and competitions entered and judged. It seemed fitting it should go there.

Good grief

Aug. 25th, 2008 05:56 pm
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I've been a very bad girl.

First of all, the waistcoat has been finished since right after Double Wars, and yet my clothing page has seen no updates. Secondly, the green Florentine gown is nearly complete and I have not made up a dress diary page for it in all this time. There has been storming progress on that while I was working on it actively, and I started working in earnest in January.

Bad Lia, no cookie.

However, I've done something about item the first - and that is to update the dress diary with the final information and taking a photo for demonstration purposes. The clothing page is also updated showing that the waistcoat is finished.

Item the second - I think I will get to grips with that next.
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My Events page is now updated with links, oh so many links!, to photo galleries from Double Wars this year, and a blurb about the event.

Go check it out.


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