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At long last I finished the update I had planned about my wax tablet/wood carving, plus some stuff on the society cv page, aka my persona section, plus a whole new article on embroidery.

I wrote an article for the January issue of the Dragon's Tale, which I was supposed to have written a long time ago. It's a write-up of the coif-set I made for Filippa. Anyway, it's published now, available in the DT and now also on my website.
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I updated my website with the embroidery I finished the other day. I also updated the last post with pictures.
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Blowing off some cobwebs and updating my website! There's lots of stuff I just haven't gotten around to posting there. Shameful. Anyway I am well on the way to finishing the A&S 50 Depth challenge I set myself. Also, there's a dress diary for my black velvet gown... and some links.

So check it out, eh

Will be posting a new monthly article on the shire website on Saturday as well. Unfortunately they're only going to be in Swedish. But I know I have some Swedish readers here as well who might be interested :)
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Scroll #38 finished and put into a fold-safe container! Now I have to find an envelope and send it off to Their Majesties. I think that will be tomorrow's little Big Quest. Today's was watching a Viscount wave on an internet camera. (Let's not go into details and then say we did).

I've also been busy trying to re-design my website. I always get stuck at the phase where I have so much content that would need to be restructured that I sigh, hang my head and then I leave it alone for another few months.

Anyway, scroll pics after the event it's going to - for obvious reasons.
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I went ahead and updated my website with the scribal projects I finished for Civil war - three of them. Tadaa.
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More updates on my webpage, the Florentine gown has had it's baragoni done for quite a while now. But since it was never quite finished I never quite worked up the energy to update the webpage. Still, on the site now are three new photos and some text about the sleeve heads and how I made them. Enjoy.
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I don't quite know why I haven't gotten around to it til now, but I have finally updated the dress diary for my Turkish Morning Gown with the last paragraphs about assembly and braiding.
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I have run foul of insufficient reluctance yet again, and agreed to something. This time, I agreed to take on the Kingdom MoAS office for the remainder of the current term. It is up at Twelfth Night Coronation. It is possible I may continue at that point, but since I don't know what I will be doing or where in the fall, I don't feel confident I can promise anything.

I have also found a replacement MoAS for Aros, Anna, and set her up with some old reports and information on what to do when. We'll have a good old natter at Double Wars, which she'll attend with her daughters again this year - yay.

In other news, I've updated my webpage. Not all the things that needed to be updated have been, but I've added four items to the A&S 50 challenge page, which brings my total up to over half finished! 26 items down, 24 to go!

I want to do a total re-design of my site, and also change the title, but can't really spare the time to do it at the moment. The title I have now "Lia's SCA Adventure" sounds a little silly to me. Silly can be good, but, I'm not totally in love with it anymore. I'm considering Lia's Project Repository instead. It describes the site well I think. It may be a bit too green. But I thought I might conform to my new colours. What with my arms being registered and the colours there are black white and green. But I don't know - leave a comment if you've got any suggestions or thoughts.
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Note to self: 
  • Update webpage with new information on persona page.
  • Add my device EVERYWHERE!
  • Update scribal page with the writ for Antonio's scholar
  • Seriously update events page.
  • Edit St Egon pictures...
  • Update turkish morning gown dress diary
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I've just updated my website. Having finished the editing of my handout I've now linked it off my website. Look for the update notice on the front page, and click on through to the embroidery page.
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I'm working on one. New Dress Diary all about the Turkish morning gown. It's a whole new deal for me, so interesting enough to write up properly. I've been working on it all day, in between sewing.


Jul. 9th, 2010 07:39 pm
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I've updated my scribal page with a scan of the blank I filled in at Double Wars. It was a Lindquistringe for Astridh Thorkilsdotter. The initial A was donated in the blank scroll competition by Genevieve ([ profile] bend_gules).
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Updates on the persona and embroidery pages. Nothing much new for my audience following along here.
liadethornegge: (website) - Website updated with photo album links and report on Double Wars. Plus some more new album links for older events that I've found recently.

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I have actually done a bit of updating of my webpage. Specifically in the Crafts section, embroidery page. Go check it out - all about my adventures with brick stitch.
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Finally, I updated my website with four new finished (almost) scribal projects!

The one not finished? That'd be the Peerage scroll on vellum. Yeah. I'll do it, I just need to work up the courage. But I had to update, I can't let the one not quite finished item hold up the other perfectly lovely finished items that have a project number higher than it. So, there it is. Updated.
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Having had no crafts with me to work on, I've instead focused on my website and have rebuilt the scribal pages with working image links and more new finished items.

I've also cleaned up the crafts page and fixed broken images, and updated the events section with all the events I visited last year.

So, updated page - yay! Although not too much new content to read.
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Since Geocities is closing down (*wail*), I'm having to move my homepage. It's now going to be at and I have updated the A&S 50 page. It is still woefully out of date though. After the event this weekend maybe I'll get to updating. I've got loads of stuff to post.
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Oh yeah, I ... forgot. I have a mirror of my site online:

Not totally updated, but I can fix that.


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