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Preparations for tomorrow's sewing circle. I bought some sturdy cotton to make a toile or two out of. I am so excited! Yay!
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I usually make a post with the summary of all the things I've finished during the year, but I've been very bad about keeping this blog up to date, so that's going to be a harder task than usual.

I was asked over the holidays what I'd done since last I saw said person and I started by saying I hadn't done anything at all, then I remembered a bunch of stuff I made for others.

So, there's a bunch of stuff I've done in 2013, vigil gifts, a dress for a queen, and some scrolls. I might get around to doing a proper update later.

old sins

Dec. 6th, 2012 12:29 pm
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Just wrote an article I really should have finished a long time ago. Will put it online after it's been published.
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I know I haven't published a list of people to thank for making everything happen last weekend - but that is only because I tried to thank people in person if I could, and for the guards I did not spend any time this weekend at Helwig's and she has the list.

I can't wait any longer though. For everyone who helped set-up, make cookies, tear town, organize the event and vigilsite, guarding my vigil and for everyone who came to give me their thoughts and to congratulate me, and especially to Helwig and my household: Thank you so very much, from the bottom of my heart. I had a wonderful time and I didn't even have to do a thing except show up. You made it all happen, and you are heroes. Thank you!

I don't think everyone who stood guard came in to talk to me, so if you stood a shift to guard and you don't have one of my tokens let me know and I will gladly send it to you.
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On Saturday night, a day after I got my writ I couldn't fall asleep, and lay tossing and turning. Turned out once I stopped doing that and started writing down my thoughts I had a fairly good idea of how I wanted to look during my vigil etc. I had vaguely pondered such things before and thought, would I want to be in my 1410 wardrobe or the 1560s, but come to no conclusion, but now I know for sure.

If I had had a year, or if the project was already on the way, I might have wanted to sit vigil in the blackworked jacket, but the style is a little too late to really feel right.

I quickly reigned in mad ideas, and took to heart the advice of my apprentice brother Sir William who said to me "I'm sure if you look in your closet you have something absolutely good enough to wear". Turns out I do, and considering my colours being green, white and black I have the vision ready in my mind.

I only have to make four new pieces: one dress, and a suit of ruffs (cuff x 2 and neck=3 parts). That is very doable. The only thing left to do was find the fabric for the dress. I'm sorry in advance but I'm not going to be posting pictures until after the event. I want to surprise others too! :) The ruffs I might update about, as there isn't much variation you can do to those. They'll be white linen with white lace.

Currently I'm inventorying my fabric stash. Check what I have in terms of lining fabric mostly, but also updating my list to make sure it is accurate.
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So, this summer, actually in August and September I made four shirts. One of which was for myself.

Just, a clarification there.

A thought

Sep. 9th, 2011 03:09 pm
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OK, so I have this crazy idea. The event Garden of Earthly Delights happens to be all about a Faire where you sit and do your crafts in an awesome environment where other people are getting their geek on. I've been pondering what I can do there, and the only thing I can really think of is embroidery. Nothing small and dainty, you understand, but yeah also kind of. I am thinking it would be fun to be working on my fourth set of coif and forehead cloth, which will be for myself.

Of course, that means that I will have to design it first. And gather the materials, and actually mount it in the frame and get started. And also travel with an over-sized fragile embroidery frame as carry-on luggage.

Wouldn't it be cool? But also very inconvenient and annoying. But what else should I do there? I'm sure all my time could be taken up as lady-in-waiting as well, since I'll be travelling with the Prince and Princess of Nordmark. Although it'll be out of their jurisdiction, so they shouldn't have too much business to deal with themselves.

ETA: And if I'm making myself a coif set I will need spangles, right? Right.
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A friend who has a blog over on wordpress called Textile Time Travels, has given me a lovely award. A little invention in the small community of sca blogs called The Gorgeous Blogger. I'm flattered of course, because there are so many great ones out there, and mine doesn't really have any regularity.

Anyway, the award comes with a few questions which I thought I'd answer.

  1. When did you start your blog?

  2. What is it about?
    • I was a little more relaxed in the beginning, talking about non-sca topics quite a bit, but I soon changed it to expressly being about my sca projects. It's a way to communicate with others, and get input on tricky problems, and as a way for me to work through my difficulties by airing them. So, sewing, embroidery, calligraphy, illumination and all the other crafts I get up to.

  3. What are the differences between this blog and others?
    • I don't know that there are that many. I hardly ever talk about mundane topics here, and I use my "friends" listing as a way to keep track of other LJ-blogs on relevant topics. It started as more of a short notify blog, but has developed to contain more content which used to go on my website.

  4. Why did you start it?
    • As a way to keep my friends in An Tir up to date, and also as a convenient way to talk to myself about projects and problems with them.

  5. What would you like to change in your blog?
    • I sometimes wish my style of writing was more open so that I might get more comments, but it is hard to change my entire style of communication just for more comments on a weblog.

