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Since I went south for Easter rather than north, I had an entire day to spend at illumination, and I invited the Shire to come for a scribal day at my place today. Only one other person came, Helwig. Ermingard would have come, but she also went south for Easter and didn't make it back to Aros in time. I don't mind terribly that I don't get invaded by people for scribal days, but I know there are interested people out there. When they are able to I'm sure they will come.

Anyway, I bit the bullet and finally started sketching out the border on Helwig's Laurel scroll. Only pencil for now, since I did not bring my oak gall ink back south with me, and I want to ink the lines with that before I start painting. I'll be incorporating a portrait in the border, of Helwig in her Anna Meyer dress. It's going to be a challenge all right. Yikes.

Then when I had gotten as far as I could with that I started a brand new blank scroll for our new Principality of Insulae Draconis. It's going to be a fairly simple page, bordered on three sides by vines mostly in the style of Digby 36, my fave. I actually didn't have any original in front of me when I started the sketching, and I got so far as putting down the gold ground before we quit. I am actually feeling rather good about that. Since it means that I have taught myself that style well enough that I no longer have to copy, but rather can create freely.


In other, slightly older, news I have also been to a sewing day since I've been at home, in which I managed to finish two projects. First of all, the badge with Aros' Shire arms for the Coat of Arms Wallhanging project that Racaire has started was finished. It's mostly modern materials, since all the embroidery is done with DMC cotton floss. The ground fabric is unbleached linen though.

First of all I outlined the owl in chain stitches, then filled it in completely using split stitches. Then I outlined the entire badge in yellow chain stitches and then filled in the background with split stitches. After that was done I added the red laurel wreath on top of the yellow using stem stitch and satin stitches. That part I am least happy about, since the background worked so beautifully with the split stitches, and I had to basically eyeball the wreath and improvise each stitch for the "stalk" and the leaves.

I have pictures of the finished badge, but I don't have the cord for my camera so I can't upload anything.

Secondly, I finished the shirt I owed my Laurel as wages for the year. If anyone remembers it was made to be "the second Anna Meyer shirt". Which meant smocking the collar. That was the step that held me up the longest. I finally stitched down the collar however, and finished eight cords for neck and cuffs. I did not include any embroidery in the project, so Helwig still has that to finish on the shirt. But it is done and off my to-do list now - Hurrah!


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