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... are now online at Tworavens. I'm pondering if I want to start using flickr pro in the future, though. I'm undecided yet. I do like the new and improved flickr even more than I liked the old flickr. Just have to decide if it's worth the money. It may well be.
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The link to tworavens is

The blurb: I was a very bad photographer this year. I think it was just too hot and humid for me to drag the camera with me all the time. I really only took it to the Great Visby Tournament on Wednesday and took photos there. Amusingly quite few photos of any actual fighting though.

I've just finished captions, so most people are identified, with the exception of the ones I don't know the names of. Not too many but a handful.

If you'd rather not appear in any of the pictures, let me know. If you'd like originals of any of the pictures, let me know. It is OK to use my images for SCA publications, but please let me know first and make sure I am attributed as the photographer.

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Aaah, excellent! All my double wars photos now have captions. On occasion rudimentary ones, as I do not know the names of every gentle pictured. But at least now there is context for everything. I'd appreciate help with names if you know any. And feel free to leave any comment that you might think of!
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My photos are online, but I'm still working on captions.

I am always glad to receive comments so please don't hesitate to leave them!


Sep. 15th, 2009 02:36 pm
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200 photos from Visby uploading as I type this. I'll start on captions right away.

The album can be found on

ETA: All photos online, and all photos have captions! Enjoy.
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Aros historic fencing camp photos now online at
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Editing of all photos done. Am waiting on upload now. Check out pixbox in a little bit for the update. Should be 271 pictures.

I also have lots and lots of give aways. For example antonio, siubhan, gyles, melisende, matthew, franz, ludewic, george, garick and yasamine, alma, aska, astrid, arenwald, wilhelmina, william.

Lots of pepople shots that were duplicates or just not good enough - misframed for example.

If any of you want those shots just contact me with an address that can take a few megs and I'll send them on.
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So I went to Queen's Demand in Attemark a week ago. I got the photos online tonight. Woohoo!

*ahem* It was a delightful event, small, cozy just ... nice.

Image shows Lady Hedvig Bosdotter, latest armiger of the shire of Aros.
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I think I've mentioned it before, but all my event photos are now up on

Pixbox is a free photo-hosting site that does fairly nice album showings. Since event photos are best viewed in order, and/or as a slideshow I put them there.

Also of note, is that I have now uploaded my photos of 12th Night Coronation. Not as many as Edricus, not nearly as high quality, but some little gems in there. I might get to updating my website with a couple of links as well.
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PSA: My event page updated with blurb and photos for this year's Visby Medieval Week event. More photos for the populace!
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Victory is mine! All photos have captions. Some are less lame than others. If anyone knows a name or correct spelling leave a note, plzkthx.

The url again is:

I shall see about updatig my website today.
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Mer sjungande: Hertiginnan Vanna Edwinsdochter Dawburn, Baronessan Havas Arna Krämplösa av Styringheim, Hertiginnan Alienor of Farryngdon & Oldfru Havas Gota KrakfotCheck it out now. Please comment, comments are fun! Not a huge amount of photos, and some are not very good. Still, better than none.

I particularily wanted the pen-cutting pictures online, for my own reference, which is why I compromised on my resolution never to post blurry photos. I hope you can forgive me.
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So this year's edition of the Nordmark University, for the fourth time roadied by the same people was as enjoyable as the previous three. I spent most of Friday going "Oooh, Aaah" over various and sundry fabulous things people showed me, and I mentioned my spiffy new embroidery book to everyone who would stand still for two seconds.

Getting to site was not a hardship, despite the many changes of transportation: city bus, inter-city commuter train, intra-city commuter train and bus. The hardest part was dragging my luggage aka The Snow Plough through the freshly fallen snow getting to the first bus, and from the last. Fortunately, the end station was only about 100 metres from the front doors of the site. It never fails, though, whenever I have to lug my enormous wheelie bag around there is fresh snow on the ground. Typical.

Anyway, Friday night was lovely, and I got to bed around three or so. Breakfast was good, although I still miss my large lovely tea mug. I seriously need to replace it, the tiny little one I use now is woefully insufficient. My fingers get burned trying to hold it and it holds nowhere near enough quantities of tea.

Saturday was classes throughout. I wore my gothic army dress with the bright red open hood, and was quite comfortable and unhindered all day. Although me and Helwig determined that we are going to set aside one sewing circle for a new GFD fitting session. We have both changed shapes slightly, and we are both not quite happy with the fit of our current patterns.

The classes were very nice, starting off with Mistress Gota's calligraphy class, which was awesome. I have a series of photos of her cutting a quill pen (to be posted later). Then there was a break for lunch, and the green pea soup was delicious.

The second class I attended was Felicitas' class on German nobility's clothing in period portraiture. It was fascinating, and the only downside to that was that she lost track of time and we were ushered out of the classroom before she had showed us everything she had wanted. Which also included me not getting the opportunity to get a copy of her images onto my USB memory stick. Ah well. After that I headed for the book binding class with Styrr, stopping in shortly with Mistress Alienor to pick up her handouts on blackwork.

The results of the book binding you have seen already, and the class itself was brilliant. With only a chopstick, needle, paper, clamps string and glue you can make a perfectly period book at home! I loved it, we got to make our own book, it de-dramatised the entire process and generally was awesome. When we left the books to let the glue dry myself and Helwig popped in to Alienor's class and embroidered a little, also picking up Tece's handout on counted embroidery, brick-stitch style.

Then it was time to change into court garb: a simple task of changing hairstyles, pinning on a veil and putting on my lilac surcoat over the gothic army dress. Torunn helped me by braiding all of my hair, half on one side, half on the other, and pinning it up. I have lots and lots of hair it turns out. Court then was amusing, and deserving awards were handed out. Viscountess Anna Laresdotter got a Lindquistringe, Frau Felicitas was entered into the Order of the Panache, and Åsa Vävare is now a Lady as well. The children present got presents; newcomers were given a bead; event stewards were thanked; presents were given to the teachers.

Feast then, was filling and tasty without going overboard in terms of quantity and number of dishes, and I took matters into my own hand and brewed a pot of coffee for desert. The entertainment was lovely, and the singers of the day had rehersed two songs that they performed. Later on, a slightly different configuration of singers enjoyed themselves by harmonising together. Both filks and period songs were heard and it was all lovely and amusing and wonderful.

Starting a list of photosites from University, which I will update as more albums get posted.


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