The suggestion along with the award was to list five other blogs to give the award to, but I have a policy never to propagate these sorts of things. I suggest checking out my Reading List (which is what I prefer to call the LJ friends page), or head on back to Katheryn's blog Textile Time Travels, which gives you value for money. Not a single post is fluff.


Dec. 10th, 2010 11:56 am
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It seems to me I write here far too seldom these days. I have been working on stuff, but nothing very exciting lately.

I've started up again with the silver metal thread embroidery coif and forehead cloth set. The forehead cloth is now fully worked. Just needs ties and possibly a lining (although I haven't decided on that yet). I will soon post my hand-out for the class on Elizabethan Metal Thread Embroidery. I will probably get it finished up this weekend.

I've started two new dress projects. One 16th Century kirtle in a nice-looking but low-quality would-be-wool fabric. And one 14th Century gown from blue brocade with a blue linen lining. I started them both on the machine, but they've both transformed into hand-stitching projects. Last night I worked on the kirtle bodice, topstitching around the turned edges to neaten it up a bit. They are not terribly exciting.

I got given some yarn the other week, which I managed to knit into a pair of bed-socks for myself. My first ever pair of socks. They're not very exciting, and not particularily medieval, and suffers from first-attemptitis, so are not terribly interesting.

I made lots of cookies the other week. I've paid my fee for 12th Night Coronation. I've also said I'll attend the local shire's Christmas gathering, which is a week from Saturday. Today I looked up some recipies I might possibly be able to make as the feast is a potluck. Maybe I'll just bring bread, sausage and cheese.

I've accepted another scribal assignment, due for Double Wars (Their Royal Highnesses are organized), so officially I now have three scribal assignments I have to finish. No pressure.
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A friend of mine recently posted a thought which I think deserves its own little post.

He said:
[working on a project which went from] "functional", via "..and it has to look ok", all the way to "this better look really good, and it should work ok as well" /.../

Which is the journey so many of my projects take. From a beginning of "I need an X to finish off this Y." to "This X I am making needs a, b, c, and d added to it!"

Often this is simply because if it's purely a functional item I can probably get by without it, but if I add the extras the project becomes interesting again. For example:

I made a Florentine gown (Y), which needed its own camicia (X). This in itself is not a very interesting layer. It just consists of lots of very fine linen gathered to a neckline. In order to make it more interesting I decided it needed to be embroidered. I started with one stripe down the middle in front, and one line of individual floral sprigs down the top of the arm. I have now started another four stripes down the front, and the sleeves will eventually be tiled with those individual floral sprigs. All done with double running stitch using the indigo dyed silk thread I bought off Felicitas (now Her Excellency, Baroness of Gotvik).

And even though I have worn this outfit once (to the banquet at Double Wars where Helwig got her Laurel-writ) the camicia is not finished yet. It fills the role of my Never-Ending-Project, as I pick it up and put it down when I feel inspiration come to me and I can't think of anything else to work on.

More recently; take the Turkish morning gown. I needed a woolen layer(X) I could pull on in the morning at Visby without having to get dressed(Y). I could have made this as a simple pull-over the head tunic, like a Herjolfsnes #39 which I have a linen version of.

That would be eminently practical. But oh-my-word so boring. So instead I looked for other sources of inspiration. Alcega. A morning gown - perfect! It became a lined coat-like garment with enormous impractical open sleeves and a heavy probably-impractical hood which needs to be fiddled with to lay straight and look good. And this gown could have been left like that, but I felt the /need/ to fingerloop three whole balls of string to apply braids all over it. And it still has no means of closure other than a belt.

So, I recognized his statement, I could empathise. I can see the stupidity, and I can shake my head at myself and go: "Why...?"

But in the end, it is too much fun, and the results are absolutely fabulous and so definitely worth it.
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I'm working on one. New Dress Diary all about the Turkish morning gown. It's a whole new deal for me, so interesting enough to write up properly. I've been working on it all day, in between sewing.
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I could go back and read through lots of posts on LJ... but I'm too lazy, and this computer is too slow.

I am back from my "research trip" to London and it was magnificent. It wasn't actually a research trip, but I used it as such as much as I was able to, which was quite a lot. I took well over 2000 photos. Not all of related things, but mostly. I have several hundred from the V&A textile room alone.

I bought books and silk threads, and cheap clothing, and one fabulous new handbag. Also one jar of Marmite, but that is definitely NOT for me.

And now, I am completely exhausted. Walking all day every day for a week will do that to you.


Mar. 26th, 2010 09:22 pm
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I has a horrid horrid cold. My head is completely stuffed with disgusting snot, my nose itches, and my eyes run and I am forced to be a mouthbreather.

I has a horrid cold and the world is ROTTEN! so there.
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I counted, last weekend, how many 16th Century shirts I have actually done.

In my closet are three that I wear. I made one more for myself, which I gave away on a whim. I've made one shirt for Sir Johann, one for THL Antonio, one for Countess Cecilia's coronation, one for Princess Willhelmina. Currently I'm working on one for Lady Åsa and one for Mistress Helwig. That makes a total of ten (10) shirts. Of which three (3) are still in my possession and for personal use.

So, to re-cap that, three out of ten, in five years.

The last one I did sort of bring on myself. And Sir Johann's as well, and the one I gave away is nobody elses fault at all. And of course, bartering for things is a perfectly legitimate reason (as with Antonio and Åsa's shirts)

It does seem like I've been making nothing but shirts for other people, but I don't feel in any way cheated. After all, it is a joy to work with nice crispy white linen and then when you're finished and the shirt is starched and ironed it looks so pretty and people are so appreciative.
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I don't like half-bungling scrolls....

But the question was asked, I couldn't help myself saying yes, and so it must be done. Now to lay provisional gold, package the thing and ship it off into the unknown, to be returned and finished, who knows when.

Transportation is what I like least about being a scribe. If I cannot bring it myself, I want to hand it personally to somebody I trust to deliver personally. Sending things through the postal system to a destination far off, going through so many hands, it makes me worry. Was there enough postage, did it stay safe and dry, was it delivered in time, was the packaging intact, has the document been shaken loose, has the finish been compromised? So many questions unanswered! I don't stop worrying until I know it has been given to the recipient.

The scribal arts, not for the faint of heart.
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I have not had a proper birthday cake this year.
That is a tragedy.
Tomorrow is sewing circle.
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My favourite expression of amazement, wonder, shock, awe etc in Swedish has lately been: Jösses Amalia!

How adorable is that?

Glötagillet, the event, is over and I drove us back home in splendid autumn weather. The landscape around us was alive with yellow, orange and red in various shades. In contrast, the drive to the event was horrible. It rained hard for four hours. The drive took almost five. It was dark, and quite a bit of traffic sent even more water sheeting over the windshield.

But we got to the site alright and had a splendidly wonderful time in the company of friends. It was quite low-key and cozy more than spectacular and flashy.

Saturday morning came too soon, of course, but it was alright, the sun was out and there were a number of classes and workshops durning the day. I held a blackwork class, which did suffer from lack of content I thought. My head was not on straight in regards to that class - and I'm not entirely sure why.

For the pot-luck banquet myself, Helwig and Filippa put on our giorneas for a photo op. And to have something to change into. I think we looked splendid. I also dressed a young lady who was at the event with a single dress. She had nothing to change into, so I looked at her, determined she looked about my size and offered my brown corduroy doublet. She protested she had nothing to wear with it; I offered my petticoat skirt. They both fit beautifully, and I topped her off with my coif and flat cap. It was a little strange seeing a body double of me walking around there, but she looked quite spiffy.

I have a bunch of pictures, but they're not yet off the camera. Maybe later, if I can work up the energy. If not, then in the coming week.

Busy, busy

Sep. 27th, 2009 10:15 pm
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Thursday: SCA Tour Guide
Friday: Family time, Heavy Metal concert (Opeth) in Stockholm \m/ -.- \m/
Saturday: Sewing circle day - topstitching edges until I could stand it no longer
Sunday: Family time, hanging out with Helwig - topstitching more edges of nauseating neverendingness

Also today: plowing a groove through my finger with an awl. Ouch. I got a little chest of drawers to put sewing knick-knacks away in from IKEA. It came as a flat-pack, of course, and assembled with little nails. Nails that were not very cooperative. I have about a dozen bent ones. Thankfully I am a well-stocked woman, and had other nails to replace them with. I used the awl to try to pry a few of the bent ones up and managed to plow it through the side of my forefinger. At that point I swore at the entire project and left it there to think about its wickedness. (I don't know if that helped). That was also the point where Helwig called me and I went over there to do more topstitching.

I'll paint the horrible little chest at some point. At least that's the plan. And I'm considering lining the drawers with some wall-paper from the V&A. It'd prettify it, and use it for something practical rather than just hanging out in my scribal portfolio.

Also, Civil War is this coming weekend. Yikes. Double Yikes, and an EEK! Topstitching of neverendingness has a deadline and it is Civil War.

After that, I've got to get cracking on handout/preparations for blackwork class at Glötagillet two weeks after Civil War. And in between I'm going to Drachenwald Crown Tourney to cheer for my man.
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Today was spent guiding two lovely people around the town of Uppsala, the SCAdian version. My feet are all tuckered out, as am I, but it was a genuinely nice day spent in the company of genuinely nice people.

I took some photos, but nothing much exciting (besides the Sture suits of course).

Right now, I am simmering a reindeer steak on the stove, and am contemplating picking my place up and making up the spare bed as my brother is coming to visit for the weekend. However, I am struck by a severe case of the don't-wanna's.

Maybe a bit of a lie down and a banana in a bit will stiffen my resolve?


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